So, this is a game threat.

Scuttle Ass: We’ve already posted a couple of items that you may find edifying, if you haven’t already. It seems the early news that Brett Lawrie would be batting second in the lineup tonight was meant to distract us from something even more troubling than Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler possibly getting in an extra at bat to spray their maple boner syrup all over the broadcast booth. Sadly, Dustin McGowan has been shut down for at least two weeks after visiting Dr. James Andrews for yet another MRI.

Advice: Instead of whatever in the way of a game preview you were going to watch before tonight’s game, do us a solid and give The Getting Blanked Show a shot.

It might not be as Jays centric as you’re used to, but we have a good time making it, and hopefully that translates into you having a good time watching it.


TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
B. Lawrie 3B
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
E. Thames LF
B. Francisco DH
R. Davis CF
J. Arencibia C
O. Vizquel 2B

D. Hutchison RHP

Baltimore Orioles

Shit Bag OF
Shit Bag MI
Shit Bag OF
Shit Bag OF
Shit Bag C
Shit Bag DH
Shit Bag CI
Shit Bag CI
Shit Bag MI

Shit Bag LHP

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  1. Fantastic, if we lose tonight we can hold our heads high and say we’ve been swept by shit bags. At least they weren’t flaming shit bags.

  2. LOLmg

    Thames, Fransisco, Davis, Arencibia, Viquel

    “Depth at the bottom of the order is a major difference between this squad and past squads.”

    I know Rasmus and Johnson are out, and Lawries shifted up. But that was more of a case of the bottom of our lineup is better than the top (at this time).

  3. LOL I didn’t even notice the Orioles lineup!

  4. Looks like there has been some improvement in the Baltimore lineup as noted in Game Threat above.

  5. Is it fair to call the team atop the East standings Shit Bags? Maybe if it was a team who was supposed to not produce and hasn’t, but the LOLs are surprising everyone right now. I’m actually rooting for the Reimold story. Good kid, good bat.

  6. If I dont get called up by next monday, and dont get to eat the new Boomstick hot-dog, Im gonna crack some fuck skulls in beastmode! What a fucking shitshow!

  7. I alsom, am a little dissapointed with the shitbag player 1-10 because adam jones is a quality young outfielder who has more upside than snider.

  8. Ok Jays, tonight is the night to take advantage of a pitcher putting the ball on a tee so far this season. Maybe some sacrificial farm animals are in order……who knows anymore.

  9. I wonder how Alex has been handling the season. I hope he doesn’t get too antsy just to pull the trigger on a trade. I hope we see some minor piece swapped out just to appease the inner Fantasy GM we know lurks inside him.

    • It’s probably a little early for AA to find one of his favoured dancing partners ready to pull the plug on high upside but in the shithouse talent.

  10. Parkes…Fuck Off

  11. I wonder how often Bautista bats in the 1st with 2 outs. I like the suggestion that he should be in the 4 hole.

  12. That Lawrie groundball dp in the first was awesome..

  13. can I ask for fantasy baseball advice here?

  14. I almost want the Jays to not have such long at bats so they can get more innings against Matusz.

  15. They better beat the fucking Orioles cause my M’s are en fuego. Bow down to Dustin Ackley you irrelevant AL East losers. At least the M’s have a chance to… oh, nevermind

  16. Parkes, the getting blanked show is improving with better lighting and some graphics dropped in but it’s still kinda boring. I mean, you guys are still just sitting around talkin’ baseball.
    Honestly, it needs a little more liveliness. Stand up, have prop cards to show, be more expressive with your hands, get rid of the table! It feels like a work meeting or something. Ugh. Is it possible to ditch the headphones too?

    Please look to the camera more when you are talking too. Drew was trying to do it.

    Drew, you can just take your time to make your point more emphatically than getting as many points in as fast as you can.

  17. The M’s have a chance to maybe win a game or two in my softball league, maybe!

  18. guys, Yes or No
    H2H league I offer Stanton/Uggla for Braun/Ackley? Too soon to give up Stanton (Drew, I know your answer) and I might be worried about the Braun rib ‘injury’

  19. Hutchinson after two is looking sharper than after one. To be honest, he reminds me of RickRo. Keeping the ball down, good location without being over powering.

    • And to think that we thought pitching would be our Achilles’ heel. Early days I know, but it’s been really encouraging. The bats will pick up soon.

    • He definitely looks comfortable on the mound. Nice delivery, good location as you mentioned. He didn’t have to throw many pitches in either inning.

    • Agreed, the kid knows how to pitch. Love to see him throw some ugly palmball or something as a strikeout pitch

  20. Matusz reminds me of a piece of shit. We really outta hit him hard.

  21. four guys in the lineup with .200 or below batting averages looks frighteningly bad even if it’s meaningless

  22. Whats the over/under on how many “Fuck off Parkes” comments are made

  23. Pitchers aren’t getting many calls up and in, but the ump seems to be generous with pitches down and away.

  24. I like Hutchison. Now if we could only get some runs for him…

  25. think Yunel would run that out? Fuck I love his hustle!

  26. In case it was ever in doubt, Tabby lets us know that running fast consists of putting your feet down and picking them up quickly. Nice.

  27. If CF has priority over RF and LF, who has priority between LF and RF fly balls?

  28. real scary lineup farrell. i like lawrie up there but keep kj in.move yunel when he struggles if you want change for the sake of, fuck you know. farrell you are acting like a pitching coach…..get your shit together have to be a genius to get the playoffs.i just looked at the schedule today and the next 2 months arent looking good at all/ i damn near choked on the lawrie ball washer in my livingroom. texas washington yanks o’s philly and just a sprinkle of shit dust twins kc and such.

  29. Jesus Christ Jays hitters look like bags of shit this series.
    Guess only The Royals can make em look good.

  30. I could really go for Lawrie hitting more balls in the air.

  31. I just hope that the two steps forward, one step back of this team means we are going to get somewhere by the end of the season.

    I have to say, I really like the aggressive promotion of young players that it seems is happening. I think Alex is gaining confidence that it’s the right thing to do instead of trying out the waiver claim route JPR did. I’m sure the young minor league players are going balls out to move up in the org to get their chance- and that’s the right way to go about things. It has worked so much for Minnesota under Terry Ryan, I am so glad the Jays are trending that way now.

    • it helps when the callups play like they belong too.

    • Anything above .500 for this team is a bonus imo. Three young pitchers are probably playing above their heads right now, maybe not a lot but above all the same. When they regress a touch the hitting will really need to step it up.

  32. It seems like everyone in the lineup has too much uppercut in their swings right now. EE’s last at bat is a perfect example of that.

    • and that is the i want a hr now swing and a miss howdy doody shit that is losing games.19 1/3 scoreless thanks pat and buck. hey parkes, whats with the grampa sweater in the video? first time i see what you look like and the geek come out. with the DJF sketch i expected you to be different in real know, like bigger.hahaha and fuck off with making fun of the o’s. over under is? yeah jp gets a double.maybe a win if he can get a hit with a donut

    • I beg to differ my friend, see: Brett Lawrie.

  33. LOL @ @abdi_elmi and outfielders

  34. Every pitch Matsuz throws he recoils like he expects it to come exploding back in his face.

  35. Anyone else’s feed to the game all fucked up?

  36. how do you get sportsnet one on rogers? is it part of a package or can you order just that channel? thanks

  37. I guess Jays fans are starting to find out what Giants fans felt last year. All pitch, no hit = mediocre shit.

    • At least it’s a different kind of mediocre shit. We do know that the hits will arrive at some point.

  38. swagger = gone

    This team needs Bautista or a new leader now to step up and win this game.

    • I agree, Sometimes swagger can backfire if you have a young team.

    • I think all the swagger shit was a problem to start the season quite frankly. It’s good to know you’re capable but there seemed to be so much hype in the media during spring training for a team that wasn’t much different than the one in August and September of last year that struggled to play .500 ball.

      • i would rather them be cocky and take my chances than have them not believe.they have a long season and the yanks and sox arent as powerful anymore

        • Yeah a certain sense of knowing is fine but you still need to produce and not think it’s going to fall into your lap.

      • Very true. Spring training results gave some jays fans false hope. The ofense needs to pick it up next week against the rangers.

    • I like the swagger (up to a point.) One emphatic home run would do all of us (to say nothing of Hutchison) a world of good. Most of the line-up could make that happen.

  39. Hutch is losing his command this inning. pitches are not down anymore

  40. Remember when Arencibia did that fake interview with Lawire, acting all cocky about hitting .625 or whatever? Fail.

  41. It looks like that was the strategy to pitch Reynolds, but the point stands, bigbear.

  42. Thames almost had him at home there.

  43. ok farrell time to use some of that bullpen

  44. and farrell will let the game get away.the pen is rusting away because farrell is afraid to use them

  45. The 5th inning is Hutchison’s achilles heel.

  46. It’s still 1-0, guys. Chill. There’s plenty of time before the Jays fail to score a run, and Hutchison gets the loss.

  47. Hutch made it through five with only one run. You send him out for the six to see if he can get the first out and continue, otherwise it’s straight to the pen.

  48. 60% chance of Lawrie raining on my parade with another ground ball.

  49. I honestly don’t remember Lawrie falling into home plate last year like he’s doing this year on swings and misses.

  50. Lawrie, god damn it!

  51. quickly, is Jim Johnson available tonight for BAL?

  52. Alright, lets fuckin get some points on the board against these cocksuckers.

  53. Man up and fucking crush this Jose.

  54. Jose Mendoza, who knew?

  55. Why are they throwing shit to Jose when he hasn’t shown he’s capable of hitting good pitches consistently this year?

  56. OK Edwin prove to us you’re the Anti-Lind!

  57. if we could sum up the vectors of escobar’s grounders and edwins pop ups this series and divide by two, we’d have like ten homers this series

  58. Let’s begin the #FreeDavidCooper movement!

  59. oh the crying on the the angels board is brutal

    • That kind of investment I suppose it’s reasonable up to a point even if it’s early in the season. That was a hard one to lose for them today. If I were them I’d be trading a guy like Trumbo or Morales for a starter or pen help. They could probably snag two nice back end arms for one of those guys.

  60. Jays 9th in MLB in runs scored before game, but 4th in the AL East…

  61. That’s third pitch was so painful to watch Thames take. Right down the middle.

  62. Thank you Nick Johnson. Jesus.

  63. Ill take it

  64. Didn’t see that coming!

  65. Jesus Christ that was fortunate.

  66. Thames, you magnificent bastard!

  67. #TeamThames (pseudo-twitter)

  68. Thames comes through. Take that Lunchbox.

  69. YES!!!!!!
    Took long enough.

  70. Jays 19th in MLB in wOBA trailing the Orioles…

  71. way to go thames.finally someone is clutch

  72. 3 of the top 5 teams in wOBA are in the AL East.

  73. need the pen now.farrell you are too late

  74. A lead? Can’t have that. Better send the already gassed starter out there for another couple innings!!

    Gotta love Farrellball

  75. Pull Hutch now!

  76. Maybe Farrell is going to bring in a lefty to turn Wieters around. Then it’s okay to leave Hutch in if that’s the case.

  77. Lot of stupid decisions being made this series

  78. Farrell’s a sentimental son of a gun, isn’t he?

  79. So EE screws us over on both corners this series, the regs don’t need the rest this much.

  80. Jays BABIP sitting 28th in MLB @ .265 That’s almost 20 points lower than last year, but almost the same as 2010.

  81. I really wouldn’t mind if Farrell just stuck to using edwin as the dh. None of this defensive shit tell him to leave the glove at home

  82. hey farrell can you rub my nuts.they hurt from that fuckin kick .too fuckin late the signs of fatigue were there last would be doing the pen a favour givving them some work.going long stretches without hurts the a little foresight too much to ask?stop acting like pitching coach and start managing.pitchers loyalty is overrated at hte bigs.this a dogshit managing.fuckoff farrell, l liked u earlier and now u are sucking

  83. and a little ball washing is required after that beautiful play.the jays regular defense is spectacular maybe farrell wants to skewer the defensive stats by putting EE in there.need some more errors on the scoesheet to show for the losses.farrell stop the bullshit now.stop giiving away games you areent a rookie anymore

  84. Thames = The New One-Man Band*

    * Only applicable in series held in Baltimore in April 2012.

  85. I feel like we won already just because we scored.

  86. Jesus christ that strike was nowhere near the plate and low

  87. wow…how the fuck can you call a pitch ten feet outside a strike

  88. Yup, thank you Eric Thames, for without you the Orioles would been pitching a shutout at the Jays for the last 24 innings.

  89. That pitch was at least 8-9 inches off the plate. Brutal call.

  90. Fucking terrible Blue! That was not a strike

  91. Runs per Game are sitting at 4.15 MLB wide.
    Jays are at 4.61
    AL avg is 4.39 though NL is 3.96

    Perhaps MLB is “encouraging” NL teams to move fences. The Mets did, Padres are thinking about and there is already a lot of noise about Miami having a “problem”.

  92. Fuck this, these pitches are grazing the grass

  93. HOLY FUCK! Another awful call

  94. Ump wants to get the fuck out of here ASAP apparently.

  95. Get off your ass and defend your team Farrel! Fuck

  96. should be first and second with noone out on walks

  97. This umpire must have a hot date tonight

  98. I would like to see Farrel get off his ass and defend his fucking players. They’re getting fucked by that piece of shit behind the plate.

  99. So how many bases has EE’s defense cost us these two games?

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