Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack…

Follow our man behind the scenes, @TheScottLewis, for the latest on rumours that MLB might be in the midst of cracking down on animated GIFs of their content. Because, why would MLB want people to share and enjoy their sport, amiright?

MLB Trade Rumors does some rosterbation with the Jays, as they look at what’s going to be a make or break year for Adam Lind.

Anthony Castrovince of looks at how Brett Lawrie is creating soaring expectations.

At, Spencer Fordin reports that the Jays “will pay tribute to military personnel throughout the season.” Um… nothing against the military (though, whatever happened to that peacekeeping stuff we used to think was so important, I have no clue), but… can we just… maybe… not? And fuck off with shoving this kind of stuff down people’s throats at sporting events? For fucking serious?

Sean Fitz-Gerald of the National Post looks at how the Jays seem to be in the city’s good books, while the Leafs… not so much. Ask Joffrey Lupul.

The Associated Press, by way of CBC Sports, notes Jose Bautista’s struggles as they preview the Jays and Orioles series that begins tonight at SkyDome. They also point out that six of Adam Lind’s 26 home runs last year came against the Orioles, which is some serious damning with faint praise if I’ve ever heard it.

Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun gets all prospect-y with regard to the Jays young arms, while elsewhere at the Sun, Bob Elliott looks at Omar Vizquel, the artist.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet talks to Edwin Encarnacion and Dwayne Murphy about the changes to Eddie’s swing.

Coolness: Blog TO tells us that the city is getting its very own boutique baseball bat-making company. Just don’t expect to get your hands on one.

Hat tip to @Chasbo200 for alerting me to the collection of Brett Lawrie handshake GIFs at the bottom of this forum post. He’s got one for everbody!

Marc Hulet of FanGraphs includes Adeiny Hechavarria in his latest look at the prospect stock market.

Speaking of “Hech,” Todd Dewey of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has a feature on the young Cuban shortstop.

At the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin has feature on the eminently likable Brian Butterfield.

Griffin also has a new mail bag up, so… I guess I know what I’m doing this afternoon. Unless I’m not.

In a similar vein, the Tao of Stieb has his latest Tweet Bag up as well.

High Heat Stats looks at Roger Clemens’ sub-standard 1996 season, which paved the way for his signing with the Jays– and was one of the unluckiest seasons in history.

Lastly, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports takes a look back on the tenth anniversary of the Expos trade for Bartolo Colon. Interesting comment from Alex Anthopoulos when he was speaking with Strombo the other night: the Expos in those days were so cash-strapped that everybody in the front office was stretch ridiculously thin, and handling all kinds of tasks, because they just didn’t have the manpower to do it otherwise, and that, he says, helped him learn a tonne about the business in a very short time.

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  1. If you get around to doing the Griffin mailbag, make an exception and read his response to the Rasmus questions. Mindblowing…

  2. Cant wait until the next Griffi mailbag. What the record for the number of “oh fuck off” answers to stupid quesions. I’m wondering what will raise th most irw, Rasmus the idiots on Santos or the abso-funking-stupid Brtt Lawrie nathional anthem question.

  3. THIS: “At, Spencer Fordin reports that the Jays “will pay tribute to military personnel throughout the season.” Um… nothing against the military (though, whatever happened to that peacekeeping stuff we used to think was so important, I have no clue), but… can we just… maybe… not?”

    • I agree. I, along with many people I know, could give 2 shits about the military. I guess I respect them, but just as much as I respect any other guy walking down the street.

      • The other guy walking down the street doesn’t put their life (and mental health tbh) in serious danger for service to this country.

        You may not agree with the war/peacekeeping efforts (I don’t), but you should at least respect the sacrifice of the men and women in arms…

        • By that token, why are we not honouring firefighters and other emergency personnel as well? Many people put their lives on the line, not just soldiers.

        • Why don’t we honour the indigenous peoples who were slaughtered for this “country”? Or the middle eastern cittizens who “sacrificed” for our freedom.

          Go fuck yourself and die.

    • Peacekeeping was stupid Liberal bullshit. No more UN missions, no more Somalias. Now as for the rest of that … yeah baseball games are long enough already so I don’t want them overdoing it but having some military events is good. Remember, downtown T.O. hipsters need the rest of Canada’s support in order to lead their hipsters-in-a-bubble existence.

      • If we were to stop them shoving shit down our throats, then I’d start with the disgusting food all over the ballpark. What’s that you say? People like it?

        Same goes for the military.

  4. Oh and…EVAN CRAWFORD!

  5. @Andrew Stoeten, bullshit comment about the military. The men and women of the armed forces are putting their lives on the line over seas everyday, so that ungrateful people like you can live a free life. And you are complaining about giving military personnel a small tribute at a baseball game for a couple hours? Ideology like that is absolutely pathetic.

    • Agree

      • And the winner is….OH it’s a tie!:
        Over-reacting and Over-dramatic both win!

        • I don’t think it’s a matter of disrespecting the military, it’s more the fact that North American sports teams feel the need to express how patriotic they are nearly ever game. It makes sense to hold a tribute maybe twice a season but don’t go overboard.

    • I have a really high respect for the military, but getting commended at sporting events is a horrible mash-up. Doing a yearly parade down Younge Street or something would be a much better idea IMO.

      It’s just overdone.

    • If you really believe that you are fucking crazy. I’m pretty sure what they are doing overseas has nothing to do with our freedom…if you are talking about veterans than yes. Today’s military? Sorry, that’s where my comment above came from…they are over there for pointless reasons, if anything making things worse.

      • Martin you’re an asshole. Best stick to stalking ball players while the eat.

        • Apparently the local troll can’t handle the truth. Explain to me how the Canadian military is making a difference overseas for us today? On twitter @hilltopsr you fucking troll pussy bitch. All you do is come on here like a little internet tough guy and make annoying comments. Fucking clowns like you drive me crazy.

    • Completely agree as well, my respect level just droppped a few notches for Stoeten.

  6. Eh, our military does a lot of good work at home and abroad, and the tributes don’t bother me personally. It’s certainly a marketing move, though. BAseball and military service have very little in common.

  7. What’s wrong with honoring the military at sporting events?

    They seem to appreciate it.

    Is there a better venue?

  8. Our military is very important. Without them who’s going to clear Toronto’s streets when it snows?

    No seriously Stoeten I agree with you, but it’s all marketing and money at the end of the day. Why else would teams like San Diego or *shudder* the Raptors wear camo jerseys to “honor” the military that are coincidentally available for purchase at the team store? And it’s also why MLB exploits the military with their stupid “Stars and stripes” caps that make a mockery of two countries flags and in reality send next to no money to help the cause they claim to sell them for. That’s just our world nowadays, it’s fucked man.

  9. A slob who’s never lifted anything heavier than a fork to his face mocking those who lift arms so that we sleep safely.

  10. +1. Stoeten can you cool it with the creepy leftwing hipster bullshit please? Issues with our country’s flag, our national anthem, and now our military being honoured occasionally… im sensing a pattern. I know that you’d probably love to be taken seriously for something other than writing about advanced metrics but nobody is going to be coming to you for socio-political analysis anytime soon. Save your ungrateful, whiny hipster bullshit… i wish Don Cherry would punch you in the face.

  11. As a former serving soldier, I would have to say that I would have appreciated a little thank you every once in a while when we returned from many of those “Peace Keeping” adventures the Liberals used to send us on ; mainly, because they were too ideologically opposed to fund real armed forces and thought they could get by on the cheap while outsourcing the protection of our nation to the U.S.

    Instead, we were often bundled home in the middle of the night , dropped off at Union station (for those of us from Toronto) just in time to see all the leftist fuckwits pour themselves out of the Rivoli and the Bev etc. congratulating themselves on how morally and intellectually superior they were to everyone else.

    Did you know we are often told not to wear our uniforms in Toronto to avoid hurting the delicate sensibilities of those leftist twats?

    • Wonderfully put! Unfortunately in Canada, the reception along the Highway of Heroes only happens for those who make the ultimate sacrifice. Otherwise, our soldiers are treated to the smarm and smirking of shitmouths like Stoeten, who think its ‘cool’ to belittle those who do what the shitmouths can’t imagine in order to protect our country.

      • Protect it from what? You mean men and women who are thrown under the bus by the United States? Follow them into pointless wars over oil, ultimately costing us to pay insane prices for gas and oil, ruining our economy? Fuck off.

  12. We’re treating the military like they’re fucking conscripted. They’re paid. It’s the job they signed up to. If you want to be stroked, try a massage parlor.

    • So financial compensation means they aren’t entitled to a thank you here and there.

      Some comments are probably stupid enough to keep to yourself.

      And I don’t think Stoeten’s comments are leftist… I think he’s just being a twat.

  13. If you knew anything about our country’s history, Stoeten, you’d know that that whole peacekeeping thing was just a myth. But alas, you don’t, and we’re left with your uninformed blathering.

  14. My grandfather is buried in Holland..
    He died in WW2 during the liberation of the Dutch.
    My uncle visited his grave and was amazed at how pristine the graves were kept.
    He showed me pictures of the grounds and they were better kept than many golf courses i’ve seen.
    He was invited into strangers homes just because he was Canadian.
    He was told that Dutch school children are taught about Canadian history and help with the maintenence of the graves so that they never forget about the Canadians who died for their freedom and the Dutch way of life.
    So Mr. Stoeten,think of my grandfather when you cheer for the Dutch national soccer team.They might not exist today if it weren’t for him.
    The rest of Holland certainly doesn’t forget.
    Ask your parents.
    And if the Blue Jays want to honour those and others by delaying the game for a few minutes.I don’t think it’s too much to ask and I don’t mind.
    If you find it offensive, be glad you have the freedom to express yourself.

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