Podcast the Second!

And now a little something to kill time on a Monday afternnoon, and to fill you with rage over Dustin Parkes’ hating-on of Eric Thames: it’s the latest episode of the DJF podcast!

This week Drew, Parkes and I talked Brett Lawrie and his immaculate balls, Francisco Cordero, Sergio Santos, Drew Hutchison, morons who are ready to give up on the bullpen, morons who are ready to give up on JP Arencibia, morons who think Jose Bautista is never going to figure it out, and a whole lot more! We’ll be having guests this year, but not every single week– and this’ll be one of the guest-less ones. Hey, it’s early!

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  1. Nice work, guys. I really enjoyed this. I totally agree about people overreacting to small sample size. It’s for that reason that I don’t really care about how well Lawrie has performed in terms of the defensive metrics at this point, but am more excited about how good the optics are. He seems to be taking to third base very well and it seems like he has a real chance to stick there which many very knowledgeable people were understandably skeptical about at this time last year.

  2. it looks bad, since mcgowan went down right away, but shouldn’t we assume the jays and their legion of scouts and medical staff with cabinets full of medical reports and data on every day of mcgowan’s last 7 years, if they think he’s finally ‘there’, then obviously they think it’s a worthwhile investment.

  3. Hey guys.. do you think you could expand a bit upon the topic of alternative setups for blue jays audio that came up at the end of the show? I can’t take Tabler and Buck anymore, and there is the delay between radio and TV, so you can’t just mute the game and listen to Jerry and Alan.

  4. With respect to the discussion of McGowan, I know people always mention that he was injured already when he signed the extension (as Parkes did again in the podcast). I suspect that the extension was almost signed when he got injured, considering it got signed the next day. It seems reasonable to guess that “most of the terms” of the deal were already settled on. Maybe they had already agreed on a range or something like that and were just working out the details. I think the “show of good faith” or whatever that people mention is actually warranted in that situation. If they had a rough outline of a deal agreed upon, then McGowan got a minor injury, and then the Jays said, “Woah, a foot injury? Fuck you Dustin. The deal’s off.”. I think genuinely that would have cost the Jays some Karma points with McGowan and the players, and he would have been more likely to leave at the end of the year. I’d be pissed if it happened to me. This is exactly the type of Karma that AA has worked to fix from the JP era. Just general dickwad’ery.

    I think it is reasonable to discuss the merits of the deal in the first place though, independent of the foot situation. Obviously AA is high on McGowan. They saw him all spring. AA said recently that arguably McGowan had the best stuff in the rotation (can’t remember where.. either on Strombolopolous or during a game interview). If that’s what they think, then it’s not surprising that they think the risk is worth it even if he never pitches again.

    • For a stat head, Parkes’ criticism of the McGowan extension is baffling. McGowan’s deal translates to him producing 0.8 WAR. Dustin should be able to do that in his sleep.

      • But Parkes doesn’t like the fact that McGowan has diabetes.

      • How do you possibly say that of a guy who hasn’t been healthy– or particularly good when he was– over the last three years. Yes, a healthy, 2007 Dustin McGowan would do that in his sleep. That’s not the player who was signed to the contract, though.

        • I think AA is using more his “scouting eyes” on assessing the upside. His numbers weren’t ever great.

      • Exactly. You need to analyze the risk and the cost and determine if it’s worth it. As I’ve said before, even if they think there’s over a 50% chance McGowan never pitches again, it could still be worth it (obviously not in hindsight, but given current information).

        It’s obvious they’re factoring the risk into the cost otherwise the cost would be a shitload more. For example, they could theoretically sign maybe 4 McGowan’s for less than the cost of 1 other pitcher, and as long as 1 of the 4 theoretical McGowan’s pans out, it could be worth it. There’s more subtlety there obviously as there is an implicit “cost” to holding a roster spot if he sucks, but they can work that out too.

        I personally think the Jays are getting a steal, and they’re taking advantage of the social situation of McGowan who is essentially taking out a ginormous insurance package on the risk of him never playing again. If he retired now, he wouldn’t have made enough money to live off of for the rest of his life. It’s a very asymmetrical relationship there, and Rogers is the insurer.

  5. i wish we had a better camera angle for pitches.its too far to the right lookig at home plate from behind the pitcher.surely there must be a small camera that can be placed in the batters view.tired of guessing if the pitch was over plate

  6. You honestly like butters sending arencibia? he was safe by 6 inches on an awful throw with less than 2 outs… why is this a good thing? I expect pat and buck to praise this horseshit, but not you guys….

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