A world without hope. A lost Wednesday night in April in Baltimore. Serves could Hell be any worse? Oh I know, the return of Edwin Encarnacion to the hot corner is sure to stoke the fires of insanity. Why is he playing third, you might ask? Because Brett Lawrie has the night off. ABANDON ALL HOPE, YE WHO ENTER CAMDEN YARDS.


Lawrie sitting isn’t all bad, at least the ballwashing should be kept to a minimum. Should being the key (and likely false) word here. I’m sure a half-hearted micro split stands as the reasoning.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays Baltimore Orioles
Escobar, Y, SS
Johnson, K, 2B
Bautista, J, RF
Lind, A, 1B
Thames, E, LF
Encarnacion, E, 3B
Lawrie, B, DH
Rasmus, C, CF
Arencibia, J, C

Kyle Drabek, P

Chavez, E, LF
Hardy, J, SS
Markakis, N, RF
Jones, A, CF
Wieters, M, C
Davis, C, 1B
Betemit, W, 3B
Reynolds, M, DH
Flaherty, R, 2B

Jason Hammel, P(retty shitty)

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  1. Lawrie is 22. I really don’t think he needs a “night off” ffs.

  2. I don’t know if I can emotionally handle another loss to the Orioles.

  3. Lind and Thames in the 4 and 5 holes. Awesome!

  4. Farrell said he has Lind and Thames back-to-back earlier in the lineup because left-handed batters hit so much better against Hammel than righties do. Of course, looking at the splits, LHB aren’t that much better, particularly over the past three seasons.

    • haha.. toronto BLOL jays?

    • According to Lott: “Jason Hammel this year vs. LHB: .182/.250/.394. Vs. RHB: .235/.316/.265. Career vs. LHB: .288/.360/.461. Vs. RHB: .281/.331/.432.”

      Is JF challenged? To mitigate against Hammel’s small sample size splits this season, he moves up 2 guys who are shitting the bed in a small sample size and moves down the one hitter on his team who’s hitting the cover off the ball in a small sample size. There’s no point in praising someone for being receptive to injecting statistical analysis to their managerial decisions when the manager has no fucking clue how to apply it properly.

      • Never mind, I’m dumb. Carry on. Nothing to see here. Let’s blame this one on Zaunie’s chew.

  5. Ok ok…..I understand that Lawries back needs a break from having to bend over and pick up all the balls he drops (which he quickly guns across to 1st for an out), but why the fuck do we have to watch poor Edwin make a fool of himself on 3rd. Both Lawries and EE’s bats NEED to be in the lineup but can’t there be another way??

  6. Lind in the 4-spot again. Cue rising blood pressure.

  7. Oh and hi everyone, virgin blogger and love this place!

  8. #FreeTravisSnider

  9. wtf does Lawrie need a night off? This has to be a gimick..

  10. Lind and Thames back-to-back. Sweet. Always nice to let the opposing pitcher breathe a sigh of relief when he gets to the middle of your order. Jebus.

  11. RETURN OF E5!! O/U Line on Errors tonight: 0.5

  12. Can Edwin play without a glove tonight? Because every time he puts one on he becomes a weapons grade failure.

  13. Didnt Farrell just say EE earned the 4 spot before yesterdays game?

    • farrell must be toke smokin. thats 2 people said that farrell gave the 4th to EE yesterday.and then today he is moved.whats up? farrell taking brain cramps again.trying to be creative and piss me off throwing away games when there is no room for error.thats enough for me, im not watching bullshit tonight, do this shit against texas when you know the chances of losing are there.they need to beat the o’s every fuckin game. this is what separates the boys and men.someone cuff farell for being a pitching coach again

      • Its the fact he publicly stated this, then takes it away in nearly the same breath. Where’s his head at? Edwin must be basking in confidence after that! And taking this splits thing overboard is becoming REAL FUCKIN’ ANNOYING!

      • Very good point. These are winnable games. Play around with a sure loss against darvish.

  14. Keep on failing-upwards Lind and Thames! Wish I could get promoted for sucking at my job too.

  15. oh oh my Amazing Kreskin powers are sensing an Oriole sweep of the Blue Jays
    - George Costanza

  16. you guys can’t even list a line up without remarks about the popularity of Lawrie, fuckin lame, always digging at those who’s opinion differs from yours. go back to running Sportsnet comercial for fuck sake

  17. Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog post on how we need to worry about Lawrie’s defense because he is at DH tonight.

    In the meantime, I can concern myself with his offence (where he leads the team in batting average #dontyaknow)

    • oh batting average. yup, love that OPS coming from third base. Much rather have Johnson’s #’s than Lawrie’s at this point.

  18. If the Oriloles are winning by the 5th I am switching to hard liquor.

  19. This EE/Lawrie change is wholly unnecessary. Why not DH Lawrie, put Vizquel at 3rd, EE at 1st and Lind on the bench where he belongs against the next lefty they face? Fuck, I’d even rather see that change against a RHP than have EE trot out to 3rd base like tonight.




  22. You know what Im sick of:

    The non-stop denouncing of numbers at Las Vegas, Triple A, and the PCL.
    Really, gimme a break. AAA is supposed to be the best league outside of the majors, it arguably has the best players outside of the majors. Why the fuck is it a bad thing if you hit 320/28/100 at the second best league in North America?

    You still have to hit the ball squarely, field the ball cleanly, read pitches to hit them, and know the art of baserunning to steal bases.

    This nonchalance bandwagon of the league has gone too far.

    • It’s not that it’s Triple-A. It’s that it’s Triple-A LAS VEGAS, a notorious hitter’s environment. Stats are inflated.

    • the same reason people don’t consider me a future Hall of Famer.

    • Just look at the league ERA for pitchers in the PCL vs the International League. It’s about a run higher last year. A lot of teams won’t send their top pitching prospects anywhere near the PCL if they can help it.

      Runs per game were 5.56 in the PCL in 2011 vs 4.34 in the International League, a 28% difference.

    • Who the fuck are you? That is not the real groobah. The real groobah doesn’t say shit like hit the ball squarely. He would say something like that mother fucker got nailed on the head.

    • Fer fuck’s sakes…more characters required to post…

  23. Zauntourage? Zaun 101?

    Save us!

  24. I am going to say this, and I am sure others are thinking it: This team is no better than last years…it is full of question marks, and some of them are not panning out.

    • I wouldn’t completely agree as the pitching has been much better, but this lineup however……not as advertised regardless of the ‘small sample size’

  25. Tonight, I’m lookin for a big night from Thames … Lind … and maybe EE dazzles with a gem at the hot corner. Cuz sometimes, that’s how it goes. Let’s get ‘em, boys!

  26. No way, this team is definitely improved over last year’s April/May’s Jays team as a whole. You have to remember that Bautista was on fire at that point.

    It’s just like the Rays were before- they have a lot of talent, it’s just a question of when will the team put it all together. This team just needs to stay in the race long enough for Alex to make some additions.

    • That’s the key this year. AA won’t be allowed to spend money at the trade deadline if the Jays are more than 5 games out of a wildcard, so under Roger’s payroll parametrs they have to win as many games as possible by July 15th.

  27. So many of the Jays teams in the past 17 or so years have choked when they were on the verge of being contenders. I really don’t see that happening with this group of players.

  28. Escobar should take at least two pitches before he grounds out. Better still, keep taking until he strikes out. That way he’ll still be out but at least run up the pitch count.

  29. I didn’t notice the handle, sorry Joey Bats Ego!

  30. Very exciting! Our cleanup hitter is up!

  31. 20 Es for the Orioles already, damn.

  32. Lind 4th? Thames 5th? EE at third base? *sigh*

    Though at least EE won’t be the only 3B to make an error tonight.

    Oh, and I wish they would shut up about the shifts. 10 times a game for the last 17 games, by head is going to explode.

  33. Your very soon to be 5th place Toronto Blue Jays.

  34. 5th place in the AL East could be over .500 on the season if things take a crazy turn.

  35. lmao oh god

  36. lol and so it begins

  37. One down, 19 to go for E5.

  38. An error by Encarnacion! Who would’ve predicted that???


  40. At least Drabek got out of it with only 1 extra pitch.

  41. Well, he got it out of the way quickly.

  42. HA HA HA

    Oh man, that was fast.

  43. Hope this doesn’t mess with EE’s hitting. It’s got to get to his head, being stuck at 3B and doing stuff like that (and thus having people jump down his throat at the first sign of trouble).

    • Na, Thames is protecting him.

    • His career OPS at 3rd is 80 points lower than when he plays DH. So the mental aspect is a pretty big thing for him (and I think he’s admitted as much in the past).

  44. Betemit and EE are putting on a clinic tonight for the kids at home.

  45. E5 and Betemit are duking it out! Bets on who finishes with the most errors tonight?

  46. Tonight looks like a battle of who can be the shittier fielding third baseman.

  47. farrell motivation technique 101

    take hottest hitter on team, make him play defense where he sucks, destroy his confidence, watch him go into hitting slump for rest of season

    take pitcher with most fragile ego, put worst defender at third, watch numerous errors, destroy pitchers psyche, watch him give up 10 unearned runs.

    • Very good point. Was Farrell interviewed before the game to explain why the lineup was changed?

  48. You can blink and literally miss an entire half-inning when the Jays are batting. I had to restart the stream and missed the top of the 2nd completely.

    • To be fair, that has not been the norm this year. (well, except for the fact that they haven’t been getting many hits) They have actually been very much patient and seen tons of pitches this year.

  49. Drabek has to be the most frustrating pitcher to watch on the jays. Even more than morrow. Constantly falling behind hitters. This guy just cant fucking throw strikes

  50. Fan-effing-tastic

  51. The orioles are doing him a favour by swinging at bad pitches. A good hitting team like texas or ny would destroy him

  52. Supposedly E5 worked out in LF last winter. Next time Lawrie needs a day off (which should basically be never) put him there and move Thames to 3B. I can’t see how either of them could be any worse, and it would at least be funnier this way.

  53. This might be the most pathetic hitting team in the history of baseball.

    • Tone down the hyperbole, please.

    • You haven’t watched many Orioles, White Sox, Mets, Twins, Tigers, Angels, Marlins, Nationals, Reds, Phillies, Padres, Mariners, Cubs, Athletics, Pirates games, have you? Because all of those teams are below the Jays in wOBA.

    • They basically did the exact same thing against Kansas City on Saturday night until they poked about 10 groundballs in a row threw the hole in the 4th and scored 9 runs in the game. It’s a 9 inning game in a 162 game season. Calm the fuck down.

  54. Why can’t we get on base against Baltimore unless they commit an error?

  55. farrell you dumb fuckin pitching coach. i thought this year you had learned what was needed to be a winning manager. i had confidence in u. see ya next spring says the fan in sept. and who has noticed if jp is calling all pitches or farrell. i dont think its a pitcher problem causing all these homers. its pitch selection by jp from my view. did he call that offspeed? betemit batting 200 was all over it and they said he got a homer in the other seris too

    • It’s the pitcher who calls a game you dipshit. The catcher gives suggestions, the pitcher either agrees or calls him off.

      • is it a suggestion coming from the bench too? i see your name calling exposed intelligence and your answer exposed your knowledge of the game. you can tune out now immortal one kanobi

        • The suggestions from the dugout are just that, suggestions. It’s still on the onus of the pitcher to agree, generally. Managers only call games in college.

  56. Drew – please desist from future comments about how shitty opposing pitchers are in game threats.


  57. Wow, my 25 min drive from work and already a run for Balti….dejavu of yesterday. Good thing I picked up beer AND Irish Whiskey

    • Ya, but pace yourself, because the disappointment can heap up. Self-medication is serious business, my friend.

      • True enough, maybe a lil smoke will put things at an even keel. Plus, as the saying goes “its never too soon to learn about disappointment”

      • I’d never advocate the use of drugs or alcohol to anyone. But hey, they always worked for me!

  58. if the jays can’t get hits of the orioles shitty pitchers I guess yu darvish is going to throw a no hitter against us

  59. Sportsnet is testing out their “Lawrie Cam” tonight. It seems to be fully functional.

  60. there is no meat in the order. just filler

  61. Holy Fucking Mendoza’s Batman. Who are these masked wiffers?

    We’ve got 2 so far this year in JP and Jose and Lind is on his way vs 2 last year in Rivera and Snider.

  62. baltimore is for real. just shows you how easy it is to improve your pitching if you actually try. and they still have gregg.

  63. oh my God the blue jays are losing by one run to the Orioles in April!

    im going to kill John Farrell! no im going to Kyle Drabek! no Aaron Cibia is a dead man…. argh!!! so angry!! im in a glass case of emotion! my anger towards the Blue Jays is inversely correlated to my actual knowledge of baseball!

  64. Want some good news?

    VernonWells still plays for the Angels and has the second lowest average of their starting lineup tonight.

    The lowest average in the lineup? Albert Pujols.

    Ladies and gentleman, your $50 million per year example of how not to run a baseball team.

    Still trusting in AA despite the slow start with the bats. Farrell?? We’ll see.

  65. There goes the perfect game for Hammel – Adam Lind walked, extinction of the human race to follow shortly.

  66. Man, John Farrell was right.

  67. Pssst! Jays! You have a runner in scoring position it’s ok for you to get a hit now.

  68. there must be some bad ass movement on that fastball of Hammel’s tonight

  69. Ohhhhhhhh EE thats the tilt I like to see when you wiff! Fuckin’ smash that shit next time!

  70. Buck Showalter would be alot cooler if he was Earl Weaver.

  71. Even the umps are feeling sorry for the Jays.

  72. Lawrie getting the benefit of the doubt on bang-bang plays. Bad call, but we’ll take it.

  73. I need to pick this Hammel guy up in my fantasy leagues. Of course if I have the same luck with the Jays players I stocked up on this year then I am sure he’s bound for a demotion by the All-Star break.

  74. Cleeeeeeeeeeeeetus!!

    • Hmm Jays can’t cash them in what are the chance the Orioles score a couple of cheesy runs in the bottom half?

  75. Rasmus swung at ball 4

  76. Oh no, Colby, no. Ughhh

  77. Fuck this game. I’m going to eat some ice cream and cry myself to sleep.

  78. What is it with rasmus? He looks good for a game then goes back to being terrible. He fits in great with this mercurial team

  79. How….fucking how can we not convert with RISP?…..(has shot of whiskey)…….its too bad that our guys didnt get a run in that inning with guys on

  80. he looked like snider

  81. Anyone know if Rogers has an app to watch the game from an iPads

    • They should. They have one for Android but you need a wireless plan to use it, so no watching via wi fi from a Galaxy Tab.

    • They do. Called Rogers live. It will cost you another $5 a month though. Like they haven’t sucked they life out of us enough.


  83. The team rocks! look at the pitching, Drabek looks like a star.

  84. Drabek is fucking lucky. He cant keep issuing leadoff walks and getting double play balls.

  85. 4 game winning streak immediately followed by 4 game losing streak.

    back to .500


  86. Haa! “both HR come against the Jays”, Get bent Buck!

  87. can’t wait to hear wilmer say how horrible the oreos are

  88. Look at the way the pitching staff has turned around… PROMOTE FARRELL

  89. Losing to divisional rivals is the worst time to lose.

  90. pujols 0-2 wells 1-1 now 3rd avg on team at 233. who called that pitch? adios ball the o’s love bj pitchers yum yum


  92. “Every time they leave a ball up it gets hit hard ..” — yeah, Buck, that’s what’s *supposed* to happen when you’re dealing with major league hitters, not sack-of-shit retreads like we have.

  93. this team is atrocious to watch

  94. Trolling is lame! But I can do it better than you.

  95. oh yeah captain ballwasher zaun is now saying lawries reputation is getting him safe calls when he is out. gotta love the power of reputation.haha

  96. I can’t imagine what this place would be like if the Jays were 7-10.

  97. allisauce, I took your advice and finally unfollowed Wilner, my twitter experience has become significantly better in just the last 15 minutes.

  98. I can only laugh…and drink moer…..at the speed these batters are turning innings over. The patience game isn’t really working that well Farrell

    • I agree, I feel that getting into bullpens is a good thing, but if it comes at the expense of sitting on pitches down the middle it isn’t worth it.

  99. On the bright side, another Rasmus & Bannerman commercial. “Maybe you misunderstood my Alabama accent.” Gooooooold

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