Remember David Cooper?

There is no real reason to ever think about David Cooper. He is a forgotten man for one specific: he is utterly forgettable. The ultimate in safe picks made during a particularly risk-adverse period of Blue Jays history, David Cooper just sort of exists.

Dealing a death blow to batting average advocates everywhere, David Cooper won the PCL batting championship in 2011. While this award is little more than trumped up participant’s medal, it earned Cooper a brief look down the stretch during the 2011 season. He hit some pitches and made a BABIP-infused account of himself.


Cooper garnered zero attention this past spring. He was the subject of zero glowing human interest stories and one newspaper feature by Stoeten’s uncle Richard about how Cooper doesn’t fit in. He was not, at any point, competing for a first base job despite the Blue Jays posting the fourth-lowest WAR at the position since Lyle Overbay left. Nothing.

This week, David Cooper’s name surfaced ever so briefly. David Cooper’s name came up after the enterprising Tao of Stieb asked why Brandon Belt is a martry while David Cooper rots in silence.


Goldstein’s answer, of course, related back to the general uselessness of stats in Las Vegas. He’s right of course, and followed up later with the Tao.


This is the part where the Vegas stats don’t lie. That Cooper only mustered nine home runs looks a lot like the kiss of death. No power. None. In Vegas, of all places!

After half-serious tweets about the Jays offering Francisco Cordero to the now-closerless San Francisco Giants in exchange for Brandon Belt (he of the Travis Snider-like yo-yo treatment) started bouncing around, a few “we already have David Cooper” responses got some good laughs. Until I realized some were serious!

Brandon Belt raced through the Giants system, hitting 23 home runs across three levels in his first professional season (he moved from high-A to triple-A in his first pro season.) He is yet to repeat a year (Cooper is repeating AAA just as he repeated AA) and while Belt’s AAA time, like Cooper, came in the PCL – Fresno is no Vegas.

David Cooper’s stock seemed to stall out in Double-A, where he posted two lacklustre years (the second go-around being worse than his first run through.) The team doesn’t seem to consider him in their future. Despite many fans’ insistence, he isn’t going to be a key piece in any trade. He is just a guy.

If Adam Lind gets hurt again this year, we might see David Cooper. I don’t know of any fans pining for his call-up. There is no groundswell of support for a singles hitter with no defensive value. I mean, honestly, if David Cooper can’t take Adam Lind’s job, what hope is there for him?

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  1. “Fresno is no Vegas.”

    You tell me this AFTER I booked my bachelor party.

    • +1

      • yayyy phukin yaaaaayyyy.the yanks are getting spanked by the twins 7-3 in the 8th.they are giving up alot of runs this year.hope they keep getting old.and the sox nation is all whiney over the 1-0 loss to the rays with the last out a called 3 strike.and the bastards are turning on valentine huge.they will feed on their own soon,hope they implode.go jays get a good lead going.

  2. doesn’t LV actually suppress HRs from LHBs, because of the size/shape of the RF and the way the wind works? (or something) I vaguely recall reading somewhere that LH Power is the only thing Vegas doesn’t completely exacerbate- so guys like Cooper will hit a lot of doubles but not a tonne of homers.

    • 2200 feet above sea level with the driest, hottest air in the west. Everything flies out there. From what I saw, short in left, right and in the alleys. Deep in centre. But if the wind previals from a certain direction, it may hinder lefties. Snider had a few jacks there.

    • Brett Wallace, Eric Thames and Travis Snider didnt have much of a problem.

  3. I occasionally see David Cooper brought up as somebody who might have a future with the Jays and I’m always bemused by it. There’s nothing about him that should lead anybody to believe he could start at the MLB level.

    While I hate the fact that Adam Lind is undeservingly still the starting 1B of this team (although hopefully Farrell is figuring out the benefit of a platoon), Cooper is no answer to that problem.

  4. I think it’s less about taking his job than the Jays refusing to remove Lind in hopes of him regaining his past glory of 2009. Edwin if anything should easily deserve to be starting at 1st everyday over Lind if there was another viable option for DH on this team or in the organization.

    That said, maybe signing Manny knowing you had 50 games to figure if Lind was going to produce or not might have been a good decision. If he didn’t EE slides over to first and Manny is your everyday DH.

    • i would have loved to see them sign big papi. he would’ve came for a 3 year contract worth not much more then boston is giving him now. And with the shape that hes getting in he could actually play a few games at 1st base along with DH’ing.

      the good news is, hes possibly a free agent this offseason so if Lind fails again that option may still be there.

      • There is absolutely no way a 36, 37 and 38 year old David Ortiz can play first base (well, in the major leagues… I’d like him to play first on my rec softball team, I guess). “The shape he’s getting in,” heh. Best shape of his life, maybe?

        You are cray cray and now I can’t read anything else you wrote because the Big Papi comment just ate all your other words.

  5. I’ve never understood the concept of using a first round pick on a non-elite first baseman. And I never will.

    • Just one more indictment of the front office staff and ownership doing the drafting in the early rounds during the 00′s. In addition to being way too fucking cheap to spend on players they took shitty safe bets for the most part.

      Of the 17 first round players taken starting in 2000, there’s been one, maybe two impact players to come from those picks – Romero and HIll. Up to now the rest of have been busts for numerous reasons.

      It might be too early to tell yet but McGuire and Jenkins aren’t exactly blazing their way to the majors being that they were college pitchers.

  6. I like these Drew posts on DJF…

  7. A Google search for “free Brian Dopirak” (with the quotation marks) returns about 46 results.

  8. playing devils advocate here. i know we’re all into thinking “what a 1st basemen is expected to produce” and we expect home runs and this and thats from the 1st basemen. but for a team like the jays we have a lot of power already don’t we? if a guy can put up a good OBP (i don’t know that he can, but if he could!) then wouldn’t that be great to have on the team regardless of how hes getting on base? lind has some pop, but his OBP has been horra-awful, wouldn’t having a guy like cooper be far more product while every other guy in the lineup (Besides yunel) are already providing power.

    • The problem with Cooper is he offers nothing that’s considered to be great for a 1st baseman.

      He doesn’t walk a tonne, it’s unlikely he’d hit for a high average at the MLB level, no power, and below-average defense.

      I’d rather have Lind because at least with him you know there’s a chance you’re going to get a decent player, like he was in 2009.

      • i seem to recall cooper had a really hot girlfriend at his mlb debut last year

      • Too true. And the final nail in the coffin is that he can’t even field first very well. Overbay at least did that.

    • Sadly he’s never going to get the chance with this team. I suppose it happens to quite a few fringy guys. I just would love to see him at a full season of AAA in say the international league which is pitcher friendly before writing him off completely. Going to Vegas seems like one of the worst moves this franchise made in recent years for player development. Still out of the top 10 guys in terms of wOBA in all of AAA last year he was the 2nd youngest.

      As for first basemen not having big power there’s always guys like Olreud, Grace and Overbay (pre hand injury) that put up decent seasons without hitting more than 25 home runs. Unfortunately for Cooper he doesn’t have the glove to match any of them.

  9. I’m smellin’ what you’re steppin’ in TheMainEvent. Even an imperfect solution at first base would be better than Lind carrying the load. Cooper has a good approach at the plate, but it’s just an unknown at this point whether he can keep that high OBP at the MLB level. And the Jays aren’t willing to bring him up to ‘see what he’s got’ this early in a promising season.

    The platoon is the best ‘imperfect’ solution at this point to first base. It’s not ideal, but it’s more productive than what we got last year. Here’s to never seeing Lind against a lefty again!

  10. Theres a chance David Cooper is the Jays starting first baseman on May 15th….

    After Lind goes on the DL for sucking (claiming its his back)…
    They probably move E5 to E3… And call up Snider and move Thames to DH..

    After Lind’s terrible second half of 2011 and his slow start to 2012, I become more concerned that his playing days are over… Because everyday he doesn’t hit the sample size gets larger, and when factoring in last year its not long until his last 400 at bats amount to an OPS of 600, which simply doesn’t play at the major league level at any position, and especially not at first base… Brandon Belt would definitely be a AA kind of target… I’m also thinking that when the Twins are out of it in July the Jays may take a flyer on Morneau…. But who knows…. The fact that EE can play 1st which opens up DH or left field makes things interesting…

    • People are incredibly selective when they quote minor league numbers when discussing prospects or players in general. They are easily dismissed when making a case against someone as being “just minor league numbers” and are equally cited when touting someone.

  11. I’m not a huge fan of Adam Lind, but lets not forget he put up very good minor league numbers, so 2009 wasn’t a complete outlier.

    Actually this year, pretty much every category beyond the first line on fangraphs is at or better than 2009 levels. Career high BB% & LD%, and the plate discipline numbers look good as well. I’m not throwing the last 2 years out the window, but there is measurable improvement so far (small sample size alert!).

  12. Two “easiest” positions to fill in the major leagues….(not counting DH)



    two positions where the jays struggle historically since delgado left.



    • This is a silly comment, there are no easy positions to fill… because, you want to be above average at each of them.

      That kind of wisdom comes from a certain kind of old school thinking, where those positions are easy to fill in the sense that it’s “easier” to find a guy who can hit 18 HR who plays left field than it is to find a guy who hits 18 HR who plays second base.

      But that’s not really how it works, now, is it? Yes, the average left fielder or first baseman is better at hitting than the average catcher, but if you’re getting a .319 wOBA from first base, who cares if that’s better than the catcher. That’s shitty!

      Where defense is less relevant, being that much better at hitting than your peers becomes even more acute. Which is to say, Adam Lind’s numbers would play nicely as a middle infielder. Too bad he can’t play those positions.

      • No shit there are no easy positions to fill. That is why he used the term easiest…and put it in quotes. by definition there are harder and easier positions to fill and those are indeed the two easiest in terms of what it requires out of the player defensively.

        so..again….learn to read before you make snarky comments.

    • I miss Candy Maldonado. I think he was the last decent LF the Blue Jays had. Plus, he was smooth with the ladies.

  13. Neither Cooper nor Lind is a legitimate first baseman in the AL. No first base prospect is within shouting distance in the system. They can go with what they have and stink at the position. They could try to trade with the Angels for Trumbo or Morales. They could look into the high minors for a top prospect like Jonathan Singleton of Houston. They could have signed Prince Fielder; but, after the last two seasons of stellar production from Adam Lind, who could possibly have predicted that they’d need a first baseman?

    • Average first basemen stats from 2011 according to Baseball Reference

      81 R 24 HR 89 RBI .271 AVG .340 OBP .452 SLG .792 OPS

      Jays first baseman ranked 10th in the AL last year OPS wise but ere ahead in HR’s and RBI’s

  14. How much rope does Lind have?

  15. How about we put Jose in the infield and have the defense of a 3rd baseman with the arm to cut down runs at the plate and turn the 3-6-3 DP’s and have a voice for the infield and have someone come up and or shift to RF and have everything fixed the way it should. We have options coming out the ass in the outfield with more coming in Snider (if he gets his shit together), Gose and Marisnick (who hopefully is the real deal). We have Francisco, Davis, thames, plus 3 options on the way in the minors. Im not a fan of Bautista in the outfield anymore and havent seen anything that screams he “needs” to play RF. He covered 1B due to substitutions early in the season and he seemed to keep things together when it was looking bad..Im sick of his bitching attitude but he is a leader and having him on first to be able to talk to the infield between innings and pitching changes or just on a time call might be worth it.

    • Yeah, but when you’ve got a guy who will help you out in a pinch, with no complaining, AND hit you the most HR’s in MLB 2 years running, AND be THE leader on your team, while playing all-star RF, why would you WANT to piss him off?

    • I’d be a tad concerned that Jose, in his desire to lead, could cause problems between the Johnson & Escobar dynamic/chemistry. Last year Jose had a detrimental effect on Cletus in centre, causing him to shy away from taking charge, which is never a good thing. Having said that, I do hope in the next year or two, Gose or Marisnick push him to 1st, and that he is good with the move. He is a very proud man.

      • hahahaha love the cletus tag on colby.i saw what you saw in the field too with bautista telling cletus to take charge on that play.i am also not happy with jose’s snaps on ump calls and bad at a leader you have to be approachable at all times and nobody will go near him when he is foul.romero doees it called composure and i know these guys are ultra competitve but it doesnt rectify a bad situation.time to grow up.cooper’s throwing and fielding sucks.i still dont get how a mlb player can make it and cant catch a ball (thames)snider is getting embarrassed i hope for fuck sake.and keep EE in 4th dammit.farrell needs to be a genius with the pen too

      • I hope one of those guys can make the throw to 3B ala Jose.

        • Also love the Cletus nickname. Awesome.

        • Gose has a PLUS arm from what I heard, he used to be able to pitch in the High 90′s before he was drafted and decided to stick as a fielder.

  16. Not to hijack this thread, but it made rage with happiness when I saw the head of the Massholes, Groucho Fuckin Marx got called out by the Midget about Greek God of walks slump.

    Ha hahahhahahah. Burn, Boston, burn!!!

    • The Midget came to the the Great Bald Greek’s defence, saying, maybe that works in Japan but its not how we do things here! Yeah, in Boston, they eat chicken and drink beer. Can’t do that in Japan amirite Pedroia?

      Those fucking Boston players are a bunch of spoiled pussies.

  17. To the above commentors … Fielder was coming to Toronto and with what it cost the Tigers the Jays shouldn’t have paid the price. Fielder is not here, he shouldn’t be here and in two or three years we’ll all be glad he isn’t here clogging up the basepaths.

  18. David Cooper… is he related to Alice?

  19. Listening to tonight’s Lansing Lug Nuts game with the stellar pitching prospect matchup (Archie Bradley vs Syndegaard). Interesting to note that Bradley was a 2011 pick out of high school and Syndegaard was a 2010 pick out of HS, yet Noah is 3 weeks YOUNGER than Bradley. Just one of those anomalies. Syndegaard, 3 innings 6 Ks, still has not given up an earned run in 2012 in 3 3-inning outings (total 9 innings, 14Ks). Bradley just threw 2 fastballs, 96 and 94 respectively.

    • I’ve been following the box score of this one all night. Wish I could have been there to see it in person.

  20. David Cooper strokes singles like a left handed hooker. Wonderful if you need to get hand blasted, not so good if you’re looking for a productive first basemen.

    • Now that was a nasty analogy, but your my type of scum. And perhaps that’s also because you’re my brother too, but I’m slightly less scumier.

      Did you see the Groucho Marx and the drama at Red Sox Gaytion today. Nectar.

  21. David Cooper at this point is underrated. Is he adequate depth if Lind breaks a leg? Sure. Does he deserve a shot to see if he belongs in the big leagues? Sure.

    Is he an all-star talent? Probably not so he shouldn’t get too comfortable. Should the team be looking to upgrade on Lind and Cooper, I’m sure they are always exploring options.

    I really don’t see the problem right now with Cooper tucked away in Vegas. I’m just concerned about getting enough production out of 1B at the big league level.

    • I’d agree with that.

      One thing that I think gets overlooked about Cooper is how rarely he strikes out for someone with extra-base power. It’d be silly to expect him to duplicate his Vegas BABIP, but he also had a K rate under 8%, which is outstanding. He’s not someone who’ll need a crazy high BABIP to hit for a high average, because he puts so many balls in play.

      If he can carry his low K rate to the Majors, he hits enough doubles to potentially sustain an isolated power in the .150 range and has enough plate discipline that an OBP in the .350+ range is within reach. That’s not a great player, but Sean Casey had a pretty solid career with a skill set along those lines.

      • “If he can carry his low K rate to the Majors, he hits enough doubles to potentially sustain an isolated power in the .150 range and has enough plate discipline that an OBP in the .350+ range is within reach”

        Those are both possible, but what value at 1B does that really provide? It’s funny, if you run the MLE converter on his stats in LV last year, it comes out to an OPS of .769. The exact OPS he had in 2010 in NH.

    • The bottom line is that unless Lind returns to 2009 form, neither him or Cooper are adequate solutions at 1B. Cooper has “proven” all he needs to at AAA, but it’s just really hard to see him as anything but a AAAA or 3rd tier MLB starter. It’s nice that he hits lots of 2B’s in AAA, but it really doesn’t mean much. Look at his OPS for his two years in NH as a 22 and 23 year old… .729 and .769. Far more indicative of the kind of hitter he will be at the major league level, than the .974 he put up last year in Vegas.

  22. Dead news day when David fucking Cooper is the topic of conversation. If Lind doesn’t play, Encarnacion does. Replace Lind’s rooster spot with someone like…um…Snider. Let Cooper play his days in AAA, and end the story

  23. to all the fans of the yanks and red sox…..kiss my stinky spots.lick my ass and go phuk yourselves.

  24. what about a snider, gose, rasmus of next yr move joey bats to 1B

    this year lest make eddy 1b and pick up a dime a dozen slugger to DH if lind falters

  25. I’m a huge Cooper fan, and I think I have the solution to why his power was sapped when he moved from AA to AAA.

    He absolutely dominated AAA last season. His biggest knock on him is his “lack of power”, but if you look at spray charts of when he was in the MLB, and even this became apparent after watching Vegas, he hits up the middle. The only problem is in AAA Vegas, the ball park is 433 feet. So far this year he has hit countless singles up the middle as well as a 420 foot fly ball out. He has power, lots of it (evident by his 50 doubles last season) but unfortunately it to the wrong part of the field. This theory is further proved by his AA stats in a more pitcher friendly league and neutral ballpark, which shows 20 HR’s at his age 23 season. Sure he will never blast 30+ HR’s in the MLB, but I’d say its reasonable to expect around 20 with a definite .320+ OBP.

    Moral of the story is the part of the field he likes to hit too happens to be right where the pitcher wants it; dead center. He managed to hit well in AA as far as power goes (power doesn’t usually develop until early 20′s) but suddenly saw a jump in doubles at AAA. I know it sounds crazy but Cooper might just hit more HR at the MLB level than in AAA, even while facing MLB pitching. I realize how crazy this sounds, but he is a very productive player and I’ve been telling people this story for years and nobody seems to like it or believe it.

    I think Cooper has done about all he can in Vegas and deserves a shot at the show. Apart from a long term injury, I can’t see Cooper getting that shot with us. Unfortunately, it will likely be in a different uniform and I bet he will be a solid middle of the order bat. If anybody remember those long – off the wall in CF doubles by Cooper at the dome, those could make it over the wall if he gains a little more power.

    He’s on the cusp of being great, but what do I know, I’m just some random AAA fan.

    • Ask Chad Mottola about the fate of AAA (or AAAA) stars.

    • I liked what I saw with Cooper, as well. Reminded me too much of John Olerud for me not to be curious enough to want to see him get more of a look here one of these days. Unfortunately, on the defensive side, that one high pop-up that he totally misplayed at first and didn’t catch (that ended up hurting us, I think) is a thing that too many remember first about him, but … I liked his eye at the plate. During his short time here, he did hit one homerun against the Red Sox (and later that game hit the game winning sac fly). I’m not betting the farm on him but I still think he’s worth having more of a gander at. I won’t be surprised if he catches on one day with somebody in the majors.

    • Those are fair comments, but as Kevin Goldstein points out, it might be the lack of Cooper’s athleticism that is keeping him in Vegas. AA wants athletic players, and so far, Lind has shown good range with the glove.

      1B is a pretty easy position to fill by most MLB clubs. Cooper isn’t blocked by Lind, he’s blocked by pretty much every MLB roster who can plug a better bat in the lineup. I dunno, maybe he could get a shot once Houston gets into the AL next year as a DH or if Carlos Lee moves onto the DH position.

      • You might be right, but the word “athletic” does not exactly come front of mind when talking about Lind.

  26. Well if he can get singles like you all claim he can, is that so bad if he gets on base a lot or if there are guys one base? Home Runs are fun and stuff, but I would rather a guy who can hit the ball more times than the guy who sometimes hits it really hard.

  27. Just so that no one thinks that I’m an even bigger dipshit than they already do, I took a quick glance at the stats, and my first impression was that Belt’s power numbers were unimpressive. That’s probably due to the fact that I was looking at homer totals in partial seasons, and all of those single digits were somewhat deceiving.

    But their numbers at Triple-A are similiarish…

    Belt: 62 games, 12 homers, 16 doubles, .971 OPS (.436/.535)
    Cooper: 131 games, 9 homers, 53 doubles, .955 OPS (.432/.523)

    Also, before you get all “Fresno is a homer-suppression test facility and every homer hit there is a heroic effort while they hand out base hits like Powerade cups in Vegas” I’m pretty sure that both Cooper and Belt played home and away games in the PCL.

    Also, Belt played his Double-A in the Texas League (HEAT!!! OFFENSE!!! YYYYYOOOWW!) while Cooper played his in the Eastern League (WITCH TRIALS! COLD HUMIDITY! GALE FORCE OFFENSE SUPPRESSION!)

    I wasn’t really being the president of the David Cooper Fan Club. More just trying to figure out why people like Belt so much better. And it appears that in part, it’s because he looks great in a pair of skinny jeans.

    And Brant Colamarino still has titties.

    • I don’t think you’re a Cooper fanboy, it was simply your conversation that got me thinking.

      Re: their AAA numbers: Cooper posted those numbers in his fourth professional season, Belt posted that line in his first/second pro years. That isn’t nothing, in my mind.

      • That’s definitely fair. And to correct myself, Belt played in the Eastern League, just as Cooper did. So I was totally wrong on that.

        Cooper has some of the best looking BP sessions that I saw this spring, which is where I started to wonder if there isn’t an underappreciated aspect of a mayonnaise sandwich.

      • I’m not sure it’s something either. I think it’s reasonable to expect different learning curves for different players even if those players ultimately land in the same place.

        If I was a less lazy man i’d prove it to you with examples.

        The real question is the peak of each player, not how fast they get there…

  28. Yan Gomes is putting up very similar numbers to Mr Cooper but splitting his time between three positions(1B, LF, C). Gomes even had at least one Human Interest segment during the spring. Coop is done for.

  29. Hey, if Chris fucking Woodward gets callups, why not Cooper?

  30. I think sometimes the PCL stats get disregarded too quickly. We all accept that the batting lines are inflated and we cannot count on them to translate to MLB production the same way that AA and other AAA leagues do — but we can still glean something from the ordinal rankings of players. After all, all players in the PCL enjoy the same advantages (after adjusting for home park factors).

    Cooper led the league in batting average. Flawed as that metric is, this puts him ahead of prospects like Lawrie, Thames, Rizzo, Belt, and Dustin Ackley. Relative to these players (and every other in the PCL), Cooper showed at the very least a superior ability to make solid contact. PCL or no, that season was no mirage.

    • Except Cooper had two spectacularly mediocre years for a 1B prospect in AA before coming to the PCL. It would be one thing if he had torn up AA (and not had to repeat it as well), but he didn’t. Obviously you can’t always just disregard PCL numbers, but in Cooper’s case, I think it’s pretty safe to do just that. The Jays should get whatever they can out of him in a trade, or accept that he is emergency relief AAAA injury filler.

      • You may be right, but then your issue is simply that the year he had last year was a fluke. It may have been. But that has nothing to do with the PCL or the predictive usefulness of PCL stats. Flukes are a phenomenon we have to deal with in every baseball league, including the majors.

        • That’s exactly my point. No offense, I just don’t extract anything out of your ordinal rankings beyond the fact that David Cooper is a good PCL hitter.

          Obviously looking at things in isolation has it’s flaws, but if you look at his ~1,200 PA between Hi-A and AA, there is nothing that indicates Cooper will be any sort of productive major leaguer.

          • Then I think we agree. David Cooper was an extraordinarily good PCL hitter in 2011. He was also a 300 hitter back in 2008. Sandwiched in between those two seasons were two mediocre (no such thing as “spectacularly mediocre”) seasons (although in 2010 he hit 20 home runs).

            My point was not that David Cooper is going to be a great major leaguer (although I think he has a chance to be a decent one). It was that PCL stats shouldn’t be disregarded because they are skewed, because they are skewed for everyone in roughly the same way.

            I sat this only because many (not you) want to throw out Cooper’s (or Hech’s, or anyone’s) Las Vegas stats entirely as though they don’t count for anything. This ignores a very basic point: while PCL numbers may not provide an accurate guage of absolute performance, they provide an excellent guage or relative performance. We can learn a lot by looking at relative perfortmance.

          • Fair enough. Spectacularly mediocre was an exagerration as he he basically was a ~.750 OPS hitter across a good chunk of 3 years once he faced good competition.

            Agreed. PCL stats can be very misleading, but you can’t just discount them because it’s the PCL (I imagine the MLE calculator must have some flaws when it basically drops .200 off a guy’s OPS who’s in the PCL. The reason I’m so quick to dismiss Cooper’s PCL stats are precisely because of the kind of hitter he was for those 1,200 PA’s between 2008 and 2010.

            For comparison, in 2010 a couple names stand out from the EL. Belt had an OPS of 1.036 at Age 22, Dom Brown had an OPS of .993 at Age 22, Lucas Duda had an OPS of .914 at Age 24, Thames, Lavarnaway, and Kipnis had OPS in the high 800s. Basically, while Cooper looks like a monster in the PCL, he severely lagged a lot of guys when he repeated AA. Cooper ranked 66/100 and 54/100 amongst qualified hitters’ OPS in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

  31. Lind’s closer to 30 than he is 2009. Lind is no final piece, missing ingredient type. Coop could probably OPS .633 with a mini bat. Time to cut bait on Lind.

  32. Options at 1st:


    Or trade for someone:


    Anyone I’m forgetting? Here’s hoping that Bochy keeps kicking Belt to the curb. I do believe Thames could fit in their outfield…

    • Or trade for someone:



      With the floated idea of “Snider for Belt. Who says no first?” I don’t think either says no. If Snider is behind Thames on the depth chart, and with Gose, Marisnick, Knecht and Crouse quickly rising, aaaaaand with Rasmus and Bautista entrenched in the OF currently, he has very little future with the Jays.

      For 1B, the Jays have Lind, and that’s it. With Lind not being able to do much with the Jays in 2+ seasons now, Belt would probably get a fair shot at the position, especially when (not if) Lind goes down with lower back shittiness for the 30th time.

      The Giants have no offense so I don’t see Snider getting blocked there either. He’d probably thrive in the NL.

      But, alas, it won’t ever happen because it makes too much sense.

      • The Giants will not trade an unproven young player for another unproven young player.

        • I have to diagree with you based on two points:

          1. Brian Sabean
          2. It’s one of the few instances where a lateral move works.

          But whatever our opinions, the result is the same. Snider for Belt won’t happen.

          If they want Thames, they’re welcome to him. But given his publically-made low ceiling, there’s no chance that happens, even with point 1 made.

          What do you think it would take to pry him out of San Fran?

          • Thames for Moyer. Moyer and Parkes’ undying love for the Giants for Belt.

            Everyone wins!

        • They shoudn’t trade Belt for Snider, but why wouldn’t they trade an unproven young player for another? Seems like a fair trade. Have they said something to this effect?

      • Just wait until the Marlins get tired of LoMo’s defense/twitter activity. He’s the best of the bunch imo.

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  34. If Lind starts blowing chunks this season at the plate, I’ll take anybody to catch 1st and hit “4th” or “5th” besides EE.

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