If you ever wondered about the misleading nature of early-season records– and for some reason can’t think back a couple years ago to when the Jays started something ridiculous like 27-14– look no further than tonight’s matchup between the Jays and the Orioles, a pair of teams still cruising with the big boys atop the AL East, despite the Jays not having clicked just yet, and the Orioles being the Orioles.

And shit, the Jays have yet to fully claim their gift from the Scheduling Gods, with a home series against the Mariners still to follow this visit to Camden Yards, before things get a little tougher, with May series’ against Texas twice, Anaheim, the Yankees, and Rays. So let’s let the good times keep on rolling. The Jays look to Henderson Alvarez tonight to do just that, as he takes on the 5.79 ERA and 7.16 FIP of O’s right-hander Tommy Hunter.


Oh, OriLOLes. At Getting Blanked, Parkes declares he’s found the quote of the year (so far).

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
A. Lind 1B
B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Thames LF
J. Mathis C

H. Alvarez RHP

Baltimore Orioles

E. Chavez LF
J. Hardy SS
N. Markakis RF
A. Jones CF
M. Wieters C
C. Davis 1B
W. Betemit DH
R. Flaherty 3B
R. Andino 2B

T. Hunter RHP

Image via Abelimages/Getty.

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  1. Fuck off Thames!

  2. lol It’s all Parkes fault for mocking the Orioles so much this year. Now the Jays are their bitches.

  3. Strop off you showboating Valverde rip-off. You’ll be pecking shit yet you fucking donkey lickers!

  4. Tommy Hunter.

    Tommy fucking Hunter – seriously?


  5. CRAP. I promised I wouldn’t make fun of the Orioles again until the Jays have a winning record against them. Now I’m gonna have to wait until at least the next series.

  6. Hey, there’s still Seattle, Oakland and Minny.

  7. Jays drop another turd against Baltimore. Gonna have to stop watching these.

  8. Painful. Waste of a good outing by Alvarez. Not so much the lack of runs that sucks but despite taking so many pitches, they still managed to have a lot of wonky at-bats.

  9. Three observations about the game/team

    -escobar has been some kind of ground ball machine this season

    -Jose just doesn’t look right…he is late on everything hard and early on everything soft

    -Rasmus looked like he was coming around…and then he promptly went back to sucking bad

  10. Seriously. What is personality of this Jays team? Even the KC sweep was about as exciting as watching paint dry. If the team doesn’t figure out how to turn it up a notch, we are going to experience a shit kicking first time we face a serious contender. And for fsakes, bring up Snider!

  11. Escobar on basing at .275 isn’t going to cut it long in the lead off spot.

  12. Ugh. Frustrating game.

    Liked what I saw from Alvarez though. Gotta try for 2/3 now.

  13. Lol who is this fuck on Jaystalk now grilling Jose for average and continually dismissing his walks.

  14. Great pitching, terrible offense seems to be a recurring theme for most of the losses this year (save 1 or 2)

    • It’s true. The hitting still isn’t clicking, but the pitching has been fantastic.

      It’s pretty encouraging to see the way Alvarez and Drabek have looked.

  15. Well 10% of the season is officially done and I’d have to say the pitching overall has been miles better than what I expected considering we’ve got 3 minor league guys from last year starting games and an injury to the closer.

    The hitting on the other hand has been worse than expected or it certainly seems like it has despite the fact that the Jays are somehow 3rd in runs scored in the AL. I’m guessing the over the top numbers with runners in scoring position (.341 AVG/.421 OBP/.473 SLG) certainly have helped them to a winning record. That said, Jose and Lind have looked crap for most of the season and the Jays are going to need them to get going soon.

    Should be interesting to see if they can bounce back for the final two games considering it’s Drabek and Hutchison pitching. If they do manage to beat the Orioles with those two starting it would really be a nice confidence booster going forward.

    • It seems the Jays are playing in ballparks with Siberian-like weather. Once the weather warms up, the bats should follow.

      Alvarez 7 IP with not one single K? Gotta love that whole pitching to contact bullshit.

      • If he gives up 2 runs in 7 IP every game, I don’t give a shit if he never strikes anyone out.

        • Whatsamatter? Have him in your fantasy league? Alvarez pitched to contact, and mostly GBs. Looked good to me.

      • But why arent other teams affected byt the weather? and why cant the Jays do whatever it is that they’re doing?

  16. DId the Jays even get a guy into scoring position the entire game? (not counting the homerun DUH)

  17. The headline on ESPN for the jays game is hilarious..

    “Outfielder aided homer pushes O’s past jays’

  18. Hey the Royals lost today! Will wonders never cease??

  19. The whole work the count approach is bullshit. Their relief pitchers pitched better than Hunter. See the ball. Hit the ball.

    • It’s true, working the count is a great idea if it leads to good pitches to hit. What’s been happening is that they’ve been passing on meatballs that are the first or second pitch of the at bat, and then falling behind fouling pitches off to extend the at bats. This has been working great for Kelly Johnson but no one else. Jose has been especially bad at this. He will never ever swing at the first pitch now and its always the best pitch he gets to hit.

      I know people like to talk about philosophies and all that, work the count, wait for the first good pitch even if its the first. Just swing at good pitches no matter where the hell they are in the at bat.

      • Yes I completely agree. It’s good to make the pitcher work but you shouldn’t formulate it by not offering at the first two pitches of every at bat. Yankees for example, do work the count but when they see a good pitch they hit it hard.

  20. On the plus side, we’re still in first thanks to the Yankees loss.

    On the down side, it’s a four-way tie for first.

  21. Missed the coverage of the game. Just saw the Thames assisted HR off the bat of the greatest thing since sliced bread prospect, what’s his name Wieters. Tough play, but fuck, he should have at least tried to keep the ball in the park.

  22. These fucking in division losses against the OriLOLes are a killer. We know the jays will get raped by the rays and do so-so against BOS and NYY but they really need those wins against BAL if they want to be competitive. They can beat KC all they want but they only play them 8 times as opposed to 18 against the orioles. Another thing is everyone here thinks the offense is fine. ITS NOT as they showed today against Tommy Hunter who they usually demolish. They have way too many streaky hitters who are hot and cold at different times. Escobar, and Bautista have been huge rally killers until this point in time. Hopefully they pick it up or else you will seee more games like this. Lastly, just bring Snider up already. Just give him a ton of at bats and see what he does with it. Its maker or break time for him. Thames is an average regular at best

  23. boring game today…. a giveaway….someone should eat shit for this…..Thames needs his ass reamed ….

    • Hey mutha-fuckah. Dont ever use my name again. Bullshit post copying people, karma will get via 100 naked , honry and hairy Greek men to grace you bed tonight.


  24. Suitable for DJF.

    I think the numbers are off, at least according to the comments section.


    • The numbers are off. The one for the Blue Jays alone is clearly off. $7.19 for 14 oz? I wish.

      Anyway, it’s a nifty comparison. Thanks.

  25. Per Wilner, Thames is not a bad defensive outfielder.

    I agree with Wilner. He is not bad. He is FUCKING TERRIBLE.

    I have not seen a major league outfielder not in their late 30′s and fat so woefully inadequate at one of the easier positions to man in baseball.

    Im sort of sick of it.

  26. Hey,what happened to the “Lawrie sucks” post? Don’t tell me Rogers made him take it diwn…..

  27. LOLed at “Orioles being the Orioles”. I was getting my 2 year old son ready for bed and asked if he wanted to watch the Jays take the Orioles down a notch or two, where they belong.

    Gotta start em young.

    • So you lied to your kid?

      • The rest of us still seem to be lying to ourselves. This OriLOLes thing has lost much of it’s charm. Let’s mothball it until they start to act like the hapless chumps we remember, especially against us.

  28. That was a fairly well pitched game that the Jays have to win if they want to play in September….pathetic. And also, I would love to see just once the jays hit 9 base hits in a row and see what the score would be…

  29. thames needs to open his glove to catch a ball.phukin embarrassing to the scout and gm that a major league guy cant catch a ball when baseball is about catching a ball.glove closed and turned backwards to the play.but man can he run.

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