It seems tonight is a homecoming of sorts. The Rangers, the assumed best team in the American League, come into Toronto to take on the red hot Toronto Blue Jays. Texas sends Yu Darvish, who you may have heard of, to the hill against Kyle Drabek. A stern test indeed for the young Jays hurler.

Judging by the outrage after the Rangers won the posting (and second round today in the form of WHAT HAPPENED AA? columns making the rounds), the Blue Jays made an egerious error in not posting for and then signing Yu Darvish. This may well be the case, he looks like the real deal so far in his big league career. But the kind of money he commanded requires a level of production the Jays apparently thought he could not achieve.

The weird level of certainty with which Blue Jays fans fixated on Yu Darvish is due in no small part to breathless reports from big time reporters and opportunistic wannabes alike, as John Lott captures perfectly right here.

Because it made sense in theory and the only real barrier between the Jays and Darvish was money, it is very understandable for hungry fans to latch on and refuse, much to the tight-lipped Anthopolous’ chagrin, to let go. Thus fuelling even more resentment and a palatable sense that Darvish just might have been the one who got away. Which he has become in the minds of some.

Lost in the spinning Darvish yarns is the fact that, with or without him, the Rangers are very good and present a very serious challenge to the ongoing rebirth of Kyle Drabek. Even without Josh Hamilton, the Rangers lineup is exactly the type to chew up and spit out a pitcher like Drabek. It could, potentially, get ugly. In a hurry.


Despite Edwin Encarnacion killing everything and Eric Thames showing uncommon signs of life, Adam Lind slots in comfortably into the cleanup spot again. Which is cool, for real.

Infield Fly has a great look at Brandon Morrow’s new approach. You should read it.

Here is today’s Getting Blanked show, you should watch it.

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays Seattle Mariners
1. Yunel Escobar SS
2. Kelly Johnson 2B
3. Jose Bautista RF
4. Adam Lind 1B
5. Edwin Encarnacion DH
6. Eric Thames LF
7. Brett Lawrie 3B
8. Colby Rasmus CF
9. J.P. Arencibia C

Kyle Drabek, P

1. Ian Kinsler 2B
2. Elvis Andrus SS
3. Michael Young 3B
4. Adrian Beltre DH
5. David Murphy LF
6. Nelson Cruz RF
7. Mike Napoli C
8. Mitch Moreland 1B
9. Craig Gentry CF

Yu Darvish, P

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  1. Thank Christ that Hamilton is not in the line-up tonight. Jays may actually stand a chance.

    • If only Farrell kept his word with EE in the 4-spot. Why can’t Lind land in 7th and shuffle everyone forward from there? It not as if he has shown signs of being molly maid-esq with that bat

      • i wanted EE 4th too but i think his rbi’s are higher in 5th.weird since lind is hitting like me, nothing. and why did farrell say that and lie. someone like AA calling the shots after the clusterfuck of decisions in the baltimore series?cant see farrrell being the liar like the vietnam guy.whats up mother ucker

      • If Farrell wants to R/L/R all the way through, Thames should be hitting 4th, Rasmus 6th, and Lind 8th.

        If he’d rather stick EE in the 4-hole, then Thames should be 5th, Rasmus 7th, Lind 9th.

        There’s literally 0 reason to have Lind batting ahead of Thames or Rasmus. Of the 4 lefties in the lineup, Lind is the worst hitter.

      • Very good point. Why hasn’t anyone from the Toronto media asked Farrell why EE is no longer in the cleanup spot?

  2. “definitely, probably” comment on sportsnet . take some speaking lessons you fuckin blank. does anybody in the organization listen to this ignorant prick. 16 seasons of hitting fuckall and this guy is giving tips. captain malyprop zaun of the archie bunker mentality. fuck off zaun

    • When doing that bit on playing catcher and blocking balls he said, “When you stand, your shoulders should be shoulder width apart.”

      Well no shit Zaun. I’d be worried if they weren’t.

    • Fuck I just found that Zaun video, and your name says it all! ‘Keep your shoulders shoulder-width apart’. Where else are they going to be? Pretty sure you cant stretch or squeeze your torso much

  3. can you believe we both are getting paid for this shit? kypreos replies at least i have a championship ring bro. mom still prefers me .so fuckoff zaun

  4. Never forget – the free ape is he who does not fear to go to the end of his thought.

  5. Wish I could watch the ESPN feed of this tonight rather then Sportsnet. Go Jays!

    • why? instead of listening to pat and buck massage lawries balls hopefully heading towards EE stones in a bag you will get a sperm dripping grope of japanese sau sau sausage and ba ba ball licking

  6. All it takes will be one good broadcaster on TV and the network will be forced to replace all the uselessness because they will sound so bad.

  7. So which of the 17 pitches Darvish brings to the table will get knocked outta the park by Edwin? Is it the 94mph 4-seam fastball that transforms into a 86mph slider? Or the 82mph change-up that turns into his 91 mph 2-seamer by the time it gets to the plate. Man this must fuck with a batters head

    • I’m gonna say tonight is the night Bautista gives a big “Fuck you” to everyone bitching about Darvish going to Texas. Couple of taters with a “look how far I hit that motherfucker, you sure you’re upset about not getting him?” stare downs.

  8. Yu Darvish is basically just Diasuke Matsuzaka. I’m not worried.

  9. Where did I go?

  10. Zauntorage?! lol what a putz

  11. Shit, why can’t they just fire everyone and just allow the tv fans to listen to the ambiance of the field.

    Forget that. Fire the entire team, and let’s just hear silence.

  12. Kinda surprised that there were lots of
    100 level seats open tonight. I thought
    everyone wanted to see Boy Wonder
    up close.

  13. Zaun’s Three Ways To Win:

    1) Score runs,
    2) Prevent the other team from scoring runs.
    3) Play the full nine innings so that the game can be official.

  14. We all know Darvish will throw a perfect game and Napoli will hit a couple of bombs. Then after the game they will take simultaneous dumps in centre field whilst giving Beeston the bird

  15. what’s that humming noise in the studio? betwixt zaun’s ears ‘buzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  16. By the end of the season, rank the order of best Blue Jay starters.

    For example-
    1. Drabek
    2. Romero
    3. Alvarez
    4. Morrow
    5. Hutchinnnson

  17. Drabek looking good!

  18. Drabek’s two seam fastball is nasty right now. So far, anyway.

  19. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a starter pitch from the stretch

  20. Impressive first inning for drabek. Had real nice life on his fastball was sitting at 94.

  21. Being able to watch this game without Buck is fantastic.

  22. this might be the game of the season so far.until we get to the pen. tabby says a slider is a slider.wasnt it last night he said a pitch to the left is a different pitch than to the right?fuckoff tabby

  23. Must be at least 30-40 extra people in the RC to see Darvish.

  24. afraid of jose

  25. They are reverse ball washing Darvisg all over the place.

  26. Jose popped out!? YA DON’T SAY!!

  27. Did Jose just pop up yet again?

  28. the pop up chief.

  29. Jose not impressed by Japanese phenom. Can pop out just as well against him.

  30. Vernon Wells must have schooled Lind on how to stay locked into a certain spot in the order. Is there any reason Lind needs to be hitting clean up right now?

  31. Strike zone kind of big today.

  32. Would much rather listen to Tabler and Buck than read the repetitive boring comments of those who pretend to complain about the announcers but are apparently unaware of how to work volume control. There should be a separate thread for the junk about the broadcasters so that the rest of us can ignore it.

  33. picking scabs is more entertaining than listening to buck and tab. another 140 to go. buck says drabek really struggles when he yanks a pitch. as the pitch is 4 ft wide of plate

    • One can only wonder what sort of idiot listens to a broadcast that he thinks is like picking scabs, then wants to tell everyone he does it.

  34. Not sure if it works with the SNet broadcasts bcs I havent tried, but on a lot of surround sound systems unplugging the centre speaker will remove the announcers, but leave the rest of the sound.

  35. Why is Darvish afraid of Lind?

    • There is a delay in MLB feeds being released to Japan. They are currently showing the second half of the 09 season.

      • I thought maybe Darvish saw Lind’s OPS against LHP and thought, “This guy must be pretty good against right-handers to basically be a statue against lefties.”

    • the book must be he swings at shit.maybe thats why EE is batting 5th.good scouting jays

  36. Ouch!

  37. I suspect Beltre will get a present.

    • I’d rather the Jays charge Darvish and welcome him to the bigs the right way than hit Beltre.

  38. not intentional and same spot,ouch that has to hurt 2 days in arow

  39. Ball bounces two feet in front of the plate and Rasmus swings at it.

  40. I was hoping Kyle would have more control. 5 straight balls then a meatball to Andrus.

  41. No-hit through two, could be a short game for the Jays bats.

  42. holding this lineup to 4 runs might be considered a good night

  43. Anyone bid on the auction?

  44. Poor Arencibia. If there’s anything that will make you walk funny, it’s a 90mph foul tip right in the balls.

  45. 6 K’s through 3.

    AA is god.

  46. Fucking dumb motherfuckers. He first throw a fastball early in the count and these cocksucker kept looking at it. He is gonna toss some soft shits and strike anybody out from here on.

  47. wow does darvish have movement on his pitches or what. and hes fuckin with their heads with the selection too …. aggressive to start then the oppsite for the big bats

  48. pisses me off. why they don’t swing at the first pitch?

  49. it’s not like he has only two pitches. this shit club can only hit fastball and they didn’t swing when they got it.

    • How long did it take your pea brain to navigate the Internet for a Jays’ site, troll? Over an hour it appears.

  50. So glad to have the option of watching the Jays on ESPN. Puts Sportsnet’s whole telecast to shame.

  51. You don’t have to pitch perfectly, you just have to.. pitch perfectly.

    -Pat Tabler

  52. Drabek wants to prove he has some pretty good stuff too. These two look like they are gobba rack up alot of K’s. Though let’s be honest, Darvish will get more lol

  53. dangerous hr hitters he is passive with no fastballs.all junk, high strikeout guys like cletus and kelly 2 fast strikes then whirly dirly 2 ft breakers. can someone teach cletus and kaelly the look on the ball rotation out of the hand. hey drabek should get at least 2 weeks of ball massage for the work he has accomplished since the headcase of last year. i thought he was gonna be an aj burnett. he has made the attitude adjustment becoming a man before our very eyes. excellent job kyle. i will personally lift and clean your sac when needed in inclement weather. even indoors at the dome.bravo

  54. Jose mendoza looks abdolutely terrible right now

  55. No hitter tonight ?

  56. Bautista is unbelievable. I can’t recall seeing someone so consistently fall behind 0-2.

  57. Again: Encarnacion is the new Bautista.

  58. Jesus Christ, E5!

  59. Edwin says:

    This is for the HBP. Fuck Yu!

  60. Oh yeah! Take that Darvish…serves Yu right for pluncking him earlier!

  61. i just squirted without a touch. excuse me i have to clean up. another night of beautiful dreams of EE smashing

  62. finally some first pitch swing.

  63. Thames >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Snider.

    • Hardly.

    • Ex-squeeze me? A-Baking powder?

    • man you talk at my making fun of the broadcasters. and im only laughing my ass off at the guys. i know its tough calling a ballgame when its 162 times too. but they get some pretty good cash to act like meatheads. but the snider/ thames discussion is too much.its all over the boards a,, the time and its not funny.both guys are talented yet lacking. give it a rest please

  64. he is on pace for 64

  65. Zaun is such a redneck douchebag.

    • Some folk’ll never eat a skunk But then again, some folk’ll… Like Gregg Zaun The slack-jawed yokel.

  66. Drabek better not get K happy tough or were gonna see a lot of walks and a couple more clear the fences.

  67. Let’s just tell Drabek that every game from here on out is on ESPN.

  68. Mmm, delicious strikeouts.

  69. See if we’d been batting EE behind Thames, then we’d be tied right now.

    Way to fill out a batting order, Farrell.

  70. Drabek says I can strike out some guys too.

  71. Darvish pitches no-hitter through 3, Drabek declares “I’ll take it from here.” Strikes out next 5.

  72. fuckin braincramps the last couple games. doin the the thames

  73. hey this game is going alot better than i thought it would.maybe the jays do their stinkers against the junkies. i still think farrell cost 3 games in the o’s series with field er positions and lineup

  74. The time that I wanted Aaron cibia to strikeout he gidp.

  75. Sarcasm doesn’t translate well to the Internet, Rob. Please use a smiley at the end like this ;) to mark as sarcasm.

  76. I like how the camera keeps cutting to any Asian person that might be Japanese

  77. How long until the league figures out not to swing at every shit pitch Short Round throws? Lot of Ks outside the zone, Lordy.

  78. Thanks Sutcliffe. ESPN guys McDonough and Boone talking about the 93 World Series and reminiscing, then Sutcliffe reminds everyone that was the last time the Jays made the playoffs.

  79. i wish they had a straighter camera angle behind the pitcher.this one is to far to the right to see over the plate

    • You’ve only realized it now? It’s the same camera angle they always have from the Skydome.

      • no i realized it a long time ago.i just thought they would have done something about it by now. im sure there is a basic pinhole camera available that doesnt interfere with the batters

  80. Great start from Drabek.

  81. Good game by Drabek.

  82. Drabeck made me a believer tonight. I think this can be a great confidence booster for him.

  83. Decent performance for Drabek

  84. Oh my dear fuck, B-ugh-tista.

  85. has the attendance been to see the fans out. im too crippled from a motorcycle accident to go

  86. Looked like Longoria twisted his knee pretty hard there.

  87. longoria, torn acl? looks like the rose injury.3 torn acl players in 3 days?

  88. Kemp is killing the fucking ball this year. What a beastly performance this month!

  89. Well E5 bats next inning, so there’s that.

  90. 2-1 after 6 against tex. these boys can compete. iwas expecting a blowout but hoping for some travel lag from the bigbats. come on jose.this keeps up they will fit you for one of them special jackets

  91. If Crawford gets everybody out I’ll say he’s good and if he doesn’t I’ll say he shouldn’t have been brought in.

  92. Oh fuck Frasor warming up. That should bring the game to a grinding halt.

  93. He shouln’t have been brought in. I blame Farrell.

    Oh,and Rogers.

  94. Great start by Drabek. Each time he comes out I get a little more impressed. 2.25 ERA for April.

  95. Game over. Thanks Drabek for making it interesting.

  96. Ugh. This has been a really frustrating month, over .500 or not.

    Starting pitching worthy of a contender. Absolutely atrocious offense and bullpen.

  97. where did this crawford guy come from?

  98. Oh oh Crawford looking disastrous. 2HR and 0 out. Drabek was actually pitching quite well.

    • I kind of question the decision to bring Crawford in. Close game, trailing by 1 run, and you bring in a young arm with limited MLB experience against the best-hitting team in the majors? Perez has been a bit over-utilized, but still…

  99. And Crawford seals the Jays defeat. Watching this on ESPN and according to the announcers with Darvish and the Rangers, no other outcome was possible.

  100. thanks kyle for another quality outing.keep it up

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