In case you missed it in this morning’s URL Weaver post at Getting Blanked, here’s what Parkes calls “the indisputable hit of the coming summer.”

This… um… I…

What the fuck was that??? Y’know, besides mesmerizing and fantastic.

via Dave Burrows

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  1. Oh dear god….

  2. It’s ok, but it’s no En-en-carnacion.

  3. Oh wow, what a crunchy groove man! I could get into some of that while digging into a 4 meat taco or maybe some rump roast.

  4. That doesn’t compare well to this masterpiece…

  5. I had an stroke watching this, I smelled burnt toast. Please call an ambulance.

  6. This is exactly what I dreamed it would sound like.

  7. So is everyone on the team using that for their walkup music?

  8. Could a used a little more banjo, but other than that, stellar.

  9. Adjectives have failed me.

  10. WowoWOWowOWOWow.

    wow wow.

  11. Good lord that’s awful.

    Anyone catch a brief (like 10 second) promo clip on Sportsnet yesterday for the Jays with City and Colour’s “Fragile Bird” playing? I think it had pics of Rasmus as well. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

    • haha yeah I noticed that exact promo and thought the same thing. Listen to the words of the song, it was a terrible choice for a Blue Jays promo – yet worked perfectly when CBC used it for game 7 of the stanley cup playoffs last year to describe the canucks.

      • Agreed. The last 2-3 years I’ve noticed the song selection for Sportsnet promos (along with another Canadian sports network that shall remain nameless) has often bordered on brutal.

      • Last year (I think) a Blue Jays promo had the Hip singing “as bad as or worse” over and over.

  12. just found out my dog hates auto tune as much as i do.

  13. It’s dubstep.. gone horribly wrong.

    Just.. no.

  14. Somebody took time to put that together?

    For the love of fuck, I want 45 seconds of my life back.
    I want somebody’s ass kicked and I mean right now.
    And not fast like,slowly so they can feel it.
    Anybody will do,anybody.

    Where is Stoeten when you need him?

    I kid.

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