The Toronto Star sent photographer Lucas Oleniuk to the Jays opener last night, with the task of producing “ a series of animated picture files” which are “made by selectively capturing elements of a series of pictures displayed in succession and reverse.”

If the assignment was to create mind-bending creep-tacular tableaus of weirdness, then missing accomplished!

Check out several more, much bigger in size, at the rather cool Toronto Star photo blog.

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  1. hahaha, yeah, same exact thoughts as soon as I saw these…

  2. The second picture will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.

  3. Holy shit, that red headed kid is so creepy, belongs in a horror movie

  4. they’re really great! Its like a view-master or something from the 70′s

  5. Spectacularly strange.

  6. I don’t get why this is a thing.

  7. I have no idea what is this even.

  8. the fuck?

  9. Looks like the star discovered cinemagram…

  10. I expect the Star will discover “talkies” next year.

    These are seriously creepy and awesome though. I dig.

  11. Whats with the hip thurst gif… this guys a creeper

  12. So Ozzie Guillen has guaranteed there is a Fidel Castro lookalike at every away game for the Marlins this season, correct?? Army surplus stores around the US rejoice. Just add a fake beard and an E.P. Carillo. Bam!!

    And, the sign says: “My Cuba Includes Marlins Park!! – Hey, I’ve Seized Your Property Before”

  13. In the Team photo, am I right that only Kyle Drabek is “animated”, and by that I mean just rocking back in forth and chewing gum – bizarre.

  14. “Smithwick! These jiffy daguerreotypes are storming the interwebs as though the entirety of Boss Tweed’s weight were behind them! We must have an array of them in tomorrow’s edition if we’re to compete with the profile on Taft’s taste in snuffs which the Picayune plans to run. Send the tea-boy to the sporting grounds with one of these stereoscopic gewgaws, post-haste!”

  15. these are really creepy mang

  16. “Missing Accomplished” #greatshittyemobandname

  17. One beer per person for the home hopener in the 500-level? (See what I did there?) Man… that’s rough – what do you do after the 1st inning up there??? I hope that’s “one beer per person PER VISIT TO THE BAR”. That’s managable.

    Oh, and I’m worried that Omar’s swing looks too long (from the first series).

  18. I like the guy with the never-ending beer.

  19. Wow…after the first image with all the towels moving, what is the point of the others? Such a bad fail.

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