The scene: Casey Janssen sits down Jarrod Saltalamacchia on a called third strike for the second out of the ninth inning. One female Blue Jays fan in attendance decides she’s had enough of a visiting Red Sox fan, who probably spent most of the evening reminding those around him of his beloved team’s triumphs of 2004, 2007 and Monday night. Our protagonist in the stands turns to the undoubtedly insufferable Red Sox fan seated behind her to um, rub it in.

Janssen would make a mess of the situation shortly afterwards by allowing the potential tying run to reach the on-deck circle, but the Blue Jays escaped with a 7-3 victory.

To Rogers Sportsnet’s production crew and their new found obsession with sexual innuendo: thank you!

To the young woman whose miming skills we’re celebrating: I’m sorry!

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  1. I might be in love.

  2. Ahhh. So much class!

  3. I had to re-read this thing 6 times to finally notice we were talking about the hottie faking the BJ, and not the dude who is trying to high five that blonde girl’s… assets.

  4. The first thing I noticed was the dude, then the blonde girl bobbing up and down, completely missed on the BJ girl but……nice

  5. Couldn’t be more proud of this young woman. Go BJs!

    See what i did BJ is both Blue Jays and Blow Jobs. Crafty eh.

  6. it also appears that there is another masshole passed out behind the BJ girl…a major DJF faux pas

  7. I see things bouncing up and down. What are we supposed to be looking at.

  8. horrible technique.

    and yes, high-five dude is the best! haha

  9. Send that gif to this guy

    he doesn’t like shenanigans and pulls out good Dad routine to get Toronto fan’s to cut out said shenanigans.

  10. if that BJ girl isnt the fan of the game then i dont know who is…

  11. Looks more like she’s doing the tiny violin thing. Not a good blow job.

  12. So the NESN Masshole didn’t like the activities of the past two games (and granted the dude in the batters eye was pretty stupid), well I shudder to think what this douche thought of Manny’s activities while playing in that renovated farmhouse they call Fenway park. Oh look we need to pause the game so that Manny can piss on the wall inside the green monster, nope not distracting at all, that’s just Manny being Manny.

  13. anyone else notice the old guy completly passed out beside them…? hahaha

  14. Yes, we need lectures from Fenway Faithful on how to behave at Baseball Games, so watch and learn Canadian Ignorants, the Game deserves respect:,5968608

    (haha Bobby Valentine with Mets and story about Sox debris field)


  15. Guy sitting down in center-bottom is totally fake-coughing “MASSHOLE”.

    He’s our real hero.

  16. The girl top left apparently doesn’t like her 10 dollar beer…

    • And another awesome catch – the BJ girl is the least funny thing in the gif… and she’s pretty special.

  17. new found? um, pamela anderson?

  18. Pretty sad

  19. I saw this on TV last night and had a feeling someone would post about it today ha

  20. I dont get it. Farrell has Thames IN and Rasmus OUT vs Lester? So if you have to play one guy vs a lefty why wouldn’t it be Rasmus for defense alone? now instead of having davis in left and rasmus in CF…you have both LF and CF weakened..not to mention thames isn’t really better than rasmus at hitting lefties.

    tomorrow is an fatigue is not a factor….i dont get this one.

  21. stay classy toronto. sigh.

  22. I created this account just to make this one post. I am a very busy CEO of a telecommunications firm so I don’t have time to make any comments about the Toronto Blue Jays.
    Having said that, after being forced to watch this video on my favorite blog, I feel I need to add something to the debate.

    This is, unquestionably, the most action a Red Sox fan has had since they went limp and collapsed.

    Who wants Beer, Wings, and little BJ smack on the side!

  23. I may want to use this in a marketing campaing.

    Come… support your Blue Jays!

    Come for the beer, stay for your BJ’s!

  24. This girl later performed the very same action on one J.P. Arencibia.

  25. My Funny Valentine _ thank you for not going to a righthander vs YEscobar as soon as Lester outlived his usefulness in trying to hold Davis on – thank you thank you

  26. AND again – dude on TV caught making a jerkoff motion towards Youkilis’ after his K in the 9th this afternoon.

  27. Thank you Rogers Sportsnet. More eye candy please.

  28. What’s this chick’s twitter handle? Asking for a friend…

  29. Sox fans deserve all this heaped on them for their obnoxious sense of entitlement.

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