A world without hope. A lost Wednesday night in April in Baltimore. Serves could Hell be any worse? Oh I know, the return of Edwin Encarnacion to the hot corner is sure to stoke the fires of insanity. Why is he playing third, you might ask? Because Brett Lawrie has the night off. ABANDON ALL HOPE, YE WHO ENTER CAMDEN YARDS.


Lawrie sitting isn’t all bad, at least the ballwashing should be kept to a minimum. Should being the key (and likely false) word here. I’m sure a half-hearted micro split stands as the reasoning.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays Baltimore Orioles
Escobar, Y, SS
Johnson, K, 2B
Bautista, J, RF
Lind, A, 1B
Thames, E, LF
Encarnacion, E, 3B
Lawrie, B, DH
Rasmus, C, CF
Arencibia, J, C

Kyle Drabek, P

Chavez, E, LF
Hardy, J, SS
Markakis, N, RF
Jones, A, CF
Wieters, M, C
Davis, C, 1B
Betemit, W, 3B
Reynolds, M, DH
Flaherty, R, 2B

Jason Hammel, P(retty shitty)

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  1. Oh Edwin….not your fault pal!

    • Hopefully Farrell has learned his lesson & won’t put E5 back at 3B. It is ridiculous to do that to your top hitter. Put Visquel at 3B if you want to rest Lawrie.

      Why did Farrel demote Edwin from cleanup spot after first game at cleanup?

      That’s a dumb move by a supposedly smart manager

  2. Let’s just call that an unlucky bounce, OK?

    • He shouldn’t be there in the first place. Like someone said earlier, it would be better to have Visquel on third overall even if you have to yank Lind.

    • To allow EE on 1st and LAwrie DH

      • I’m sure Visquel agrees with you, twiddling his thumbs on the bench, attempting to stay away from Laurie’s pacing.

  3. on the Orioles broadcast mike bordick basically just said that Encarnacion doesn’t know what he’s doing…. poor Edwin…

  4. What was Wakamatsu flipping through the Orioles media guide for? Trying to figure out Mark Reynolds’ mother’s name?

  5. Winning is contagious—so are errors, apparently.

  6. Escobar was trying to hit Reynolds in the face.

  7. That was an ugly swing by Chavez

  8. Just reading some of the previous comments, since when did so many trolls show up here?

  9. Wow, EE can catch line drives right at him. I thought only Lawrie could do that????

  10. Vernon Wells just hit a home run.

  11. vernon just hit a homer down 2-1 and texas just went up 1-0

  12. Betemit is making EE look like Scott Rolen

  13. Hilarious, we get one hard-hit ball (likely the only one we’ll get all game) and it starts a double play.

  14. So what we basically have here is a combination of a shit streak coinciding with a lack of luck.

    one could argue we had a lot of luck factor vs the royals with the huge number of at ‘em balls they scorched turned into double and even triple plays.

    cant figure out this offense. just when one guy starts to hit, another guy stops.

  15. This is a completely honest and open question..

    1. is Rasmus a shitty hitter who has been figured out by the league ?

    2. Is rasmus a gifted hitter going through a 2 year rut?

    3. Is rasmus a fringe hitter who is what he is?

    • His sweet swing still impresses the shit out of me.

    • how about 4. Rasmus is an incredibly talented young player who had to deal with a really shitty situation with his former team and started to doubt his abilities because he has a douchebag dad and had a douchebag manager. now he’s trying to build up his confidence again and get back to how he played baseball every year except last year

    • I wouldn’t even say Rasmus is in a “rut” this year. Outside of game # 1 (0/7), he’s had an .837 OPS. Before yesterday he’d been on base in 9 of his last 10 games.

      Yeah he went O-Fer yesterday, but that happens. He had some pretty bad luck early, too.

      I know I’m excluding a couple games, but he hasn’t been bad at all, in my eyes.

    • Give me that Swaaager Sleaveeeee on his left arm wow wow wow wow YeaYea Wow Wow WooaaaaooW

  16. This team isn’t as good as we all had hoped. It’s like a couple of years ago when the hitting was great, but the pitching was sub-par, just in reverse, I love the Jays, but I don’t expect to see a championship team in the near future.

  17. Drabek is practically falling off the mound on every pitch. Funny how Pat and Buck fail to mention this in the first game they don’t harp on his vaunted “ropes”.

  18. Well that evens out the luck.

  19. We needed that.

  20. Maybe these first two series are atonement for the shit kickings the Jays have inflicted on the Orioles the last 2 years.

    • I’ll agree, as that is the only way I can handle watching this lineup wiff away and barely miss hits

  21. I guess this is what happens when I think it couldn’t get worse than last night.

  22. I’d love to know the last time the oreos gave up 1 run in 2 games. maybe 30 years ago if ever.

  23. I forgot that Crawford was recalled after Santos hurt his wing. I like pitchers that don’t give up runs.

  24. Dont look now, but the Red Sox offense is starting to heat up…about to sweep Minny.

    Fucking Ross and Aviles are raking

    • Luckily for Toronto, they caught the Sox at the outset when they were slumping. But a Sox slump lasts a week or so. Toronto hasn’t hit shit all month. If it wasn’t for getting 4 games already vs KC, who haven’t been able to beat anybody, Toronto would be 6-7 heading for 6-8. Last place by May 15 easy.

      i love how the Toronto bloggers post jokes like ‘ORILOLES’ about a team that eats Toronto’s lunch. What a laugh!

  25. Buck is fucking dumb as bricks.

  26. Go Jays Go!

  27. maybe if we had any semblance of a bench we could pinch hit for one of our stiffs. instead of andru jones or cody ross we have ben fucking francisco. great signing greek boy.

  28. Drabek survived another start. At least he went six even with three walks. Just hope he can keep doing this when the schedule gets harder because he’s saving this team by stepping up after pretty much being slated for AAA until needed.

  29. bring in gregg. I want to see him strike out the side.

  30. Double Play machine . . . . this team is fun to watch defensively, its the weak hitting that is a pisser – I will call this game “Silent Night” (shhhhhh, the bats are sleeeeeeeppingg)

    (Note bene – must erase DP search from broswer cache, arouses suspicion from girlfriend)

  31. ground out or K for esco?

  32. Buck: Escobar strikes out for the third time tonight on a breaking ball from Lindstrom.
    Tabler: Looked like a breaking ball from Lindstrom


  33. We need to beat the other teams in the posting system to sign the next phenom from the Ham Fighters:

  34. This fucking sucks.

  35. Baltimore has significantly improved their pen..they have a combination of gas throwers and funky side armers than can really mess you up. of course they also have gregg…

  36. Tra-vis Sni-der (clap clap, clap-clap-clap)

    • If Travis was brought up now, the pressure emanating from the blogosphere would crush him.

  37. Meh Drabek didn’t pitch bad. 2 runs in 6 innings is nothing to sneeze at but 3 more walks and 8 runners in total for 6 innings is just meh. Thing I’ve noticed is that every time he has a little bit of success he thinks he has to be a world beater and every bump in the road after that gets magnified and he starts to overthrow.

    That said, a 2.25 ERA , a 1.29 WHIP and averaging 6 IP/start after 4 starts is more than acceptable for someone is who still pretty much a first year or at best a very inexperienced pitcher. I think before the start of the season if you told anyone,including Drabek, he’d have those kind of numbers they’d pee their pants in giddy joy.

    • Yes sir, I think he looks much much better in his starts so far this year

    • I seriously wouldnt be stating anything negative about any of our starters right now. this offense has sucked the entire year. the fact that we are decent in runs scored is due to an unsustainably lucky average with runners in scoring position.

      the lineup as constructed is severely flawed. christ we have a cleanup hitter who hasnt hit for over two years. we have a catcher who cannot get on base 30 percent of the time.

      bautista is coming back to earth.

      this team begins its ascent to contention in the next generation…with lawrie, marisnick, hecchevaria, travis ‘D…and hopefully some free agent signings and perhaps flipping some of our pitching depth for some position players that can hit.

      the linds, escobars, johnsons, thames of the world will be long gone by the time the real talent shows up in a couple years

      • The problem with the next generation is that Hecchevaria and Gose aren’t known for their hit tools.

        Snider does well in the minors but has proved he’s a bust at the major league level for now and it’s a giant fucking mystery if he’ll ever turn out decent against big league pitching.

        D’Arnaud is still adapting and all those people who anointing him as the 2nd coming of Johnny Bench are just going to have to wait till next year at the earliest.

        Personally, I’m totally fine with Johnson and EE but the Jays have done nothing to this point to lock them up. There’s shit all out there for free agents next year as far as young decent hitters go, making the rare few available mighty expensive and we know how that goes with the Jays.

        It’s frustrating we’re hitting like this, doubly so because it’s against fucking Baltimore, but I’m not quite ready to give up on them team wise as hitters.

        I still think 85 wins once you factor in regressions and improvements with this team. To me thats a solid achievement as they are now.

    • He’s also been kinda lucky. I’d love to see him succeed but if he can’t get the walks under control he’s gonna run into trouble. Especially when the LOB% comes down as it should

    • You got that right. I’m sitting in a warm pool as we speak. He did a-okay. Better things to come, I’m sure.

  38. I guess when fans have absolutely nothing to cheer for they spend their time trying to outdo each other with smarm about the tv announcers.

  39. zaun says they look dead. no shit sherlock, 1 run in 2 games and you cant say our pitchers are shit. will someone study what the o’s pitching staff strategy is and counter it please.this is boring when icant cheer for a run dammit.feels like i wasted a few hours

  40. Fuck do the Jays hitters have an after hours dinner party to attend? Sure in a hurry to get out.

  41. Ooooh Ooooooh Love Hurts!!!

  42. at least the jays have outscored the yankees the last 2 games

    • thats something out of the damn twilight zone eh. 1 run in 2 games and that is more than yanks.the world has come to a spooky place. and thats why everyones hopes are up.the yanks sox and rays are beatable. the dominance is over.if the jays could just get their shit together and hit the ball

  43. Rajai has actually out hit Lind so far by wOBA.

    I would just love to be in the Jays War Room to see if they are serious about going for it this year and what parts they want/are willing to move in and out.

  44. Frasor shouold rename himself Fraser. He is a force of NATURE!

  45. Take your time fielding that ball, Eric. Nothing important going on in the infield.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. Thought it might have just been my own jaundiced view of Thames.

      The throw in was something else, too.

  46. Hahahaha! Come on Thames, that did not look good

  47. Just keeps getting better and better.

  48. The Eric Thames show continues. I am all for small sample sizes…but this becoming quite the fucking joke.

    • If I was playing LF for the jays for one inning and a ball was hit to me, i would likely butcher the play.

      it would be a small sample size of my ability…but it would also be a totally true and accurate reflection of my ability.

      this is how I see thames

  49. can we fucking trade frasor already. I’m tired of this pipsqueek

    • Not a chance, Frasor is solid and has vetran presence

    • I’ve never been a fan like some around here, I mean he’s had a couple of good years but has hardly been the dominant force people would lead to you believe. Acquiring him again made me scratch my head more than any of the other pitchers they got in the off season. To me, the $4 million was money they could have saved and put Carreno or Chad Beck in his spot. For me his fastball never had enough movement. Just my worthless 2 cents but a career WHIP of 1.32 isn’t anything to write home about.

  50. smart Baltimore fan almost caught that double bouncing down into left – would have been fan interference and held Markakis at 3rd. Should there be a Baseball IQ test for anyone wanting to purchase field level front row seats ?????

  51. Next game batting order to shake the shit out of things:

    E5 at first base

  52. Thames was having a nice stroll out there in left field.

  53. After tonight, Toronto will be 3-7 against the AL East, and the Yankees haven’t even had the pleasure of hammering the Blue Jays yet.

  54. cant believe the orioles got Strop, Davis, and Hunter for a fucking middle reliever

  55. Good work boys….grind that shit out!

  56. thames runs like a robot

  57. Why are replacing Thames with Davis? So that he can run into Lind’s ass? WTF Farrell.

    • Might have something to do with being the tying run and being able to score from first on a double. Toronto fans should learn some baseball. All they know is smarm.

      • That would be an awesome point if he were in fact the tying run.

        Here’s a little math lesson for you,


      • only he is not the tying run.

        learning math is even more imperative than learning baseball

  58. Really? Davis as the SECOND run is the pinch runner?

  59. That was funny Edwin.

  60. hate losing to the orioles.

  61. Lawrie grounds out to end the game? WHAT? He never hits ground balls. FUCK.

  62. Yuck.

  63. Looking that the teams for the past 6 games, Im not really seeing much difference in talent between these two teams.

    • The jays should have a better pitching staff than the OriLOLes. But position player wise id say about even or maybe even slight edge to baltimore.

  64. Can’t wait to see the Jays pull the bats out of their ass. Poor starters are pitching decent enough to be winning..FMGWARSFFSF!!

  65. Orioles are gonna win the AL East…

    • yeah thats ok if the jays get the wildcardd. i feel like i took a kick to the pills after watching that shiite.now off to the bruins game and maybe some overtime excitement.good thing the yanks are getting spanked too.if the bosox come back into the race ima gonna snap.4 teams in the race is enough

  66. And getting sucked back toward .500 again.

  67. if anyone needs to benched its yunel and jose. clear their heads

  68. Look at it this way, thanks to Boston we won’t be in last place after the Yankees lose tonight lol

  69. Reasonably insightful analysis from Zaun today. Somehow it it was a relief

  70. These things happen over the course of 162 games. It will happen again at some point… be prepared.

    • You’re correct. That said if people treat this team as essentially a .500 product then anything to the upside is a bonus and you limit your disappointments.

      • I’m not saying set the bar low.

        I’m saying that even the best teams go through slumps and lose to bad teams.

        It sucks, but it happens.

        • I don’t think it’s setting the bar low in this division at all when you factor in regressions. The talent level is certainly better no questions, it’s just going to depend on if they can produce. That’s why I’ve got them at .500 as their floor.

  71. I just checked the Blue Jay schedule. Between May 1 and June 3, Toronto plays the Rangers 5 times, the Rays 5 times, and the Yankees and Red Sox 3 times each. In addition, the ‘ORILOLES” get 3 more freebees against the Blue Jays. Any guesses who’s going to be sitting in last place by June 3?

    • sportsnet showing the top tipped home runs. alex rios was 10 feet from the fence and tipped it out. gotta laugh

  72. Jays are now a pathetic 4-7 against the AL East with most of the losses coming against Baltimore. Embarassing. They better start playing better in-division or playoffs will be a distant memory by June

    • Come on, its got nothing to do with beating division rivals. its about winning games no matter who you are playing against and playing well. we got really lucky in three of those games vs the royals with all the double plays and our timely hitting. the worm was bound to turn, and it will turn again

      • Of course beating division rivals matters more. Thats who you are playing 72 games against. And the fact that they are losing to the weakest team in the division while still having to contend with bos, nyy, and tb doesn’t bode well for their playoff chances.

        • the games dont count anymore vs divisional foes than they do vs anyone else. sure they play a bunch MORE games vs their divisional rivals individual so therefore it will be important..but any one game is no more or less important than a series vs lets say..cleveland

          • Its pretty much a given that teams in this division will be beating up on most teams from the central and west. So who makes the playoffs will be determined by who does best winning games within division. An so far the jays have played exceptionally poor.

      • Boy are you confused. Every game you lose against a division rival means not only that you lost a game but your division rival won one. If you can’t see the difference between that and losing a game outside the division when other teams in your division may have also lost, it’s hard to know what to say.

        • No, you are confused. You are only competing against your division for one playoff spot. you are competing against the entire league for the other two playoff spots. thus losing to baltimore (a team unlikely to win either the division or be in contention for the wild card) is no more damaging than losing to cleveland.

  73. “ORILOLES” = “DADDY” for the B/lue Jays. Next time someone wants to pick a team to make fun of, it would be good finding one Toronto can actually beat.

  74. 335 comments and counting so far on this one thread. Wow, the page hits on this site must be off the charts tonight!

  75. jays were 81-81 last year but 12-6 vs oreos. that means if they simply play .500 vs oreos they will be below .500. and that was with jose mashing.

  76. they should use video of the jays to torture al qaeda terrorists at guantanamo bay

  77. Thames chases the ball like a dog in the park. He could’ve held markakis at third if he was choosing a better rout.

    • thames is not good at catching and throwing baseballs.

      • ben francisco is not good at catching or throwing or hitting baseballs

        • ben francisco has a good career record vs the jays. that is really the only reason they signed him. we would have been better off with a lefty hitter off the bench..we have plenty of righties.

    • Doesn’t matter in this case they would actually need to score a run or two for it to be of importance tonight.

  78. Losing to the lowly Orioles sucks, but that is baseball. That is why they play the games. Hitters go through slumps. The great Pujols must be tired counting and folding all of that money cause he hasn’t hit a dinger this season and has gone 0 for 19 before tonight’s game.

    At least the starting pitching has been good, which remains a positive.

    So far, 4-2 road trip. A win tomorrow would make this a 5-2 road trip heading into a weekend series against fucking Seattle.

    The baseball season has just begun. Let’s not equate the start of the season to the typical late season Leafs panic mode trying in vain to make it to the playoffs.

    That aside, Butterfield should tell Farrell that there are not enough hours in a day nor are there enough ground balls in his trusty fongo bat to get EE ready to play some 3rd base. Fuck positional flexibility. EE belongs in the DH slot or at 1B.

    Escobar should sit out the next game against Matusz. His pouting and struggles with the bat scream bench me, bench me.

    And what the fuck was Lawrie doing being the DH? If you give the kid the day off, give him a day off. He must have been bouncing off the walls in the dugout between innings.

    • lawrie needs days off cuz he is old and does not have a lot of energy so needs rest to keep him fresh so he doesn’t get tired later.

  79. every other al east team went out and signed veteran bats. the jays did nothing and now you’re seeing the consequences of this. you can’t give guys days off and you can’t pinch hit cuz you have visquel and bff who both can’t hit. if only we had a guy like napoli. oh wait…

    • I hear that Jose Canseco is available. Would that make you happy?

    • Well in fairness the Jays did offer Beltran more money that he got elsewhere. Just didn’t want to come here. But a good veteran switch hitter who always posts good obp numbers would look nice in this order.

      • you don’t actually know that and almost signings don’t matter do they.

        • Yes we do know that, and you said the Jays “did nothing” which is untrue. They did all you can do – make the highest offer. You can’t force a player to take your money.

          • really are you beltran’s agent? you only know what you read on a blog

          • and no, if someone turns down your money they you go somewhere else until you find the right guy. you don’t go and sign francisco, a completely useless player. there were lots of other good hitters available

    • Agreed. Jays need to send Lawrie to the Yuma Scorpions for Jose Canseco and Tony Phillips.

    • Uh…what?
      Raul Ibanez, Wilson Betemit, Cody Ross, Luke Scott and Carlos Pena.

      Those were the big veteran hitter additions for the other AL East teams. Big, fucking deal, I’m sure those guys are the difference between the Jays making the postseason this year or not.

      • they’re a whole lot better than the garbage we have and in case you weren’t watching we scored ZERO runs. a home run could have made a difference.

    • Yeah! I mean, the Tigers went out and got Fielder and they’re…. 10-8.

  80. On the bright side, Boston is on the verge of pissing away a 7-1 lead to the Twinkies, and the Yankees are losing late.

    • Oh man, with the bases loaded and 2 out bot9 … I was hoping they’d do it so much. Bruins eliminated AND Red Sox coughing up another huge lead would’ve been hilarious.

  81. It’s a good thing Baltimore hits the odd ball over the fence and Thames’ head. As a team, they’re making outs .702 of the time. They really do suck. Lead off hitter Endy Chavez is rocking the .205 OBP, Escobar is thriving by comparison.

  82. Bats are cold tonight.Rather lose the game 3-0, then have to to beat them 11-8. 4 double plays….

  83. The jays are a first baseman, a left fielder and a catcher away from being the best team in baseball. If they swap in Snider and replace Lind, I think we could live with JP, considering Jose Bautista has not joined the team yet and we are still doing pretty good. Drabek gives us 4 above average starters and the potential for a great rotation. The division is ripe for the taking, I think AA would be wise to turn some of that built up equity into something for this season. But what do I know, theres only one member of my family in the hall of fame.

  84. Evan and Luis out of the pen is giving me hard ons. I love pitchers who don’t give up runs.

    This team needs Lawrie mashing to give it some balls out spark. What happened to all the swagger?

  85. send Thames and Murphy down, bring up Snider and his batting coach

  86. I dunno. They were sleepwalking out there.

    I think maybe Dwayne Murphy has had his day. These guys can mash and, well, they ain’t mashin’. They’re not really hitting anything at all.

    • They had quite a few sleepwalking games last yr too i remember. Its because most of their hitters are streaky inconsistent. Any when they dont hit most of them dont know how to take a walk.

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