We all know a “no-doubter” when we see one hit. There is, as a rule, “no doubt” it will leave the yard. Pretty simple, really.

ESPN’s Home Run Tracker classifies home runs three different ways: Just Enough, Plenty, and No Doubters. No doubters are balls which “cleared the fence by at least 20 vertical feet AND landed at least 50 feet past the fence.” by their in-house definition. The really deep blasts, they sexily go on to note.

Jose Bautista hit a No Doubt home run off Jeff Niemann on Tuesday night. At 449 estimated feet, it travelled farther than any Blue Jays tater this season. As soon as it left the bat, it was clearly gone.

There are two terrific indicators that Bautista’s blast was a no doubter, beyond the whole “ball go far” thing. First, the reaction of Jeff Niemann on the hill. He swears and throws up his hands immediately after impact, turning his back to the ball with its fate already assured.

The other, as you can see in second half of the below gif, is the reaction of left fielder Matt Joyce. He doesn’t move. Not even an inch. He barely turns his head to watch it fly.

Standing like a statue while a home runs screams out of the yard is something of a baseball faux pas. Fielders usually offer a token jog on even the most mammoth of blasts.

Not Joyce. He has a nice little spot carved out on the Rogers Centre carpet and has no intention of giving it up, especially in the futile pursuit of a guaranteed souvenir. It really sells the moment, the helplessness of watching another prodigious Bautista Bomb sail high into the seats.

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  1. One more gem from the gif, Gimenez with the “ooo yeah that’s bad” fist into the glove.

    • James, I always liked your avatar pitcher with that must ache that I must confess, I found quite sexy. Is there any chance you will be going back to the picture or is it gone now that we’re at this site.

    • I think that’s sign language for “Shoulda called the deuce…”

  2. Another indicator? The ump is reaching for another ball before Jose is even out of the box.

  3. Come on Dorn, get in front of the damn ball! Don’t give me this “olĂ©” bullshit!

  4. I think I’ll just leave this page up for the rest of the day

  5. The lady in white to Jose’s right looks at the ball, goes “OOOOhhh!” and then for some reason looks back at Jose. Just checking who destroyed the baseball?

    Also, of all the ‘in the action’ seat holders who are visible in the shot, exactly 2 people show any body language indicating they fully understand what just happened. They do their best Matt Joyce impression.

    • Asian dude above the S in the left Budweiser sign looking at phone, hears crack of bat, looks up, ooos, looks back at phone.

      • People like that should have their tickets revoked.
        (wow… if misinterpreted that statement could seem SUPER racist)

  6. Awesome post and great animated gif!

    PS: I’m loving that you guys now have a proper photographer for your post images. I’m jealous of Chris Suppa’s gig. He’s taking some fine photos too.

  7. Nice post.

    “Standing like a statue while a home runs screams out of the yard is something of a baseball faux pas”.

    Not really,.especially with a No Doubter.

    But still a good post.

    • He could at least turn and take a couple of steps, instead of pulling a statue. I’m with Drew on this one, def a minor faux pas.

      • Sorry Morgan,I still disgree.Maybe the manager comes out in me.

        The batter knew it was gone,the pitcher knew it was gone,the catcher knew it was gone,even the umpire knew it was gone.A No Doubter.
        And as a fielder,as it was flying 100 feet over your head,you knew it was gone.
        Many times,when this happens,the fielder will refuse to acknowledge the accomplishment of hitting a ball that deep.Sort of a disrespect to the batter as not to appreciate the event.
        Should he have watched the ball sail into the seats?Maybe.
        But should it be considered a “faux pas” to ignore the opposing batters success. A resounding No.
        It’s like when a triple play happens against your team.You ignore it and get on the field as if it’s no big deal.A big “Fuck It”,it happened.

        In the heat of battle,never encourage the enemy by acknowledging their good play.
        There was no “faux pas”.

  8. Awesomeness….

    Also appreciating the GIF’s being buried in the stories. It makes loading the main webpage easier on some of my archaic computers (I have a few in the house…I’m lazy).

  9. The kid in the second row thinks the ball is going behind him.

  10. Lol it’s incredible how many things you can notice with a good gif, great post.

  11. The catcher doesn’t flinch either; just stays squatted and pats his glove. Usually they stand up and watch it.

  12. That Travis Hafner HR which leads the list was an absolute bomb. I’ve never seen somebody hit it so far at Kauffman.

  13. Yep, Jose crushed that.

    The one Adam Jones hit off Drabek was REALLY launched.


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