As you probably heard earlier on today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Show (I mean, you watched it, didn’t you???), I’m not feeling 100%. So… um… yeah… this is your Game Threat.

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  1. Some things to take away from this game.
    1) Morrow is inconsistent as ever. They cant rely on this guy to be a #2 starter. Not enough pitch variety. Hes a #3 starter at best. Maybe #4.
    2) The jays are still Price’s bitch. You would think that after seeing him so many times the fucking jays would make some adjustments. Nope, the same shitshow over and over again. Thats what happens when your lineup is mostly hackers with no patient approach.
    3) Villanueva was shit tonight. But I blame farell more than him. He hasnt pitched in a week and a half or roughly 10 days. Farell will use that piece of shit jannsen almost every game but cant utillize one of his 3 best relievers properly.
    4) Why was Arencibia not playing tonight? I know mathis hit a hr tonight but still. Arencibia hits lefties well. WTF Farell.

    • 1. I think maybe morrow is what he is. ive stopped holding my breath for him to become all world. middle of the rotation guy….fine with me. alvarez is better..drabek is coming.

      2. jays got ten baserunners vs price in just over five innings. they were not his bitch tonight…just didnt get timely hits with men on

      3. who cares..the game was over.

      4. really? he is the need to keep him fresh. mathis needed some time. its not like JPA has been hitting right handers, left handers, underhanders. who cares

      • This.

      • 1. Agreed.
        2. Thats the most frustrating part of playing the rays. They can never get the big hit when they need it. It seems the only rays startey they hit well is Niemann and davis when he was a starter.
        3. Just think villanueva should be utilized better. He’s better than jannsen.
        4. He had a day off on monday. Just a curious move if he is one of your core players even though hes really struggled so far.

        • Ya…get a clue dude, Niemann and Davis are the only Rays started ANYBODY can hit. It’s not just the Jays. fuck off with this sky is falling bullshit. It’s one game, we will take the rubber match tomorrow, winning another series and keeping pace in the East. All will be well.

          • Not true. The Red sox and Yankees hit rays pitching and they see them just as often. The sky isnt falling but the jays will have to figure out a way to not get destroyed by the rays pitching every year

      • Agreed on Morrow. I’m just mentally slotting him into the 4th or 5th starter role. If they can get another top end starter (develop one, trade, signing, whatever) and Romero, X, Alvarez, Drabek, Morrow could be a real good rotation.

        • Next start Morrow pitches a 4 hit shut out and all you doubters will be holding him up for the Cy or as they say on this site Sigh Young Award

          • His next start is on the road and he’ll probably do just what you say. It’s the next one at home I’d be worried about.

  2. Win the series tomorrow, no worries. Drop 2 of 3 in two consecutive A.L East series, same old story.

    • Ah. It’s 11 games in. I’d love to take 2/3, but it’s still insanely early. Overall I think the team looks good.

      • I understand the early argument, but when you’re 6-12 last year against the Rays and generally dismal in your own division, no time like the present for turning it around.

  3. Jays season so far has gone W-W-L-L-W-W-L-L-W-W-L.

    So they lose tomorrow.

    • Tomorrow they break the pattern and win. (I hope!) It would suck to see another good start (assuming he pitches well again) by Alvarez turn out to be a loss.

    • And to think some people are whining for consistency.

      The nerve.

  4. Some of these comments brought the Lulz. Still early in the season lets not get crazy yet. Morrows a great pitcher just had a rough day.

  5. What a purgatory to be in as a fan of this team. How many years have they spent hovering around .500 ALL SEASON. They are the most maddeningly consistent team probably in all of MLB history. Please let’s have a legit pennant race this September.

  6. It’s early in the season. It’s early in AA’s reign. Just wait. Just wait.

    How long do we have to wait? Morrow is a 4th starter at best, and all I see is a .500 baseball team. Wait, wait, wait. A free agent starter and another bat would have made the waiting process a lot shorter.

  7. I would say its a 100 games too early to be crying poor on the Jays. One game doesn’t make or break your season unless you are tied with Boston on the last game of the year. Poor Morrow had a bad game, end of story. Although, it would help to have Lind hit the ball the odd time too.

  8. If Jays fans are like this, this early in the season… imagine how Yankees and Red Sox fans are acting. They’re technically worse than the Jays right now according to the standings, especially Boston.

  9. Agreed. Win tonight and all is well. IMO it’s the two series ahead on the road that will tell a big story. KC and then the OriLOLes. Good teams destroy these guys and pad the win column for tougher times. Pretenders struggle with these guys and save their best efforts for the big guys but then it doesn’t matter. We need to sweep a bad team soon. Momentum brings confidence.

  10. Arencibia’s digging himself into quite the Twitter hole right now. This might be the catalyst for some team-wide social media reining in policies, folks. The end of an era.

  11. Of course, it’s early. Toronto could lose tonight and then win their next 150. Still, I don’t think it’s a crime to hope for good indicators that things are different. Dropping two consecutive home series to division foes, one of which who is a regular September cadaver, would mean business as usual and be very disappointing even with a lot of schedule and opportunity left to turn it around.

    • I agree it says something. The team last year would lose tonight for sure. Win the first game, then lose the next two to typically drop a series against Tampa like always, fall back to .500, zzzzzzzz.

      If the Jays are going to take the next step from being a pretty decent team to a genuinely really good one, they have to start turning some of these series losses into series wins.

      Can’t really say game 12 of 162 is must win or anything but I’d like to see something different. Beat Tampa!!!

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