We had to wait a little long for the offence to show up, and for Sergio Santos to nail it down, but it was a decent-enough victory for the Jays last night, and hopefully the goddamn last of the dry spell their bats have been under for most of the early-going this season. Having Royals right-hander Luis Mendoza on the hill against them shouldn’t hurt.

Of course, the big story is Mendoza’s opponent on the hill, as Drew Hutchison makes a conspicuously-early Major League debut for the Jays tonight. We keep how he’ll benefit from his excellent command and maturity on the mound, but… who knows how any of that is going to translate to an actual big league stadium– or even the one that’s home to the Royals. Ask last night’s starter Kyle Drabek– back to a bust, by the prevailing logic of morons– about the kinds of ups and downs young pitchers can go through.

Or, actually, let’s just put Drabek’s performance behind us. Triple play, though, huh?


Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus thinks that last night may have been the only actually-consequential pinch hit appearance in the career of Jeff Mathis. Congratulations, Eric Thames.

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
E. Thames LF
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Arencibia C

D. Hutchison RHP

Kansas City Royals

Y. Betancourt 2B
A. Gordon LF
B. Butler DH
E. Hosmer 1B
J. Francoeur RF
B. Pena C
M. Moustakas 3B
A. Escobar SS
M. Maier CF

L. Mendoza RHP

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  1. Rasmus could easily be hitting .350 ish if he had some better luck earlier in the season.

    Still would love to see what this lineup could do with everyone in sync like Texas is right now.

  2. Need to extend EE as of yesterday imo. No decent bats his age that are going to be reasonably priced in 2013.

  3. Did Tabler just suggest that batting Yuniesky Betancourt lead off was a good idea?

  4. Pen making it interesting as always.

  5. Guess Santos paid Carlos so he could get another save opportunity. But wait I here it’s the Coco the fire starter up instead. Oh nooooooooooooo

  6. Royals aren’t helping themselves.

  7. This is what the bullpen makes me feel every game.


  8. John Farrell is the new genius. Forget the past.

  9. Well that Hutchison he just “knows how to win”

  10. Santos on the DL. Right shoulder inflamation.

  11. Santos to DL.

  12. Wow, the win probability chart for the yanks-sox game is just hilarious.


  13. http://tinyurl.com/7v6zwsw

    So there’s the PitchFX data from Hutchison’s start tonight. Threw 78.5% fastballs. Change 10% and Slider 11%. Probably needs to work more of his off speed stuff into the mix next time out if they give him another shot. Strange that he didn’t throw more considering he had a 70% strike rate from his off speed stuff compared to 52% for his fastballs. Not great play calling imo.

    When all is said and done just the one bad inning. If you look at the strikezone plot there’s a noticeable gap over the heart of the plate and all but one the hits were in the lower half.

    On the downside he was pretty wild especially for someone who’s supposed to have plus command. Could be nerves I suppose. Should be interesting to see if he gets another shot. Seeing how Farrell is really high on him I’m betting he does.

    • Early in the game SN showed a graphic that said his usual mix is 75% fastball, 15% change, 10% slider. Probably not surprising there were a few more fastballs given he got behind in the count so often. Also, the first change he threw got hammered over the fence in the first inning.

      He does have a couple of different types of fastballs so this isn’t all one pitch exactly.

      I thought he was decent overall for the first 3 innings or so. For the most part he was keeping it down in the zone which is good. He was getting squeezed on the inside corner which didn’t help. I think he reached a point around the 4th where between nerves and fatigue it was too much, and he should have been pulled at that point.

      He’ll need to develop the slider if he wants to succeed, for sure. If it’s 80% fastballs at the knees that’s a bit too predictable for a major-league lineup, or even a AAAA lineup like KC’s.

      • KC hardly has a AAAA lineup. Look how many runs they scored last year. They don’t have the power the Jays have but they get on base more. Some of their big bats like Gordon and Hosmer are struggling right now that’s all.

      • Ummmm…Bill Butler, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Jeff Francouer, Alex Gordom. FAR from a AAAA lineup.

  14. He threw 42 four-seamers and 34 two-seamers. It ain’t just fastballs.

  15. GG

  16. Can you guys imagine how insane this lineup would be with a May-2010 hitting Travis Snider in it instead of Thames? Then add an April-2011 Joeybats in there…that’s scary. We could trot out Josh Towers every night and laugh as we won 10-7 night after night.

  17. So our bullpen is tied for 7th in Opponents’ AVG (.219) but we’re 23rd in ERA (4.21, which is actually only .04 away from the AL average). So it’s not like our bullpen is getting beat up, they just happen to make one “bad” pitch that results in a HR. Maybe it’s just me but right now, I’d much rather that than see our bullpen get pounded with hit after hit each inning.

    • That’s small sample size for you in terms of ERA this time of year and for relievers in general. One bad outing scorches their ERA’s.

      • ya it’s true. I just meant I think it’s a better sign that the bullpen isn’t being knocked around endlessly. Much of the damage is from a single bad pitch/good swing, rather than cumulative hits. Our pen has allowed almost as many HR’s as doubles (and no triples). Just a matter of minimizing those errors and things should get better (or at least I think so… but I could be wrong)

  18. I would like to see Snider get called up.
    When will this happen?

    • If Snider gets called up now, he’s going to strike-out at a 30% clip again.

      I want to see the guy mash, but let’s face it, he’s not ready yet. Give him another 30-40 games and see where his numbers rest in June.

      • I think end of May – beginning of June. Could be sooner if AA can find a suitable taker on Thames. As funny as it sounds, the sooner Thames can hit and add some value, the sooner Snider will be called up.

        You know how it works, AA doesn’t want to give away Thames for nothing, like a pallet full of hushpuppies.

  19. The Jays Batting order is driving me nuts. Why is Rasmus batting so low, thus costing him one at bat per game. WHy is Kelly Johnson batting second? I know he has been good, but by the same measure as KJ is good, Jose is bad, so who cares? I personally think despite what the sabre-heads tell you, a good OBP does not compensate for the fact that my grandma is a faster runner than Escobar. Lead off with Rasmus, Batt Escobar second, Laurie Third, Jose fourthe, Edwin fith, Lind sixth, Arencibia seventh, Thames, then Johnson. For the love of Christ, lets fucking ditch Thames and go full time Snider. I am sick of his guys sideburns.

  20. Hutchinson is a keeper…

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