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Travis Snider cannot win for losing, it seems. Just when he again shows that he is too good a hitter for Las Vegas (and probably AAA in general) and the groundswell of support rises again, Travis Snider goes down with injury.

When Snider came out of last night’s 51s game against…some other minor league team (Tacoma, if it matters) after “jamming” his wrist diving for a ball in the field. Wrist injuries have dogged Snider over his brief career, missing time last year as well as 2010.

Reports are spotty right now but heaven forbid Snider misses too much time with a wrist injury. While I’m of the opinion that the Jays should not swap Thames and Snider at this point of the season, staying healthy only boosts Snider’s chances. As a player with a checkered injury past (fluke injuries or otherwise), Snider needs to demonstrate to the team that when — not if — he is given the starting role in left field, he will stay on the field.

Secondary to showing his body won’t break down under the strain of 162 games a year, a Snider injury derails the dream of getting the 24-year old consistent playing time at same level in any one year. Injuries and bouncing between the two levels robs Snider of the chance to play everyday at one level for a full year.

The impulse to rush Snider up to the show is a very understandable one. He continues to show he can hit anything thrown at him in the PCL. But, as I’ve said before, the Jays must give Thames enough rope to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that he is not an everyday Major League baseball player. Then, and only then, should Travis Snider step in and play.

Snider is scheduled to be re-evaluated at some point today in the desert, when the full extent of his maiming will be known. It would make me infinitely happy should Snider only require a few days off before he returns to the Las Vegas lineup to rake anew.

Then, in about mid-June or so, when Thames unequivocally reveals himself to be a good guy with decent mistake-crushing ability but not much else, Snider can come up. Full of confidence or piss or vinegar or whatever the fuck he needs mentally (not to mention the physical adjustments required to make him a legit big leaguer in his own right) Travis Snider can get 300-400 consecutive plate appearances at the big league level.

If Snider needs a chunk of time on the shelf…well we can prepare to play this tiresome game again next season, he said dramatically. It is still too early to close the book on Thames – in reality. In the abstract, many of us dismissed Thames long ago. Such is the nature of 21st century fandom and rooting for “our guys.” Sorry, Eric. That’s just how it goes.

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  1. Wrist, rib injury in February, much time on the DL before this…no way he could last a season. The guy is made of glass. Thick glass, but glass nonetheless.

    • Yeah, diving for a ball and jamming his wrist into the ground, what a fucking pussy. Every other guy in pro sports who has ever suffered a fluke injury is a pussy too. I don’t even know why I watch sports, everyone who plays is just a glass pussy.

  2. When snider is healthy the jays should just trade lind for a bag of balls and put Encarnacion at first perminantely and let Snider DH/lf flop with Thames. Lind is shit, snider at this pout is younger and can at least put up the shitty numbers Lind has put up lately

  3. Point

  4. Thames stinks in the field and at the plate, and has never projected by anyone as anything more than a 4th outfielder. Why do you have to give him enough rope to prove he can’t make it, when that has been the consensus on him all along?

    The Jays need production out of the left field spot, whether that means giving Snider a shot, or acquiring someone from outside the organization. What they don’t need is giving a 4th outfielder 300 ABs to prove he’s a 4th outfielder.

    Wrist injuries are tough, Wilner and others used that as an excuse for Lyle Overbay’s non-production for a solid 3 years after he came off the DL.

    • Thames has the best average on the team, over .300. I know it’s April but he’s putting the ball in play and getting on base. The more Snider racks up wrist injuries (this isn’t his first) the less he’s going to get around on major league fastballs.

      • Thames isn’t hitting .300, he’s hitting .288 but his ISO is a measly .096 showing he’s not hitting anything for power, not withstanding his two homer game of a couple of days ago..

        A big chunk of his hits are soft ground balls which get through the left side. His line drive rate is almost non-existent-like his power.

        His defense is disastrous, he’s got a wimp arm and no instincts..He would even make the 4th outfielder on any other team.

        But he does have a nice smile.

    • Ill give you Thames stinks in the field, but to say he’s never projected as anything more than a 4th OF is not really true. Projections change as the player changes. Thames was on track to be a first round pick before he was injured. It took him some time to get on track but since then, his projections have obviously changed.

      why would the jays brass be blind on this one single issue (thames) while at the same time being lauded for nearly every single other projection/trade/draft situation they’ve dealt with? its obvious that the jays themselves believe there is a chance that Thames can pan out as a major league starting outfielder. so the projections of five years ago mean nothing now.

    • VW is still recovering

    • Can anyone find a quote from anyone other than Keith Law stating that Thames is nothing more than a 4th OF?

  5. The guy above me is an idiot

  6. The last paragraph is a perfect representation of the kind of self-aware, blunt honesty I was starting to miss from this site.

  7. The jays don’t believe in Thames necessarily, they have no other options. If AA didn’t grab Rasmus last year, their outfield would be pathetic.

    I don’t understand guys like Thames who have trouble tracking fly balls in the outfield. He shags flies every day in bp. He has done so for many years.

  8. Are you guys really of the mind set that Snider who repeatedly has failed at the major league level, but is “raking” in the PCL should replace Thames who albeit may be a below average defensive left fielder is leading the major league club in average?!? Talk about small sample size all you want, but let’s remember that the the same small sample size for the Las Vegas raker as it is for Thames – except for the slight difference that he is playing in the ML f’n B not the PC f’n L.

    I know you guys want to believe that Snider is the answer, but he is not. Thames may not be either, but he is definitely a better option for the short term.

    Just remember when you are highlighting Thames shortcomings in the field that he is also chipping in with the bat at a greater pace than anyone else.

  9. Just a little constructive criticism on the shows (which are much improved from last year). I know you probably don’t care:

    – Drew is talking much too fast. Can understand very little he’s saying.
    – Nobody gives a rip about the San Francisco Giants. You guys talk about them every show.
    – Studio digs are better than the guys sitting in front of a cubicle, like last year.

  10. This is not a Snider vs Thames situation. Get these simple views out of your head. AA DOES NOT DO ANYTHING IN A linear fashion. What this really boils down to is depth. We can move Bautista to 1B when Snider is ready. When Snider is ready, he will be here and get an adequate # of ABs to show if he can play full time. Remember Gose and potentially Seirra are also lurking in the background. So the Outfeild picture is about to get crowded and we will have to make some decisions as early as spring training of 13 on which assets to keep where.
    For me I have completely given up on Lind. We need to move this worthless pile. The way this club is playing I would rather see the kids. At least then I could justify the lowest batting and one of the lowest OBP in the majors.

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