Parkes always rolls his eyes at me when I link to the New Hampshire Union-Leader’s Kevin Gray, or his Gray Matter blog, because of, y’know, the whole Yu Darvish nonsense thing. But… whatever. Interesting content is interesting content, and the other day Gray posted a 12 minute clip of a recent conversation with demoted supposed-number-three-starter Brett Cecil– with some of catcher Brian Jeroloman’s insight tossed in for good measure.

“Cecil, who starts Thursday at New Britain, topped out at 87-mph in his most recent start for the Fisher Cats. (That’s an improvement of a few mph.),” Gray tells us. Wait… really???

Here’s what the pitcher had to say…

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  1. 87 mph is an improvement of a few?

    What, he was throwing like 84 mph?

  2. Interesting that Cecil said he’s “looking at a little bit of video, not too much, not a big video guy”.

    Isn’t watching video of yourself and what you do in order to improve a pretty big thing to do?

  3. As many have said before its not just about the velocity. Brett Cecil can survive at 87 if he can consistently keep it down in the zone, change speeds and have movement. A flat 87 mph fastball up in the zone will be hit hard. The more important part of the equation is location. Heck, Jamie Moyer was topping out last night at 78 mph and he still threw a heckuva ball game so it can easily be done at 87.

    • If it was such an easy thing to do then Cecil woudn’t be pitching in AA now, would he? Easily done in theory, I suppose. Hopefully he can find some way to be successful and effective, but who knows what might happen.

    • I don’t think you can do it in the AL East, though.

      • You can. Shaun Marcum wasn’t throwing much faster than that, and he doesn’t have quite as good as change-up as Brett. He was fine.

        The problem with Brett is he needed that extra velocity on the fastball because he doesn’t have Marcum’s pinpoint control. And I don’t think that it is something he’s suddenly going to pick up.

        Move along, unless Brett decides to be the next Rick Ankiel, I am pretty sure he is done.

        • Pretty sure Marcum’s changeup was 10,590,678 times better than Cecil’s.

        • Marcum did not, to my recollection, have the best outings against AL East opponents. Brett did when he had the velocity higher.

        • Shaun Marcum also has way better offspeed stuff than Cecil…

          If pitching in the majors at 87 was easy, there would be a lot more people doing it…

        • You need to quit taking drugs before lunch. Marcum survived in the AL East because his change up was and remains fucking awesome.

      • One thing that seems to get lost as people are slamming him is that Brett Cecil is still one of the younger pitchers on the 40 man roster. Some pitchers from it listed by DOB:

        1990 Alvarez (freak of nature)
        1987 Drabek
        1987 Carreno (made his MLB debut last year)
        1986 Crawford (made his MLB debut last week)
        1986 Cecil
        1985 Perez (made his MLB debut last year)
        1985 Laffey
        1984 Romero
        1984 Morrow
        1983 Villaneuva
        1982 McGowan

        So, even though it’s hard to argue that he’s been pitching well, it’s probably not time to give up on him yet. Alot of guys his age are just breaking into the big leagues. He came up in and started 17 games in 2009…that’s like bringing up a pitcher DOB1991 to start this year. Maybe it was too soon for him.

  4. “…whatever. Interesting content is interesting content.”

    Translation: Fuck off, Parkes.

  5. Watching video isn’t going to cure his left arm flaccidity. Maybe he just sucks at baseball!

    • i assume the hope is that the drop in velocity is based in mechanics, and a change/adjustment – even slight – could result in improvement.

      and yeah, guys can learn to manage a game without a good heater (not like topping out @ 89 was/is going to be much of a difference-maker anyway), but that requires having outstanding offspeed stuff. cecil, to date, has shown he has decent offspeed pitches, with so-so command, but not, at least to me, to be able to get by without having a ‘sneak-one-by’ kind of fastball. i don’t think he needs to be hitting 90-91 consistently, but i do think he needs to have that in his back pocket, even if it’s for occasional use only.

  6. That’s gotta be tough going down like that. I bet he’s buying all the steak dinners.

  7. This guy’s toast. Let’s move on. Lots of good prospects waiting in the wings. This morning in my pan, I saw a flash – his name was Brett Cecil.

  8. Stoeten, you should photo shop a pic of Lawries face on Lattimers body. Hell even Bautista thinks he’s Lattimer yesterday when he held up a punching pad for Lawrie.

  9. Interesting comments about Vegas.
    How can the Jays take ANY of the stats seriously?
    A pop up becomes a double off the wall.Randy Ruiz,Cooper and Snider hitting breaking balls that won’t break,fastballs that don’t move.Ruiz ends up in Japan and doesn’t hit.Cooper comes up and can’t hit like in Vegas. How can you evaluate Snider under these conditions?
    Even if the 51′s move to the proposed new indoor stadium, the players can’t develop or be evaluated.
    What a cluster fuck.

    • well, it’s not like they don’t know about vegas-effect. to me, they’re going more on snider’s approach/mechanics etc & less on stats (just like they said they were in spring training for both thames & snider). they likely knew he was going to mash there, because he always has, they just wanted to be sure that he could do so while incorporating those changes to his swing/approach.

      would anyone bet against snider bing the starting LF in a few weeks?

    • Maybe that’s why Bryce Harper’s ceiling might be over inflated too. He grew up in Lost Wages and played Juco in Henderson.

      • Good point.

        Except that Harper was playing for other teams throughout the US as a “fly in” player at 16 and still performing at a high level.

  10. The times I saw Cecil pitch in Dunedin his fastball was sitting like 84….

  11. Poor Brett, I can’t see him coming back, unless he can throw 140kmh…its almost impossible now. On the flip side, I would love to see the Jays start Coreno again on Saturday.

  12. ‘Able to command 4 pitches for strikes’…. Too bad it’s thigh high over the middle third :s

  13. Poor guy is dealing with double A buffets and spreads. He’ll be lucky to find a pepperette in that clubhouse. Here in Vegas we get all kinds of meats like moose, horse, snake, turtle, basically any meat you want.

    • Those meats clash, no?

      • Of course not little man. The law of meat states that no meat shall clash! Even exotic meats are pretty neutral, but Frozen snake and turtle can sometimes create a minor clash.

  14. I like that the first thing the interviewer does is remind Brett Cecil that he first arrived in NH in 2008 — 4 years ago. And here he is, again.

  15. Seeing Cecil’s descent serves as another reminder for me to temper my enthusiasm for prospects. And to think a few years ago some were predicting that Cecil was more talented than David Price.

    • Wow, that’s incredibly interesting. Makes you wonder if velocity really is that big of a factor in the MLB. Price averages close to 95 on his, and Cecil has never been able to throw it that hard. Also, as we’ve witnessed, Price does possess a good change up now, which only makes his above average velocity fastball that much harder to hit.

      • Goes to show you how stats can be misleading. Nothing compares to having actual scouts seeing a player live as opposed to reading fucking Fangraphs until you get blue in the face.

        Let this be a lesson to all those stat nerds.

        • Fuckin rights brotha. Fangraghs are wayyyyyy too overstated on this site.

          • It’s because Joe Blow on the internet can’t scout, but he can read a stats sheet. So what does he/she end up privileding?

            Cecil was a fairly well-regarded prospect and if a pitcher loses velocity, what can ya do.

            It kinda sucks, though, that AA didn’t trade Cecil the same winter he traded Marcum for Lawrie. I imagine Cecil had more value than Marcum at the time since he was a former top prospect, young and pre-arb eligible, left handed etc.

            Perhaps if Alvarez, Drabek or even Hutchison has a solid year AA will consider another pitcher for hitter swap…

        • Is this serious?

          • whew, just read the article, looked the writers comments and realized it was a huge bunch of biased horeshit. I didnt think anyone that knew anything would compare cecil to price. That was a fun read though. I bet that guy rides unicorns to work too…lol

  16. I’ve blacklisted anything to do with Kevin Gray since the Darvish things. Him and that other Twitter douche bag that was a guest writer for some shitty blog somewhere. He said he had inside sources or something. Remember that guy? Douche bag….

  17. Odd, I’d read elsewhere that Cecil hit 91 during his last start in NH. That would be improvement, though I fear Cecil needs to sit 90-91 to be effective in the majors.

  18. catchers comment that he always had great command?? Isnt that one reason Cecil is there? guess the catcher likes AA ball cause he going to stay there awhile with evaluations like that

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