Good-ish news tonight by way of the power of Barry Davis’s special privilege…

So, the club possibly won’t be losing a lights out reliever for a prolonged period, the Sergio Sirotka Moron Brigade can put away their banners and wait for the next dipshit parade to go marching off into, and in the meantime, Francisco Cordero will continue to do a competent job of trying not to suck too much at protecting the lead as the team’s temporary ninth inning man.

Though… that’s unfair. While I was wary of Cordero’s diminishing skills when he signed, I like the guy, I want him to succeed, I want to believe he can adapt to his loss of velocity– though the TV broadcast gun and the ones shown on certainly have made me think that the 93 MPH he’s averaging per FanGraphs’ pitch F/X seems a tick or two low– plus… y’know… I’m sure he’s just gonna keep on getting GIDPs to bail him out of the messes he creates, right? RIGHT???

Speaking of guys bailing themselves out of their own messes, Brandon Morrow, everyone! The Jays number two starter didn’t look himself again tonight, not missing bats the way he’s capable, but mostly keeping the ball in the park (the lone Eric Hosmer home run will reduce Morrow’s HR rate), and sparing much of the bullpen by pitching into the seventh. If this more efficient Morrow can slowly bring the strikeout stuff along, everything will be fine– which isn’t to say that him figuring it the fuck out sooner wouldn’t be a whole lot better than, y’know, later.

Ahhh, but whatever. The Jays have swept the mighty Royals, and now must head to Balitmore to do battle with the unstoppable Orioles. Kelly Johnson is Alomar incarnate, Jose Bautista hit a home run on some kind of Beau Gaudreau uppercut swing, and the club’s early season continues to go rather swimmingly– with many thanks to the Schedule Gods for that.

As for the closer, “if Santos is pain-free the next time he picks up a baseball, then he’ll get right back on track and will probably be ready to rejoin the team by mid-May,” explains Mike Wilner at Miked Up. “If he’s not, that’s troubling.”

So the Jays aren’t exactly out of the woods yet on what could be a tough blow to the player who was to be the lynchpin of a solid bullpen. But no structural damage is at the very least good news– kinda like how four wins are four wins, whether they’re against the Kansas City Royals or an actual Major League club. Every bit counts, and right now I think we’d do well just to take it and move along.


 Image via Brad White/Getty.

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  1. I’m a bit puzzled by Brandon Morrow’s pitching right now. His stuff is basically the same as it’s ever been, but he’s not getting the same results with that stuff at all through four starts.

    Morrow’s swinging strike rate and strikeout rate are way down from what they’ve been in the past, but his GB% is way up. He seems to be making a concerted effort to change his approach and pitch deeper into the games (as the Jays apparently wanted him to). But is this really the right way to go?

    • Well Fullmer_Fan…. I don’t like what I’m seeing either…. balls are getting hit hard. It’s kind of hard to fathom given what we saw last year. I don’t think it’s for the best, but I think if he learns how to pitch and win the way he’s throwing the ball right now, it could be good for him to be able to switch between this mode and the one we’re used to, depending on situations and shit like that. i dunno

      • In the past, Morrow has gotten a ton of whiffs and infield flies off his FB. That just hasn’t happened so far this year (even before tonight’s game, his infield fly rate was significantly down at 3.4% compared to the usual 9.4% and I mentioned the lower than normal strikeout rates).

        And looking at the PitchFX for tonight’s game, he actually got zero whiffs tonight on his fastball, a statistic that’s hard to believe considering what he did in 2010 and 2011 with that pitch. While the velocity is still clearly there, could it be that he’s throwing his four-seamer differently in a way that’s made it more hittable? We’re only four starts in, but if this is the beginning of a trend, I’m not sure it’s a good one.

        • I’m somewhat concerned aswell, I get the feeling an above-average offense is going to really light him up badly with the way his fastball has looked so far.

    • I dont like it either. Power pitchers are naturally not pitch efficient. Thats what morrow is. No use in making him a pitch to contact type of pitcher. That will take away his strength. BTW, morrow is not the only one whos k numbers are concerning. So is Romero’s although it is not to the extent of morrow dropoff

      • I wouldn’t call it concerning with Romero. His K/9 is just at 5.93 right now (career 7.18), but he could easily get back to his career average with one high strikeout game (which he is clearly capable of). He also hasn’t changed his approach at all like Morrow has, nor is his swinging strike rate down as Morrow’s is.

      • Is it really that concerning though, as long as they get guys out? Last year, you could definitely argue that you didn’t want the opposition to hit balls anywhere, with guys like Encarnacion, Nix, Patterson, Thames, Rivera in the field. This year, aside from Thames, that isn’t a concern. Besides, I’d rather have a low-strikeout high-out efficient starter (aka, Roy Halladay) on the mound over a high-strikeout not-many-outs guy (aka, AJ Burnett).

    • If he is trying to change his approach then it will take some time to see the end result, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Perhaps this sort of approach will allow him to pitch deeper into games more consistently, and it may also be more sustainable in the years to come. A power pitcher can’t be a power pitcher forever, necessarily. Maybe Morrow or the club have determined that this is a better way for him to continue developing as a pitcher.

      Or… maybe we’re thinking about this too much, and they’re really not trying to change his approach?

      • Yeah, there are a lot of variables out there that we really don’t know at this point. I’m just saying that if this is actually a new thing with Morrow, I’m not sure it’s a good thing.

    • yes, in my opinion it is the right way to go.

      there was a point in tonights game with the score tied where there was a runner on 3rd and one out. the infield was in and considering the score it was “need a strike out” situation. Morrow got the strike out.

      this impressed me because he went to went to his power ways when it was appropriate, and switched back to contact mode when it was appropriate.

      if he can get this efficiency thing going good, then throttle back and forth between power and efficiency appropriately, this guy could achieve scary good status.

    • Or we can go the catcher approach, b/c his best bud Molina is gone he has to really work with JP now. Maybe Morrow hasn’t fully trusted JPA’s catching abilities so he’s kinda holding back his “stuff” so that JP doesn’t let the balls bounce all over the field? Psychological thing maybe? Possible? not highly probable though. It does worry me a bit, but I think he’ll figure it out eventually. A nice balance of Ks and GBs.

    • for what it’s worth: on the radio broadcast last night Jerry and Alan talked about Farrell introducing a new approach to Morrow in Spring Training. they didn’t quite say “pitch to contact” but they did talk about efficiency blah blah blah – either way, my understanding, is that it’s a myth –

      • Yeah, he’s trying to throw a change up right now via a palm ball grip, in an attempt to get more of a drop in MPH from last year. Perhaps right now is not the time of year to try new things.

    • I can recall the Jay wanting Burnett to do the same thing in 2007, and it failed miserably.

      I like that Morrow wants to become a better pitcher, but at this type of extreme, he’s going to be much, much worse. He needs to find the best of both groundballs and strikeouts.

    • Not to shit on the man too much, but I am concerned too.

      In a less inbred way, he kinda reminds me of AJ Burnout right now, you know, minus the shaving cream antics and general retardedness.

      Great stuff, but not executing pitches and real inconsistent.

      I still trust he’ll come around, but man, what a whack of dingdongs he’s given up!

    • Remember when Roy Halladay started out as a power pitcher throwing the ball at 95MPH+. He changed his approach and learned how to pitch. Went from trying to blow the ball by everyone to a pitch to contact approach. I am wondering whether Morrow is going through the same transition. He still needs to work on keeping the ball down, as the number of HR’s he has given up won’t help the Jays.

      • This is not exactly true. It is true that when he came up he was all power but then he learned how to pitch and had his first big break through seasons..but THEN, if you recall, he went into this “pitch to contact” mode and his numbers fell off…his K rate dropped, his ERA and h/9 went way up…and THEN he realized that this was bullshit and that you could combine pitching with power and then he saw his second career golden ERA which continues to this day

  2. Look, the 2012 Royals are a major league team. Not a very good major league team and not one that’s playing well right now, but they’re a major league team. Now back in 2004 when they went 58-104, that was a Triple A team dressed up as an MLB team. Just like Tampa used to send out on the field back when they were still the D-Rays (in 2002 they won all of 55 games). The 2012 Royals, although they’re sucking right now and could really use some more pitchers, are nowhere near that bad.

  3. This is my first post ever. ive been reading it for a couple years now and havent had anything to contribute…just read others posts and enjoyed it.

    However, i am having to post because like many others, i think you are going overboard with the swearing and the anger issues. I can barely read it anymore. All you do is flip out at people who also have an opinion and are posting on your blog. I hate to say it, but unless you can relax on the people who have an opinion different than yours, or at the very least stop this “oh dont worry guys ill prove we can still swear on thescore by swearing 10x as much as before” your going to lose people like me.

    oh and by the way, thanks ahead of time for your screaming and random hate at me for letting you know that i like your blog and want to keep it going. I read this on the bus all the time, but its becoming too much to take on a pleasant bus ride….THANK YOU, and i hope you’ll take this as useful criticism and improve the blog.

    • While I’ve never noticed that he swears, the fact that a meek man such as yourself has adjusted his glasses and cracked his knuckles and gone ahead and hit ‘post comment’ is eye-opening. Perhaps today is the day when the line finally blurred between blog and article.

      Do me a favour and say blog out loud. bbbbbbbbbblooooooooooooog. Doesn’t sound all that important to me. Certainly not the place for decorum. bllllllooooooooooooog.

    • Fuck off.
      and welcome to drunkjaysfans. enjoy.

    • I’m going to go out on a ledge and say that Stoeten probably doesn’t care, or at least he doesn’t care enough to change the way in which he writes and disseminates the game to meet one person’s criteria.

    • What are you doing on this site? If you’re looking for safe boring Jays info read the Globe. Until then, F-off.

    • I’ve been reading the blog and commenting for a while and Stoeten can go off the deep end even to the point of attacking other bloggers who post here.But that is only part of the experience, I find the interaction between the commenters more entertaining.The attraction is that the blog is unmoderated so ALL opinions can be read.
      As far as the swearing goes, I find it more warm and fuzzy compared to what it used to be.Sure you see fuck and ass but rarely anymore do you see cocksucker,motherfucker,cunt etc.Or the guy that wants to lick Sara’s ass.It’s the price of popularity.
      If the blog becomes censured because of swearing,what will be next, cesuring opposing opinions?

    • Ya i agree, FUCK OFF, go read the suns blogs

    • Wow… okay, let me say this. Someone who starts up a blog can say whatever they want on it. If you choose to read or not, based on the content therein, is your decision. You have no right whatsoever to tell that blogger to change the way they write or what they write. That blogger doesn’t owe you a fucking thing. If a third-party entity chooses to employ that blogger and allows them to continue writing it they way they always have, that’s their decision. Again, no one’s holding a gun to your head to read it. The entire point of this blog, since its inception, has been to talk baseball with a quick wit and acerbic irreverence. There are lots of baseball blogs out there that don’t have the swearing and calling-out of morons. Feel free to read those instead, and maybe try not to ruin this blog for those who like it just the way it is.

  4. I’ve also been reading for perhaps 3/4 years and wanted to mention that I could care less about the amount of swearing on the site… You visit a site called drunk jays fans , not jays fans puritanical blog…

    The only thing that gets me are the trolls and lack of posts on the weekend… (hint…) but otherwise all is good.

    • the thing this isn’t the drunk jays fans blog site anymore.Sure it’s got the same title but when I go to a broadcaster website I expect some level of professionalism.

      I’m getting tired of the constant bashing of everyone and the unneeded swearing. Fine when you’re on your own cookie cutter blog site being a douchebag — I chose to go to that site for that particular kind of Jays input. I only come to TheScore because it’s one of the main sites that actually does talk about baseball. Maybe it’s about time these guys start acting more professional and get a damn haircut…

      • What. The. Fuck?

      • Ditto…they were brought on to “the Score” because they were DJF: NOT because they were going to clean things up. Switch the channel if you dont like it.

      • Get off my lawn!

      • Why do you even find swearing offensive? If Stoeten wrote with the same sort of vitriol but left the “swear words” out, then would you feel better? If so, why? I really don’t understand. Maybe you would like for him to edit his swearing with nicer words. Fuck -> fart; Shit -> shoot; God Damn -> darn ?

        Go well.

      • The only reason I go anywhere near The Score is for DJF and GB. That’s it. Whoever decided to bring them on board is a savvy motherfucker who knows how to grow market share in a competitive sports media environment. Don’t change a thing.

      • *Playing the violin………pulls it away from his shoulder and smashes it violently against his flat of beer*

        Swearing has its place………especially when a pitcher like Frasor comes in and picks his ass or blows a lead.

        If you don’t like the language, go to Disney and give Goofey a big wedgy for me.

  5. I could get used to the jays in first place. I just hope Alex doesn’t wait too long to make a deal to bolster the team to have every opportunity to grab a playoff spot.

  6. How can people say his stuff is the same? Its like people aren’t watching the same game. You can clearly see that he’s throwing wayyyyy more off speed pitches. He at least got a lot of ground balls off of these last night. I think when he finally figures out whatever he’s trying to figure out and brings back his lights out style pitching at certain points of the game against certain players its gonna all come together. He’s learning how to pitch. Not ideal just cause we want all our pitchers to compete right now and be lights out i think this will be good in the long run.

  7. So… Adam linds glimmer of hope has returned to his usual shittyness (even with being protected from lefties). He needs to be moved, i don’t care how team friendly his contract is, a championship team/ playoff team cannot have that bat at first base or DH. I may get chirped for these two proposals but these are two scenarios i would like to see explored. Let me know what you think good or bad.

    1) Trade Adam Lind for whatever prospect you can scrounge for him. Then move Bautista to first, put Snider in right and keep Thames in left. Yes, i know Bautista is a decent right fielder (with a plus arm) but it is only a matter of time before he gets bumped to first anyway (with locked at third) if we don’t seriously upgrade at first. Snider is a major asset in the outfield and Thames would only be a stop gap until he builds enough value to trade/ Gose comes up to give it a shot. Then we have Bautista at first, Snider in left, Colby in centre, and Gose with his cannon AND range in right (one of the best defensive outfields in the game). I don’t know enough about Gose’s defensive abilities to be sure he would take centre away from Colby, and know he has a cannon so that’s why i suggest him in right vs colby.

    2) Trade Lind and whatever prospect package is reasonable for Morneau (and no, not because he is canadian). He seems to be rebounding from his concussion symptoms nicely this year, and the Twins could very well be looking for a nice haul to upgrade their system to help with the future and dump some payroll. Obviously this is a big assumption that Twins would be willing to trade morneau but i wouldn’t be surprised as they’re not exactly playoff bound.

    • No. 1 is common sensical and No. 2 is stupid.

    • 1. Gose’s bat doesn’t play in RF. He is having trouble making consistent contact in AAA. Neither the addition of Snider and the substraction of Lind is going to make up the difference in runs, especially if you insist on keeping Thames, who is looking more to be a platoon player at the moment.

      2. Morneau’s contract is pretty good for the Twins if you look what Mssrs. Fielder and Pujols are set to make between 2012 and 2013, especially if Morneau is healthy for once. And you never know what is going to happen in the AL Central. The Twins have very rich owners. If they believe that they can contend and if Morneau is healthy, why would they trade again?

    • get off the crack pipe man.snider and thames in the field at the same time and the probability of morneau being traded.thats like saying the jays will trade are dreaming

    • At some point it’ll be academic. There will be too many players in the system and people will either get traded or have to move. Gose, Marisnick, Bautista, Rasmus are guys who have the stuff to form a pretty good OF with one left over. (notice the omission of Thames and Snider). Myself I’d be inclined to leave Bautista where he wants to play (All Star LF with a power arm) and use some combination of Thames Snider, Arencibia, Davis, Hechavarria/Escobar and Lind to grab a solid power hitting 1B….Hosmer perhaps? the Royals may want pitching back though.

      • hope you meant to say that Jose plays RF.

      • The outfielder who has impressed the most so far in AAA is Moises Sierra, who is flying below the radar of many prognosticators. I think he profiles to become a decent 4th outfielder by next year.

        Gose has amazing tools but his inability to make consistent contact is a concern. If I had to choose between Gose and Marisnick, I would elect to stick with Handsome Jake at this point.

        Snider is posting solid numbers in Vegas but for those who have seen him play so far this year, there are many who still question his hitting approach and wonder how that would translate against MLB pitching.

        Bautista is probably good for another run at RF for 2012 and 2013. The Jays will need to move him to the DH position if Marisnick is ready by 2014.

        Perfect world scenario would be to see Rasmus in LF, Gose in CF and Marisnick in RF by 2014, leaving Bautista at DH or 1B. Snider can still be in play if he finds his way onto the club by season’s end. He will be out of options in 2013, meaning the Jays will need to get him on the MLB roster or they risk losing him.

        AA has some assets to work with if he wants to make a trade happen before the upcoming off-season. I doubt he will be standing pat before the start of spring training in 2013.

        • As I understand the rule 5 draft, Snider must either be on the Jays 40 man roster or be traded before the draft in Dec 2012.

          • Snider will be on the 40-man, if he’s not moved, etc.

            But if he is not on the active 25 man MLB roster on Opening Day in 2013, he gets exposed to waivers before he can be assigned to the minors.

    • As bad as Lind may be, Snider has not shown sustained success at the Major League Level. Adding him to the lineup and subtracting Lind doesn’t seem to add much value to the offensive capabilities of the team, if history is any indication. Moreover, Lind has looked pretty good defensively as a first baseman, and Bautista is no slouch in right either, so moving him to the infield so that you can put Snider out there is a break-even move, defensively speaking.

      As for your second idea, this seems like a nice idea, had you suggested it three months ago – or perhaps longer. Given his most recent resurgence, as you’ve noted, I can’t imagine the Twins would let him go for cheap, and you’d have to expect a top-tier prospect, such as your beloved Snider (probably not enough, though, given his aforementioned non-sustained success), the still-raw Gose, Testosterone Lawrie, or one of their many top pitching prospects.

      Something tells me that you would object to that, and would prefer to see a less valuable asset be the trade bait for Morneau. While we’ve seen AA work his magic in ways like that before, it’s only impressive that he’s made those trades because they’re so unbalanced. To assume he will be able to make those trades forever is rather unreasonable. In other words, don’t imagine the Twins are now going to say ‘sure!’ to dealing Morneau for Whatshisname Neverheardofhim, now that he’s mid-comeback. Had AA approached the Twins with that deal several months ago, it would have been more achievable; today it is not.

      • The thing about showing sustained success is that you need to have the opportunity to work through slumps.

  8. Ya sweeping the Roils is a good sign even if it was fugly at times. In the past they would have only won 2 or 3 of those games…if they were lucky. And for all of those who are wondering if AA is trying to make the team better, well duh that’s his job, and I bet the wheels are always turning in that mans mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did package a Adam Lind/Thames/Snider deal for a better option on first or in Left, but for now I have a feeling that he is going to watch for Lind to get hot, then just before he cools down, trade him for some one with a more reliable bat. That’s my feeling…which isn’t much of a fools bet as I am sure others have said this a lot in some other post/comment…

  9. Sweep Sweep Sweep!
    4 wins is 4 wins!

    Anyone else notice Buck saying the Jays were 10-6 and in first place sometime around the 8th inning? Counting chickens much?

  10. If you make a deal early, you have the ability to sell that player again later at the deadline if the team falls out of contention and you increase your chances of staying in the race, which is what Toronto fans deserve. It takes two to make a trade but That’s why Alex is the GM.

  11. I drafted Morrow in my fantasy leagues for the Ks not the ground balls.

    • Then you should have done more research on him, he said many times this off-season that he was retooling his approach to pitch to contact so he could go deeper into the game. A ground ball out is just a good as a strikeout for him!

  12. The MRI on Pineda showed no structural damage either, but then he was shut down again recently. There’s a special dye you can inject to get a better image on these things. IOW there’s not necessarily no structural damage.

  13. Dude….how can you quote pitch f/x and still be surprised at the fact Cordero gets ground balls???

    Have you not noticed that he transformed himself into a groundball pitcher last year? If not then one look at pitch f/x is all you need to show this is true

    So to answer your question – yes, he’ll get plenty of GIDP to get out jams…and to be honest he’ll get enough ground balls that he shouldn’t get into many jams to begin with.

  14. Would it make more sense to have Luis Perez close? I think I trust him more than Cordero

    • Agree that Perez is looking mighty fine right now but I think he’s left-handedness will keep him in a more flexible role for now. But if Coco should struggle and Luis keeps it up, I think he definitely has closer stuff.

    • I think Perez offers the greatest value as a starter but I’m not sure where he gets the chance to build up his pitch count. Pretty hard to do in TO and they need his left-arm in the pen. Nice problem to have with the way his pitching.

  15. Morrow is being taught how to get into the 7th inning by being pitch-efficient, instead of hit his pitch maximum after 5 1/3. Its a learning process. If he is going to be a #2 starter, he has to get his innings up. Its an entire change in approach.

  16. Was expecting a Luis Perez shout-out. That guy is some kind of fan-fucking-tastic.

  17. Morrow said himself during Spring Training that he wanted to be a more efficient pitcher and stay in the game longer. He is specifically trying to induce more contact. He wants more ground balls rather than trying to strike everyone out. Because that’s a considerable change for him, I expect he’ll take a little longer to sort himself out.

    The view that he needs to go between efficiency and power is probably exactly what he’s trying to do.

    • I think the posters above are cool with seeing Morrow becoming more efficient. The concern for some is that he has literally cut down his K rate by half. For a pitcher who has profiled as a power pitcher, that is an alarming decline.

      I would add that Morrow’s penchant for the HR ball is concerning and might suggest that his fastball command is not where it should be.

      Its still early and thankfully, Morrow has an easier schedule than most in figuring things out (his next start will be against the Mariners in Toronto). But once May rolls around and the Jays are playing the stronger lineups, Morrow will need to figure things out.

      The key is finding the balance between being a power pitcher and a guy who will induce weak contact to get deep into ball games.

  18. damn yanks beat texas.the jays need to put the o’s back now.they are way to confident.3 amazing bats ouch.looks good though with jose waking.i still think he is going to drop homer stats.pitchers are not afraid to walk him throwing shit to him.cant hit balls out of the zone out of the park.not joses fault theres nothing to hit.take the walks.keep EE at 4th always farrell.lind is sucking shit and deserves the 7 spot

  19. John Farrell might be great a developing and coaching players/ staff behind the scenes. But, he does not make good decisions with pitching staff.

    Exhibit A. Hutchinson returning for sixth inning? Really!?
    Exhibit B. Darren Oliver pitching to more than two batters per game? Really!? Darren Oliver is great but pitches/sweats like he is suffering from mad cow’s disease.
    Exhibit C. Not using Jason Frasor against right-handed batters ever? Why not use him!

  20. That swing works for wiffleball …

  21. It looks like morrow’s velocity is down. Didn’t he regularly touch 97-98 before?

    Now he’s sitting at 94 if sports net gun is accurate. That explains the home runs and why he’s throwing the 85 mph change more (which was effective last night).

    Beats the crap out of me whether he’s dialing it back to allow him to get deeper into games, or whether h is arm is tired / hurt.

    • In his first two years with Toronto as a full-time starter Morrow’s average FB was 93.4 & 93.9.

      This year it’s 92.9. Morrow had 5 pitches last night top 96 (from Brooks Baseball).

      I’m sure one else can explain how that might relate to a change in approach, but I don’t see anything there to be concerned about.

  22. “a lights out reliever” ????

    what the fuck is this?

  23. Cordero was throwing mid 90′s last night with lots of movement which is nasty! Dude has tons left in the tank at this point in his career. IF he keeps up throwing with that kind of velocity and movement, AA’s signing of Coco might be the biggest steal of the off season.

  24. Casey Janssen is still on the team, right? Have we seen him so much as warm up even once in the past week?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see Janssen close out tonight’s game. Coco has gone two straight games. No need to go Joe Maddon crazy and use every arm in the bullpen to close out the Royals.

      Janssen, Oliver, Frasor, Crawford and Villanueva are all fresh for tonight’s game. Coco and Perez are likely going to be put on the shelf.

    • Believe me thats a good thing. Jannsen is the 7th best reliever on the team

  25. I think there are a few problems with Morrow’s fastball this year:
    1) It is perfectly straight.
    2) He has not been locating well either vertically or horizontally.
    3) It does not seem to have the late zip on it that it has had in previous years. I don’t know if “late zip” actually exists, it might just be the difference between 92-94 miles per hour, but it might also be an issue of spin or movement or arm angle or something.
    4) Maybe hitters are having an easy time picking up spin on his breaking pitches, which makes it easier to react quickly to the fastball and hit it with authority.

    Basically, if you know a fastball is a fastball and it does not move and it does not mess with your perception and it is in a spot where you like to hit it…you’re going to end up with a lot of home runs, regardless of how hard it is thrown (and a 92.9 average velo is not even close to enough to blow major leaguers away).

  26. The “y’know” schtick is getting preeeeeetttttyyyy, y’know, fucking tiresome

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