Afternoon game time! Which, of course, means I’ve got to rush out of here and get to the ballpark! Uh… I think. You don’t need my words here anyway, do ya?


As you can see below, the Jays lineup looks a little different today, as the club takes on Red Sox lefty Jon Lester.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
B. Francisco DH
B. Lawrie 3B
E. Thames LF
J. Arencibia C
R. Davis CF

R. Romero LHP

Boston Red Sox

J. Ellsbury CF
D. Pedroia 2B
A. Gonzalez 1B
K. Youkilis 3B
D. Ortiz DH
D. McDonald RF
C. Ross LF
M. Aviles SS
K. Shoppach C

J. Lester LHP

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  1. I just want to listen to the game on radio on my computer, any streams? thanks

    • I’ve been looking for a little this morning and haven’t found anything. And i refuse to pay the MLB radio fee on their site ($20 for the season, not much, but the principle). Think a dollar store downtown has any of those $1 or $2 portable cheap radios to tune in with?

      • Lol you refuse to pay $20 for a product that lasts you all season? I don’t understand. You just want them to give it to you for free?

      • I bought it . It”s great value when you are at work trying to listen to the game.

        You can also get the red sox audio & see the plays on your iphone.

        Considering the cost of concessions at the rogers Centre. $20 for 162 games is pretty cheap.

    • Does still work? You might have to try a couple of the links?

      I’m using the MLB At Bat App, so I don’t know if it does anymore.

  2. Soooooo…. is Francisco really a worse defender than Thames? Maybe the “veterans are more comfortable DHing thing”?

    • I’m really hoping that they’re seeing if he’s actually an everyday guy, so they’re leaving him in vs a tough lefty. I cringe every time I see a ball go in the air to LF.

  3. why is francisco hitting 5th. ugh

  4. Arencibia gets the start again. Personal catcher for Romero I guess. He’s been working hard this season, hope all you Mathis-haters are happy

  5. What’s going on with Buck’s hair today? It’s like a big silver shiny wedge!

  6. Ellsbury on three straight makes me happy. Good way to start the game.

  7. So THIS is what timely strike calls are like.

  8. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, from Boston or NESN complaining about yahoo Jays fans (re: streaking/debris on field/goofball in batters eye) can FUCK RIGHT OFF. I tried to post the links, but can’t – just go ahead to Youtube and search “Fenway Fan 2011″ (Sept03/11), “Fenway Fan Tackled” (May02/11) and “Sox Fan 2010″ (Oct02/10).

    Yeah, go ahead Defenders of the Game, teach us how to show proper respect to the National Pastime, that can actually trace its roots here to 1838 and 1877.

  9. I’m a huge jays fan currently living in the north east for school. The only thing worse than not being able to attend this opening series is being subjected to the biased ignorance of Jerry Remy on Nesn because my is blacked out in sox territory. It’s been driving me crazy that he keeps saying “Ba-tista” which appears to be unrelated to his accent. If ppl can join me in trying to blow up his oh-so-loved twitter page (which he makes countless references to during his broadcast) with the proper phonetics would be much appreciated. His handle is @Jerry_Remy. I may be overreacting a bit, but it’s disrespectful to one of the games best players to never say his name correctly.

  10. Can we make Lester throw a few more pitches this inning please?

  11. HOw is it i can find a free ufc fight that costs $60 to buy, but i cant find a free radio stream of the jays…..ridiculous.
    any help here? i need something to get through the work day.

    • From Sportsnet Live blog.

      to get radio go to ang go to gameday you can hear the radio so the FAN 590

      Try that.

    • Also,I think it was commenter Industructible who mentioned or or something like that.

  12. And EE makes Lester throw more pitches than the first three guys combined.

  13. Ugh. Not into this lineup today..

  14. Excellent bunt there Shoppach.

  15. Nothing like being stuck at work during an afternoon game. Hopefully this game isn’t over by the time I go home at 3 EST, but by the looks of things this game is going to take about 45 minutes.

  16. Man Cody Ross just keeps reminding me of that actor, who always plays a similar crazy over the top role…can’t remember a specific movie though.

  17. Posted this elsewhere but….
    Yesterday at the game I noticed during the 9th inning that when he had to return to first after a steal attempt – because the batter fouled off the pitch – Youkilis was not tagging up all the way. He never touched 1st base before taking his lead again. He did this at least 3 times on 3 straight foul balls…. Aren’t you required to touch up all the way on a foul ball?

    If you don’t can you be tagged out? Does anyone know? – Or is that just little league stuff…

    All I can find in the rule book is this:

    “A foul ball is not caught, in which case runners return to their bases. The umpirein-
    chief shall not put the ball in play until all runners have retouched their bases;”

    • No you don’t have to touch the base after a foul ball.

    • Before I get in shit.
      An umpire will want you to return to the base you occupied before the ball goes into play.Otherwise the runner could wander down to second as play begins.Most players tag up to measure their primary lead properly.

  18. I now pledge my undying love for Rajai Davis.

  19. fuck yeah RajyD – JF with the Citoesque lineup premonition

  20. and nice AB and baserunning by Thames

    PS: RATM/Audioslave double shot with Kelly Johnson and JPA, noice!!

  21. Nicely done KJ, make him pitch

  22. Doesn’t take much to get a snack-fly with Davis out there on third.

    Gameday shows Johnson just walked on strike #5.

  23. Lester up to 52 pitches

  24. I posted this late last night on the post-game comments, but had to post it again. LOL

    Alex Anthopoulos On The Old Jays’ Uniforms: “Brutal, Awful, Embarassing”

  25. Well I guess for the future I’ll have to buy a radio for the office with a headphone jack.

    For today, I guess it’s Sportsnet Gamezone and comments on here.

  26. Since I live in Ohio, I’m stuck watching the Reds – Cardinals or Indians- ChiSox. I’m watching the Tribe game. Justin Masterson doesn’t even look like the same guy today that dominated the Jays on Thursday. He looks terrible. The crowd in Cleveland is sparse too. I’ll bet less than 2,000 (really) If they were playing the Jays the crowd would be about 7,000 because of the Blue Jay fans who would make the trip. Cleveland should be a minor league town.

    • the curse of Wahoo???

      • Three times in this series the Indians have intentionally walked Paul Konerko to get to A.J. Pierzinski. The result? A pair of three run home runs and an sacrafice fly. You’d think they’d learn.

  27. Quick outs, let’s get Lester back out on the mound.

  28. I hate this first base ump. That’s three questionable calls against us.

  29. Davis hardly took his bat off the shoulder and he got rung up. Meanwhile midget pedroia takes a fulll swing and doesnt call it

  30. Lol advertising the awful bobbleheads

    • Romero’s doll looks like he has malaria. Morrow’s looks much more like Johnson.

  31. Why’d they sit Rasmus instead of Thames?

  32. GameDay reported an “injury delay,” can anyone elaborate?

  33. Right now Bautista and Arencibia are vying for shitties at bats for a jay

  34. Would like some more offense. I fear another punking in the late innings again.

    • It’s nice to have a little breathing room like last night. However, I think it’s fair to have faith in the bullpen as a whole from what we’ve seen so far (Santos doesn’t count. he’ll be fine).

  35. So this is it for Bautista. E5 or KJ = new ace in the hole.

    • 6th game of the season, dude.

      • Bautista is in a rut to be sure…but honestly, he looked rather pedestrian the last couple months of last year as well. Prior to the end of last year, you rarely saw anyone get away with a fastball down the middle to Jose…all of a sudden he started taking ALOT of strikes down the middle. I think teams have adjusted to him and they are coming right after him instead of nibbling and allowing him to get into favorable counts. Jose needs to adjust and stop letting them get ahead of him with those pitches.

        • Yep. Should have traded him in the offseason.

          • 6 games in…The Red Sox as a team started April 2-10 and looked awful. They won 90 games. And that includes their September collapse. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself bud. It works the exact same way for an individual player.

          • just to clarify, started LAST April 2-10

  36. who’s gonna close this biatch?

  37. Please bring in Santos. Need an established closer all up in the hizzy.

  38. Man there is some pitching going on today.




    all having good to great games

  39. Rajai Davis…SUPERSTAR

  40. Rajai Davis, offensive spark plug!

  41. Huge insurance run there.

  42. My Funny Valentine _ thank you for not going to a righthander vs YEscobar as soon as Lester outlived his usefulness in trying to hold Davis on – thank you thank you

  43. 4 pitch walk by Romero to Elsbury…

  44. Walk to Pedroia…

  45. Santos is warmed up & ready to go.

  46. Eep!

  47. Game over. Red Sox taking the series right here.

  48. 0-2 foulout to Gonzo

  49. Jose hasn’t looked good since he hurt his ankle last year. He’s taking some really wild swings and rolling over on pitches he would have hit out this time in 2011. I am concerned because, even though he may not have hit too many hrs after July, at least last year he did hit. So far he’s just kind of looked lost up there and I’m suspecting an injury he won’t admit to. Either that or he’s all of a sudden developed a severe case of the yips. Either way the US media would ****love**** to call him a flash in the pan. I was Farrell I’d put him on the diplomatic dl and ship him over to wherever Cito Gaston is playing golf this time of year.

  50. Are you kidding, this is Monkey Off the Back Day – Ricky gets Gonzalez then Santos comes in to wipe away the pain of the other two BS’s

  51. Rasmus catches flyout almost tosses out Pedroia at 2nd.
    1 out runners at 3 & tying run @ 2.
    Santos coming into the game.

  52. This would be a lot worse if Youkilis were still alive.

  53. Dont know about how Farrell used the penn this game. I though the second pedroia walked, he should gave gone to santos.

    now santos, whose psyche is already shot..has to come into a game with the fucking tying run in scoring position

  54. Fuck Yeah SS

  55. Yeah! Strikeout for Santos! Fuck you, Youk! One more out!

  56. Big out. Huge. Massive.

  57. Sit Down Greek God of Rhino Snorts

  58. here comes a blast from ortiz….bad feeling

  59. Massive performance by RicRo today. Love it.

  60. Cue BJ girl!

  61. Damn straight Sergio. Never in doubt.

  62. Win! Scary ninth inning AGAIN.


    Ricky beats the Sux with a gem

    Santos with a high pressure Save

    Go enjoy the birth of your son SS, hurry back tho

    Awesome afternoon

  64. Nice game. Glad I didn’t study for my exams this afternoon.

  65. So Santos just needed to be thrown in a runner on 2nd and 3rd situation to close out a game then….

  66. Didn’t get to see the game, but from all accounts seems like Romero pitched a gem (other than a shaky 9th) and Santos proved to any doubters why he’s this teams Closer.

    Big Win.

  67. Santos just cleaned the kitchen and sent Boston out of town. That is how you close out a series.

  68. Also Monkey Off back for Rajai Davis after failed bunt other day – Good day for many Jays today

  69. SOSH posters already going nuts about how crazy Lawrie makes them!!! (comments sprinkled throughout the last couple of days)

    • They’re also saying that Youklis is DONE. 2 for 20, zero walks, six K’s

      He just might be.

    • please share so I don’t have to give them my page hits?

      • Kevin You-Kill-Us was one gem I just saw (hell ya)

      • more

        “That’s my fear as well. He looks terrible and he also doesn’t look good physically. He was never a specimen, but it looks like he almost is always playing in pain. I’m not Monday morning QB’ing here, because I never would have advocated for this at the time, but Beltre has turned out to be the far superior player than Youk since he left the Sox, and keeping him would have been prescient.”

        Yeah, Beltre is looking better mr. “not Monday morning quarterbacking”.

    • Hard to tell who they hate more, Lawrie or Nick Punto.

  70. Walk Papi to get to the Mighty Darnell MacDonald? Fuck that.

  71. Yessss! 2 out of 3 from them arrogant and neurotic Masshole fucks!

  72. What’s SOSH?

  73. So by the fly-by-the-seats-of-their-shit-stained-pants logic, does this make Santos the messiah to the mouth breathers?

  74. if it wasnt for Santos we would be 5-1, i kid i kid…

    • @billy … We easily could have been 6-0 now. There was the Santos disaster in game 1 of this series and the Jays just couldn’t get the clutch hit to come back against the Indians, losing 4-3 with runners scattered all over.

      • We could easily be 3-3 as well if Chris Perez didn’t blow up in game 1, this is why we shouldn’t play the “we would be (insert record here) if (insert excuse here)” game. Big comebacks and blown saves will even out over a 162 game schedule.

  75. Friday the 13th at Fenway Home Opener – fun fun fun

  76. 4 – 2 … one win we probably should have lost, one loss we probably should have won.

    I’ll take it!

    • 4-2 is fucking awesome given that the hitters have been very streaky. We stole one against Masterston in the Cleveland home opener and Boston stole one from us in our home opener.

      Santos went to his slider while ahead in the count and seemed much calmer today. Struck the shit out of Youk with that nasty slider. Hope everything works well with the birth of his child.

      Rajai Davis. You gotta like his level of want. Could be an interesting bench piece this season. I hope Farrell goes to him against tough lefties.

  77. Nothing would please me more than to have Sunday roll around, the Jays sweep Baltimore, and send their nugatory asses to the basement of the AL East, where they belong with the Massholes.

  78. Huge win for Jays imo. Coming back to take the next 2 with a measure of strong pitching dominance against an awesome hitting team has to give them huge confidence going forward.

    Considering the bats have been pretty pathetic in general this team could easily pull off a nice large winning streak once they heat up and the pitching can remain solid. At least the Jays are showing they don’t need the long ball to get the runs they are scoring.

  79. “@karlravechespn

    Mood in red sox clubhouse, morbid and depressing. Will Fenway help? Rays, yanks and rangers on the horizon. Chance to really bury Boston”


    • Yes! God I hate Boston. Even more than the YankeesI think.

    • Bliss for sure!

      There was a Red Sox game thread after their last Detroit game where someone said they were looking forward to visiting Toronto “where the wins come easily”.



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