Did you know Edwin Encarnacion is very good. It’s the truth. There has never really been any doubting EE’s hitting bonafides except for all the times we doubted Edwin’s hitting bonafidas. Like the time he was DFA’d then sent to Oakland then brought back and then sucked for two months. Other than that, his talent shines through.

Right now, he is killing the ball. He doesn’t really do much else other than hit home runs but who cares? The home runs are plentiful and sure to continue, right?

Outside of Edwin, the offense is singles-hittin’ Eric Thames and not much else. Colby Rasmus is still living off the glory of the multi-homer game in Kansas City while the rest of the team just treads water. The offense is bad but it is only “middle of the pack” bad, not “never going to score again, if only we did the little things like the Twins” bad.

According to Fangraphs, the offense is worth -2.9 weighted runs below average, good for 18th in the league. Among the hitters, Edwin Encarnacion contributed 10 wRAA while Yunel Escobar and J.P. Arencibia are the biggest sinkholes. Jose Bautista, for all his struggles, is still (slightly) ahead of Adam Lind at just more than 2 runs below average.

That this is a middle of the pack offense shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. When they’re bad, they’re bad. But they still hung nineteen runs on the Mariners over the weekend after putting 22 runs up in Kansas City over four games. Sure, those teams are bad. But the runs still count.

Against Neftali Feliz, they aren’t in as tough as last night when Yu Darvish made a weak offense look worse than feeble. He’s going to do that. Feliz throws a four seamer, a two-seam sinker and a cutter along with a a (nasty) slider and changeup. He’s good, too. The Rangers are, as they say, stacked. Good luck, Drew Hutchison. Kyle Drabek showed it could be done so…go out and do it?

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays Texas Rangers
1. Yunel Escobar SS
2. Kelly Johnson 2B
3. Jose Bautista RF
4. Adam Lind 1B
5. Edwin Encarnacion DH
6. Eric Thames LF
7. Brett Lawrie 3B
8. Colby Rasmus CF
9. Jeff Mathis C

Drew Hutchison, P

1. Ian Kinsler 2B
2. Elvis Andrus SS
3. Michael Young DH
4. Nelson Cruz RF
5. David Murphy LF
6. Mike Napoli C
7. Mitch Moreland 1B
8. Alberto Gonzalez 3B
9. Craig Gentry CF

Not Yu Darvish, P

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  1. That Not Yu Darivish guy is pretty good I hear.

  2. Obligatory complain about Lind hitting clean up post. I would also like to submit that Jose needs to be moved the hell out of the the three hole while he figures out his gigantic issues right now. What good does keeping either of these guys in these line up spots do for them or anyone?

    • You don’t move you franchise player after 23 games.

      • I’m not suggesting for a second that I, or the team, should lose confidence in him to break out of this, and on second thought, you probably don’t move him because it would show a lack of confidence, but sliding him down the lineup a bit might take some pressure off to get going. I think its time to move Yunel to the bottom of the order though. Build your lineups based on who’s hitting well.

        • just too many holes in lineup right now. spread out the ones hitting hoping the slumpers draw a walk

    • Jose is gonna break out of his slump soon. His BABIP his .171, that isn’t gonna last.

      And where would you even move him? Not like the rest of the lineup is racking. You prefer a Thames-EE 3-4 combo? I didn’t think so.

  3. “Seattle Mariners” starting line-up …

    Put down the gatorade bottle of wine.

  4. Mathis will be beastly at the plate tonite…. BOOK IT!!!!!

  5. Texas, not Seattle.

  6. I guess its OK to be a game over 500 and the team is still considered slumping but a couple years ago I had more hope and was more excited for the teams season than I have for this season.

  7. Trade Bautista and sign that Edwin guy to a long term deal quick!

  8. Newest SI Fangraphs based power rankings put

    #9 KC Royals
    #29 Toronto Blue Jays
    #30 Detroit Tigers

    Not trying to start an arguement but what the fuck does this mean?

    • Absolutely nothing.

    • Some of the low ranking will be caused by Alvarez not managing to strike anybody out, but still remaining fairly effective. But the main thing that causes Fangraphs results to be skewed is that HR’s are weighted very heavily in FIP.

      Thankfully, our massive substantial lead in HR/FB conceded (at 18.8%) is not likely to be sustained.

    • It means the rankings are crap. No way we should be above Detroit with the lineup they have.

  9. well jp gets a view from the side. guess that plan overrode last night’s need for a pinch hitter with 2 on. hmmmm farrell not stray from long term plan when game merits change.interesting………… fuckoff farrell. isee what AA see…….not good enough to win championship yet no spend big money til better served.

  10. oh its only 6 12 and zaun has already contradicted himself about the lineup order with bautista and lind in a single segment. somebody help his brain mouth connection. fuckoff zaun. get off the pot. havent you seen the egg in a pan commercial?

  11. Serious, does Zaun have teeth? I have to know.

    • my bet is no. im sure someone popped him in the yap for the chicklets. i would rather kick him in the nuts.oooohhh another in and out from tabby.he is horned up tonite. oooohhh comin out of the chute

  12. Hazel Mae is hot.

  13. She did have a big rumproast didn’t she?
    Where the hell did Martine go?

  14. So, how about that outing there last night by that Asian pitcher? I think the young man has some talent but I never seen a ball with natural tailing action like that. If I were still in the dugout I might have asked the umpire to check the ball for KY jelly or some other foreign substance. But I admit the young kid has some talent. Still, we used to have guys around in my years like Paul Quantrill and Woody Williams. Real innings eaters. I’d send the youngster down to Triple A for a few weeks to work on his command and give Willie or Quannie the ball every fifth day. Those guys were real battlers. They knew how to pitch. I don’t know that this kid really knows how to do that yet.

  15. buck has george lopez hair. tabby looks like the scooby doo guy.jamie campbell sounds like a 12 year old. still havent seen a tooth in zauns head and he needs more suits to choose from. fuck i sound like bob mccowan on sportsnet

    • Zaun gives me the impression of a redneck playing banjo and spitting into a lake while fishing with his big toe.

  16. do you think he gets any action?

  17. wow tabby says you have to go in and out with it.what was he referring to? pitching, finger , meatstick?

  18. Hutchison only 24 outs away from the perfect game that will likely be required for him to get a W.

  19. Who the fuck does the on-screen stats/images for Sportsnet? They should be fucking fired. First off, why can’t they put the stats bar in one of the top corners of the screen in a tidy little box like EVERY OTHER FUCKING BROADCASTER. The stupid bar at the bottom obstructs the viewing. Also – too much to ask to have MPH provided for every pitch, as opposed to randomly? Too much to ask to provide season statistics for each player? Jesus Christ. Not to mention all the countless fuck-ups in terms of outs, strikes, and balls I’ve noticed this season.

  20. It’s still nice to see clean innings. 1-2-3 and let the hitters get into a rhythm right away. When you are a hitter, there’s nothing worse than just thinking about the pitcher and wishing they would throw strikes just to speed up outcomes. I can sit all day on the bench waiting for my turn in the lineup just fine when we are batting around though ;)

  21. 7 for the over/under on number of hits Jays hitters get tonight.

    I’m taking under, what about Yu?

  22. Jose looked REALLY bad in that at bat. Hard to believe this guy hit 97 homers the last two seasons.

    • I think he needs to see a shrink or something or pop more Xanax before a game. It seems his emotions have totally got the better of him this season. To be perfectly honest if he wasn’t a Jay he’d be one of the guys I dislike quite a bit for all his bitching, it’s really started to turn me off.

    • You get to choose what to hitch your wagon to: 2 years of raking or 1 month of struggling. Take your pick.

      • Oh I haven’t blocked out the last two years. But his 2012 looks like a large-sized bag of ass. His timing is obviously off, but his pitch recognition is long gone.

  23. If I were Rogers trying to get the fans back I would offer an amnesty program in which anyone who bought a Bautista or Lind jersey over the last two years can come trade it in for a real player’s, at a discount.

    Of course, since they don’t sell other teams’ jerseys at Jays Shop, this could be tough.

  24. It’s looking like Parkes was right about Jose.

  25. me get at meatball tonight.you see

    • and at 8 jose smashes meatball. one run game in 3rd after being down 5-0.way to go jose. you can relax now

  26. Hutch not waiting until the 5th for the wheels to fall off tonight.

  27. I hope Jays hitters are paying attention to the approach of the Rangers right now. This is how you apppoach at bats. Make the guy throw strikes and when he does, swing the fucking bat.

  28. I got to say hutchison against LHBs makes me nervous. He doesnt seem like he has the stuff to get them out at this point in time. He needs more seasoning in the minors.

  29. kid gets eaten by mammoth texan beast. more than 9 runs tonite. tuning out this one.its gonna get ugly.they were tired from flight yesterday

  30. farrell lifted his arse. someone light a fire?

  31. Cheesy hits or well struck? Can’t watch right now.

  32. Now Jose’s defence is being affected.

  33. Well that should clear the crowd out at the dome pretty quickly lol

  34. I have some mojo coming up …

  35. So why the fuck is Carreno not up and pitching instead of Hutchison?? Fuck it’s not that hard to see he isn’t ready and he what 20? What a dummy move!

  36. Train wreck: brought to you in part by Drew Hutchison.

  37. Just bring in villanueva. The kids not ready to face a team like texas yet. I dont think hes ready for the majors.

  38. We can barely buy a hit — and when we get one we wind up grounding into a double play. Texas, on the other hand, is hitting EVERYTHING.

  39. Is it against the rules to adjust to adjustments? Can two not play this game?

  40. 45 minutes ago there was a chick with pom-poms and a tramp stamp puking on the sidewalk outside the Loose Moose. Perhaps a bad omen?

  41. holy, i watched the first then went out for a smoke. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

  42. Can we fire Farrell yet and promote Fasano?

  43. I wish popouts counted for something…

  44. Just shows you that you can never have enough pitching.

    McGowan has injuries
    Cecil sucks
    McGuire sucking in AA
    Jenkins sucking in AA
    Carreno so so in one and start sucking in AAA
    Hutchison not cutting it at the MLB level.
    Laffey not even worth mentioning.

    • Don’t forget The Ginger One.

      • He was considered a reliever for most of last year so I didn’t count him and I really didn’t want to start on the pen. Thankfully starters 1-4 have been pretty damn good so far.

    • Eh, the Jays starters have been performing well above expectations thus far, they were due for a game like this.

      It might be worth considering keeping all of our young starting prospects and just shuffling them in as players get injured/experience bouts of suckitude.

  45. Jays positive run differential down to 5 as of the top half of the 2nd.

  46. Let the demons be gone!

  47. Really, there was no need to bother with this one. They won two in a row, so with the loss last night, they had to lose tonight to balance that. Pattern for the entire season so far.

    Of course, that means they win tomorrow.

  48. well if farrell do nothing but watch me thinks 15 runs possible. manimal you are missing a letter. too much alcohol already?

  49. Im sick of watching this pathetic offense. AA seriously overestimated how good some of these players are.

  50. Where was the tramp stamp?

    “A back tat is the mark of the promiscuous.”

    -David Duchovney as Hank

  51. Actually, a good ass kicking can get the hitters in gear sometimes because they just relax for the their at bats for the rest of the game. Too many tight ballgames tightens up the pitchers and hitters cause they know every little thing could be the difference between a W and an L. You can see the effect of it like with Thames the other game.

  52. the o’s are puttin the meat into hughes and the yanks. 3-1 with 2 homers already. the o’s are for real. longoria has a torn hammy,ouch thats gotta hurt

  53. This season is starting to remind me of 08 when we had good pitching and shit all for hitting. Still wouldn’t be a horrible thing got us 86 wins that year.

  54. legs open, do you have a link for the torn hammy? mlbtradermrs doesn’t have it yet.

  55. Don’t look now, but the game is not necessarily over.

  56. Walks to the 8 and 9 batters, make Feliz pay for his lack of control please.

  57. wow i got to cheer a big one by the 3rd.way to go kj

  58. I could be a baseball trainer.

    “Are you ok?”

    “You sure”

    “Alright then”

  59. brent its on mlb web on the right side

  60. it looked like the trainer said “are you ok” but looks are deceiving. He actually asked “are you a man?”

    The Texas way

  61. YEAH!!

  62. New ball game!

  63. i think jose prediction above. see smoke meat,here we go

  64. I just saw those coming from a mile away. Feliz looked shakey

  65. Really, fuckwits? All of this for José and none for our scuffling brother Lawrie? I’ve known vaginas with more manhood than some on this board.

  66. Jose is working on keeping the front foot down during the windup. He was lifting it in the first inning. He kept his toe in the dirt that time.

    He also swung at the first pitch meatball.

  67. Johnson homers. Bautista homers. Lind thinks, “Now’s my time to shine.”

    Strikes out.

  68. Man ,Joey Bats be blowing up da yard all y’all. KJ has a black man’s name and a brother’s mojo as well. We ain’t down just yet. One mo’ run and we can square it up brothas.

  69. And just like that…

  70. me see meatball me hit meatball. as for trade me shit, show respect. i say i get meatball tonite. so fuckoff

  71. Defense matters.

  72. Farrell is the only manager in baseball history where as a starter you can give up 5 runs in 3 innings and still get the chance to go out for the 4th.

  73. Holy shit, what the fuck was that KJ. He could’ve lobbed it underhand to first and had Kinsler.

  74. Fuck me. Just spent some time photoshopping Bautista into a pumpkin just in time for him to homer. I’ll wait until he looks bad again.


  75. Jenkins, just another dude in the crowd having a beer.

    • Did Buck and Pat just have a laugh about Bob Elliot’s drinking?

    • No no, its against the spirit of snooty baseball appreciation to notice a Canadian Hall of Fame player. Parkes and Stoeten have every right to call you a knuckle-dragging hockey fuckwit for caring about insignificant shit like that.

      • Fuck Meat, I don’t know if I agree with you or not. You lost me invoking the NHL. Whatever, cheers to Ferguson Jenkins-Canadian hero.

  76. Vizquel? WTF was that about?

  77. Pretty meek response to a chickenshit display from the umpires. Come on Farrell, light someone up.

  78. To single out Omar freakin vizquel is a dick move by the ump., the dudes the definition of a respected vetran.

    With that in mind, what the fuck was that Farrel? stand up for your guys, get mad!

  79. Ump: “Get off my lawn!”

  80. I like to deliver sermons to my betters.

  81. I dont know..I think Hutch has pitched pretty well tonight. these fucking rangers have found more than a few holes through the infield and Dutch’s defense hasn’t helped him. I think his future bodes very well…he just needs a little more refinement on his change and hel’ll be ok vs lefties. I mean we are talking about a guy who can one day hopefully just be a fucking 4th or 5th starter. He has WAY more ability than Cecils and Litsch’s of the world

  82. How did Hutchison manage getting through 6 innings? On fewer pitches than Drabek, I think?

  83. Definition of dumb fans at the ball park.

    Kelly Johnson walks on four pitches.

    4th pitch comes slightly inside and forces Johnson to leap a bit out of the way..ball four

    should be cheers…BUT NO..the dome faithful BOOO because OBVIOUSLY Feliz was trying to hit Johnson with noone out , a two run lead, and a guy who just went yard off of him coming up next.

  84. Hutch made another two innings after that dump.

    It’s nice to see rookies who can do that and not lose their shit- right 2011 Drabek?

    Mathis and Rajai both have more RBI than Thames- wouldn’t have expected that.

  85. 4 double plays? Thought that was at least 20.

  86. I know why I was hoping Lind would just strike out and be done with it.

  87. For fucks sake Farrell, pinch hit for him or have him bunt, its a fucking joke to keep sending him up to swing against LHP. It’s a crime that he’s a MLB manager.

    • All this talk from Farrell that he’s learned from his mistakes last year, and this year he was going to try to correct a lot of them. Sure hasn’t fucking seemed like it. It’s kind of scary that he keeps doing this.

  88. Once again, I find that I’m prescient. It’s a little scary.

  89. Wow that was surprising!! Get him out of there! He’s just plain awful

  90. How the eff do you not pinch hit for lind with davis. Or fucking anyone. The only lefty in the bp and you don’t take advantage of your bench, how stupid. Even if Davis would have grounded out, his speed would have prevented the DP.

    • You cant really look at it in a vacuum like that. Lind is the cleanup hitter. He’s not getting pinch hit for mid game barring injury. Farrell would lose all sorts of credibility with his team doing that.

      You have to see it macroscopically. The big picture question is why THE FUCK is Lind.

      1. on the team

      2. batting FUCKING CLEAN UP.

      so while I whole heartedly agree that it would have been GREAT to see a pinch hitter for Lind, I knew it was not fucking gonna happen.

      • You can’t use one bad decision to justify another. He can very easily have said “playing the percentages” if he needs to justify it. At some point Lind has to be kicked out of the spot, might as well do it now and show the team you actually give a fuck about winning games.

      • It seems to me that it’s a situation where there are endless questions, and only one answer–Lind has to go.

  91. master tactictian farrell carefully evalutated 3 years of stats and decided that the highest probability play was having lind face a lefty.

  92. Blue Jay way to kill a promising inning there. Let Lind bat versus any lefty.

  93. I’d pay to hear a media member grill Farrell on putting Lind at cleanup day after day.

    • According to Wilner, Lind is going to be coming around any minute now..hes just been in a little funk for the last 4 our of five years

    • Brendan Kennedy tweeted today that Farrell said he wanted to keep lineup stability. I don’t know how much worse Lind can get before the decision becomes an absolute no brainer, I thought we reached that point like 2 weeks ago.

      • Yes, it definitely helps lineup stability to announce EE as the new cleanup hitter and then proceed to bat him cleanup approximately zero times in the following 10 days.

        • no kidding

        • Good point. I think the contradiction signifies that Farrell cares far, far less for the media’s opinion than that of the clubhouse… and that the players know better than to heed media fodder.

        • Maybe there is some credence to the rumour in the summer that Farrell was maybe going back to Boston. He’s managing games like this while Boston struggles, and then when Bobby V finally gets his pink slip, Boom, Farrell assumes role of Boston’s new manager (note: I dont actually believe this)

          • If your theory were at all true, you would think that Farrell would actually be trying to impress others (if not us) with his management skills, no?

  94. Maybe Fullmer Fan was right about Johnson.

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