Maybe today’s the day, folks! Here’s your half-assed Game Threat…

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  1. Anyone notice before the bottom of the first, the conversation between Joey and Lawrie? Seemed tense to me.

  2. Anyone else not terribly impressed with Matusz? Drabek looks much better.

    • Matusz is very very beatable. Drabek looks ok so far. Too bad abiut the error. Is it an earned run if it was the pitcher’s error that let him on?

      • That should be Edwin’s error, terrible throw to Drabek. It would be like giving Edwin the error if Lawrie threw one in the dirt he couldn’t dig out

      • Yes. Same goes for a wild pitch (but not a passed ball). If a pitcher wild pitches a run from 3rd, its an earned run.

        • Sorry, meant to mean passed ball. If a runner scores from 3rd on a passed ball, its an unearned run.

  3. Tough break again for Raz.

  4. Shitty luck there.

    Rasmus crushed that.

    • Seriously, Rasmus is looking pretty good. Makes a lot of the bust discussion seem ridiculous insofar as no one really giving a great reason why he his hitting wouldn’t recover.

      • And by no one, I mean prospect guys like Goldstein.

        • Goldstein can’t get over his hard on for Cespedis. 80 power, 80 arm, bla bla bla.

          The Razz is going to be fine. Off day tomorrow, mud-riding?

          • I heard he’s headed for a little hunting trip to the backwoods near Littlerock Our-Kansas looking for wild boar and Burt Reynolds ass.

            Do you know why they call it Our Kansas? Cause its our god damned Kansas not your Kansas!

      • I agree. I think Rasmus looks pretty solid at the plate. In another few games or so, I bet his numbers will look pretty good.

  5. Great 2nd:

    Orioles – three poorly hit ground balls – one run.
    Jays – double, line drive from Rasmus, walk – nothing.

    • Their luck has to change at some point. Rasmus has been making some great contact but he keeps hitting it right at the defense. It’s extraordinary. When he starts spraying the ball into the gaps he might become our most effective lower-order hitter.

  6. Anyone notice in the pregame Zaun’s answer to JC’s question “who were the best hitters you saw when you played?”
    First 2 names from his lips, Bonds and Ramirez…….
    Maybe he miss heard and thought it was 2 guys you shared “juice with”

    • That came to mind for me, too, but it’s hard to disagree with his list, or that Bonds was probably the greatest hitter ever.

      • Dude, do you REALLY want to start that argument???? How the hell do you factor out what was juice-aided, never mind Ted Williams was the only player EVER to hit over .400.

  7. There are some things that are no good for you, like Crunchy Crawlers, and guys who just want to…

  8. Drabek looks good so far.

  9. Just WOW!

  10. Quit talking about the steal attempt for fuck sakes.

  11. That should shut them up.

  12. Floodgates open?

  13. NOICE

  14. Chance to get skme runs now. Matusz looks weak.

  15. Creepy mohawk kid!!! Holy fuck! Unreal!

  16. Let’s pump this shitbeast Matusz this inning.

  17. Nice AB for Mathis. Way to not be a complete waste of space! Lol

  18. Fuck another DP

  19. Holy fucking DPs this game

  20. Is it just me or did that sportsnet mag cover of Buck and Patty look like they were a couple. Looks like Pat is holding Buck.

    Paul: Albert you’re the best!

  21. First 2 and a half games of this series have been unreal. Ugh.

  22. Nick Johnson = 70′s porn star.

  23. Did you guys know Drabek focused on his line to the plate this spring!?!??

  24. I want to take that two seamer behind the school and get it pregnant

  25. Gotta love the Jays players thumping their chests, proclaiming how they’re gonna have swagger and a desire to win, then suck the bag of life against the shit eaters of the AL East. It’s like they all took sleeping pills. Rather annoying early on.

  26. Drabeck at 66 pitches through five. That’s pretty damn efficient.

  27. There have been some brightsides to this series, weirdly. It really looks like the bats are starting to come around (except for JP). Rasmus and Lawrie are looking particularly good.

    Also, having seen Alvarez and Drabek and second time, I have to say I feel pretty optimistic about them being the 3/4 guys on a good team. It’s still incredibly early, but I’ve loved what I’ve seen from them so far.

    • This is gonna sound like a “what have you done for me lately” kind of opinion but i’m more optimistic on Drabek harnessing his stuff long term than Morrow

  28. That landed on the roof at Toronto Western Hospital

  29. Fuck, this is starting to look familiar.

  30. These Jays are really showing me how meaningless Spring Training games really are. What a letdown so far this year. I know it’s early, but Jesus, where is the will to win?

    • We’re 9 games into 162 game schedule chief, take a deep breath.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I understand that it’s still really early in the year…but Holy Hell, the difference between now and Spring Training is HUGE. You would have thought that winning in spring training, would have rubbed off on them…atleast a little. This team looks no different then last year. I know I am probably just in panic mode, but it’s been crappy so far.

      • A win now is still a win in September though. Sure it’s early, but you’ve gotta beat the ass teams at all times.

  31. Get the kid some fuckin RUNS!

  32. Can’t help but wonder if being in the AL East artificially deflates the Orioles numbers, and whether they might be near .500 in any other division.

  33. Hey everybody! Time for a game of “Who Am I?”.

    Clue #1: I’m Bob Rae!

    Get it? I’m Bob Rae! Yay, I win!

  34. wow, was the first pitch near the zone? jose complains a lot I know but he seems to be gettin fucked this year so far, coupled with bad timing and him pressing right now….

    that double looks OK though, getting there

    • Let’s have fun and create another conspiricy. I say since Bautista came out and let the media know he was drug tested 19 times in the last year Bud Selig got a little pissy.
      Bud to Umps : ” this guy doesn’t get a call in 2012 boys”.
      Fuck you Bud Selig.

    • You know, I personally believe his be-atchin from the past 2 seasons gets around word of mouth amongst the umpires.

      There is also a right way to bitch, such as no eye contact and make it short and sweet. I love Jose, but I think he’s got to drink more chamomile tea.

  35. That’s the kind of luck Jays have been missing.

  36. Bautista lead off double. I’m thinking… walk, and a triple play?

  37. Clue #2: I’m not Tom Mulcair I’m Bob Rae.

    Any answers? No?!? C’mon guys.
    Bueller? Anybody?

    Aw fuck it!

  38. ma’ boy

  39. Edwin!

  40. EDWIN…


  42. Thank fuck for Edwin.

  43. Finally, someone on base, not solo.

  44. Edwins Dick is so big, the last time he was in Detroit he got head from a chick in New York.

  45. Kevin Gregg warming

  46. “he’s had four knee surgeries, the guy knows how to rehab” Um I could draw a different conclusion…..

  47. Davis is looking better at the plate this year

  48. Enter Kevin Gregg, and Wilner’s knee-jerk inflammatory defense of same.

    And with that, here ends the Blue Jays’ dark and troubling sojourn in… the Twilight Zone.

  49. On the note of Bob Rae:

    “Get it everyone?”

    I’d be less annoyed with the ads if they didn’t show them twice during every commercial break.

    • Hmm. Let’s try that again.

      (picture of Bob Rae)
      (cue evil music)
      (picture of Bob Rae)
      (cue laughter)
      “Get it everyone?”

  50. Kevin Gregg gave up a hit to Mathis. Kevin Gregg really sucks.

  51. Kevin Gregg, don’t ever change

  52. Look at Mathis this game! Or rather LOL at Gregg. Not sure which.

  53. Thank God, you can count on Gregg’s all-round shittiness.

  54. Why didn’t Kevin “Gas Can” Gregg appear in the first two games?

  55. Kevin Gregg, a warm can of Lakeport will be waiting at your hotel room.

  56. I think Kevin Gregg is my favorite of all the pitchers.

  57. ha,

    FUCK you Kevin Gregg

    Go fuck yourself

  58. My compliments to Sportsnet and their new score bug, which flickers repeatedly and satisfyingly for each run scored… SEÑOR GREGG.

  59. Is Kevin Gregg still employed by the Blue Jays?

    • Ya, I think we must have sent another $5 million to make that contract happen. Worth every penny.

  60. So I think we need Gregg to stop giving up runs so that the Orioles don’t cut him. Now that this game is won, we need to save him up for future games.

  61. Well shit, I guess all we needed was a Kevin Gregg to beat up on, to get us going.

  62. Welcome back Kevin Gregg, we missed you

  63. The Oriloles should trade for Rauch.

  64. I’d love to see Lawrie come up with the bases loaded here.

  65. jesus christ

  66. I this was anyone but Gregg (or maybe Rauch) I would start to be feeling bad for him right about now.

  67. Even when Gregg’s on the other team he’s brutal to watch.

  68. Long wait … do you send Drabek back out?

  69. Hopefully we’ll get to see Laffey work his magic in the 9th

  70. Who the hell is this Mathis hitting machine?

    • Could it be that Scioscia was right?…………Na.

    • Someone did a comparison of a Mathis prospect report from the early 2000s and one of Travis D’Arnaud this year…. A little scary for Jays fans, and a little hilarious for anyone who has ever looked at Mathis’ MLB stats.

  71. Bautista looking like he’s figuring it out.

  72. At what point do you start discussing extending Encarnacion? And at what point does he become too expensive to extend?

    • First you see if Thames or Arencibia’s bat will work as well as (or close to as well as) Encarnacion as DH. Right now I’m leaning towards no on both, particularly Arencibia, but give them another couple months to see if that kind of thing will work.

    • I’ve been saying this for a few days now. Extend him now 2 years easy. He’s right in the middle of his prime years. He’s got versatility at the corners. Then look at the shitty free agents out there for next year and the ages of the guys who might be just decent. Same goes for KJ though the Jays might have more depth with Hech there.

      • Kelly Johnson is to second as Escobar is to short. Both are elite players who can hit a ton relative to their positions and are both top-5 options in all of baseball when they are on, but are overlooked by the rest of baseball. The Jays could do worse than throw a couple years at Johnson, although he is already 30.

        • I second both of these emotions. I imagine (well, to be honest, I hope) both Johnson & Encarnacion would welcome fair extensions. I suspect that they both would play even better knowing that they are ‘home,’ instead of having the pressure of playing for next year’s contract.

          • I could see 2 years and a club option getting it done if they act soon. If Edwin puts up an .850 ops type of season this year he’ll fetch a nice amount on the open market.

            Hech could easily slide into a super utility role next year if they worry about not getting him playing time in the big leagues. Would be a good way to ease him into things at the major league level.

          • Eddie, yes…but I have a feeling KJ is going to be playing his ass off this season for a big fa contract.

          • If KJ has a big year, does AA make one of those $12 million (or whatever) qualifying offers to secure a draft pick or two? Maybe that’s the goal, even though I’d rather he signed an extension.

            I’d guess EE would be easier to extend than KJ. EE already signed a free agent deal with Toronto and with his defensive limitiations (although he’s fine at 1B), how much would teams actually give him? I wouldn’t be shocked if AA could do something like 3 years and $10 million with a $5 million team option or something.

            After seeing what Kinsler and Phillips got, a big year from KJ could be a $50 million+ contract. AA already mentioned in the offseason that he’d consider an extension with KJ after agreeing to his 2012 salary. My guess is KJ was not interested…

        • The Jays would love to sign Johnson but he’s a free agent after this year and can go where he wants, save for a few teams already with elite second baseman. No reason to assume he wants to stay in Canada.

  73. Good game boys, don’t bark your shins clinbing back on the bandwagon fans. You know who you are.

  74. Good win today, the only caveats:

    1. Sunday Lineup: No Wieters, Reimold, Hardy or Reynolds facing Drabek, but he did look good so who knows.

    2. Kevin Gagg: karmic payback for Jays fans for some of those 2010 outings we went thru with him

    A wounded Manta Ray comes in for an interesting series – pretty sure the Jays need that 1st game with Romero going up against Niemann (don’t like the idea of having to face Price and Hellboy to avoid a sweep).

    Day Off!!

    • dm, sounds like a vain attempt at being positive…is this the best you can do? We won today!! This is your team. I know you shouldn’t be a homer on this site (that’s frowned upon), but please, maybe Wieters, Reimold, Hardy or Reynolds weren’t deemed the winning combo by Prince Showalter. Forget your caveats (what ever they are), don’t woory about tomorrow and enjoy the win – the Jays earned it!!!

      • Starting pitchers the Texas Rangers have faced this season : John Danks, Jake Peavy, Gavin Floyd, Hector Noesi, Blake Beavan, Kevin Millwood, Jason Vargas, Anthony Swarzak, Nick Blackburn and Liam Hendriks.

        And, Texas pitching has faced offenses that ranked 11th, 13th and 14th in the AL last year.

        Just a thought when people mention the awesome Rangers 8 and 2 record to you.

  75. That sixth inning was just what the doctor ordered. They needed one of those breakout bat-arounds.

  76. wheres fullmer fan now ??? Drabek plus to get Floyd…….good fricken thing your not a GM…….that one showed your inteligence

    • Just as yours showed yours.

    • He’s probably busy tabulating Lind’s OPS vs. lefties for the last 3 years.

      • Speaking of that, Farrell is finally figuring out that Lind should be benched against LHP. It helped them win a game today and it can help them win quite a few more if Farrell puts the best lineup he can out there.

        • Farrell obviously reads DJF comment boards. Blue Jay fans owe you a beer for your prescient analysis of the Lind dilemma vs. Lefties.

    • Right here.

      Are you saying the Jays couldn’t use a dependable starter like Gavin Floyd? They have 2 dependable starters at this point (if you call Morrow dependable), two guys that have never pitched a full season in the majors, and Dustin McGowan rehabbing.

  77. Scratch scratch…nice one ..scratch..fellows..ow this hurts. Scratch…

  78. This made me laugh from the Jays’ MLB page.

    “Is there a chance we can send Rasmus to the minors and bring Snyder back to play CF? He’s tearing up the PCL while Rasmus looks like a waste of space.”

    Just when I think our fanbase is starting to get more intelligent, shit like this pops up again. :(

  79. Well, well, well, don’t the DJF’s sound different today. I truely don’t know how most of you can live with yourselves. Yesterday, you were ready to trade or at least declare the careers of Lawrie, the bullpen, and Bautista over. Now listen to you, talkin about the Jays elite players, greaqt game boys etc…Its gonna be a long season on this site. We need plenty of crutches for you band wagon jumpers

    • birddawg–Please allow us our occasional over-reactions & meltdowns; the fear of an ignominious sweep by the OriLOLes can bring that upon the best of us. It’s not jumping back onto the bandwagon, it’s simply the ship righting itself.

      • Dear spud, please understand that this is my editorial is my attempt to right this listing ship. I conccern myself as the passenger fanbase rushes from stem to stern with every win and loss. We will be puking before we are land is out of view. We have a long voyage before us, and a little enthusiasum along the way will make the road to the playoffs more enjoyable. Your request is denied.

    • In the immortal words of Ice Cream Jonsey: shut the fuck up.

  80. Starting pitchers the Texas Rangers have faced this season : John Danks, Jake Peavy, Gavin Floyd, Hector Noesi, Blake Beavan, Kevin Millwood, Jason Vargas, Anthony Swarzak, Nick Blackburn and Liam Hendriks.

    And, Texas pitching has faced offenses that ranked 11th, 13th and 14th in the AL last year.

    Just a thought when people mention the awesome Rangers 8 and 2 record to you.

  81. How can first place feel so lousy?

  82. Gm AA has been lucky Drabek has stepped up so far. With no offseason starter acquisition and Cecil early season suckage combined with a foraeeable MacGowan injury, it could have got ugly with all of these bullpen implosions.

    • Yes, he has, Drabek has been a godsend, so far. Yet he was the centerpiece of the Halladay trade. The guy always had talent.

      All GM’s ride that straight razor though. Every year is a gamble.

      I like this team. Other than McGowan they have no injuries. Watching them play is fun.

      • Let me add to that.

        If Drabek can continue to give quality starts, they have


        I’d say, right now, Morrow is the weakest of that group.

        • I’m not usually one to comment but there’s no way you can even say as of now that Drabek has been more useful than Morrow.

    • You don’t count Aaron Laffey as a starter acquisition?

      Seriously, McGowan is a bonus arm that might pay off dividends. His spring training performance before the foot thing was a pleasant development. Not seeing him break camp with the big club is not a huge downer as he was scheduled to go 140 innings. And Drabek, along with the next wave of guys in double A ball, have pitched well enough to enter into the conversation. Carreno is another option.

      Remember that the Jays will likely cycle 7 to 10 guys in the rotation. Most teams not named the Philadelphia Phillies go through 7 to 10 guys to make starts during the long 162 game schedule. For the first time in ages, the Jays have some interesting in-house options that don’t suck. Cecil is probably ranked 10th right now in the depth chart.

      There wasn’t much out there in terms of FA starters, other than CJ Wilson and Mark Buerhle. Yu was an option but the Jays didn’t feel he was worth 110 Million dollars over 6 years. The 2012-2013 offseason should have a deeper pool of players entering the FA market.

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