If you ever wondered about the misleading nature of early-season records– and for some reason can’t think back a couple years ago to when the Jays started something ridiculous like 27-14– look no further than tonight’s matchup between the Jays and the Orioles, a pair of teams still cruising with the big boys atop the AL East, despite the Jays not having clicked just yet, and the Orioles being the Orioles.

And shit, the Jays have yet to fully claim their gift from the Scheduling Gods, with a home series against the Mariners still to follow this visit to Camden Yards, before things get a little tougher, with May series’ against Texas twice, Anaheim, the Yankees, and Rays. So let’s let the good times keep on rolling. The Jays look to Henderson Alvarez tonight to do just that, as he takes on the 5.79 ERA and 7.16 FIP of O’s right-hander Tommy Hunter.


Oh, OriLOLes. At Getting Blanked, Parkes declares he’s found the quote of the year (so far).

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
A. Lind 1B
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Thames LF
J. Mathis C

H. Alvarez RHP

Baltimore Orioles

E. Chavez LF
J. Hardy SS
N. Markakis RF
A. Jones CF
M. Wieters C
C. Davis 1B
W. Betemit DH
R. Flaherty 3B
R. Andino 2B

T. Hunter RHP

Image via Abelimages/Getty.

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  1. Nothing is more infuriating than when reporters ask incredibly stupid questions to athletes. Arash madani just basically asked Kelly Johnson what he thought he needed to do to ensure he’ll make this team next year with a not so subtle hint that there are guys coming behind him. Hey Arash, he’s on a one year contract and is probably trying not to think about it right now you fucking idiot.

    Kelly’s answer was great “It’s April so I’m not really thinking about that right now, and answering that question isn’t really fair to me”

    • My thoughts exactly. A good answer to a terrible question.

    • Saw that too! Where do they get these guys? (Alright, dont answer that…..
      Wonder if Madani has enough brains to figure that Johnson has all kinds of motivation to either go FA again, or re-up for a few years with the Jays.

  2. Let’s keep this fucker going.

  3. Lind in the 5 hole. Right direction again. There is hope for Farrell.

  4. It’s just a smattering of fans there. They make the crowds at the Dome look great.

  5. Wow, nice work on Butter calling Wilner “Michael”.

    Like, grow the fuck up and act like an adult you douche instead of that know-it-all kid that really doesn’t know it all… (Maybe I’m reading into it too much) ;)

    And before everyone starts sharting, remember that Camden Yards is home run friendly but less so to doubles and triples so expect some flying balls coming at you.

  6. Hey, Bautista didn’t bitch at the ump after that called strike.

  7. Holy hell my MLB.tv feed is terrible right now.

  8. Fuck. The game is just starting and I’m already annoyed by Tabler.

    • I’m not going to make it through May if I keep listening to his dribble. “Adam Lind hasn’t really found his stroke this year”….ummm, Adam Lind hasn’t found his stroke since 2009.

  9. Thames d :(

  10. Nice read off the wall there by Thames.


  11. Nice play off the wall, Thames…

  12. Colby has to play LF and Cf

  13. Fuck Thames. Shave those sideburns you hippie!

  14. Thats it. Load the bases with none out Alvarez! I hold you responsible for this loss!

  15. … Can we panic yet

  16. Okay, just 1 more out.

  17. Nice work.

  18. Phew. One run’s a lot better than what I thought we’d have to endure.

  19. Excuse me while I change my pants.

  20. Impressive. I feel like drabek would have literally exploded in that spot

  21. Thames is gonna challenge Alfonso Soriano and Logan Morrison as the worst defensive left fielder in the majors.

  22. The pitchforks are already coming out on Thames. I wonder how long Alex will let this go on with an ice cold no defense left fielder, a fifth outfielder who never plays and “the competition” raking in Vegas. We’ve seen the team lose patience quickly with relievers and Snider before. Cecil got yanked without even getting a start. Jo-Jo had a long leash and Drabek did too.
    I wonder if the starter policy has changed now too and everyone has a short leash if it’s starters or just case by case and may be inconsistent or unpredictable.

    • interesting point. I suspect Thames gets to play till the end of May barring injury. However, they are quicker this year to move players around the batting lineup & bringing up Hutchison

  23. Alvarez has the mentality of an ace. He’s got a great future, IMO

    • He’s going to be an ace for sure, and a young one. Can’t believe how he handled himself with bases loaded, no outs, behind in the count. Amazing.

  24. In the top of the 1st, Hunter got Escobar, Johnson and Bautista in order but it took 20 pitches. Alvarez loads the bases, gets out of it having only given up 1 run, and only needs 18 pitches. Hope the Jays batters can keep working the count, and eventually take advantage of Hunter (or the O’s bullpen) for some runs.

  25. I think the Jays are more focused on Snider than on Thames right now, re: the left field battle. They’re willing to tolerate garbage from Thames if Snider isn’t ready for the callup. And let’s be honest, Snider could be better.

  26. Maybe they read Drews blog…

  27. Oooh, the first Brett Lawrie ball washing of the day…

  28. Hunter keeps trying to walk Lind and Lind is having none of that shit.

  29. Did Lind just foul off ball 4 … twice?

  30. If nothing else you have to give Lind crest for working counts far better this year.

    • Credit* Not “crest”. You don’t have to give him toothpaste.

    • This is true. It’s nice to see him have a more patient approach at the plate, fouling off pitches to prolong the at bat. But when it’s ball 4 you might as well take it. They didn’t look like borderline strikes to me (though I guess that’s easy to say when you’re not the one in the batter’s box…)

  31. Who would have thunk it…a walk, my God.

  32. OriLOLes

    • I do hope that that is as funny at season’s end as it is today–we need to beat the shit out of them big time to get where we want to be.

  33. All I care about is that we get the kinks out before that AL East September hits. That’s a lot of time for kinks. Hooray!

  34. Wilson Betemit reminds me a lot of Harold Baines.

  35. I could be wrong, but isn’t it dumb to sacrifice a runner over from 1st to 2nd when you already have one out?

  36. Eric Thames HOLDING HIS OWN

  37. I’m a member of Jack’s team. Anybody know where a guy can get some rub and tug?

    • go jack off yourself. some fuckin nerve you have bringing politics into a baseball forum, asshole.and you probably think your funny dickhead.

      • Au contraire. Mulcair brought himaelf into m’y ballgame with his commercial teliing me he was part of Jack’s team. So I won’t go fuck myself dipshit. Especially when your mom’s here right now.

        • so you think you are a comedian.it seems your id is stuped.mom jokes are lame.why dont you add my sister while you are at it fool.troll this is about baseball.go talk your shit on the tor sun board.phuk off

        • Ton français me fais gerber, maudit con. You’re about as good for this board as 1994 was for the Expos. CHINGA TU MADRE

  38. Crushed.

  39. Thames?! I didn’t think he’d ever do that again.

  40. Nice timing, Thames.

  41. That was a MONSTER by Thames.

  42. what, i missed thames dancing the fuckin field for a ball over his head and bouncing the wrong way off the wall.how the fuck can a guy make major league ball and not be able to catch?is this some kind of fuckin joke because its not funny.this guy could cost us the one game we are out come sept. AA put a stop to this bullshit now before its too late.this is an obvious problem that needs to be addressed immediately.this team is tied for first.as i write this thames hits a homer.put him on first then

  43. Dammit!

  44. That HR notwithstanding, how on eath has Thames been “keeping his head above water” this April. And, why is that “all you wanna do,” Buck?

  45. One two three
    That’s how elementary
    It’s gonna be …

    Alvarez now looking OK.

    • I may never forgive you for planting that horrid tune in my head.

      • Sorry. There probably should be a punishment for spreading earworms as they call them in German. I was just fed up with people who think that all the Jays relief pitchers should either have 1-2-3 innings every time out or go back to triple A.

      • I like that song

  46. Janssen in the dugout…. not familiar with the layout at Camden – is that normal?

  47. Golfed that one

  48. Orioles announcers keep calling Brett “Lowrie”.

  49. Jays have seen 74 pitches through 4 on not very many hits. I feel bad for the O’s pitchers. Now all 4 other teams in their division are scary patient.

  50. Alvarez! Yeah buddyyyyy!

  51. Noooooooooo

  52. I put the TV on mute to avoid Buck and Pat but I know they’re still talking even if I don’t hear them. I’m worried I might jab an icepick into my ear!

  53. wow, that was some seriously defective defense by Thames

  54. Thames with his 2nd home run of the day…

  55. Eric Canseco. at least Jose used his head.

  56. Thanks Thames.

  57. Thames giveth, Thames taketh away

  58. Snider would have had that…

  59. ok thats it…I thought the whole Thames can’t field shit was just that shit… now I am beginning to wonder…

  60. Where was Lawrie on that home run? I thought this guy was supposed to be rangy and athletic.

  61. Blue Jays manager John Farrell officially named Edwin Encarnacion the club’s new cleanup hitter on Tuesday afternoon in Baltimore.

  62. Ugh $4.75 hot dogs.

  63. WTF, an easy fly ball just over the LF wall and loser Thames who is a no good piece of shit outfielder can’t even jump up and catch it? This guy is costing us the season and is the most horrible player that has every put on a Jays uniform. That was a routine HR ball if I’ve ever seen one. What a douche.

    • Lol?

    • I see your point. It’s a bit of an overreaction as that would have been a pretty great play had he made it. However, to be fair, the ball did not look like it was going to go over the wall without hitting Thames’ glove.

      • It seems from the previous reactions that Thames has used up any sense of fairness and good will that people were willing to afford him, and that on a night he finally rediscovered his power.

  64. There are certain acts which cannot be forgiven by a small sample size…

  65. Pizza Pizza will like the increased GB rates.

  66. The good news is that, at 83 pitches through five, Hunter should be out of the game soon.

    The bad news is–given his 5.79 ERA entering into this game, or his career 4.57 ERA–that getting Hunter out of the game is good news.

  67. Kelly Johnson, walkin’ machine.

  68. Bautista kind of looks like he’s dipping very slightly over the the left when he swings and then he straightens back just as the ball hits the bat. No wonder he’s popping foul balls back over the screen so often. It’s like every at-bat he sends the first pitch back there.

  69. Jesus Christ, I know he’s not the only one, but how many fucking meatballs can Jose either miss or pop up? He’ll get it right, but he looks terrible…Hunter is practically putting it on a tee, and no one is making him pay…

    • I’m not so sure he’ll get it right. It looks like just about all the other clubs have figured him out. It took them a year and a half but they got it and now they know how to pitch him. Either that or his mechanics have all of a sudden fallen apart. They **really** need a visit from Uncle Cito right now to work his swing over. His timing is a mess.

  70. Watch me now!

  71. Good eh?

  72. Okay Lind, all I want you to do is stand there and don’t swing the bat. Make Hunter throw some pitches and get over 100, so he doesn’t come back. How hard can that be?

  73. This is bad hitting.

  74. Adam’s core won’t allow it.

  75. Glad to see that moment where Arencibia can’t catch a ball has come with no men on base tonight.

  76. Ugh come on Jays bats don’t be shit all night. These are the orioles after all. Skip the usual MO of making shit pitchers look good please.

  77. I don’t know whether to blame Buck or Scott Carson for these inanities.

    • What, that tasty morsel about just Thames’ second hit all year against a lefty, in 7 at bats?

  78. worried about ears says: 04.24.12 @ 8:10 PM EDT
    Reply I put the TV on mute to avoid Buck and Pat but I know they’re still talking even if I don’t hear them. I’m worried I might jab an icepick into my ear!


  79. Athletical?

  80. We really, really need to give Alvarez some solid run support. We fail him so often.

    • Aye indeed, as with his idol in Seattle. Still, I hesitate to say “often” at this young point in his career…

      • Yeah, fair. It’s frustrating to see him pitch well and get a no decision because we can’t cross the plate – and I really just want to win this damn game! It’s the Orioles! Why are we having so much trouble with them?!

  81. It’s good to see Alvarez going into the seventh inning. Keep the pitch counts down, pound down, have movement on the ball, change speeds = general success.

  82. quoted for truth

  83. Repeating myself yeah but Alvarez is looking good. Looks like a decent MLB starting pitcher at 22 years old. How cool is that? And how goddamn lucky for the Jays.

  84. fuck- dyslexia must be setting in with the dementia.

  85. And how goddamn lucky for the Jays.

    Yeah and just imagine the staggering dollar value to the amount of damage Ash and Ricciardi did to this team over those 17 or so years.

  86. Jose Mendoza! Go for Jose one more out and you’re there!

  87. i know KJ is quick, but why not put Rajai in now, to F with the pitcher?

  88. Jose Bautista about on his pre-trade track of .225 16 home runs. Should be forced back on the juice for the rest of his contract. Gonna be one sad offense when KJ leaves as a free agent.

  89. These Orioles games are not great fan experiences.

  90. So now that EE’s bat seems to have gone a little cold, is there ANYONE hitting in this lineup? The last time I saw any of them hit and didn’t think they looked shitty was Rasmus, and even that was a couple of days ago…KJ is having good at bats and getting on base I guess, but he’s hitting .230…Bautista is a fucking mess – his timing is totally off, guessing wrong on pitches, and even when he makes contact, it even sounds shitty…

    I know it’s whiny, especially when we’re 10-6, but it would be nice to feel good about someone coming to the plate…if they’re still going like this when Texas comes to town, things could get ugly…

  91. well the good thing is the yanks are losing.the jays pitchers are looking great.the bad is the jays cant hit the o’s and sox, rays, o’s are all winning. come on jays hit the damn ball

  92. thats a break that we miss their closer Johnson

  93. Come on, rally caps!

  94. This Strop kid is pretty good.

  95. Jesus Lind

  96. I’m suckalicious!

  97. Somebody call the doctor Jose has a case of Mendoza and it looks like he’s been swapping spit with Lind cause he’s about to come down with it too.

  98. Lind arrrgggh. Strop fanned the fat fucker with fastballs.

  99. Lawrie earning that maple butter.

  100. Swipe this fucking bag Lawrie

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