Tonight is the game before the 4pm Saturday, aka the High Alcohol Holy Days. You degenerates just need to take it one day at a time, don’t get ahead of yourselves by looking toward tomorrow’s start. That is the Seattle Public Library, which is an awesome building. In Seattle. I’ve got nothing.


Despite being a very bad, not good baseball team, these Seattle Mariners just swept the de facto AL Central champion Detroit Tigers. Weird. I thought the better team won the baseball series every single time.

The Jays, as you might remember, are fresh off a brutal sweep at the hands of the Baltimore Orioles. The offense was putrid and the natives grow increasingly restless. No, wait, they’re not. From the indispensable John Lott come these less than panicked comments from Jose Bautista.

I’m not really worried about our offence,” said Jose Bautista, who went 1-for-11 in the series and is batting .194. “I know we’re going to pick it up. I just hope we do it sooner than later.”

That was as close as he came to displaying concern after the latest loss.

“I’m not going to dwell on it,” he said. “We’ve got more important games ahead of us. Our pitchers are doing awesome, so on the offensive side we just would like to give them better support.”

He’s right, you know. It might suck to watch (and hooray for Lind still hitting in the cleanup spot!) but there is a great deal of offensive talent on this team. Over three miserable nights in miserable Baltimore, shit happens. But the talent will rise.

Rise like Brett Lawrie’s hits need to, amiright? It is still too early but he is still pounding balls into the ground like they’re goth kids at his high school. Grounders aren’t bad in and of themselves, though the next ground ball that goes over the fence for a home run will be the first of my recollection.

Take a listen to this week’s Getting Blanked podcast. We talk with former Jays beat writer Jordan Bastian about the Indians, who are in first place with a winning percentage 3 points higher than the Toronto nine that most of Wilner’s callers want relegated to the International League.

Or download it directly from here.

Finally, if you live in Vancouver and love the Blue Jays YOU MUST ATTEND THIS EVENT. Blue Jays games on TV with the sound up and everything? That sounds like a pretty sweet three hour respite from living in Vancouver. But seriously, they’re giving away tickets to a Jays/M’s game in Seattle later this year. You should go, West Coasters.

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays Seattle Mariners
Escobar, Y, SS
Johnson, K, 2B
Bautista, J, RF
Lind, A, 1B
Encarnacion, E, DH
Thames, E, LF
Lawrie, B, 3B
Rasmus, C, CF
Arencibia, J.P., C

Ricky Romero, P

Dustin Ackley 2B
Brendan Ryan SS
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Justin Smoak 1B
Jesus Montero DH
Alex Liddi 3B
Michael Saunders CF
Miguel Olivo C
Casper Wells LF

Blake Beavan, P

Comments (255)

  1. It’s a comedy of errors, my God.

  2. Well this is hilarious.

  3. Pathetic.

  4. No, it’s a fricken’ tragedy.

  5. so is that 4 or 5 bs for the year now?

    Just EPIC Jay EPIC I say lol

  6. Well, I say again, they HAD to lose tonight to make it four in a row, to match the four wins in a row before that. Simple as that.


  8. Can you say as bad as Boston? wow

  9. Jays pitching staff extend their lead in HRs allowed

  10. I miss Scott Rolen’s defense…

  11. You got to love it when you get ass raped by a guy with a career .583 ops.

  12. Mariners grand slam 9-5. Wow! Wilner has to focus on the ball he caught earlier in the game . No discussion about the game. Maybe he will discus eic thames HR.

    5 blown saves. 1 out away from winning 5-4 & that ball should have been caught by Lind.

  13. Brett LOLawrie

  14. all on lawrie’s throw?

  15. Wow I go take a beastly dump and now its 9-5…. What a shit show!

  16. Best play of the night was the kid in left field giving the baseball away.

    the Blownsaves are finding new ways to get to .500.

    You get what you pay for.

  17. getting hammered by Baltimore then Seatle – it’s a good thing the Cubs and Pirates aren’t in our league….

  18. This is on Lawrie.

  19. Lawrie responsible for runs in the 3rd and the 9th –

    what if: pinch runner for JPA in 7th, Mathis in, no throwing error in 9th

    Baseball – It’s a Funny Game

  20. Two homahs socked into the stands at Rogers by a Canadian boy! What’s not to like? Oh, he’s playing for the other team.

  21. Lyle overbay would have picked that ball.

  22. The funny part is the commercial where Mendoza says “we’ll never give up”

    Two weeks into the season and the team has already given up. They literally do not care whether or not they win.

    Time to clean house at the end of this year: Farrell, AA, Beeston all gone.

  23. Racing to the bottom are we? lol

  24. it’s all over

  25. that was the very definition of a painful loss. ouch, ouch, ouch.

  26. The worst thing about losing games like this compared to just losing is that it pisses fans off that much more. All the hype and goodwill from spring training is slowly going.

  27. Meh still a .500 team imo and this is what a .500 team does.

  28. So, um, when will Farrell figure out that Cordero is a piece of shit? I know that generally 50% of save opportunities actually go clean. But fuck, when the season is your sample size, and the Jays haven’t had one clean 9th inning, you’d think Farrell would wonder, “Hey, maybe I should try someone else, because CoCo’s meatpitches don’t seem to be working.”

    Seriously, whenever Farrell talks about the back end of the bullpen, all I hear is, “Herpa derp derp derp.” He was great for the opener, then it just seems he’s taking it easy for the next 161.

    Perez may have shat the bed, but if someone competent was called upon in the 9th, that bed shitting wouldn’t have commenced.

    • Farrell admitted that he didn’t do a good job with the bullpen last year, and insisted that this year, pitchers would know when and why they were being called upon, and I suppose he’s somewhat afraid to go thrashing around like he did last season. He does learn, but nice and easy does it in his world. Thank God, it is still very early.

      • It’s not Farrell pitching, if guys like Cordero can’t execute what can you do? AA is the one who gave him the players. Anyway blown saveitis is running rampant throughout the league anyway.

        • Well with what options that Farrell has presented to him, who do you think is the most logical to close?

          Forgetting what happened tonight, I’d choose Perez, and no one has pitched even close to his level so far.

          • Yes Perez has started well then shit the bed tonight. His track record is hardly splendid prior to this season. He’s had one good stretch of dominance and now he’s the closer?

          • Just from peripherals, I’d consider him the best option. Maybe it’s narrow-minded, but it just seems right to me. Pitching to contact almost never works for a closer, and we’re seeing why.

  29. I dont see the grind it out style that a good winning team has. The offense has a lot of holes. Pretty much half the hitters are groundball machines and the other half strike out a ton

  30. Not to mention the lack of a solid closer which is a problem AGAIN.

  31. So that was blown save #??? and how many resulted in a loss? I’ve lost track

  32. My advice is to pour acid in your eyes to avoid seeing something like that again. Jarves are going to be slightly over .500, fine, but spare me THAT.

  33. And Cordero wasn’t the problem. Terrible, terrible decisions and fielding was the problem.

    • Absolutely agreed. The issue is Farrell’s incompetence to use CoCo in proper situations. I’m not sure if bringing in someone else, perhaps Perez, would have made much of a difference, but you’ve got to give your team it’s best chance to win. You don’t bring relievers out to close, who may have experience, but is completely out of his element in this stage of his career.

      I know blaming Farrell is easy to do, but it seems like the right person to blame this time, IMO.

      • Coco wasn’t Farrell’s problem. It’s who he’s got. Farrell’s only mistake was not pinch running for JP in the 7th.

        • CoCo isn’t Farrell’s best option, though. Maybe the most experienced, but not the greatest. And I think that’s where there’s issues with Farrell’s decision making skils, and has scary shades of Cito.

      • I’m the last person to harp on ‘small sample size,’ but given our closer is down for a month, surely it wasn’t too much of a stretch to consider Coco as a backup, given his history. Hopefully, Farrell will learn who to count on in the near future. This game should never have had to be saved.

        • Believe me I’m no fan of Cordero at this stage he puts too many men on but most of the Jays relievers have high career WHIP’s.

          Maybe the arms aren’t there for 8th and 9th inning work.

  34. for fuck sakes

  35. I am glad I missed this game on tv and suffered thru sportnets version of game day. it would have been worse without my crown of royal. Glad to see Thames had a decent game.

  36. That’s already the fifth (5th) lead blown with two outs in the eighth inning or later. Three have been in the ninth inning. We’re 20 games into the season.

    • As wilner would say, we are pace for 40 blown saves but last year the st louis cardinals won the world series with 26 blown saves more than the Jays. #wilnerlogic

      • Please wean yourself of Wilner. Or, at the bare minimum, stop posting what he says on DJF. Thank you.

        • I’m thinking Oakville is being sarcastic. At least I hope so.

          • Of course I am being sarcastic. It’s unbelievable that the bullpen is blowing games late this year against relatively weak teams. I shudder at facing the yankees with a 1 run lead at yankee stadium in the 8th inning.

  37. we are out of soap and water. can someone turn on the tap, please. a little ice and lotion over here. brett has taken a couple of shots to the stones tonite. swollen to twice their normal size. ok who farted, mmmmm a hanger, someone open a window or door. oh thats the stench from the game..nice. no deodorant for that kind of losing.its like death

  38. What does the jays bullpen and children with abusive fathers have in common? They both give up a lot of hits

  39. Well look on the bright side it should get better tomorrow with Morrow, that paragon of home excellence, starting tomorrow. Right?

  40. it really is sort of unbelievable how the pen can lose so many games in so many ways. I can tell you one thing…I seriously did not understand the signings of Oliver OR Cordero when they went down. I didnt see the point of a team not ready for contention signing these types of players when they really should be developing their own guys on the cheap like carreno/japanse dude in AAA.

    Now I did think that they would be decent enough…so the fact that they are sucking makes it even worse.

    and dont give me that it wasn’t cordero’s fault…he had a TWO run lead going into the 9th….he should be able to hold that lead even with the errors that happened behind him…lawrie didnt give up that 450 foot shot to fucking saunders

    • It’s easy to understand all the signings. When you’re only allowed to dumpster dive the dregs of the league, that’s what you get.

      Unfortunately, Lind is still Lind at the plate. Same goes for Rasmus and Thames\Davis. Only difference is Bautista has turned into Vernon Wells.

      At least we’ll get a good turn out for Darvish on Monday. A few extra $$$ in Roger’s pockets to spend on next year’s “two years away” 0.500 team.

  41. While this is all shitty, we should get used to it as long as Bautista isn’t hitting and Lind is being Lind. Without power in the AL East you are done. How many runners has Joeybats left on base this season? It SEEMS like a lot, but please correct me if I’m wrong. Him and Lind are hitting .199 with a .653 OPS between them, and that is simply not going to cut it. If you’re 3-4 hitters suck, you can only not suck for so long.

    As for last nights game, it is mostly on Lawrie and JP. These two little dickheads come into the league cocky as fuck and then shit the bed night in and night out, whether it’s butchering the field or the bat. Sure they’ll come around, but a little humility on their part might help their cause. Coco got the groundball, and that was his job, solo homerun meant nothing. And nice way to dig out that throw when it meant the most Lind, you out of shape lazy hick fuck.

    Why is it impossible for a Jays reliever to have a clean 9th inning? I’m well aware that Mo Rivera has a career WHIP of .998, but I can’t remember the last time we had a 9th inning to be proud of.

    While I’ll be with the boys until the last day of the season, it’s going to be a long summer if they don’t get things turned around. All the hype built around this team could turn pretty ugly if they are out of it by the end of May. I don’t think anybody expects playoffs, but a competitive team is definitely what folks are hoping for.

    Anyway, I’ll be at the game today, so hopefully they can turn it around for me! I hope that 5 games from now this horrid losing streak is a distant memory, Bats has connected 4 times, and Lind is hitting in the 7th spot with EE 4th Rasmus 5th. Go Jays

    • Very good post. I don’t know why JP threw the ball past Lind in the 9th inning. Than run around to score.

  42. When is Farrel going to fucking give his head a shake and stop with theL-R fascination in the lineup? Fuck sakes. Put the best hitters at the top o theorde and bury Lind in the pressbox with another imaginary back injury.
    How about
    Bautista- he better get his timing back soon
    Lind- since he obviously has pictures of AA with a goat

    • Rasmus leading off makes no sense, keep Yunel and Johnson where they are.


      • Just for the hell of it, I’ll create a list.

        Edwin Encarnated

  43. 9-5 Seattle huh? Not a good hangover read.

  44. way to early to worry about the year but really did you think they were any better than 84 wins this year.

    • What kind of point are you making? I would expect even the shitties of major league teams to be able to hold a lead in the 8th inning and beyond a solid 80+ percent of the time. this team does it less than half the time. It’s not about what you expected them to be in terms of wins for the year, its about what they COULD be. These little duck snort losses add up and can take you down from 88-90 wins (solid contention for second wild card) down into the 80-83 win region.

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