Kinda busy at the office, and, y’know, still feeling last night a little bit. So my impressions of the Home Opener will have to wait another couple hours. To tide you over until then– because I’m sure you’re all waiting with bated breath– here’s a video the Jays apparently played while I was milling about outside the Rogers Centre last night.

Toronto Blue Jays – We’re Ready SHORT from PosterBoy Edit on Vimeo.

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  1. This is a team that has the ability to take the proverbial next step… but they have to win the games like last night’s. Going in to the ninth with a lead should feel more comfortable… just waiting for Santos to hit his stride, and I’m sure it will.

    • Very well said. It’s one thing to have swaggr but last night was a cold shower to fans. The Jays have to win games like that.

      Especially with a team owner that will not acquire any “costly pieces” in July unless they are competitive at the trade deadline.

      Beating the Red Sox in Sept 2011 wasn’t as satisfying when they are 15 games out of a playoff spot.

      I hope for a bounce back tonight.

  2. I thought this was pretty well done, despite the played-out-ness of “Wolf Like Me” in commercials, etc.

  3. That video sort of makes me feel a bit better… Last night’s ending, ugh…

  4. It’s really too bad that Santos blew that game. Lot’s of engery has turned into same old, same old. Ya ya, I know. Anyone that’s jumped off the wagon already is not a true fan. Still, after all this positivity, to realize that we’ve got the exact same problem as last year (a closer with zero mental strenth and no ability to actually close games) in unfortunate.

  5. the promo gets me pumped every time. lind and colby’s catches was great lastnight.

  6. I’m not worried about Santos..the thing I am worried about, is the young boys Lawrie and JP. There has been A LOT of talk from them, which is awesome, but not much yet to back it up. Hold your horses before you say it’s only been 4 games, etc. I know that. I am confident they will have good seasons. I just worry a little that if they continue to struggle, that all the talk turns into a hot head which can do nothing but turn a slump into a bad season. Anybody else think about that? Brett hasn’t been that bad, but he hasn’t looked very good at the plate, a lot of K’s an appears to be chasing. As for JP, the defense is a lot better ya, but if opening day doesn’t go to extra innings, we are looking at no HR’s and 1/15 with 7K’s to start the season. Go Jays!

    • The book is out on Lawrie and he’ll have to adjust.Seems opposing pitchers are going low and away then inside to back him off.

      • In the second game he “Jeter’d” 3 singles to right field on pitches down and away. He has the ability to adjust (I think… hope… )

    • And just to note, this is just for discussion purposes. I do not feel that the sky is falling.

    • Very true. The hype around Lawrie is higher than Snider ever had. He only has 40 plus games in the MLB. Lawrie is new savior of the franchise just like Snider was projected in 2009.

      Snider was in the pre twitter era.

  7. Like Pavlov’s dog, I clicked on this article with the headline “Blue Jays stopper Sergio Santos blows second save prompting anger on Twitter” to see how idiotically media navel-gaze at the most random of public opinion (“geez, what does FartBelcher1997 think of last night’s game”, “hey LiTtLe MiSs COy thinks the young Jays players are cute as #^%$, oh my” – retardathon (yeah I said it, RETARDATHON – RETARD RETARD RETARD!!)

    But, in a truly moronic display of headline writing (or savvy marketing) . . . THERE IS NO TWITTER REFERENCE or displays of said anger. Serves me right.–blue-jays-stopper-sergio-santos-blows-second-save-prompting-anger-on-twitter

  8. Nice vid.

    Amazing the reactions about last night’s game.One commenter wants to sell his tickets for the rest of the season, based upon yesterday’s results.Just nuts.
    It’s still better than apathy.Better unknowledable reactions than no reaction at all.

  9. I thought, listenting to the pregame stuff on the fan…and listening to player interviews, that these people are sort of wacko. I don’t know how many times I heard the “great spring training record” referenced as a sign that this team is “ready to take the next step”

    that is fucking hilarious. give me some fact to support that idea, fine..but dont fucking include spring training records as one of them.

    fact is, this team’s “confidence / swagger” is completely undeserved and perhaps if people had realistic expectations for the season people would not go ape shit over one loss in which the team had only a one run lead heading into the ninth…not some huge 4 or 5 run lead that the team was adept at blowing last year.

    just play the games and dont talk about this “next step’ “swagger” bull shit.

    win and then talk about that shit.

  10. 2012 Toronto Blue Jays
    One Team
    One Goal
    Two Blown Saves

  11. Is Yunel Escobar’s name ever mentioned in the video? I didn’t see it….

  12. Yunel Escobar’s season was doomed the day I bought my Escobar jersey :(

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