It’s here! The night where the Orioles come home to roost, as our merciless mocking of the club that could do no right (except how, according to yesterday’s Keith Law chat, depending on how the chips fall, they have a not likely, but non-zero chance of heading into next season with the two top prospects in baseball– Manny Machado and Dylan Bundy), will inevitably bubble up into sky-is-falling frustration if the Jays show even a hint of struggle against the would-be pushovers of the American League East.

Strap yourself in for pissing and moaning morons, folks, if we’re treated to anything but a full-scale shellacking.


At the moment I’m writing this– which is prior to a Friday afternoon meeting that I’m slightly afraid might go long– I got nothing.

Ahhh, but there’s one thing: Don’t forget that Saturday’s is a blessed 4:07 PM ET start! So get your BBQ on tomorrow afternoon, get your Gatorade bottles full of wine, and have a buzzy walk through downtown on your way to the game.

Also! For those of you travelling to the games from the east side of the GTA, keep in mind that the DVP will be closed so maintenance workers can TCB. I know, it’s a real PITA.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

(Um… yeah. As I mentioned, I’m writing this a bit early, so the lineups aren’t actually published yet. Once I’m free, I’ll fill them in. Or I won’t. You can figure it out on your own, I’m sure. Just check the links above. I can at least tell you that taking the hill tonight is Brandon Morrow (RHP) for the Jays, and Tommy Hunter (RHP) for the O’s.)


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  1. Is it just me or does this merciless mocking of the Orioles feel like it’s about to kick us in the ass this Friday the 13th weekend? Though logic and rational thought would suggest otherwise, frankly I’m scared.

    • Superstition aside, the LOL’s are a bone-fide MLB team. Sure, they’re not as talented as the Jays, but nobody should dismiss them outright. Having said that, less than two wins out of three for the Jays in this series would be a letdown.

      • My brain entirely agrees with this sentiment. There’s somewhere else however in my mind that is always arguing for a return to the mean – so when the orioles are coming off of three consecutive losses while the jays are coming off of two straight wins the seductively illogical part of my brain which says “by the law of avegares” these trends must even out, tells me the orioles are favourites tonight. I hate facing teams on a losing streak. I know this is crazy. I know I need help, but please let there be an orioles fan out there who just walked under a ladder…

  2. Just hope Morrow can reverse last year’s trend of absolutely sucking big blue balls at home and go back to 2010′s home numbers instead.

  3. Hopeful this is the series that the jays can pull the bats out of their anally located areas and hit the ball mercilessly.

    • I’m happy to see Rasmus out of the nine hole tonight. He’s been making good contact with little to show for it. On the other hand, Thames batting ahead of Lawrie is a little ridiculous…Farrell loves his R-L-R-L lineups, doesn’t he?

  4. Dear Sportsnet Ontario: Why are we watching Damien Cox and two other puckheads during the Blue Jays Central time slot?

    • I for one applaud the move. I’ve noticed this market is dangerously underserved when it comes to hockey.

  5. George Purple Butt Bell is in the house! Good Karma must follow.

  6. Doesn’t Mulcair look groovy? Makes me want to shit on our soldiers like Stoeten does and cheer the Taliban.

  7. Can’t help but notice how well the angels are doing with their huge FA acquisitions.

  8. v-dub was 0 fer 3 with 2 strike outs on just 9 pitches tonight.

    • Good God. Imagine he was still on this team?

      • If wells was on the team it would be a horrible vibe because the Jays would not have Bautista due to payroll parameters.

        We would have a 20 million dollar player in CF who can’t hit getting booed on a regular basis.

        It’s HR night at the dome. KJ,E5, & Colby get HR’s.

  9. There goes the no-hit bid!

  10. Thames with the hose!

  11. He looked safe to me. I’ll take it though

  12. Bam!

  13. Kelly Johnson!

  14. KJ!!

    Hunter does have the weakness for giving up the longball.

  15. thesis: kelly johnson is the new gboat. debate.

  16. KJ KJ KJ KJ …

    Remember when it was a running joke on here that people would post with the name “DFA Hill”? Remember that? But AA actually got something for Hill.

  17. Fuck

  18. Snider for belt.

    I am so tired of Lind’s suckiness. If he sucks through may he’s a goner.

  19. In honour or Mark Reynolds, let’s bask in his defensive prowess:

  20. I knew it! Bwandon Mowwow gives up a hit to the fust batte. Thith loth ith in you, Bwandon!

  21. We don’t want Bwandon! Or Woderick! We want Biggus Dickus!

  22. I’m sure I’m the last to notice, but did someone talk to Buck about the way he pronounces Edwin’s name? Because he doesn’t butcher it anymore.

  23. Sowwy, I meant Bigguth Dickuth!

  24. Lind in his first AB makes my head ache. He stares a heater right down the middle for the first pitch and then swings at the 2nd at his ankles for a DP.

  25. I love the brunette in that chemistry dentyne ice commercial.

  26. More BABIP demons for Rasmus :(

  27. Two run shot for sure here for Wieters. I can sense it!

  28. Ugh something about Morrow at home.

  29. Fuck our troops! Fuck the UN mission in Afghanistan and the UN mission in Bosnia! We want more peacekeeping like Rwanda! That was great.

  30. How come nobody ever talks about a Lind/EE platoon at first? A little .850 OPS against either righties or lefties, with mediocre defence would be just swell in my books.

  31. Wow!

  32. I’m Confido.

  33. So to recap: Rasmus laces the ball and gets no hit, but Bautista gets a dribbler single. Good timing though for Lind’s hit.

  34. If only Lawrie was hitting before Thames.

  35. Reading the comments on an OriLoLes’ blog is hilarious.

    “these fucking guys”

  36. Good news everyone! Confido has pulled through the sack attachment surgery and is already speaking with a deeper voice. Pretty soon we’ll be adding meat to his diet nd weaning him off Regis and Kelly.

  37. Starting to think they need to arrange the rotation so that Morrow gets the bulk of his starts on the road.

  38. Oh, Ya

  39. YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Nice one Colby!

  41. Colby hit it where they ain’t. Screw babip.

  42. Gotta love it.

  43. Ball is really carrying tonight. Sheesh.

    • Yes. The Dome is clearly a hitter’s park, as our manager believes. Just as it was in the 1990s. Because we all know that the altitude and humidity and wind tunnel effect at Front and Spadina have intensified in the last two decades…

      With the roof closed.

  44. Dinger time!

  45. Homerdome.

  46. And so it go’s

  47. This is like playing videogame baseball where like every second batter homers, and all the hits are for extra bases.

  48. Go to the pen in the 7th or give Morrow another inning?

  49. Only a single, Thames? Booo.

  50. It feels like a 100% certainty that Morrow is going to give up a solo home run this inning.

  51. Was hoping Morrow was done for the night, he’s not fooling anyone tonight.

    Lawrie needs some maple viagra cause his maple boner is pretty limp these days. Don’t try so hard dude.

  52. Morrow’s breaking ball has been flat much of the night. Anytime he gets downward action on it, its not even close.

  53. AAANND, exhale.

  54. we need more runs. rasmus might wanna go deep again tonight

  55. Did Buck just say, “And theeeere’s the first walk of the ball game!” ?

  56. Sorry to see Hunter leave. He looks like the dude from talledega nights…the non will farrell dude

  57. As a Liberal Minister of the Quebec government, i always fought for you. Don’t ask me how.

  58. Frasor in. pace of the game DOWN DOWN DOWN

  59. Frank Francisco Cordiero???? WTF Buck?

  60. wow, jerrry likes to recap the entire game every two innings

  61. Shit, I even hate the wave onTV.

  62. That fat old lady who eats hand over fist is back behind the plate

  63. Damn it! What the hell!

  64. This one is on Farrell. No way Oliver should’ve been left to face Bellimet.

  65. ummmmm. yeah..ok.

    if you really didnt want weiters to hit right handed, why not bring in janssen or cordero rather than basicallly intentionally walk him and move the lead runner into scoring position

  66. Janssen needs to be shown a little more love; it’s a little too late.

  67. Shit, I hate the idea of a loss to Baltimore.

  68. Better bullpen my ass. What was he doing in there for so long?

  69. Can we anoint Rob Ford our honourary fat fuck and just send the Corderos and Franciscos back to Texas? On the Finch bus?

  70. The process is the problem…the results are just a side note.

    you dont walk the lead runner into scoring position. when they were so obviously pitching around weiters there, it just the wrong move

  71. our manager is ritard.

    seriously, any casual fan could see from ten fucking kilometres away that Wilson fucking Betemit was going to stroke a two-run single there…wtf

  72. C’mon, Farrell, bit of a quick hook on Oliver.

  73. Guess that counts as a blown save eh? What’s that #3?

  74. 98! That Strop kid can bring it.

  75. Lind might be learning.

  76. Decent at-bat for Lind. Come on EE!

  77. Hmm not pinch running for Lind?

  78. I hope MLB puts that E5 DP online. Lind’s “take out slide” didn’t look like it made it to the bag.

  79. that Janssen pitch was quite the hanging slider

  80. The new market inefficiency – Baltimore stole the man in white.

  81. These two out runs really piss me off.

  82. Thomas Mulclair’s beard pisses me off too.

  83. Fuck Lawrie’s got no power this year at all.

  84. fuckin hell

  85. We’ll still get 2 of 3.

    • It would have been nice to sweep Baltimore, but I’m happy with winning 2 of 3 in any series.

  86. Season over. Let’s all go home. Jays suck. Should’ve signed Fielder, Pujols, and Darvish!

  87. Feels great to lose to these fucking stiffs right after the Yankees went through them like a hot knife through butter. Fucking great.

  88. I honestly think that most vocal Jays fans are some of the worst in the league. Yes, it was a tough loss. But shit, it’s been 7 games. Out of 162.

    • Honestly no different than any other fans in the league. In fact we`re probably better off than places like Philly, NY and Boston.

  89. Although it didn’t matter it was nice to see the bat taken outta JPs hands in that situation

    • Ya it’s not like he won a game with a home run this season or anything. #sarcasm

    • So Lawrie has exactly 50 games in the Majors as of tonight. First 25 go like this:

      25G 89AB 29H 13R 6HR 18RBI 7BB 21K 3SB .326 AVG .381 OPB .674 SLG

      Next 25 go like this.

      25G 90AB 22H 16R 0HR 11RBI 10BB 18K 5SB .244 AVG .320 OPB .444 SLG

      Yes it`s still early this season but considering the numbers were down in September of last year as well, I hope we`re not looking at Snider 2.0 with all the hype that`s been heaped on the kid.

  90. sure, in the grand scheme of things, of course, it’s “nbd”.

    but…. when your manager refuses to play matchups and refutes to see the obvious when his pitchers are in trouble and basically fritters away 3-5 games a year, this can be the difference between a wild card and 3rd or 4th place, especially with this new play-in game bullshit.

    I like the guy so far, but this one can be hung squarely on Farrell’s jaw…

  91. Game by game getting more worried about Lawrie. Has looked awful at the plate so far this season.

    • All part of the learning curve, pitchers now have more info on how to pitch him. He’ll make his adjustments and get better over time nothing to seriously worry about with a 22 year old who’s played 50 games at the big league level.

      • I just expected a big regression this season while the rest of the country already has him in the hall of fame. With the way Rogers has built him up, a shit season could do a lot of damage to the casual fan base.

    • So Lawrie has exactly 50 games in the Majors as of tonight. First 25 go like this:

      25G 89AB 29H 13R 6HR 18RBI 7BB 21K 3SB .326 AVG .381 OPB .674 SLG

      Next 25 go like this.

      25G 90AB 22H 16R 0HR 11RBI 10BB 18K 5SB .244 AVG .320 OPB .444 SLG

      Yes it`s still early this season but considering the numbers were down in September of last year as well, I hope we`re not looking at Snider 2.0 with all the hype that`s been heaped on the kid.

      Sorry double post meant to post here the first time.

      • I agree manimal. Yes I also agree it’s early in the season, but I believe it’s fair game to talk about what if…because it’s definitely possible.

        • Prediction — he’s back in Vegas by mid-May. Snider comes up to DH and we are forced to endure E5 back at third.

          • Sorry, more likely Snider plays LF and Thames DH, but it’s going to suck either way.

          • Speaking of Snider he’s having another great game 3 for 4, 1HR and 4RBI’s no K’s so far.

            Carreno was lights out as well 5IP 1H 0ER 2BB 8K. pretty good outing anywhere, very good for the PCL.

      • The second set of 25 games looks more in line with his non-Vegas minor league numbers:

        2009 (A) .274/.348/.454
        2010 (AA) .285/.346/.449

      • It’s not as if the second sample is terrible or anything, but the lack of power is troubling.

        • Just much closer to his minor league power numbers and not the obscene ones he put up last year. Too much hype I am thinking and I know I am just as guilty of doing it too.

      • It’s definitely possible that Lawrie might struggle more than we imagined, or take longer to get consistent..

        But at the same time.. it’s not like .244/320/444 is Godawful. Especially for a 22 year old.

        When you put the numbers together like that, other than the homers, you’re really just taking about 7 fewer hits. I don’t think it’s drastic enough to really draw any major conclusions.

        • Don’t get me wrong I’m not down on him at all. He’s been far better than advertised with the glove and still brings huge passion to the game. However, I think pretty much everyone in the media has gone way overboard with the hype considering he’s only 50 games in to his career. I was just surprised at how close his last 25 games came to his 2009 and 2010 minor league season slash lines. He never hit more than 13HR’s.

          BTW I messed up his stat line for the last 25 games should be 3 HR’s not 0.

          • “However, I think pretty much everyone in the media has gone way overboard with the hype considering he’s only 50 games in to his career”

            This is probably true. It’s been insane.

          • I still think the 20-30 HR guy projections are probably right, which is very good power from someone with other great tools. The thing with his minor league power numbers, to me, would be that he hadn’t filled out yet, so we’ll see after he adjusts this year what happens.

            On the hype: Agreed entirely, mainly because the hype has taken his ceiling in the media from MVP-upside to can’t miss historical great, which is massively unfair.

  92. Nothing here about Rajai coming in as a defensive substitution in the 9th EVEN THOUGH THE TEAM WAS TRAILING, and then leading off the ninth vs. a RHP?

    • Because Thames has been ripping the cover off the ball?

      I hate almost all of Farrell’s moves and it’s time for him to go, but can’t fault him here.

      • Then that says A LOT about Thames and his shittiness.

        • Um…that’s because Davis came into the game in the top of the 8th with the jays UP by one run.

          its reallly sad when you have to blow a bench player like davis who would be better used in a pinch run type situation late because you cant trust your young outfielder to catch routine fly balls. thats a big fucking problem

  93. All of the 6 hits Morrow gave up tonight were in upper half of the zone. Maybe they need to lower the mound at the Rogers Centre for him by 6 inches.

  94. 30,000 tonight in Miami. Not a bad crowd, but it was only their SECOND game in the new park. That is a really weak new park attendance bump.

    Really unusual not to see huge crowds the first while.

    Something tells me they’ll be back down to old Marlin numbers in a year or two.

  95. Friday the 13th game if you ask me.

  96. Speaking of bad luck, the Red Sox will be sans Ellsbury for the foreseeable future:

  97. geez. Did I say nice things about our bullpen a couple days ago? Well, I don’t take it back cuz in time, we’ll be fine but … end the inx-jay ow-nay ease-play. ankyou-thay.

    excuse the voodoo.

  98. How the hell does Frasor get a hold for that. His runner was the freaking tying run. #CRAZYSTATS

  99. That Darren Oliver sux moose ballz. Send him over to tx for that Darvish kid

  100. I’m feeling a big win today. The defense is still there, the offense is starting to come around, and someone besides Morrow is on the mound.

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