Here we have Jose Bautista, flexing what the Toronto Star would call his marketing muscle– and I would call playing second banana to David Ortiz– in an ad for jersey maker Majestic.

Aaaaand… in case you missed it late this afternoon, this week our very own Drew Fairservice had the chance to sit down and get all nerdy-like one-on-one with Joey Bats himself! Watch it at Getting Blanked, or after the jump…

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  1. Even though Bautista is clearly playing ‘second fiddle’ to Ortiz, that is a damn funny* commercial. The fact that the Blue Jays have a player in a major marketing commercial is a victory on its own. People know who Bautista is, regardless of what side of the border they’re living on.

    *I laughed out loud at the washing machine part. Very funny.

  2. That disapproving head shake the guy wearing Bautista is what I do every time I see someone in Toronto wearing a Red Sox hat. For shame.

  3. I passionately hate the Red Sox, but I could never bring myself to hate Manny or Ortiz. In fact, I did and still do think they’re awesome. I would have gotten behind the Jays acquiring either of those guys in the last couple years.

  4. I think part of it is how damn sharp the uniform is.

    I’ve heard a few fans who would never talk anything of the Jays comment on how awesome the uniforms are.

  5. The Blue Jays new uniforms are the shit. I had a lot of coin invested in Blue Jays hats, jackets and jerseys. When they changed from the design worn during the World series years after 1996 I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like the T-Bird logo or the uniforms they wore from 2004 through 2011, but bought the merchandise anyway. This new design is awesome. I’ve got over 100 Blue Jays jerseys in my collection and I’m looking forward to adding more. I want to get the home, road and alternate variations of Bautista, Romero and Lawrie. When I get them I’m going to add the red maple leaf to the right sleeve that was on the jerseys the last couple years. I can’t wait to see this years “Canada Day” jerseys. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be willing to kill for them.

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