Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Morning Snack…

“Fueled by raging confidence and youthful invincibility, Brett Lawrie would take a bold risk, and it would backfire,” writes John Lott of the National Post on the ill-advised attempt to steal home made by Lawrie on Saturday, with Jose Bautista at the plate. According to Robert MacLeod’s story in the Globe and Mail, Jose diplomatically said that the timing was probably not right, but he figured it was OK, because if Lawrie had just got his legs out a little more he would have been safe.

Lott also tells us about how Travis Snider is tearing it up in Las Vegas. Y’know, like everybody.

While, elsewhere at the Globe, Jeff Blair marvels at Kyle Drabek’s transformation into something other than the shitballer he was last season.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star speaks to Cito Gaston on the meaning of Jackie Robinson Day, which was celebrated/honoured around the Majors on Sunday.

At Getting Blanked, Craig Robinson’s latest fortnightly infographic installment shows us just how staggeringly good Robinson was.

Mop Up Duty looks at Eric Thames’ start to the season.

JaysProspects is all over Evan Crawford’s MLB debut.

Colby Rasmus cut his hair… or something. (No, he actually just cut his hair.)

At, Alexis Brudnicki tells us about the club’s coaches, and a clinic for Baseball Canada at the Rogers Centre over the weekend that they spoke at, or something…

Kevin Gray of the New Hampshire Union Leader has a video clip of a seven-minute chat with Fisher Cats manager Sally Boy Fasano up at Gray Matter.

It was a “super extendo” version of JaysTalk on the Fan 590 yesterday, and Mike Wilner has the audio at Miked Up, so do yourself a favour and listen to Wilner shut down some morons… if you can stomach it.

Lastly, NotGraps tells us that Jays branded hot dogs are coming to a grocery store near you. The finest it lips and hooves!

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  1. Not the first time the Jays have had their own snackfood line:

  2. My Funny Valentine keeps rocking it in Bahsten, publicly pisses off Youk and Pedey. AWESOME!!

    I really don’t know what Bobby is trying to do,” Pedroia said Monday. “That’s not the way we go about our stuff around here. He’ll figure that out. The whole team is behind Youk. We have each other’s backs here.”

    (PS. Just noticed that Fenway opened and the Titanic sank within 5 days of each other – 100th anniversary for both this week). May it be a long, not summer in the home of Dirty Water.

    • Yep, Titanic’s the reason the opening of Fenway Park didn’t make it on the front page of the Boston Globe…little bit of trivia for you.

  3. This is not Jays related, but I loved reading it.

    And I remember the Jays hotdogs from years back. They were amazing!

  4. ** hot summer

  5. Bobby V has angered the Greek god of walks!

  6. I just recently started following Wilner on twitter…is the appalling low level of discourse he engages in with his followers a function of him catering to the bottom-of-the-barrel intelligence of mouth-breathing FAN listeners or does this guy just go for the low-hanging fruit to make himself look better? The average DJF commenter sounds like Bill James compared to the clowns Wilner responds to.

    • Agree. Some of the questions his followers ask him are basic baseball 101 stuff. The kind of stuff where you easily find in a rulebook or google instead of tweeting to ask a sports writer.

    • I think he goes after the low hanging fruit. He doesn’t have to continually respond to people who ask him the same question over and over, yet he chooses to do so.

      I suppose it’s admirable that he does it, but I personally think its overkill. I find he tries to be funny, but comes off condescending. I had to unfollow him, actually. He never breaks any stories or brings anything else that’s “new” to the table & I follow many more Jays-related guys (Lott and Davidi, for example) that I didn’t want to have to deal with all that junk.

      • My favourite caller on that JaysTalk segment was the guy who said Brett Cecil has Cole Hamels’ stuff without the command. Thank god Wilner shut down that moron…

        • I think Wilner just answers all the tweets he gets. I don’t think he’s picking out the dumb ones.

          I mean, have you listened to Jays talk? At LEAST 3/4 of the callers are out to lunch. I’d imagine it’s the same with tweets.

  7. Come on Andrew…I’ve been waiting all weekend for somebody to jump all over that Lawrie steal attempt in a column, I know you feel my rage, don’t let me down!!

    It’s time somebody drags that kid aside, slaps him in the face and says “Simmer the fuck down!”

    • I think you can be pretty sure that happened after that play. I bet Farrell tore him to shreds.
      It was prettty damned stupid but it’s not an issue until he does it a second time.

      • At this level, I think it’s issue even the first time. That’s just selfishness and it shows disrespect and a lack of confidence in the team’s leader. If I was Farrell, I would have sat him for a game to teach him a lesson. The only way you can teach a player like Lawrie is by taking away his playing time.

        • If he scored on that play, would you be ripping into Lawrie? I doubt it.

          Lawrie tried something bold, exciting, and failed. Not everything is going to turn up gravy. With two strikes on Bautista, the attempt wasn’t as stupid as most make it out to be.

          • Ripping? maybe not… still thinking it was stupid… yep.

          • Just trying to play devil’s advocate about it.

            Last season Bautista had 6 hits in 45 PA with an 0-2 count. 14 hits in 74 PA with an 1-2 count. Both with a boatload of strikeouts. 2010 is similar, for an expanded sample size.

            Given the fact that with using his 2011 stats, between an 0-2 and 1-2 count, there was an 83.2% likelihood that Bautista would have created an out, I’m fine with the attempt.

            Of course I’m excluding 2-2 and 3-2 counts, but at that point, there’s too many variables to even bother attempting to work out the odds.

          • Actually, yes, I would be. The attempt was exactly as stupid as everyone has made it out to be.

            You work all game to get into situations like that. There is no manager in the league that would be okay with someone trying to steal home with bases loaded and the league’s best homerun hitter two years running at the plate.

          • I’m not saying it’s 100% alright to steal home with the bases loaded and your best hitter at the plate, but given the circumstances (the count), and Bautista being in the funk he’s currently in (sure, it’s early.. doesn’t mean he’s not in a funk), it can at least be justified on Lawrie’s part to an extent.

            I personally believe that there was a greater chance of Lawrie scoring on the steal attempt than letting Bautista finish the at bat solely because he was in a rut at the time–a rut he seems to be coming out of.

            Regardless, next time that situation comes up, the runner better stay on 3rd. Even if it’s Mathis batting.

    • Meh.

    • I think there has been more than enough to discussion on it. It happened. Get over it. Not he end of the world.

      • Riiiiight…so we have to spend 5 days on the process that resulted in the McGowan extension, but we don’t need to spend any time on the tactics that led to that.

        • You can’t rip a 22 year old that is gonna contribute to the success of the club this year. Just thinkin’ maybe Bret knows his decision making needs to improve. A reminder from the coach, an acknolowgement from the player is all it takes. Don’t fuckin’ scar the kid, cause it was management that brought Lawrie up to play knowing these things would happen.

  8. Good point Steve.

  9. Olde Spadina > Lester’s.

  10. Rasmus cuts hair off and he is just crushing the ball. Coincidence? I think not. If he shaves off his sideburns he’d be an All-Star

  11. Get away day, TB wins a 1-0 over Boston on a bases loaded walk. Hope the Rays fly Air Canada to Toronto and the pilot takes a walk before take-off.

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