For those of us watching the television broadcast of the Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles game tonight, we may get an extra opportunity to hear the pandering ball washing of Brett Lawrie at the hands and vocal chords of Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler, as the young Canadian will be batting second in the lineup.

This represents the first time in the young third baseman’s career that he has hit in a spot in the batting order above fifth. Because these things likely matter to the team’s manager, Lawrie is currently on a five game hitting streak with seven hits in his last 19 at bats.

It seems an odd and old baseball rule that younger players must bide their time in the bottom half of the order before receiving ascension by somehow proving themselves there. Frankly, Lawrie, as much as the narrative gets overblown, likely represents one of the better batting options in the lineup, and should find himself in the top half on most nights.

Making the choice to bat him second tonight easier is Kelly Johnson getting a day off. Given the Maddonesque lineup cards being written by John Farrell, it will be interesting to see where Lawrie finds himself for the next game, when Johnson returns.

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  1. Leave Lawrie in the two hole and bat Johnson fifth, or vice versa. I’m good either way.

  2. It seems an odd and old baseball rule that younger players must bide their time in the bottom half of the order before receiving ascension by somehow proving themselves there.

    Unless you’re Eric Thames, then you get to spend the first 400 AB’s of your career hitting 2nd for some reason.

    Interesting lineup though. With KJ’s crazy on-base skills, it might actually make most sense to use him as the leadoff guy and hit Lawrie 2nd most nights, although I wouldn’t be too upset if things were back to normal tomorrow. At any rate, I like the experimentation.

  3. I at first thought maybe this meant some moving of Escobar and his poor .261 OBP.

  4. I’m very okay with this, and would not mind moving Escobar down to the bottom of the order – especially since he can’t steal reliably, to start Johnson – Lawrie 1-2.

  5. i like Johnson a lot at #2, so i’m in no hurry to see this continue after his day off. good choice, though.

  6. Lawrie should be hitting 5th every day. Johnson should hit 2nd every day.

  7. Kelly and Brett at the top of the order a better combo than Yunel and Kelly?

  8. Now we can have our two highest ground ballers at the top of the order.

  9. Hate seeing KJ sit against left-handed pitchers. Managers have never fully understood that he hits them better than righties, and I do not understand why.

    • Couldn’t agree more. It’s even more confusing since KJ has been the team’s hottest hitter lately, and the last time he started against a lefty (just a few days ago), he homered and walked twice. Weird stuff from Farrell.

    • Not since 2010 has he hit them better, he was 125 points less in OPS last year and 100 less so far this year vs lefties.

    • Could just be a rest night for him rather than a splits thing.

      • I’d be surprised if that was the case – he was last on the bench less than a week ago, in KC. As far as I know he isn’t hurt, so I can’t see why he’d need to be resting more than once a week.

  10. If farrell intends on making lineups that revolve around the players with the hot bat, then it would make sense to swap him with Yunel. KJ shouldnt be bumped down

  11. i like the move
    it would be great to put KJ as the leadoff hitter and Lawrie in behind him to get more people on base and more RBI opportunities for Jose to get hot again

  12. no rasmus, no kelly johnson but eric thames gets the start? dafaq?

  13. Mcgowan shut down with shoulder inflammation. I have no idea why AA gave him that extension. Dumb move even though they’re not paying him much

    • Wait to the end of the contract to see if there’s surplus value there. Only way to be fair to the decision.

      • man oh man, its 2 weeks down and people are judging whether AA was a fool.all pitchers are risky.isnt there a yanks and bosox pitcher out and they just got signed. this is the dumbest topic and argument ive seen on this board yet.way out of line, and doesnt santos have the that! dumbfucks are nagging like a wife who is bored and wants attention make some shit up to hear yourself.

    • He was sent to Dr. Andrews, so that alone is worrisome.

      That being said, it was still a good risk/reward move. Even acting under the assumption that there’s an 80% failure expectancy for Dustin to come back with success. Because the upside if that 20% hits make the peanuts we paid him worth the risk.

  14. Farrell is getting everyone enough time off to get ready to face the mighty Seattle Mariners this weekend.

  15. Can we just bring up Snider already and get it overwith?

  16. ideally I think our lineup should be:

    1. Yunel – ss
    2. Lawrie – 3b
    3. Bautista – rf
    4. Trade for power bat. (JP+gose+lesser prospect)
    5 .E5 – 1b
    6. Snider – lf
    7. KJ -2b
    8. Colby – cf
    9. D’arnaud – c

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