Could it be? Could there be outdoor baseball in April in Toronto?

The official Rogers Centre site says the roof is closed, but last hour the Fan 590′s Mike Wilner laid this on us via Twitter:



I”m sure there’s some actual, team-related scuttlebutt I could pass along– though, no, there’s no word on Saturday’s starter yet, which means I’m still holding out hope that it’s Hutchison, and that he stays up for good, even once McGowan’s ready, whenever that might be– I’ll take the self-serving route here and point out that the DJF iTunes page is up and running, for all your DJF Podcast needs. Subscribe!

Also, snark away on this Rays Index piece that suggests nobody says a word when people don’t show up at the Rogers Centre for Jays games.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Arencibia C

H. Alvarez RHP

Tampa Bay Rays

D. Jennings CF
B. Zobrist RF
C. Pena 1B
E. Longoria 3B
L. Scott DH
M. Joyce LF
J. Keppinger 2B
J. Molina C
S. Rodriguez SS

J. Hellickson RHP

Image via Flickr.

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  1. Grumble, grumble.

  2. We need new jerseys

  3. So the Jays have a losing homestand, lose 2 of 3 series against Easrern Division teams, and it looks like Farrell is a guy who won’t pull the trigger when he has to.

    When does Spring Training start?

  4. bluejayway you got a link for that?


    Just got word on good authority that it will in fact be Drew Huchison getting the callup by the #bluejays. #jays

  6. Wilner also tweeted it was official.

  7. I love the optimism that allows Buck to call the seventh Rays tally a “big insurance run.” In that spirit, it’s early, no worries! And Toronto had more hits than TB in the last two games. So there’s that.

    See you in Missouri!

  8. James re Wilner: He just doesn’t have any patience for small sample size overreaction.

    No Wilner does not have patience for small simple size overreaction by callers and twats on the Twitter, but no such restraint for himself when using his miniscule sample size of JaysTalk callers to pontificate about the entire fan base. Seriously, he makes grand pronouncements about which guys are being singled out for hate based on what, maybe 3 callers to a fucking call-in show. The sample size is already self-selected, not a random assortment of fans. Yet, here we go with the fucking straw man argument about how HE is standing up for Player X against the idiot, reactionary fanbase (ie. there is too much ColbyRasmus hate). Who the fuck hates on the players that much. A couple of lonely fucks willing to hang out on the phone for half an hour just to speak their Retardese for 2 minutes. FUCK OFF (not you James, that is to Wilner vis a vis his use of the Fan platform).

    • I agree about Wilner but I have no problem with fans getting on the case of our players after bad performances. The hate for Colby is insane and totally unfounded but when players under preform I never want our fan base to accept it. New York, Boston, St Louis, none of those fans accept it when people under preform and niether should we. Case in point is Eric Thames, the guy is not playing well at all and this should be accepted, we cut Snider in a hurry last season so how much longer are we gonna run with this guy? And how on Earth does Farrell think its a good idea to bat in ahead of Lawrie? Regardless of the lefty-righty match up…

  9. Thanks.

  10. Wilner reports on Twitter – its gonna be Hutch. Crawford going back to AA.

  11. No, pressure, Drew. Just go do what the bed shitters on this team can’t.

  12. The year the Rays first made it to the playoffs (2009), their starters’ ERAs were as follows:

    3.94, 3.95, 4.14, 4.42, 5.92 and 6.77 (ages 27 to 23). Not a Cy Young sniff among that crew. You don’t need perfection, just keep it close.

  13. Was at the game. They never seem to get the big hit against the rays. Sooooo frustrating. And they usually demolish our starters not named romero

  14. Guess what? We’re going to lose more than 6 games this year. Losses happen and they happen often. For everyone.

    • You are right, we are going to lose more than six games, but if we can’t compete with the boys in the East, where does that leave us? Up shit creek without a paddle.

      • umm… we took 2 of 3 against Boston (and were an inning away from a sweep), and lost 2 of 3 against Baltimore and Tampa. So we’re slightly below .500 in 9 games (and one inning away from being over .500). Not sure how that says we can’t compete with teams in the AL East, Chicken Little.

  15. Haven’t had a winning record versus the Royals since 2008. Another opportunity to set a new tone, but it’s early.

  16. The jays were the 2012 MLB Spring Training Champions! NO one can take that away from them!!!!! ;)

  17. RE: Drew Hutchison
    Ben Badler of Baseball America wrote this about Hutchison & his call up today:

  18. Here’s the Jays pitching splits by inning. Close your eyes when you get to the ninth:

  19. Can anyone exlplain to me why we keep bating Thames in front of Lawrie? I mean I get that it has to do with the lefty righty match up, but twice last night Thames came up with runners on and either struck out or hit a little dribbler thus killing the rally. It’s not Like Lawrie had a great night but the kid thrives on the RBI situation and here we are watching Eric “Singles” Thames at the dish. This guy is awful, why is he getting the rope? This time last year Snider was just as bad and was sent to the minors almost immediately. What do they see in Thames? He is a 4th outfielder AT BEST!!!!!

    I’m not saying it has to be Snider, but that would be nice to give the kid a full shot, but how about Marisnick? or anyone??? Thames is garbage and last night was the first night I let him hear it, I hope he heard me and he starts to pick up his play….

  20. OK. We’re starting from scratch. Rays continue to have our number – for now. We must go no less than 5 & 2 on this road trip. We come home 11 & 8. 4 & 3 is disappointing. Anything less is disasterous. BTW I love reading these posts the next day. Very funny. I can’t believe you guys all watch the game and post at the same time while all the while accusing each other of being geeks! Please don’t stop. This is not meant as sarcasm – I’d miss this terribly!

    • I agree! I was at the game last night and if I could get my iphone to load the comments part properly id be posting from the game… jays blog in the city, maybe the country. I rarely go anywhere else for Jays Related content as most other sports reporters or blogs are just filled to the brim with general douchiness..

  21. I like Thames, he’s a no doubt good guy, but has he squared up a ball all season? Lordy, it seems like one dribbler after another. Maybe he did have a line drive caught last night, not sure.

    • 11% line drive rate, 2.38 groundball/flyball ratio. Only Arencibia has been worse on the team in line drives

    • Yeah that’s the thing about Thames, I can’t remember him hitting anything all that well, even for an out.

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