OK, so the “Snider for Belt?” bit in the title is a little bit misleading. In Thursday’s chat at ESPN.com, Keith Law did mention that people had been asking him about such a hypothetical, but he actually kinda dismissed it. Still, there were several actual Jays-related nuggets for your enjoyment, …

Justin (Boston)
You’re not going to believe this, but Brandon Belt is not in the Giants lineup today.
The problem with all of these “Belt for Snider, who says no?” tweets and questions is that the Giants are much more likely to trade Belt for Jamie Moyer.

Derek (work) [via mobile]
My Thursday afternoon work production has been sharply down for the last two years. thanks. Oh, and Dom Brown for Snider. Good idea?
I’d rather have Snider.

Milt (Atltanta)
You recently mentioned a lack of life on Teheran’s fastball. Can you explain? Also, is this relative to where he had been previously, or more general? I know we’re dealing in small samples this year, but something seems off with him. Thanks!
It’s straight and up. A fastball can move a lot of ways – it can tail (like a two-seamer, moves to the arm side), cut, run (to the glove side, not sharp like a cutter – you might also hear that called “bore”), sink, or have “late life up in the zone” (think Matt Cain, a ball that never sinks but appears to speed up as it crosses the plate, which I assume is an illusion because it’s not decelerating as expected). Teheran’s fastball doesn’t cut, run, bore, or sink, and it doesn’t have life up. It’s real hard and real true. I’d love to see him try a two-seamer – could be 92-93 with tail, and then you’ve really got something.

Drabek’s switch to two-seamers and cutters over the last year is a reaction to the lack of life on his fastball.

Don (Quad Cities)
At what point would you feel comfortable giving up on Rasmus’ tools and say this is the player he is? He’s been in a funk for a long time now.
End of this season. Feel the same way on Smoak. If those guys don’t turn it around this year, they’re not “done,” but I’ll concede.

Steve (Fl)
Whats your prediction for Marisnick? Future All-Star or next Snider? (afterall, he is in the Blue jays organization)
Future All-Star. I don’t think the Jays have some horrible track record that it’s fair to make the parenthetical comment. Snark should be earned.

Jeff (Calgary)
Feel like answering one more before you take off? Sanchez has the fastball/curve combo, but worse results. Syndergaard had the fastball/change combo with better results. What makes you like the upside for Sanchez (who hit 98 this week) better?
Much, much harder to teach (or find) a breaking ball than a changeup. And Sanchez does have a change.

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  1. Rasmus has been getting BABIPed so far, he’s hitting the ball hard, just at people. I think he’s going to be great.

  2. Washington State native Snider and a lesser pitching prospect for Justin Smoak…….
    AA loves those post hype sleepers, just saying

  3. I hate KLaw’s contractual obligations that prevent him from going on Sporsnet, he used to be a regular on PTS and I wish someone would tell McCown, Cox, and Zaun that Rasmus needs an entire season and maybe add in a “fuck off” to Zaun who seems to have everyone figured out mechanically yet couldn’t hit for shit himself.

  4. I don’t know much abotu Belt except that he has huge power potential and that the Giants are dicking him around… anyone know anything more about him?

    • That mostly sums it up… top prospect who the organization has absolutely no confidence in, and keeps sitting in favour of Aubrey Huff. Belt would probably be one of the top 3 hitters on the team if he were allowed to play every day, but they’ve been giving him the ol’ Cito treatment for a few years now.

    • he really likes giraffes

    • Has a hole in his swing that needs MLB at-bats to correct – he can do AAA.

      High and away fastballs get him everytime.

  5. Is “Snider for some other underachieving young guy who’s also supposed to be a stud” gonna be a common theme for this year as long as he stays down in AAA?

  6. Well what ever happens, I don’t think Rasmus can bat much worse than he is and keep a spot in the line up, even if he is playing center, and batting last. There are kids in the minors that can do that.

    • Please tell me who is in the minors that you know the Jays could start in CF that would be better then Rasmus? Its 6 games in, the guy has had 2 at bats which have directly contributed to 2 wins and has made amazing plays in CF, the teams 4-2 and could really be 6-0, go post on a Leaf Blog where you belong.

    • Justin Jackson has 3 errors on 15 chances in AA ball playing CF.

      Gose has an 80 arm, can run like a fucking deer, but would likely hit .220 in the majors.

      Rasmus is hitting 9th in the lineup right now. Despite the poor numbers, he’s been squaring the ball fairly well. The hits will come.

  7. I just picked up Rasmus in my fantasy league as I expect he’s going to have a monster series against the OriLOLes! The guy has been hitting the ball well, even if the numbers don’t show it.

    • Been wanting to pick up Ramus too as I expect him to be a big sleeper this year. But I didn’t want to seem like a homer and have too many Jays on my team.

      • I had a policy of picking up either Rasmus or Johnson in the late rounds, but not both (as to keep from looking homerish) both leagues Johnson went just before I picked. So far I’m not liking it…but I’ve still got a good feeling.

  8. Wouldn’t it be more likely for Sabean to want Thames than Snider for Belt? I mean, Thames is more of a “proven” hitter based on last year, right? Right !?!

    • I truly wish Sabean were that dumb (sometimes, one wonders with him!)

      I agree though that I think the main reason Thames broke camp with the big club is to be showcased for trade, then Snider comes up for good. Thames has not done anything in the field or with the bat so far to make my prediction true though . . . Damn.

  9. Not only is Rasmus’ BABIP extremely low, he’s 3rd on the team LD% at 21% and 1st in IP%. He’s also 2nd in Contact%, making contact on 85% of his swings. Not to say these stats are the be all and end all, but it’s not like he’s lost at the plate.

    • Agreed. I think he has looked rather stellar at the plate and in the field too. I think most of those comments are coming from people reading the traditional boxscores and not actually watching the games. He is hitting the ball well – they will start to find holes soon enough.

    • Thanks for posting this. Can you send a copy to the pressbox at Sportnet? Would Zaunie understand these numbers?

      • He’d probably suggest that good players know how to “get ‘er done”.

      • Zaun a few games ago presented his 3 keys to success, yet only gave one reason, the fact that he can’t even count to three demonstrates his ability to read and analyze numbers!

  10. If Klaw is right about the Giants, then it’s a no-brainer: Aaron Laffey to COL for Jamie Moyer and Moyer to SFG for Belt. I think I might never stop laughing.

    • Heck why not throw in Ben Francisco somewhere in there too as a sweetener! Not like he has any purpose at all being on the roster!

  11. Thames is brutal in LF! His first step is constantly in the wrong direction showing that he cannot read the ball off the bat which is harder to do then you would think but he is hopeless at it. Once his ba drops down to match his defensive prowess snider will be up and he will be out and I for one can’t wait !

  12. “… and Dom Brown for Snider. Good idea?
    I’d rather have Snider…”
    I’m surprised that Law would pass on this … although I can see where the believe-it-or-not the younger Snider would be a better outfielder than Brown . They would love Snider in Philly. I’d be checking to see if Brown has enough agility to be a competant defensive 1stbaseman because his size, speed and bat could definitely play as above average at 1st.

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