I got nothing. Nice win yesterday. This is your Threat…

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  1. Frasor speaks like he pitches……4 second pause between every sentence. I am really lookin forward to today’s Zauntorage and ‘how to hit’ by Gregg ‘take the fuckin chew out’ Zaun.

  2. Another classic Zaunisms when discussing the art of catching…
    “You start with your shoulders, shoulder width apart”

  3. roof is closed?

  4. So, to recap, we have a smart catcher and a dumb pitcher.

  5. Whelp.

  6. Alvarez has good composure but the guy is allergic to missing bats. Case in point, got ahead of figgins 0-2 and couldnt put him away. I dont see him developing into an ace with 2.7 K/9IP.
    That part of his game has to improve. His fastball is more flash than substance

    • I don’t think his FB is without substance, but its more that he lacks any good secondary stuff, and players don’t necessarily have to respect it.

  7. ahhhhhhh buck is so stupid

  8. Great at bat for Escobar. Instead of grounding to short on the second pitch he took four pitches before grounding to short.

  9. Hey, live the comments about the tv guys. They never get boring.

  10. Walk Adam Lind, please.

  11. I feel bad Bautista.. he’s caught something off Aaron Hill

    • jose bautista had a naked free for all with albert pujols and vernon wells prior to the season start at californias disneyland where vernon passed the i cant hit shit virus to all involved. it will behave like mono and last 1 year. no known cure, heals itself.

  12. Holy fuck Bautista with the pop ups.

  13. Someone tell this guy he doesn’t need to do the commercial with his fucking headset on in the helicopter.

  14. I’d have Lind batting cleanup against lefties. That way it takes the pressure of Bautista because he knows it doesn’t matter that the pumpkin coach has come for his bat.

  15. Escobar shows he’s a two way player. His glove is as good as his bat.

  16. I don’t mind Tabby so much but Buck is just full retard.

    • you never go full retard, you never get back

    • They’re both just awful. Tabler recently got finished saying that when counting the number of pitches that a pitcher can throw, a 2-seamer inside and outside are two different pitches.

  17. If the Jays don’t start producing runs from driving up pitch counts, I’m gonna get sick of Buck blabbing on and on about it.

  18. Tabler Breaking News, Blue Jays have a gameplan…shocking, I know

  19. Nice of Buck and Tabs to reassure the viewers the Jays are powerless versus the 29 year old left handed slop tossing wizard.

  20. Tabler on Vargas: “he’s going to win a lot of games for them”

  21. And, on the topic of left-handed pitchers putting it all together in their late 20′s, how did both of them not mention Cliff Lee as the best example of current Major Leagures?

  22. How the fuck can you be ten years ahead of a change up three times in row?

  23. Jose is so obliging, he gives them yet another pop-up to seal the deal.

  24. Fucking Vargas has been pithing behind all game..2-0, 3-1, and yet we cant do shit

  25. Jose must lead the league in popouts.

  26. Wonder what the offensive splits are for this team with the roof open vs. closed.

    These aren’t even hard-hit outs.

  27. No way snider could have done that.

  28. Chone ‘Sean, Shawn, Shaun’ Figgins, simply amazing

    • Once he realized he messed up, he played it well off the bounce instead of trying to leap for the catch. Miss it and it’s at least a triple for Thames…

  29. Drew Hutchinson is getting the superstar treatment tomorrow, the Rangers/Jays matchup is being nationally televised down south eh

  30. I have to believe that if Edwin was actually running even 75 percent he would have scored easily.

    one day the offense sticks its had out of its ass like a turtling turd, and the next day it gets sucked right back into the constipated ass.

  31. Pat Tabler really doesn’t understand BABIP.

    • I’m starting to think Wilner would be a better color guy and that scares me. Why Rogers doesn’t move Ashby to that chair is a mystery.

  32. How you can call a guy who misjudges a ball that badly a true professional for not trying to catch it eludes me.

    • Once he realized how badly he had misjudged the ball, he was too far away to comfortably make the catch. A diving catch would have looked nice, but if he missed then EE would have scored (maybe Thames too if he was running hard and the CF didn’t pick him up quick enough). So he didn’t read the ball well off the bat, but he made a decent judgement call to play the ball off the bounce, minimized the damage…

  33. really tabs? hits given up is all about the pitcher? defense has nothing to do with it?

  34. Has Alvarez even pitched with a lead this season?

    • He’s taking “pitch to contact” to a whole new level. when was the last time he struck someone out?

  35. I hate the jays mascot “Ace”

    he’s all metro and skinny.

    give me back old BJ bird who looked like one of those cute fluffy mascots.


  36. Finally a leadoff hit. Way to go, Cletus.

  37. matthis goes deep here

  38. way to bunt ball two in the 5th fucking inning with our shitty pen

  39. Would you rather have Buck/Tabler or Jamie Campbell/Rance?

    That’s what I thought.

  40. They are really harping on that slide step bullshit and never once mentioned that mathis swung at ball 4 on a pitch both a foot up and a foot away

  41. YEAH! A RUN!

  42. Too much uppercutting with Bautista.

    • Never noticed that.
      Thanks for pointing it out.

      • When you post something interesting I will let you know.

        • “When you post something interesting I will let you know.”

          Back at ya, Captain Obvious.

          Oops ,I forgot to ask for your permission.

      • Radar I noticed you’ve become a little more petulant over the last little while. Has Stoeten finally gotten to you?

        • Stoeten?
          Naw, not possible.
          We come from different baseball worlds.
          I recognize that ,he doesn’t.

          Didn’t realize I was getting bitchy.
          Not really my style,Sorry about that.
          Musta be my evil twin.
          Either that or it’s that time of the month again.
          Pension cheque came early and been shit faced for 3 days

  43. that foul out by jose was by far the most entertaining part of the game..the fat asian guy gave figgins a face wash BUT, i replayed it like five times out of sheer boredom and figgins glove also gave fat asian dude a face wash.

  44. I know they finally got one goddamn run, but this offence is a fucking shitshow right now – it’s literally EE and NOTHING ELSE…Darvish must have a raging 2-inch boner watching them flail away at this junkballer…things are shaping up to be a bloodbath over the next 3 days


  46. Thames misses a difficult catch. Somewhere, Parkes is getting 12 paragraphs written to dissect the shit out of it.


  48. alvarez is somehow tipping his pitches. there is no other explanation how these guys are not even offerring at his change.

  49. Come on Jays, make them pay for putting Vargas out for the 6th.

  50. Oh, Baby!!!

  51. Thank you Edwin!

  52. MLB implements hgh testing this spring and suddenly the 2 best hitters Bautista and Pujols can’t hit. Coincidence?

  53. Steady Eddy now OPSing .998. If it wasn’t for him this offense would be atrocious.

  54. I’m really hoping for a few more insurance runs don’t want to see CoCo

  55. if Encarncion keeps playing how he is what kind of a contract do you think we’ll have to give him?

  56. I think they are missing one of Wilner’s chins on his bobble head doll.

    • That’s the magic of radio. You don’t have to tuck the real thing, just the bobblehead.

  57. No way Ichiro got any of that ball. Buck is such a pussy, take a stand, say ump blew it. Instead sticks with fouled off tough pitch story.

  58. See my name

  59. Jesus, a horizontal pop-up. Cool.

  60. Loved EE’s reaction to that beanball.

  61. A Maple-boner moment.

  62. Mathis is setting career highs and it’s still april! That’s pretty beastly!

  63. Mathis. The catcher of the future.

  64. hey Dave Cameron, put that inning in your pipe, and smoke it tonight!

  65. GG Seattle.

  66. Lawrie and Mathis got balls deep in Furbush.

  67. Somewhere Mike Scioscia is saying “I told you so.”

  68. We’re going for the shitty bullpen cycle. If we give up a triple here…

  69. Chooooone Figgins! I’d be more worried about coyotes if I was yer.

  70. Well, nice response after Friday’s gaggle fuck.

  71. alrighty then, now on to THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE SEASON – get Yur signs ready for Monday as ESPN graces us with their platform. FUCK YU TEXAS – except for our Texan pitcher who is going to spin yu into the ground tomorrow

    • No pressure though.

    • With all these blown leads, and a terrible offensive month, it’s remarkable this team is 12-10.

      The starting pitching has been excellent.

      Romero: 3.18 ERA 1.06 WHIP
      Morrow 3.03 ERA, 1.07 WHIP
      Alvarez: 3.62 ERA 1.11 WHIP
      Drabek: 2.25 ERA 1.25 WHIP

      Alvarez and Drabek have been real keys to this team. If those 4 can be consistent, I think this team could win a lot of games once the offense comes around (even if the offense isn’t great this year, it’s not going to be this bad.).

      • That’s not meant to be a reply to you, dm..

      • Absolutely correct. The offense is generally comatose except for Edwin and the fielding hasn’t been that shit-hot either. The starting pitchers have actually been good. Considering that the team’s problems last year were primarily on the mound, you gotta like it.

        • It’s like they inverted how everything was supposed to be: we were supposed to mash and have a great bullpen. Instead, the bats are cold, the bullpen is pretty wretched, but the starters are doing very well.

    • I would expect the Jays to lose to Darvish.

  72. I would have liked to have seen a little redemtion there – with the series that Edwin had and the big run difference. You can tell the bean ball really irked Edwin. It would have been nice to see the pitcher respond in support.

    • I suspect that Edwin is in a really good place right now. He’s feeling the love big time, and didn’t need a tit for tat response to prove it. An extended contract would be nice though.

    • Cordero threw one up and in on Figgins in the 9th. I didn’t see it, but on the radio Howarth suspected that was Cordero responding to the EE hit.

  73. Can we put edwin in the 3-spot yet?

  74. Jeff Mathis 2
    Albert Pujols 0


  75. Encarnacion is the new Bautista.

  76. My god. Look at Texas’ hitting and pitching stats:


    I’m surprised they’ve even lost 5 games.

  77. Nice night of baseball in Blue Jays land tomorrow, not only the Rangers game but Andy Pettitte vs Dunedin (go Marisnick!)

    interesting that the Rangers could have a very late arrival in TO, likely early tomorrow morning (8 pm game, flight from Texas and border crossing). what a shame if some Rangers forget their passports . . . or get some extra questions from Border Services.

  78. Btw why was the roof closed? Gorgeous day today.

  79. AL East offense:

    Runs: 4 of the top 8 spots and 5 of top 12 (#2,3,7,8,12)
    HRs: 5 of the top 8 spots (#1,3,5,6,tied for 7)
    OPS: 3 of top 6 spots, 4 of top 9 and 5 of top 16 (#2,3,6,9,16 – yeah, Blue Jays)

    Blue Jays scoring runs, but not hitting – amazing. Though what seems even more amazing is that the Pirates are 9 and 11 despite scoring only 46 runs (2.3 runs per game – insane)

  80. Some good news out of the farm: Aaron Sanchez and Justin Nicolino both pitched today.

    Nicolino: 3IP, 0 ER, 4 SO
    Sanchez: 3IP, 0 ER, 3 SO

  81. First, now is the time to drop a Longoria esque contract on Lawrie. He’s been pretty cool this April which might entice him to take something like that.

    Things to watch going forward- Jays are second in the AL for most errors

    Team pitching walks- third highest in the AL

    These are self-inflicted ways of losing.

    Yet, the Jays are leading in defensive efficiency from baseball reference!

    Homers given up by Jays pitchers has to be a concern too.
    Low strikeout totals and low k/bb ration should be watched.

    • I don’t think that a cool April will make him sign a contract like that, but simply going to him and saying, “Longoria signed this exact contract” might be enough. I guess it depends on how agents actually view the Longoria contract, because let’s face it, they’re in control, not the player, when it comes to these things.

  82. Just scanned the posts from start to finish. Its obvious jays won today because most of the bitching had to do with Buck and Tabs commentating. I prefer the radio guys but really the TV guys are not that bad, like WTF?? If you think you can do a better job send your demo tape to rogers.

  83. I hate Stoetens philosophy that you are not allowed to bitch when a bullshit lose happens because his rationale is, well there are 162 games, even good teams lose 70 games….well all that is true, throwing away wins like Friday night is fucking mind blowing. I hate rationale fans, being a fan to me is about being passionate and sometimes irrationale, so yes i was pissed about friday night and so should everyone.
    Having said that, liked how they regrouped, put it behind them and came back and won the final 2 games of the series. Keep that offence rolling.

    • I was furious on Friday too. It was amazingly frustrating. The offense and bullpen has been totally pissing me off.

      But I think the part of ‘irrational fandom’ that gets tiring is when the same person writes off the year after a 3 game losing streak, but thinks everything is perfect on a 3 game winning streak. Theyre such overreactions that they are basically meaningless.

      Or like when people were claiming on here that the Jays wouldn’t have a chance for playoffs until 2017 after they didn’t sign Darvish.

    • ” for all the things I miss about Toronto while I’m here on vacation, watching the Jays’ nightly left and right cocking up of things isn’t one of them” – Andrew Stoeten 4/28/2012

      I’d call that bitching.

      He’s only saying he doesn’t like it when people extrapolate the suckage of one game to or a series to the season as a whole. That’s all.

  84. So here’s a question:

    Is EE hot merely because it’s a contract year? If we extend him is he gonna start sucking?

    • He was hot 3 of the last 4 months of last year too, especially when he wasn’t in the field.

      I think it would be a mistake to not try and extend him right now especially with the lack of decent bats out there next year or in the minors.

      • Bats in the minors that are actually major league ready.

      • I wouldn’t extend him any time soon. We have seen this from Edwin before. He will be smokin hot for weeks or even months, and then he will disappear for weeks at a time. he’s never put together a full season playing at a very high level.

        I fully expect Edwin to come back to earth soon. Don’t get me wrong, he is a solid bat..but he is playing out of his mind right now

        • Smoking hot for months? His average OPS for the last 5 months now easily puts inside the top 25 hitters in all of MLB. Tell me where you find a bat like that at his age for decent money. With Toronto having such a hard time attracting free agents (Beltran anyone?) why take the risk?

  85. The contract year thing has already been debunked. Based on past history, EDH will probably go cold at some point regardless of what Management does.

  86. Keep E5 off the field and he will do fine.
    Bautista is reminding me of Ortiz’s beginning of the year slump a couple years back. It got so bad they were sending him for eye tests and this test and that test, but he finally came around. As luck would have it, i think he broke out against the Jays.

  87. oh the irony, farrell understands to bring in his lefty vs the other team’s lefty hitter, but there sits the immovable object lind facing every lefty known to mankind.

  88. apparently jose bautista and aaron hill have been texting each other on who can hit the highest popup.

    • Bautista must have paid the Mariners infield to let that foul popup to drop. He knew he could pop it up much higher on the next pitch.

  89. Brett, you’ve got it going on…


  90. I wish AA would trade all his prospects to Texas for Yu Darvish…

  91. Wilner even does the grammar thing in-game.
    A desperate need to show he might have the greatest K-8 education of all.
    As if anyone cares.

  92. Henderson Alvarez’s K/9 and BB/9 are currently identical.

    • Do we care as long as he’s pitching well?

      • I think the reason this is important to point out is because his success is not sustainable at those rates. even at his groundball rates, long term success as a starter is going to be tough with a K rate less than 4.5.

      • We should. An ERA under 4, or even 5, isn’t sustainable with a 2.51 K/9.

  93. Woot Jose Mendoza, no pop up no strikeout but a grounder the end of your streak is near!

  94. Pretty impressive start by Drabek when all is said and done. 2 runs over 6 vs this offense is pretty damn good and the 1.16 WHIP for the game was equally impressive.

  95. Waiting for people to start blaming Farrell for that home run now.

  96. Oh give me a team where the bullpen does roam, a team where the pen does not suck.

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