Important Update: Have a look at the weird logo on this kid’s hat. I’m calling Photoshopped and totally fake. Of course, not until @spiff21 pointed it out. But still… I’m thinking he’s right.

Possibly Not Fake Update the Second: After the jump!

Not that I’d ever want to do anything that might bring the hammer down on respectable adults consuming alcoholic beverages at the baseball game– and, seeing how the Jays tried to handle their fighting problem this week, I’m not sure that they wouldn’t be entirely in favour of some kind of pointless, ineffective, draconian measures that only really serve to punish the vast majority of fans who are responsible– but… um… I think you might want to check the ID on this kid who was spotted at the Home Opener, as pointed out by SportsGrid.

Confusing Update: Apparently TSN’s Dan O’Toole– the Pride of Peterborough (among people who don’t realize that Parkes and I are actually the Pride of Peterborough)– tweeted a screen grab of almost the exact same moment last night. But it’s not quite the same! Look at the guy behind the kid!

Also: it looks like it was from a real TV, which wouldn’t be nearly as easy to Photoshop. Dun dun dun…

O’Toole has this to add on Twitter, which is considerably less fucking mind-exploding than the fact that O’Toole has over 100,000 followers, but nonetheless should put the story to rest.

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  1. That’s Gordie McLovin from Saskatoon.

    • I’m pretty sure Gordie moved to Labrador a few years ago to be the official beer taster at Wabush Mines. And he switched to his mom’s name: he goes by Gordi Spacemoose now.

  2. Reminds me of the good old days, when every beer was cherished.

    • Had a can of 50 on the weekend. Yes, I remembered that it was the first beer I ever stole from Dad’s stash over 30 years ago. In a stubby no less.

  3. “ID please Si– Oooh! You’re wearing a plaid jacket. Here’s your beer Sir!”

  4. If the post you linked or the original thread indicated where in the broadcast this was captured, I’d be happy to check the MLB.TV archive of the game. But no one did, so … put me in the must-be-a-fake category.

  5. Definitely a photoshop. Check out the “smoothing” on the edges of the kid’s hat as well as the angle he’s in the crowd which doesn’t really line up with the rows at the dome.

  6. lol, it looks like he is walking in the middle of the row and the height of someone who should be sitting. Just delete this obvious photoshop

  7. It looks as though the kid with the glasses knows whats up and wants one too….craving that sweet sweet keith’s

  8. I need to believe that this isn’t photoshopped. If this kind of magic can’t happen, I have nothing.

  9. this is totally fake the kid is completly fuzzy and plus I see no hot girls in this photo. Has to be fake.

  10. It makes me happy that someone bothered to make a fake of this showing Jays fans. Used to just be Yankees, Sox & Phillies. WE’VE ARRIVED, BABY!

  11. During Tuesday night’s game, the crowd cam caught a kid who was about 8 holding one of the Jay’s Bud cans in each hand and then quickly cut away. Souvenirs?

  12. I bet he’s the grandson of Ice Cold Beer guy.

  13. Drunk Jays Fan goes big time! Who knew they had a minor league team?

  14. Its not even a beer. It is a rolled up magazine. Look at pic 2.

  15. Hellooooo, RC Concessions staff

  16. What’s with the Dan O’toole hate? Was he a bully in high school?

  17. I’m not an expert when it comes to photoshop or anything, but I can say that I watched that entire game, and to the people who are commenting on the weirdness of the hat, I saw that kid’s hat during the broadcast. I don’t know if its a fake, or what’s up with it, but I totally saw that kid earlier and his hat looked just like that on TV, so it’s not that hat.

  18. For anyone who PVR’ed the game, the moment in question is between the end of the first and top of the second inning.

    • Well, or should be, based on the timestamp of Dan O’Toole’s tweet. cuts out many of these segue type shots, so it’s not online.

  19. I am more concerned at the fact the woman behind appears to be wearing some sort of medieval steel gauntlet.

  20. it could be a young kid, perhaps his father passed him a beer, I know my pops gave me half of his beer at jays games as a 16 year old..

    no body mentioned that while it does look like a 15 year old boy, it could be a 22 year old lesbian

  21. Um, I’ve been working since 7 this morning so I’m getting onto that loopy stage, but how come there’s an extra guy in O’Toole’s photo? Unless he somehow is completely covered by the kid in the first photo something seems fishy.

  22. Drunk jays kid: we’re smarter, younger and more drunk

  23. I love the ‘Hey mac, you wanna buy a watch’ thing he’s doing with his Sudbury dinner jacket.

  24. I thought Snider was in Vegas.

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