Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack…

At Getting Blanked, Drew fills us in on an unfortunate Twitter lashing out on the part of JP Arencibia– or “Aaron Cibia,” as a bunch of fucking dopes think we actually believe his name is every time we use it. Parkes adds some perpective on Twitter.

Via MLBTR, Alex Anthopoulos spoke on XM Radio with Jim Bowden, telling listeners about how good Kyle Drabek has looked so far, and that he’d still like to find another impact bat.

Dustin McGowan has resumed throwing, says Fingers crossed that he avoids setback this time. He’s at least six weeks away.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun figures it’s going to be Drew Hutchison who takes McGowan’s place as the club’s fifth starter, for now. According to Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail, Hutchison “has made enough progress that the Blue Jays believe he can tighten his slider and change-up further at the major-league level without getting hammered all over the ballpark. ‘If there was a major developmental component, he wouldn’t even be a candidate,’ said Anthopoulos.”

John Lott’s game story for the National Post reminds us how good Brandon Morrow was during his first start in Cleveland this year– which a lot of folks would do well to remember.

It’s paywall’d but if you’ve got a Baseball Prospectus subscription, check out Dough Thorburn’s look at one of John Farrell’s favourite pitching buzzwords, “downhill plane.” And if you don’t subscribe, I dunno… check out the first few paragraphs, I guess?

Eric Thames wanted to grow up to be a wrestler when he was a kid, says something at called Cut4.

At Mop Up Duty, Mathias notices that BABIP is down rather precipitously so far this season, and wonders if the increase in defensive shifts we’re seeing– by clubs like the Jays and others– could be to blame. Thanks, Bloomberg.

Lastly, on Thursday night at the Ossington bar in Toronto, Parkes and I will be winging some kind of baseball-related talk for a few minutes as part of The Little Red Umbrella’s Variety Spectacular. 10% of bar sales go to support the AIDS Committee of Toronto, so let’s get drunk. Hit up the Facebook invite and all that.

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  1. It’s Arencibia, stupid.

  2. I’ll let a couple ill-advised fat jokes slide – heck, who isn’t guilty of the odd appearance-based barb – but the second JP Arencibia/Brett Lawrie is caught calling someone “gay”, I’m betting the entire internet is torn apart by cognitive dissonance

    • fat jokes on twitter? really?

      arencibia might want to consider the consequences of acting like 13 year old douchebag in a public forum.

      • If your point is that you shouldn’t be quick to act in a judgmental and insulting tone online, maybe don’t call someone a “13 year old douchebag” in a public forum?

        • JP is ACTING like a 13 year old douchebag… besides – there are no consequences when i say something in an online forum.

          arencibia is a professional athlete… he is representing a professional organization. criticism comes with the territory. if he can’t deal with criticism perhaps he should look for a new line of work.

        • Boom. Roasted.

  3. Fuck you yuppies on the west end – come on over to the eastside! ;p

  4. Thats too bad…I kinda liked that nickname. Oh well, anyone got any ideas for a new one?

  5. That cut4 thing is a pretty thorough piece. Here I’ll quote the ENTIRE THING.

    “In case this whole baseball thing doesn’t work out, Eric Thames has a backup plan.

    The Toronto Blue Jays outfielder told a group of students he wanted to be a wrestler growing up.

    The transition doesn’t seem so hard; instead of a K, you have a KO.

    The only question that remains is what would his wrestling name be?

    We vote for “Thame-r of Beasts.” ”

    Also: A better nikname that somehow hasn’t caught on has to be E – T

    • I recall reading somewhere that Thames said if he was a wrestler he’d go by Chocolate Thunder.

      Way cooler name than “Thame-r of Beasts.” Not even close.

  6. I feel kind of bad for the reporter Aaron Cibia called fat. I looked at his twitter and he seems kind of defensive about it now. That’s uncalled for. JP should have called the guy a hack or a bad writer or something, but not fat. He should apologize.

    That said – this doesn’t seem like too big a deal to me. Was way worse when Cecil joking called a friend ‘a queer’ on there. Somehow that went under the radar.

    • To be honest, if I had to deal with literally hundreds of people tweeting me garbage at all times of the day insulting me, criticizing how I do my job, and calling me worthless, I’d react with a lot worse than “Have another donut” to some New York AM radio hack with a seriously unflattering profile photo

  7. JP looks like a class A asshat in all of this, particularly given:

    (a) You’re kidding yourself if you think this relatively tame comment was isolated. I’m sure JP was the subject of (and @ mentioned in) thousands of worse and more offensive tweets than that when he made his fat joke. Instead, he honed in on the easy target and unleashed his inner 12-year-old.

    (b) He was retweeting tweets of support of his fat joke from a bunch of mouth-breathing casual fans earlier this morning, a full 24 hours after the initial tweet. So he can’t blame this on a momentary lapse of judgment.

    This is who he is. A thin-skinned dumbfuck. Ultimately, how big of a douchebag these guys are doesn’t really matter to you and I. But it is unfortunate when he brings all of this negative attention to himself and to his team. It doesn’t bother me that Colby is the exact same thin-skinned dumbfuck hick, since he keeps it to himself (until prodded by St. Louis beat reporters) and (for the most part) doesn’t broadcast it to hundreds of thousands of people.

    The groundswell of support he apparently has from some of our numbnuts fans is also disappointing. I’m fine if you don’t give a shit about this, but I think we can all agree that this as a gross error in judgment. If you want to say it’s not a big deal, that’s fine. You’re a douchebag if you’re actively offering support for his tweet though.

  8. Oh it’s definitely horrible judgement by Aaron given his status as a public figure, but I fully condone Jays’ fans sending their share of vitriol towards the tubby gas-bag that seems to be reveling in his newfound “fame.” Seriously, fuck that guy.

  9. Looks like mathias actually has two Ts in it….

  10. What is Zach Stewarts projections as a starter with the white sox..Will be be near an ace or 3 or 4 guy. I fucking hated seeing him go.

  11. What I find funny is JPA gets roasted for making a “you’re so fat” remark, yet I don’t see Mirlis taking the high road either.

    Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him? It seems to me Mirlis is the *bigger idiot of the two.

    *more ways than one.

    • Nah, JP’s the bigger idiot for getting trolled by a no-name AM radio reporter.

    • whats the fuckin problem with stating the truth.the guy is fat and jp’s numbers suck shit.they are both right.and it was funny about the must have seen the replay of the hockey coach calling the ref a fat pig that both sports shows repeat over and over again.fat people are fat and donkeys are just got videod picking up KFC and his brother says hes trying hard to lose weight from 300+lbs.if thats fuckin trying hard i want him playin for the leafs and jays.the world is full of pussies with rose coloured glasses.assholes

  12. I don’t think the Jays will take any action against JP, nor should they. It’s not like he made derogatory remarks about gay people. Gay people work hard to take care of their bodies and if this reporter did the same he likely wouldn’t be attracting these comments.

    • “Gay people work hard to take care of their bodies”. You’re basing this on what? Experience?


  13. Actually I don’t think it would do folks well at all to remember Morrows nice performance against Cleveland. Otherwise those same folks will be hoping for a decent outing every time Morrow takes the mound and that’s just setting yourself up for disappointment.
    Its been 2 seasons and 60 starts now of frustratingly inconsistent pitching. You guys can all keep holding your breath that he’ll “figure it out” (whatever the fuck that means) and become the guy his XFIP says he can be, but Im done with all that.

  14. The reporter guy was a fucking troll. JPA might look like a douche, but he is our douche.

  15. Ya know … twitter stuff and whatnot … if someone personally goes after our boy JPA, calling out how he’s doing — and, this is twitter, not an official newscast, remember — he should be able to take whatEVER t f comes back at him. Who says the imaginary line gets drawn just before this guy’s oversized neck? If dude can dish, he should be ready to deal with incoming of any variety.

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