As you probably heard earlier on today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Show (I mean, you watched it, didn’t you???), I’m not feeling 100%. So… um… yeah… this is your Game Threat.

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  1. Here’s hoping Morrow doesn’t throw up another Rogers Centre Stinker. Looking for him to turn around his horrible home splits.

  2. Price is comming off a lousey outting in his last start, neck spams in ST, and his history against the Jays means nothing today. Morrow will bring it today. Longoria brought his metal glove again.

  3. JF made the defensive sub of Davis for Thames even before the first pitch!

  4. Morrow leaving no doubt of his intention to shit the bed tonight.

  5. Ugh. Morrow is so horrible at home.

  6. Here’s an idea: stop throwing fastballs inside to LHB.

  7. Morrow isn’t quite the sum of his parts….

    Almost AJ Burnettesque if you will.

  8. Look at that, out of the first with no more damage. Morrow settles down now

  9. Tough start with Guaranteed Win Night on the mound for TB.

  10. Is hitting Lind 5 a joke?

  11. Nice lineup construction! Two lefties in first five batters ensures two out.

  12. Fuck it’s infuriating when it’s public knowledge that Price throws his FB all the time, yet a tonne of them are just taken for strikes right down the middle.

  13. 10K’s for Price tonight. Over/Under anyone? I’m saying over.

  14. Morrow is getting ROCKED.

  15. The Rays are making the park look smallish tonight.

  16. If it hits the seats and bounces back on the field, is it a ground rule double or can the better go farther?

    • It’s called “umpire descretionary single” .The runner/batter gets awarded an extra base and a half PLUS free tickets to the musical “Cats” ( winner of 8 tony awards!) and a bag of Big League Chew (TM).

      • Thanks.

        • No problem Oakville.
          But you didn’t say whether it was left field or right field.
          If it’s left field then it’s an automatic ” George Bretty” which awards a triple but the batter/runner must keep his hand on the third basemans ballsac until the ball crosses the plate or the second baseman scratches his ballsac.

          Rule 23 (ii) section 14

    • That’s not my question. I know what a ground rule double is. I am not sure why you are trying to impersonate me.

  17. I love Buck and Tabler mentioning BABIP, and using it completely out of context.

  18. Are they saying a year where Molina had an usually high BABIP is something Molina did on purpose? HUH?

  19. Everything is way up in the zone again just like his last start. Need to lower the mound for him by 6 inches or something.

  20. Wow, Rajai might as well have rolled that one in underhand. It wasn’t that deep and all his momentum was forward, so I am left to assume that that was pretty much his best possible throw. Um. Yeah.

  21. Rajai has an absolute cannon….could have hung some laundry on that throw.

  22. In future remind me not to start Morrow in my fantasy leagues when he’s pitching at home.

  23. Price looking just as shaky as Morrow so far. Slugfest, anyone?

  24. Glad Farrell started Mathis, we really needed his bat tonight.

  25. LMAO! Jeff Mathis is my hero.

  26. We’ve always believed in you, Mathis!!!

  27. Arencibia’s scrotum just tightened a bit more.

  28. I thought Mathis couldn’t hit.

  29. Jeff Mathis has like a 1500 ops. Barry Bonds behind the plate y’all ;)

  30. you could see on David price’s face “Jeff Fucking Mathis? Seriously?”

    • Muhahaha got to love that. Looked just like Lincecum the other night when Halladay drove in a couple off him.

  31. Sportsnet magazine featuring Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler.
    Not a single copy is given out.

    • Gotta love the hockey pun Sportsnet decided to put as the headline too. They really “get it” don’t they? *eyeroll*

  32. Alright Morrow, get your diarrhea in a pile here son.

  33. Might as well put like 7 outfielders along the warning track tonight. Get the frickin ball down, Morrow.

  34. Hi. Has anyone seen Mr. Itchybod in here this evening? He hasn’t come home from work yet and his sits bath is waiting.

  35. I just hope someone in the minors can come up soon and be nails like Alvarez was last year.

    I really want to see what this offense can do when the hitters finally get it together and the luck gods change their minds about these hitters.

  36. Just tuned in. Have they announced the 5th starter yet?

  37. “jays have become what the rays are”
    Don’t EVER fucking insult us like that again, Pat.

  38. Well even though they didn’t get a hit EE and Lind worked Price good that inning. He’s up to 58 pitches for just 3 innings.

  39. Fucking Matt Joyce.

  40. Put it on a tee for these guys Brandon, right down the middle thigh high.

  41. Can someone explain what a “do or die play” is? Tabler said the play Lawrie had was one.

    • Again, this is not my question. Why are you trying to pretend to be me?

    • It’s like any other play, a “do or don’t.” Lawrie is still in the land of the living.

    • Die as in “die cast” which is model cars. So Lawrie is making a “play” like he was playing with model cars as he did when he was a child.

      Pretty simple when you break it down.

      Or maybe it’s like thowing a die like throwing dice.
      I’m not sure.

    • Pretty sure it’s a “do or dye” play. Hair salons bring them up all the time.

  42. I see that Last Year Brandon is pitching today.

  43. It would be great if Farrell could wake up from his nap and go get Morrow. It’s not entirely inconceivable that we could make up a two-run deficit, but it’ll be 5 or 6 if we don’t yank him now.

  44. Hopefully Morrow is done for the night soon.

  45. It’s also not inconceivable that Morrow could escape out of this inning without any further damage… here’s hoping.

  46. How about that, Morrow got out of a jam!

  47. They just showed Farrell on TV and he was awake.

  48. Morrow is off tonight.

    • No, he has to pitch. Romero is off because he pitched yesterday. The other starters are also off, unless it goes to extra innings then one of them might have to pitch too.

      • Very funny. Morrow is not pitching well tonight. You seem to enjoy using my screen name by asking silly questions.

        I think it’s pretty obvious that the other starters will not be used tonight.

  49. AA is getting pudgy lol

  50. Alright Buck, shut the fuck up about the shifting already

  51. Morrow: “Fuck!” You got that right.

  52. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a pitcher give up 4 runs in 5 innings and still be so lucky. Tampa could easily have 12 by now. Presumably Morrow wouldn’t have gone all 5 in that case (although with Farrell you never know) but still. Can’t wait to see how they try to spin this start.

  53. Well that fifth inning wasn’t so bad. More innings like that from Morrow, please.

  54. That’s the secret—hit it into the black hole at 3rd.

  55. They can pitch around EE now to get to Lind

  56. Edwin has such a Gnarly approach Beast!

  57. Alright well as long as they don’t have a lefty batting hit we could see a run here!! Wait…what do you mean Lind is hitting 5th against David Price……

  58. This inning two lefties make three outs. All three right handed hitters reach. Nice lineup card JF.

  59. I can’t believe they let Morrow come out for the 6th. Apparently once we get two runs down Farrell is like “ok, this one’s over, let’s keep the bullpen rested for tomorrow.” Nice way to manage.

  60. Wake up, John.

  61. Gee, who could have predicted that? Morrow gets behind, has to serve one up right down the chute, home run, and now we’re down 3.

    Time to start signing off every message with


  62. I think Joyce has really got Morrow’s number.

  63. Jesus.

  64. Fucking meatballs every start.

  65. Jesus fuck, Morrow!

  66. Oh hey, another homer? Who’d have thought that might happen?


  67. At 4-2 the game was salvagable, now its a fucking right noff. Does farrell like just giving games away? Why was Morrow put back out there for the 6th? What a circus.

    • Because we have 20 games in a row dude. Why burn out your bullpen on the first night, when it’s quite possible Morrow could go out and have a fine inning.

  68. 10 runners in 5 innings should have been enough to get morrow out of the game after 5 considering the damage could have been worse. Don’t understand bringing him back out when you’ve got a well rested pen for the most part.

  69. You know a pitcher is struggling if he gives up a homer to Sean Rodriguez.

  70. No step forward for Morrow.

  71. Well at least Morrow’s next start will be on the road. Unfortunately the one after that is back in the dome.

  72. Look, Lawrie didn’t run full speed down to first!

  73. Might be time to move Colby a little higher.

  74. You’re not often going to win only scoring two runs anyway. You score 4 runs, you have around a 50% chance of winning. It jumps a lot if you can score five runs in a game (of course it’s not a guarantee but…).

  75. So the Rays, who not so coincidentally have a real manager, yanked their starter when it looked like he was getting tired (and to take advantage of a better matchup). Price gives up 2 runs, goes 5 2/3; Morrow gives up 6 and is forced to get shellacked for a full 6.


  76. Fifth place in the east. Fifth place. Fifth place in the east. I watch Jeopordy at 9:30.

  77. I can’t believe people are calling for Farrell’s head after he managed one bad game. Do you people not remember just a few days ago when everyone was awed by his defensive adjustments that may or may not have won some games?

    • Yep, the games not over, and they die hard faithfull here have given up….quitters gonna quit

    • I guess you recently became a Jays fan. This is actually his 173rd bad game (counting regular season only). Even he admitted he was shittacular last year, and I don’t see any improvement in the handling of the pitching staff, which is the biggest concern.

      It’s nice he’s figured out after two consecutive terrible seasons that Lind might not be the best choice in the cleanup spot against lefties, but I expect a bit more progress than that over a year in.

      • Seriously? You are a fucking joke. I can’t even think of words to respond to this garbage.

        • No kidding. “Fire Farrell” calls are what you get when Leafs fans jump on board the bandwagon, they of the one-night-love-them, one-night-hate-them ilk.

  78. rally caps boys

  79. Five bucks the dude calling for Farrell’s head is a closet Red Sox fan who wants him in Beantown.

    • Couldn’t possibly hate the Red Sox more, but would happily have given him to them this offseason if offered any kind of decent compensation. Take a prospect from a division rival and give them a shitty manager who will cost them 5 games a year? Yes, please.

      • no offense FF, but I’d rather they have Valentine and lose like they did yesterday and destroy that team from the inside out than have them just lose five games.

        • Agreed on that! I think Valentine is actually the worst choice they could possibly have made, including Farrell.

          See, I’m fair. I don’t think he’s the worst manager in the world. I also believe he is an improvement over Cito. However, I still think we can do better.

    • As though Farrell would want anything to do with that cluster fuck.

  80. Another ball framed as a strike.

  81. watching all these borderline strikes go tampa’s way leaves me shaking my head at the brilliance of the tb front office.

  82. By the time Lind got out in the 5th, the Jays win expectancy was already down to 23%. It didn’t matter that much bringing Morrow out for the 6th perhaps?

    • Considering it was a struggle for him to get through 5 not the brightest decision given his historical home struggles and immediate performance. Should have been thankful he got 5 innings from him.

    • After the Rays batted in the 6th it was down to 10%. Seems expensive to get 3 more outs from the starter. Aren’t we supposed to have an amazing and deep bullpen, acquired partly to compensate for a rotation that isn’t known for going terribly deep into games?

      Speaking of the pen … FY Perez … where was this guy when we were blowing saves left and right? I think I’d rather see him over Cordero in any situation.

    • You can’t possibly believe that John Farrell tracks win expectancy.

  83. Perez is looking pretty awesome as a reliever though.

  84. 6-2 Rangers now, and have bases loaded in the 8th.

  85. re: Tampa front office- Well, Friedman got in during the 2008 offseason, so we should be a bit more patient as GM AA had to do so much house cleaning to de-Ricciardify the Jays. We haven’t even seen GM AA’s “guys” come up through the system yet.

    So far, we’ve only seen the Napoli fuckup, Jo-Jo shitshow and farrellball (?) as real problems. Just about everything else he’s touched has turned to gold.

    You also have to remember, that pitch framing will give the Jays a top 100 draft pick and push the Rays pick(s) down one extra spot. It seems small, but the Jays lost Wallace and Lawrie that way to teams in front of them.

    • I have no problems with Farrell I think he’s done a pretty damn good job for the most part. At the end of the day it’s up to the players to execute. Sadly guys like Morrow with ace stuff continue to struggle overall.

    • I know it’s not popular but I’ll debate anybody about Napoli and Jo Jo the wonder dog.
      They weren’t bad decisions at the time.Just in hindsight.

      And I was one of the biggest Farrell critics LAST year but I like what I’ve seen this year.

  86. Nice job Omar.

  87. Here we go boys

  88. I have no idea what Farrell tracks other than velocity and location down in the zone, but I just meant that perhaps- perhaps some commenters may have over estimated the importance of whether or not Morrow went out for the sixth. Shhiiiiiiittttt, I probably would have pulled him if it were me anyway because I believe in the hitters to grind it out late in the game.

  89. I think I like Colby better than Lind. Lind just stands there and the ball comes to him. He sucks. I’m going to bed.

  90. Rajai now pinch hit for by Vizquel. Hang your head in shame!

  91. not gonna win with bullshit calls like that

  92. I know the ump is calling that outside pitch all night but that still sucks.

  93. It’s been a real lacklustre game since the start really. Morrow’s ineptitude just sucked all the oxygen out of it, and left a bad taste. Hopefully tomorrow’s another day.

  94. Well that be one good old fashioned asskicking tonight. First of the season I suppose. Coming sooner or later.

    • What a waste of Mathis’ HR.

      Sometimes, a good ass kicking is a good thing. It tends to stir your internal motivational clock. Now if only Lawrie can share some of that booster juice he’s been sucking on.

  95. that top of the 9th was pathetic. six runs on two hits. are you kidding me? villanueva sure looked scared to throw a fastball that entire inning…and when he did, we found out why

  96. lol talking about skewing the overall pen numbers nice job Carlos!

    • To be fair, he hasn’t been used in 10 days, and gave plenty of notice that it wasn’t going to end pretty.

  97. well, we weren’t going to beat price

    morrow sucks at home

    we were due for an as whooping

    at least we took care of all three in one game

  98. Red Sox lose.

  99. yankees lose as jeter hits a cheezy yankee stadium rf wind tunnel homer and then texiera tries the same but comes up just short…notice the blue cup that almost hits the twins player as he tries to catch the ball

    • I want some of whatever Jeter is on this year. Playing like he’s in his 20′s or at least hitting like it.

  100. Congratulations to the Jays for getting more hits than the Rays and still managing to lose by 10 runs. That is impressive stuff right there.

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