Shit! I fell asleep! What’d I miss???

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  1. Jose!!!

  2. I got hard when Jose made contact and then immediately went limp when buck made that abortion of a call. ‘He’s baaaaaack’

  3. Lucky, but what the hell.

  4. Lind’s not bad when he doesn’t have to move.

  5. Man oh Man I bet Tampa has beast post-game buffets

  6. Butter should get some props for these ‘easy outs.’

  7. JP needs to have a talking to the official scorer…

  8. Meat hand?

  9. Lind! Didn’t think that was going out.

  10. Good pod casts by you and the others today. Best in a while imo.

  11. Jose is washed up still right?

  12. ..scratch scratch.. Lind’s skin looks like it is quite..scratch.. flawless! ..scratch..

  13. Well I gotta tell ya, I know Lind hit that ball out, but boy that is not the way to play ball. He got really lucky with that hitting the ball the other way crap. It isn’t the way I teach it. If I were down in that dug out, Lindy would be taking a seat on the bench next to me for those shenanigans.

    A guy who can really get out there and play ball the right way who we have right now in our system is good old Chris Woodward. You talk about a real veteran who will do what it takes to win, he’s your guy. I would just bring him up from Vegas right now and let Brett Lawrie go down to take his spot until he is ready to pull more pitches.

  14. If Thames intro song is not the Shaft theme.. It should be. Dude looked angry last at bat,

  15. Cito.. scratch.. Gaston. Now there was a man who knew the importance of a ..scratch.. top notch skin conditioner… scratch…

  16. Tabby and I would just like to send out a very happy and joyous 96th birthday to Edna Rottencrotch out in Thunder Bay. Happy Birthday, Edna. You give us great inspiration.

  17. The Rays have AB annoying offense.

  18. nickle, dime

    nickle, dime.

    nickle, dime

    this is how the rays win

  19. Big K there.

    I fear the Rays are going to punk us in the late innings again. Happens every time.

  20. I wish we would emulate that nickel & dime strategy more.

  21. Tabler: “Longoria… caress… ball…”

  22. Poor JPA. Finally gets on base but it was an error.


  24. Was Tabby giving the Boy Scout’s salute?

  25. ..scratch.. Colby, I would imagine, knows the satisfaction of a brisk yet leisurely scratching. .. scratch..

  26. Adam Lind: walk machine?!

  27. Meet J.P. Howell, the Amish lefty.

  28. EE going to put it out of reach here

  29. I was ready to mock Lind for another weakass strikeout, but he actually looked at four breaking balls in the dirt! That’s progress!

  30. Lets go BJ’s

  31. Eeeeeeeasy Edwin. Swinging for the fences on that one.

  32. Strike three on EH was pretty BS.

  33. I just took a huge dump. Man those meaty chicken wings look amazing!!

  34. Another error for Longoria?

  35. Come on, we all know Longoria doesn’t make errors.

  36. Three errors on Longoria? This is not his night.

    • I can’t believe that it isn’t a record for him already, but one more would be really sweet.

  37. New E5 King….Longoria ties a club record 3 and the game ain’t over. You can do it Evan

  38. Prime time for JP to shine!

  39. JP should be mildly insulted that they just intentionally walked Rasmus to face him.

  40. Call up D’Arnaud.

  41. Ouch, takes a heater right down the pipe for strike 3.

  42. hmm, someone needs to get JP some batting practice..

  43. Romero’s gassed. Why does Farrell always leave these guys in too long?

  44. Frasor in. Come on bullpen!

  45. Am I the only one who is choked that Johnny Cash’s estate seems perfectly OK with using one of his best songs to shill for a fricken’ video game?

    • I’m going to assume that that’s a ‘yes.’ Bummer.

      • ummm thats not one of his best songs, thats a cover of one of NINs’ best songs.

        • He didn’t write “Ring Of Fire” either. Does it matter?

          • Ring of Fire is a Junie song, so I think it matters, but I agree. I imagine this was proposed to the family but without showing them the finished ad. All of the American Recordings were made in the same kind of tunnel with Rick Ruben, and the Guitar Hero franchise has done nothing to sully the image of JC. I’m thinking the oversight on this was more a matter of trust based on precedent rather than a considered decision. Wtf do I know though? Cringe worthy, regardless.

  46. Well done Frasor, bullpen needs to step up this series.

  47. Who taught Lind to take pitches?

  48. Jaysus, I’m no fan, but Lind’s had a great night.

    • Indeed did well against the lefties tonight – a walk and rbi single. I’ll take a second helping of that please.

  49. fuckin eh huge tack on lindy

  50. Wow, Lind has really been giving good at bats lately.

  51. A hit against a lefty! :D

  52. Texas is crushing Boston right now

  53. How many times do people have to bunt down the third base line successfully before we stop putting the shift on?

  54. Coco time = wtf is he doing time this year I am thinking. Lots of edge of your seat innings.

  55. heh, someone on here made a comment in the Boston game thread about how Big Papi or Gonzalez should do exactly what Pena just did there.

  56. Might as well give Pena 1st base all series….Why cant they play 3 infielders on the right side, and just leave Escobar or Lawrie to cover agaisnt that play?

  57. With a three run lead, it is patent stupidity to basically just give them a single. You KNOW he is going to lay down a bunt on the third base side. and YOU KNOW it will be a hit. At this point in the game, base runners are more important than anything else. you dont just allow the single. stupid.

  58. This gun is juiced. coco throwing 95, frasor throwing 95….yeah right

  59. If I was a player facing a shift I would do it more often than not. Getting on base is what it’s all about. For a guy like Pena who’s a low average hitter anyway it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  60. If I were Farrell, I might experiment with subbing in Mathis as a defensive replacement around the 7th inning or so of most games, assuming we’re ahead or behind by a reasonable margin, and particularly if it doesn’t look like the C spot will bat again. Better D, don’t lose all that much in the hitting department (given the way JP is right now anyway), and gives JP more consistent rest rather than one full game off per week. The bullpen has certainly been shit any way you slice it, but all the “wild pitches” that should have been blocked are not helping.

    • You cant afford to burn catchers like that. If you take out JP for Mathis, you are stuck with no alternative to catch if something should happen to Mathis. if you had a third catcher, that would make more sense.

    • Catchers don’t stop wild pitches, thats cause their uncatchable (pitcher problem), catchers miss passed balls, and JP is getting better at that this year

  61. Has Coco faced 3 lefties this inning? Oliver?

  62. Niiiiiice.

  63. Well some nice pitches there by Cordero but I have to admit he scares me. Get a real Rauchian vibe from him.

  64. 14-2 Rangers over Boston right now.

  65. Lawrie! Laurier!!! maple

  66. Daddy’s gotta mash!!

  67. Nice, Lawrie is finally starting to hit the ball with power the last few games.

  68. Omg Rasmus hit the ball and it wasn’t at someone.

  69. ..scratch.. Just out of curiosity, what do you think Cordero is?..scratch.. About a size 16?..scratch..

  70. Nice padded high five.

  71. 16-2 Texas

  72. Thats one blown save opportunity for Lawrie this year! What is it with this kid!?!

  73. keppinger looks like the reincarnation of zaun

  74. Love how nobody posts in the 9th inning then 30 posts right after the W

  75. Arash: Adam, how did you guys get to Niemann so early?

    Lind: ….. (looks shocked) (eventually smiles and gives dumbass answer)

    Arash: Can you take us through your at-bat?

    Lind: ….. (looks shocked) (eventually smiles and gives dumbass answer)

    Arash: Was it a relief to hit that?

    Lind: ….. (blank look)

    Never change, Adam.

    • That was the worst interview ever. Could this douche be any tougher to root for? If bobby v was our manager, he’d suggest that Lind doesn’t have his heart in it.

      • Lind went 3 for 3 and leads the team in slg.per centage. A great game for Adam and something bloggers here have been asking for….well done Adam

      • People by now already know that Adam Lind is horrible interview. They should adjust accordingly.

        Never ask Adam to analyze other players. Just ask about what he did.

      • Adam Lind is not paid to give interviews. I could care less what the fuck he says. If he can regain his 2009 form, we might have something something.

        • Adam Lind s a good ball player who gives horrible interviews.

          The best comedy show would be Tabby & Adam Lind talking Blue Jays baseball with Colby Rasmus as color comentator

      • Nice one. Goes 3-3 with a BB and some nice glove work and you take the effort to write that Lind is a douche cause he gives a lame interview?

        For fuck sakes, get real dude. Lind is a fucking ball player. Sorry to burst your bubble but guess what, there are plenty of dumb ass ball players. As long as they hit and catch the ball, we should care less what the fuck they have to say.

    • As much as Rasmus gets labeled as being a dumb hick, Lind’s interviews usually make me want to get my banjo from the back of my truck.

      • Some times I really wonder if Lind goes and plays a banjo out in the woods while not doing anything baseball related.

        While I don’t really care if a ball player is as dumb as a post, or has the personality of a stump, Lind really is as dumb as a post, and seems to have the personality of a stump. He could at least attempt to show a little glimmer of independent thought.

      • Lind is from Indy Anna, not Bama. Learn your regional stereotypes you untravelled closeted fuck.

        • I dont think Lind did anything wrong during that interview. If I had to listen to non stop retarded questions from barry davis and arash madani I would be annoyed as well. The fuckin guy just finished having a great game where every at bat was a quality at bat, and the first question arash midani asks is “oh how does it feel to finally have your first home run since september of last year!!!!!!!!”?? It’s the fuckin 7th or 8th game of the season ffs, how about asking him about his great start pitch selection and approach wise at the plate this year? Sportsnet need to smarten up and get a real interviewer in there after the games, cause barry davis and arash midani are a joke. Even buddy from TBS with the Bob McCown suits is better than these clowns. Honestly

  76. haha what was he saying at the end of that?

    Referring to the double on Friday being scored as an error?

    • I think it`s obvious that Adam Lind doesn`t like Arash Madani, and to be honest neither do I. Both him and Barry Davis do a brutal job interviewing the Jays after games. Greg Zaun would do a much better job IMO, although I understand they need him in the Blackberry Broadcast Studios to do the post game shit with Jamie Campbell. Sportsnet really needs to find someone better to do those post game interviews, cause the last two with Lind have been painful and I don`t put the blame on Lind.

      Everyone here is so fuckin anxious to rip on Adam Lind and Colby Rasmus it`s sickening to be quite honest. You all are the same morons that booed Serio Santos after one bad outing. Get your fuckin heads out of your asses and be a real fuckin fan ffs.

  77. Melancon with a 50.00 ERA after tonight 18-3 shellacking. That is so fucking beautiful.

  78. Best call in Jays talk history was just taken by Wilner. Steve from Alabama, on Colby:

    Ye all give this boy some catfish and hushpuppies and he will be fine.

    Fucking solid gold.

  79. Mark Melancon now sporting a scintillating ERA of 49.50 on the year for the Sux.

  80. Morrow tomorrow!

  81. Beating Price would be nice!

  82. We need a #5 guy soon, who will it be? A farmhand? A big trade? A surprize from the pen? Tell me AA

  83. Nobody mentioned only 15,000+ for the game…


    • “”Nobody mentioned only 15,000+ for the gameā€¦”

      It’s actually pretty nice that overblowing poor crowds and making nonsensical comparisons to the Expos doesn’t seem to be a part of the Jays narrative anymore.

    • Dome was closed too, keep in mind. fuckin pussies, it wasnt cold last night. indoor baseball reminds me of arena football

  84. I think 15,000 isn’t bad for a Tuesday night in April, with the NHL playoffs in full force.

    • Considering where the Jays were in 2010 and 2011, 15K for a Tuesday night game in April against the Rays is totally fine.

      I would guess this crowd would have been around 10K or 11K each other the last two years.

      Nothing to crow about, but things are undoubtedly getting better. I think we’ve seen the floor.

  85. ya the combination of Tuesday night, the Rays (which despite how good they are, isn’t a draw), the NHL playoffs and this being the 7th game of a 9 game homestand that included the home opener and two other games against the Sox means attendance will suffer a bit.

    I know a lot of people who say that their goal is to get to one home game per homestand (it was a goal I’ve had in previous years and usually manage to top it). Considering we don’t have another 9+ game homestand until mid-August, I’d expect attendance to be fine going forward.

  86. This is the best game I’ve seen Lind have in years. Every single bat was smart, patient, and successful….not to mention CLUTCH.

    take a fucking bow, Adam Lind, for the first time in a long time, you deserve it.

  87. Was the Lind interview that bad or are all of you just that fucking angry at anyone who isn’t shining in front of the camera? A bad interview doesn’t make a douche or an idiot, maybe he just doesn’t like being on the fucking camera? Deal with it.

    Otherwise though, Lind was smashing the ball tonight. I understand he had 2 terrible years and that Parkes and Stoeten hate the dude, but I really think he can be a great ball player. But JPA and Thames are making me nervous. Rest of the team is pretty solid so far.

  88. I didn’t realize it was about a 4000+ improvement from last season’s early games. Yikes!

    • When you’re right, you’re right dm. I’d forgotten or missed those horrors. I suppose it’s poetic justice then. (And concerning whose version is better boys, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. It’s probably a function of age.)

  89. Small Potatoes re: Johnny Cash’s estate despoiling his artistic integrity – Johnny weren’t no saint, you know

    Go to youtube, search “johnny cash commercial” and you will find at least a half dozen gems of the Man in Black personally endorsing Taco Bell, Amoco gas, STP gas treatment, Lionel Trains and my personal fave, Canada Trust original ATMs.

  90. I just finished watching this game, I was busy out blasting uterus so I DVR’d it.
    Great game by the blue birds, J-bats is back in the saddle, Time to push for the division lead.

  91. Blew my mind when I turned on Jaystalk and the first fucking caller talks about Rasmus swinging at first pitches…we just beat the Rays 7-3! It was an awesome game! Why are these fucks so negative? I called in right away, and said we should be speaking about the positives. Lind looked great, Bats and Lawrie had the boomstix going, our defence is phenomenal, and Ricky is the fucking man.

  92. Stoeten,

    I come to this site daily because your insight into this team is some of the best out there. hopeing for some thoughts here.

    I can’t ever remember a time when I was so frustrated by a single decision the Jays made more than I am about the Thames Snider situation. Im sorry to beat a dead horse but Snider once again is tearing the cover off the ball in Vegas and hasnt been too shabby with the leather either.

    The fact that Farrell has shown little confidence in Thames glove in the late innings by putting Davis in tells me perhaps it’s not long before we see Snider again? Thames has done essentially what I predicted pre-season. He would hit 8th instead of in front of Jose which means far fewer fastballs and therefore not very good results. He hasn’t been completely awful, doing barely enough to keep himself a float but I just don’t see what Else Snider can do at AAA. For me, the only way he can prove he is worthy of hitting in the Major Leagues is to actually let him hit in the Major Leagues with nothing looking over his shoulder. He clearly has some confidence issues, just like Drabek and our loyalty to him has paid off so far this year. I know it’s a bit early to jump all over Thames but with the powers that be (BoSox/Yankees) struggling to find their foooting we really need to do whatever we can to take advantage of a fairly easy early season schedule….thoughts?

    • AA is showcasing Thames. I doubt he will be around by season’s end. And while Snider is mashing in AAA, he’s still working on some swing changes he incorporated this year. You can’t be fucking around with your swing at the MLB level, but you can do that in AAA.

      Remain calm, everything will be okay.

    • Snider’s numbers also reflect how small a sample size 10 games really is. Let’s also not forget that he’s hitting against other teams’ Aaron Laffey’s, he’s in the PCL, and now has a hilarious .469 BABIP.

      If he’s still putting up gaudy numbers after 40-50 games, then I’d like to see a call up. Personally, I’m tired of them making hasty decisions with him. He should also concentrate on his walk rate a little more. Hopefully after 40-50 games it will be over 10%, as it was when he was considered a top prospect.

    • Thames won the LF job cause he earned it, as he did last year. Loyalty to Drabek? It’s likely that Drabek replaced an injured McGowan. The result has been great, but it wasn’t necessarily loyalty. Remember the Jays need hitting right now, as we arn’t exactly tearing the cover off the ball. If Travis comes back and starts whiffing, we will be in big trouble.

  93. Thames is on a 5 game hit streak (and 6 of 7gms), and has a .917ops in his last 7 days.

    After opening the year 0/7 in his first 2gms, he’s gone his next/last 19ab with a .368/.428/.421/.849 line.

    He also outhit Snider in ST, and all of last year in MLB and AAA.

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