So, this is a game threat.

Scuttle Ass: We’ve already posted a couple of items that you may find edifying, if you haven’t already. It seems the early news that Brett Lawrie would be batting second in the lineup tonight was meant to distract us from something even more troubling than Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler possibly getting in an extra at bat to spray their maple boner syrup all over the broadcast booth. Sadly, Dustin McGowan has been shut down for at least two weeks after visiting Dr. James Andrews for yet another MRI.

Advice: Instead of whatever in the way of a game preview you were going to watch before tonight’s game, do us a solid and give The Getting Blanked Show a shot.

It might not be as Jays centric as you’re used to, but we have a good time making it, and hopefully that translates into you having a good time watching it.


TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
B. Lawrie 3B
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
E. Thames LF
B. Francisco DH
R. Davis CF
J. Arencibia C
O. Vizquel 2B

D. Hutchison RHP

Baltimore Orioles

Shit Bag OF
Shit Bag MI
Shit Bag OF
Shit Bag OF
Shit Bag C
Shit Bag DH
Shit Bag CI
Shit Bag CI
Shit Bag MI

Shit Bag LHP

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  1. E3 is a fucking butcher!

  2. When was the last time you saw a Jays manager lose their shit over a bullshit call.

  3. Holy shit I hate the fucking Orioles.
    Not nearly close to as much as Boston, and New York, but still, a lot.

  4. and there is farrells lineup with omar making an error on a bunt.which way do we go which way now game is cost. non 5th pitcher change and a fielding lineup error both on the manager. i cant see the jays making it especially with farrell making 2 mistakes a game and the big boys coming the next 2 months.wake up farrell

  5. Wow the “Dean Brody” (whoever the FUCK that is) makes me want to stab myself in the dick until I bleed out the ears,

  6. What’s with the Jays making journeymen pitchers look like Cy Young these days? And people thought it was the Jays pitching that would be weak this year.

    • Starters have been strong but other than perez and oliver rest of pen hasn’t been so hot.

  7. Alright Janssen, lets do it again

  8. Holy fuck I am happy the Jays don’t have such an ugly lumbering dinosaur looking fuck like Nick Johnson on the team.

  9. Crawford has been nailz out there.

  10. Janssen with the ol bronze statue move

  11. Time to put Bautista on the gentleman’s DL so he can go somewhere and figure his shit out.

  12. Bautista’s head goes all over the place when he swings. I don’t think he keeps his eye on the ball these days.

  13. Horse shit!

  14. Game over

  15. Yeah like I was saying about the back end of the pen. Same as it ever was.

  16. I get home. I sit down. I turn on the Jays game. First pitch I see? Jones hitting a homer.

    Fuck sakes..

  17. At least we wont have to sit through 15 innings of the jays not being able to score a legit run…this game will be over in 9.

    fucking three runs vs the o’s in three games and only one earned..other two duet butchery in the field

  18. Maybe Strop will be kind enough to serve up a first pitch meatball.

  19. Well, blown saves will be down this year, if only because the bullpen loses the game before we ever get the lead.

  20. GOD DAMN IT.

  21. Swept by the Orioles. I guess the game isn’t over, yet, but the way they’ve been playing recently, it might as well be.

  22. Fire Murphy :p

  23. this one is all on farrell. nice fuckin managing there chief. i dont know shit about baseball but i know when something is wrong or someone is tired. there comes the rusty over.oh well at least i got to cheer some runs.fuck off farrell…. time to pull your head out. i thought you could manage finally. wrong you are still acting like a rookie.go to boston

    • This is not on Farrell much at all, let alone “all.” The team has 2 runs on 4 hits, and they’re lucky they have those. They’re just not hitting.

      • its all on farrell.dont kid yourself.the jays had the lead and he procastinated like a nasty fart in a closed room

  24. .500 boys, be happy we’re there, be happier for anything above this season. Pretty much the same team as August and September of last year. A very young team, this is going to be what it’s like for the most of the season. Ups and downs. The bright side is that if the starting pitching remains strong you’ve got upside.

    • only there haven’t been many ups on offense. what? two games where we’ve got more than ten hits in a nine inning game?

      as much as we would like to think that the team is young and blah blah blah..if jose turns back into the pre ball cinderalla (which is no more unlikely than him turning into joey bats in the first place) the entire dynamic of the team changes drastically

      • Obviously and that’s why AA failed this winter in not getting another bat. That said, the offense will turn it around eventually, I’m talking about ups and downs as a team.

      • Agreed, but if the young arms are for real, with more a year or two away, I’m still pretty pleased.

        • Oh no question the future is bright from the pitching side of things, Hopefully they can make a trade for another impact bat. Just too much hype because of spring training results. Results I might add that were achieved with a lot of minor league players in the lineup. It was probably a testament to the Jays organizational depth than ability at the major league level.

          • It doesn’t matter. As soon as Murphy gets ahold of any bat he turns it to shit. He has the reverse Midas touch.

  25. Joey bats? more like Joey bust.

  26. *insert expletive word here*

  27. Well stranger things have happened this week…like the Mariners sweeping detroit…WTF!

  28. So what time are we meeting to jump off the Viaduct?

  29. The bullpen needs some serious help I don’t know why they don’t call up Laffey he is dealing in Vegas

  30. I know players need days off, but why did Farrell play all of his bench players on the same night?

  31. Darren well spent.a shit balling third option lefty out of the penn. why did they sign this guy? perez and crawford >>>>>>>>> than oliver…and also much fewer $$$$$$$$$$

    • There was no point in getting Coco or fucking Oliver this year. Wasted fucking money. Just like that McGowan extension.

  32. They’re playing better than us. They deserved all three wins.

  33. See, I know what’s going on here. The Jays have to match their losses to their wins, immediately following. We all know they went w-w-l-l-w-w-l-l-w-w-l-l to begin. Then they win 4 in a row. So now they must lose 4 in a row.

  34. I guess the LOL in OriLOLes stands for laughing out loud at the joke that is the Toronto Blow Jays and the joke blogger who mocks a team that kicks your asses in. O’s fans are indeed getting a good laugh at this joke site.LOL indeed. Enjoy your future in last place.

    • Jays are terrible. We already know this. Can we FUCKING FIRE Dwayne Murphy already? Jesus.

      • Yes Murphy is swinging the bat horribly.

        • If it were a couple people slumping, that’d be one thing. When the whole fucking team hasn’t hit in a week? Yeah, I think we need to look at the hitting coach.

          How come Snider looks amazing everytime he’s in AAA, then as soon as he comes up and Murphy gets him in his evil clutches, he reverts back to his terrible long swing?

  35. The Jays are the World Series Paper Champions. Looks amazing on paper; total fucking TRASH on the field.

  36. come on it would be nice for a huge comeback like the rays

    • true. but the rays happen to have better hitting, pitching and defense. so its not as likely

  37. I would be okay with starting Rajai over Thames for the next week to see what happens (knowing they won’t call up Snider yet). He is struggling to “keep his head above water” despite Buck thinking that’s all you really want to do.

    What a fucking terrible series.

    • Sorry I can’t agree. Rajai is obviously not the answer. that would be simply treading water. The options are either stick with Thames, call up Snider, or find a LFer elsewhere. Rajai should be reserved for his speed off the bench.

  38. can you say sweep. i think its time to give them a little credit

  39. We just got swept by the OriLoLes.

  40. and fuck off parkes

    • It’s mostly Parkes to blame for this one.

      It’ll be him to blame if the Jays lose the Mariners series too after he mocked Humber’s perfect game.

    • I agree. Let’s burn the straw man to a crisp. I’ll try anything at least twice. Fuck off, Parkes.

  41. Vizquel has been pretty bad this year too, I’m hoping we take a flier on Brandon Inge

  42. Forget about it and move on. Don’t think about the fact the Mariners just swept Detroit and we have a Texas series following that. Fuck.

  43. Sportsnet had a graphic that Jones and Wieters are like .474 combined off Jansen. If only Farrell had that kind of info.

  44. Despite the four wins against KC, this team has been playing poorly for the last 9 games since getting beat down by Tampa.
    The last 9 games they’ve averaged 3.1 runs a game. And that’s dropping a 9 spot on KC one game. Otherwise it’s 8 games and 2.4 runs a game. You’re not going to win too many games like that.

  45. If there was ever a time to rest a player, it would be JPA. He’s been pretty cold this season and Mathis has been hitting.

    If Francisco can’t play defense over Thames, the bullpen could use another arm.

    • I agree that it’s probably time for Farrell (or AA) to come clean on why Francisco is on the bench. Use him (hopefully wisely) or lose him.

    • We should have never traded Napoli.

      • Hindsight is 20-20.

        • Well is it hindsight when many people were questioning the Napoli for Frank trade from the get-go? We had a rookie catcher coming in to take over full-time duties and absolute shit production from our first baseman. Napoli would have fit perfectly.

          • Very true. Lind had not played 1B & JPA was a rookie, so it made perfect sense. The Jays did want Edwin as full time DH, where he was pretty bad till mid season.

  46. i looked at the schedule may june and it is nasty. the jays are gonna crush my hope before the all star break unless AA can pull a rabbit out of parkes ass. read a rumour that jays want trumbo?AA will you give farrell a stint in the box for his mistakes or give the first kid with a crayon the lineup card to fill out.the kid could do better.need a trade now. perez and thames for a monster bat

    • Perez and Thames for a monster bat? What the fuck are you smoking?

      • This made me fucking lol so hard. We already dumped one piece of shit outfielder on the Angels — are they really going to fucking fall for that shit again?

    • The last thing the Angels need is Eric Thames. They wouldn’t even do Thames for Trumbo straight up.

      • but they need bullpen help and perez fits the bill.he has been lights out. i just threw thames in there for a body.and vernon is getting 25 million so yes i think they could fall for that shit again.they are staring into some headlights with that start. nail them when they are desperate

        • There’s no fucking way they give up Trumbo for Perez. It’s a new GM and he’s not as dumb as the last one. No one is “desperate” enough to trade a decent everyday player for a fucking left-handed reliever. C’mon, count chocula, peter pan….get your head out of the clouds.

          • I wouldnt even want Trumbo. Besides, he doesn’t fit the AA mold of young, controllable athletic, fast players who cant get on base or hit.

  47. So.. how about that swagger?

  48. Okay simmer down everyone! Everything’s under control, just simmer down!

    • I was waiting for the simmer down guy to arrive tonight, and not a moment too soon, I must say. Cheers, Bud. Get this cluster fuck under control, please. Remember, it was the O’s, you know, the pathetic basement-dwellers incarnate. Reign in the angst please, get the blogosphere back on an even keel. Do that thing that you do so well. Good luck.

  49. Well. Great series.

    Also great strike zone on Rasmus and Arencibia, like we didn’t have enough problems without the umpire.

    • the umps have been awful throughout the league.not just with the seems every year they get worse making up their own rules

  50. Funny the difference a year makes which turns out to be not much.

    April 2011 Batting
    G 27 R 125 HR 29 30 SB .259 AVG .329 OBP .412 SLG .741 OPS 4.62 RPG

    April 2012 (not including tonight) Batting
    G 18 R 83 HR 21 11 SB .240 AVG .314 OBP .389 SLG .703 OPS 4.61 RPG

    Basically we’re just slightly worse than last year and that’s only because Jose was going freaking insane with a .366 AVG .532 OBP .780 SLG 1.312 OPS. He scored 25 runs hit 9HR and had 15 RBI.

    Yes we’re supposed to be better on paper with no Nix and Patterson but Nix had an OPS of .793 and Patterson .767 in April last year.

    Team ERA for April in 2011 was 3.79 with a 1.31 WHIP

    Team ERA for April in 2012 is 3.83 with a 1.24 WHIP

    Starters have been better this year compared to 2011 but the pen has been much worse.

    • We should have never let Nix and Patterson go. What the FUCK were we thinking?

      • Indeed but people should chill with their expectations a little as frustrating as it is.

        • no way man. ive been waiting too long for them to take the next step. AA can see what he has already so he can make a trade anytime now. and there are still players sitting on the sidelies waiting for a call.time to work the phones before its too late

          • Joe – we’re fucking a month into the season, relax a little! This kind of panicky, finger pointing bullshit belongs on the Leafs board over at TSN.

            No one makes big trades in April, everyone is still seeing what they have…because it’s FUCKING APRIL!!

          • You won’t see him make a move trade wise for 20 more games or so. He always says he knows what he’s got after 40.

            When you factor in regression with the upgrades there wasn’t a huge improvement over the team that went 26-28 in August and September.

            So many young players still making adjustments.

            Saying all that the most important thing to me is that there’s big upside with this team compared to last year’s version. Who knows whether they can execute or not.

    • Thanks for those numbers. It seems that the numbers are worse but they aren’t . They are taking more walks.

      I think expectations for the team are much higher this year, so that’s why everybody is mad about the start. Also, fans wanted the Jays to crush weak opponents like the Orioles.

      The season will be decided based on how we fare against the AL East. So far 1-5 against the Orioles & 3-3 against the Rays & Red Sox.

  51. We all like to vent but so much of this is just Brick Tamland:

  52. So Snider was removed from the game tonight with a jammed right wrist. Eric Thames, you can breathe easier for a little while now.

  53. and how about Parkes taking a fucking victory lap because McGowan was shut down from throwing for the next couple of weeks and won’t be even considered for a call up before July – you sir are one desperate fuck to say “I take no pleasure in being right”. As we have pointed out no one gets to say they are right or wrong about McGowan until he fails to post a cumulative 0.8 WAR between now and October 2014. That is 467 regular season baseball games from now.

    • +111

    • Very true. However, McGowan latest setback is bad for him. From Planter fasciates to visiting Dr Andrews?

      • Parkes can defend Cashman on the Pineda deal cause the Yankees never suspected anything wrong with his shoulder before the trade took place.

        But now, Parkes takes some pleasure in seeing the McGowan deal become a fail.

        You can’t suck and blow at the same time Parkes. How could AA suspect that McGowan would have an issue with his shoulder when the extension deal was drawn up. McGowan was lighting up the radar gun with great movement on all of his pitches.

        Besides, with McGowan, if the deal is a total loss, its a loss of $3.5M. With Pineda, well, they gave up fucking Jesus Montero.

        • That’s a good point but McGowan has had injury problems for 3 years but Pineda was supposed to be very healthy.

          The fact is that in this offseason the prie of quality pitching went up.

          AA couldn’t get a veteran starter for 1 year. He couldn’t trade for a young one so someone like Dustin McGowan gets 3.5 million insurance policy.

          i assume in 1 year from now we should have even more pitching options available.

          • AA was willing to bet that McGowan would one day become a 0.8 WAR pîtcher, injuries notwithstanding.

  54. every year we have the worst bench in the majors. last year it was corey patterson, dwayne wise and who knows what else garbage. this year it’s mathis, bff, omar. that strikes fear in the head of opposing pitchers.

  55. Wow swept by the fucking orioles. I just dont think this team has that good of an offense. Maybe if they were in the AL central or al west but not by AL east standards. A good offense from the AL East does not score 3 runs in 3 games. That is just pathetic. A problem i see is that they are just a bunch of groundball hitting machines on the roster who cant draw walks when theyre not getting hits.

    • The problem is that hitters are trying way to hard at the plate. Is the media hype getting to them? Maybe. It looks like it is life or death at the plate these past three games.

  56. I still have faith in the Jays, but I have to say that the past three games have been fucking insufferably wretched to watch, regardless of the winner. I’ve never been this bored watching baseball in my life.

    Go Blue Jays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Sorry to hear about your friend. Good luck bud

  58. This is tough sledding. I waaaaaay preferred watching the teams of the past 2 years to this crud. Even though those 2 teams didn’t have a record any better than this, it seemed like better baseball with more potential. and it was exciting. This is boring and frustrating.

    why is EE STILL PLAYING THE FIELD. How many errors does it take over 3 years to make the point that its a liability. I was just starting to really like EE again…and then they run him out there. He is TERRIBLE. The only defence as bad as this is Thames and Patterson.

    Next: The umping last night was total BS. Cito would have been out there..and you know what? It gets your fans and your team excited and shows that you aren’t some dummy. farrell should have been out there.

    What is this lineup? Its garbage. they lose 2 games to the orioles and the answer is to put in all their scrubs at once? nice idea.

    again, when are folks going to get real and realize this has nothing to do with ‘early days of the season’. This is obviously some real problems that the team needs to work on to improve rather than justify or ignore under the tag ‘early season’…who do they think they are, the Bo Sox or Yankees? Get real. You’re not a supertroop just heating up…you’re a team that’s supposed to be coming into its own..and that requires hard work and a real drive to win. Don’t expect to just ‘heat up’…..come on.

  59. Sure Pat and Buck are insufferable, talking about how amazing and wonderful the Jays are all the time. But reading the Shit Bag lineup and all the other disrespectful comments made on this site, it’s just another form of that crap. Thanks for the informed Game Threat, Parkes. Keep up the great work.

  60. Parkes makes Stoeten seem downright classy by comparison.

  61. Being swept is always hard. Being swept after you’ve made a complete ass of yourself by writing foolish comments like “Shit bag” in place of the O’s players’ names is humiliating. It looks good on the blogger who wrote this crap.

    Oriole fans take no pleasure in the misery that being a Blue Jay fan obviously entails. We play in the same hard division. Both teams had terrible front offices for most of the last decade. Both teams have not made the playoffs in a long time and have seen big attendance declines.

    The Blue Jays have large extra hardships. Camden Yards is a beautiful park but yours is a multipurpose facility from the 80′s. I could see going to a weekend series there, but I wouldn’t enjoy it as a nightly event. Worse, your weather is not amenable to outdoor baseball in the spring and fall, and a covered stadium like Milwaukee has, would not likely be affordable for baseball in Canada. And free agent players don’t really want to go to Canada in the first place. These are all big hardships to overcome and Toronto has the sympathy of lots of baseball fans.

    But one thing you should learn is to give credit to the teams that beat you. Instead of blaming your coaches, or your tv announcers when the team loses, give credit to the winning team. It’s what you would do if you were winning.

    Also, foolish blogs that write insulting and stupid stuff about other teams like this one does, in the end only humiliate the blogger and the fans who post there.

    Good luck on the rest of the season!

  62. The season’s over! Time to fold em up and come back next year. Better yet, move the team to a new city!

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