You won’t bereave this, but apparently MLB doesn’t have a catch-all bereavement list that covers any and all non-injury absences (as I read somewhere earlier that I can’t remember). They actually have a paternity list (which I’m sure we’ve seen players placed on before, and again, I just can’t remember).

I know this because– as I’m sure you’ve heard by now– according to a team release, Sergio Santos has been placed on it, as he’s still not back with the club, after rushing away following Wednesday’s win to witness the birth of their third child.

What this also means is that we may get the chance to see the Major League debut of the pitcher Alex Anthopoulos said on Tuesday’s Sportsnet telecast the he “was very impressed and very excited by.” Evan Crawford.

The lefty reliever struck out an eye-popping 28.2% of the batters he faced while at New Hampshire in 2011. His command is a work in progress– he walked 9.6% of batters last year, but cut that number in half when pitching in the Arizona Fall League, for whatever little that’s worth– but it would easily be interesting to see him enter a game, and I wouldn’t put it past the Jays, in the right situation, to have themselves a look.

“I didn’t know he had a slider the way he did, his curve ball is outstanding, he just pitched last night and was up to 94– he doesn’t sit there, but this is a guy who has a chance to be a long-term piece for us and a real impact guy,” Anthopoulos added (which sounds a bit rich about a reliever, but that doesn’t mean I’m not intrigued).

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  1. How can we forget the controversy when Shea Hillenbrand took some paternity time off when he and his wife adopted a child.

  2. 10.94 K/9, 2.83 FIP last year in AA. I’d be smitten with that.

  3. Paternity leave, as per CBA, has a minimum of one day and maximum of three days. Counting tonight’s game, which was already a no-go, Santos may not get to pitch against the Orioles. He’ll be back for the series vs. the Rays.

    Looking forward in seeing Crawford, who will get his proverbial cup of coffee.

  4. Ideally, Crawford shows Farrell enough as a lefty weapon to allow the team to stretch Perez out for the April 21st start, so we don’t all have to poke our eyes out watching Aaron Laffey.

    • Call me an optimist, but I really think they’re going to go with a New Hampshireite for that start. Agreed on Laffey.

      • Unless it’s a rejuvenated Cecil, I’d rather not see a NH SP take the 5th spot. I’d prefer McGuire/Hutchison/Jenkins log more innings down there, and that the Jays go with Villanueva, Perez, or Carreno until one of the prospects breaks down the door or McGowan/Cecil are ready. But hey, as long as it’s not Aaron fucking Laffey…

        • I’m all for Carreno because I missed his last start.

          Appease me, Blue Jays organization!

        • Agree with the innings on Hutchison but Jenkins and McGuire seem ready experience wise. Far better for them to start than start screwing the pen around like they did last year. Villanueva shines as a reliever and so does Perez, leave them there where they are best suited. If I had my way Carreno would be a reliever as well even though he didn’t look all that bad in his start.

          That said, it seems Hutchison really has a lot of love from management and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him up starting sooner rather than later.

          We all knew we were going to have to find another candidate for McGowan at one point this season. Nothing wrong with having them start now and let McGowan go longer into the season.

        • If it’s just one start, I wouldn’t mind at all calling up one of the young guns. It would be a good experience for the players and a delight to watch for us. A little teaser… please no Laffeyyy

    • I think the best chance of winning the game would be starting Villanueva. He was decent enough as a starter last season and probably could be again for a short stretch. But since I’ll actually be at the game in KC, I’d love to see somebody make their MLB debut.

  5. I’m excited inasmuch as it makes it far less likely that Aaron Laffey will be gracing the mound in a non-blowout situation in the next few days.

    Katallcol: Pretty sure Hillenbrand just left the team on team-approved Paternity leave (with no ability for the team to temporarily replace him on the 25-man roster), as the Paternity List didn’t exist until the start of the last season.

  6. The first time I was made aware of the Papa List was when Adam Lind was placed on it last year. I thought I had misheard.

  7. Didn’t Bautista take three days when his daughter was born last year? Or was that not on the official pat. list?

  8. Any fans here from St. John’s, NL? I heard Stoeton mention there were some Jays faithful here. If so, gimme a shout.

    • I’m originally from St. John’s, living in Toronto for about 4 years now. NL stand up!

      • Nice, I just got to St John’s this week. Wanted to know if people meet up here to watch Jays games. I heard something about Don Cherry’s on opening day.

  9. Manny Ramirez took fertility drugs. Maybe he should be transferred to the maternity leave list.

  10. One interesting thing to throw in to any evaluation of Las Vegas numbers – new infield turf. This story talks about the new turf, which should eliminate some of the rock hard surface hits that inflate some numbers and cut down on errors, so something to watch for

    • Probably to keep maintenance costs down. Lots of minor league parks install artificial turf on the infield and keep the natural stuff in the outfield.

      It might change some of the numbers but it doesn’t change the fact that Las Vegas is 2.000 feet or so above sea level.

      • Yeah the lack of humidity really does a number on a lot of things.

      • It is new sod, not artificial turf, in the infield – I meant turf (as in grass turf) and agree about the sea level on balls in the air – my point was the rock hard infield may be less rock hard so may actually play a little more true. The dryness of the infield made it play like cement last year apparently.

        But, it does not change anything that it is a farce to play there – this story talks about how ownership there is still up in the air. There supposedly don’t even have batting cages for the team at the stadium – I think they have to find them elsewhere. Fucking bullshit facility.

        • Ok cool. Our local ball park has artificial turf in the infield with the natural stuff everywhere else.

          Agreed on the venue in Vegas. The best would be for the Jays to secure the Buffalo franchise as its AAA affiliate. I doubt Ottawa is a realistic option at this point.

  11. Men even baseball players should have the right to have a shot-term leave when their child is born!

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