Did you know Edwin Encarnacion is very good. It’s the truth. There has never really been any doubting EE’s hitting bonafides except for all the times we doubted Edwin’s hitting bonafidas. Like the time he was DFA’d then sent to Oakland then brought back and then sucked for two months. Other than that, his talent shines through.

Right now, he is killing the ball. He doesn’t really do much else other than hit home runs but who cares? The home runs are plentiful and sure to continue, right?

Outside of Edwin, the offense is singles-hittin’ Eric Thames and not much else. Colby Rasmus is still living off the glory of the multi-homer game in Kansas City while the rest of the team just treads water. The offense is bad but it is only “middle of the pack” bad, not “never going to score again, if only we did the little things like the Twins” bad.

According to Fangraphs, the offense is worth -2.9 weighted runs below average, good for 18th in the league. Among the hitters, Edwin Encarnacion contributed 10 wRAA while Yunel Escobar and J.P. Arencibia are the biggest sinkholes. Jose Bautista, for all his struggles, is still (slightly) ahead of Adam Lind at just more than 2 runs below average.

That this is a middle of the pack offense shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. When they’re bad, they’re bad. But they still hung nineteen runs on the Mariners over the weekend after putting 22 runs up in Kansas City over four games. Sure, those teams are bad. But the runs still count.

Against Neftali Feliz, they aren’t in as tough as last night when Yu Darvish made a weak offense look worse than feeble. He’s going to do that. Feliz throws a four seamer, a two-seam sinker and a cutter along with a a (nasty) slider and changeup. He’s good, too. The Rangers are, as they say, stacked. Good luck, Drew Hutchison. Kyle Drabek showed it could be done so…go out and do it?

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays Texas Rangers
1. Yunel Escobar SS
2. Kelly Johnson 2B
3. Jose Bautista RF
4. Adam Lind 1B
5. Edwin Encarnacion DH
6. Eric Thames LF
7. Brett Lawrie 3B
8. Colby Rasmus CF
9. Jeff Mathis C

Drew Hutchison, P

1. Ian Kinsler 2B
2. Elvis Andrus SS
3. Michael Young DH
4. Nelson Cruz RF
5. David Murphy LF
6. Mike Napoli C
7. Mitch Moreland 1B
8. Alberto Gonzalez 3B
9. Craig Gentry CF

Not Yu Darvish, P

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  1. Lind is a joke of a mlb player

  2. The best thing to keep players mind’s off stuff is having them to keep track when they have to hit in the order. It’s posted on the wall! FFS

  3. fuck i can sit there and do nothing but collect a cheque

  4. Oh, Lordy, Lordy!!!

  5. Not sure if that was a base hit for Colby, but sweet anyway.

  6. Corey Patterson had more value than Lind.

  7. wow now we know cletus can bunt well. remember later in season when needed so i can put lind in there.fuck off farrell …way to go cletus im a takin a shine to you

  8. other jobs farrell would be good at

    double agent
    drunk driver
    runway model
    old spice guy
    guy holding slow sign in construction zone

  9. At this point I’m thinking the best way to deal with Farrell’s usage of Lind is to trade him, a la Aaron Hill 2011. Maybe for an undervalued slumping 1B in the NL somewhere.

    • Lind has negative value. You’d need to package a prospect with him, especially if the Jays aren’t picking up any of his salary for the next 2 years. Would be better just to DFA him.

    • Who would take him? Bautista to 1B , bring back Snider to play RF

    • Thing is we used to think Hill had no value either.

  10. Nice of the Rangers to take some pity on us and stop playing

  11. Mathis = auto grand slam

  12. how did omar get ejaculated from the game??

  13. Nice hustle

  14. We have to tie the game here.

  15. Escobar dp coming right up!

    • say you are sorry. beauty call witha yunel dribbler

    • At least Escobar will be able to find work as a porn star when his baseball career is over, he’s highly experienced in the art of the DP!

  16. how many people had mathis with more home runs than lind

  17. now that was smart

  18. YEAH!

  19. Mathis was supposed to be an absolute zero on offense. It’d be nice to believe he’s made a real step up.

    • Murphy has a strangely positive effect on players new to the team. Look at what’s he done with guys like Buck and Scutaro in the past. Maybe Mathis realizes some of his prospect ceiling from ages ago.

  20. wow farrell actually made the right move for once

  21. At jays game!!! Great inning. Jays rock. Lind sux ass though!!

  22. Why does Farrell understand the lefty, lefty matchup when it comes to pitching but he’s completely oblivious when he has to make that decision from a hitting perspective?

  23. Just think Jays fans, Coco time is still ahead lol

  24. Mojo!

  25. Frank, it is especially true since we have the extra hitter on the team this year. Why is Ben Francisco on this team?

  26. Looks like Farell wants to win this game by not leaving all the pitchers in. Frasor up to close?

  27. Note to Farrell:
    Just keep the righty in to face Moreland.

    • I bet if he gave up a HR you would complain. Is there no winning when a manager makes a good move?

  28. buckwheat called the most brilliant play i have seen this year. maybe the last few yrs. sometimes he is awake on the bench. i thought this game was a lost cause and went out for a store run even.its the most entertaining of the year so far.texas looks like old texas. no pitching and lots of bats. and to top it jose smokes one.may you never see a 3 game slump again jose.

  29. Here we go Lindy! Lets seee you do something!!!

  30. Lind is due for his annual pulled muscle (that puts him on the DL for a month), so he might not be in there very much longer.

  31. mathis supposedly changed his swing like EE 2 fister all the way thru makin it shorter.whatever its workin sweet

  32. Yeah he should rest, hes been working pretty hard this past month…..actually defensively he hasn’t been too bad, but thats not what we pay him for!

  33. Me thinks Adam Lind sux ass!!

  34. Let’s hope no one is on when Coco inevitably gives up a tater

  35. Why the fuck is Cordero coming in? Did Farrell suffer from amnesia?

  36. I’m surprised Lawrie just didn’t have hand the ball to Lind on that play. Fuck, he was moving across the infield like he stole something!

  37. Maybe fans will be able to get the LSE 10:13 tonight for a change

  38. I made that adjustment too to the two handed follow thru. My hitting has definitely felt an improvement to be able to power “through” the ball. Adjustments take time and that is what the MLB players don’t have much of. They play almost every day and little things are coming unwound as your fixing something else.

    As for throwing arms, damn, Davis, you need to do some long toss with the pitchers. Thames, you too.

  39. boner to the blonde shot

  40. Here we go. The real Cordero just stood up.

  41. cmon shut it down man

  42. bad feeling about this

  43. …………..

  44. Who else has their sphincter pinched tight right now?

  45. lol coco beware the return of the WWE to MLB!

  46. Jesus

  47. When is Farrell going to fucking learn?


    Why does Farrel keep bringing him in??

  49. not again especially tonite

  50. Oh so classic. Me love u long time coco!

  51. Santos, all is forgiven, come back soon when your wing is healed.

  52. K, how about Jansen for closer?

  53. “You got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues, and you know it don’t come easy.”

  54. Over, and over, and over and over.

    Seriously, would it have killed Rogers/Bell to pay a bit more for a real closer?

  55. DFA Cordero.

  56. We were so close to a clean 9th.

  57. At this rate, Cordero’s going to have as much experience with blown saves as converted by season’s end.

  58. Okay I think its fair to call this fat fuck an absolute CHOKER! How can he be so dominant over 2 batters then just hand over hits to the next 3????? What the FUCK!!!

  59. why is nobody in that stadium starting a DFA chant?

  60. I was pretty sure that was going to be a 3-run HR by Cruz.

    I’ve maintained since LAST YEAR – why the fuck is Janssen not the closer? Jesus Christ.

  61. See this is why Farrell leaves his starters in. Because he needs his bullpen to pitch extra innings once Coco blows the save.

  62. Cordero has no fucking business pitching as a “closer”. Anyone know what Kevin Gregg’s doing these days?

  63. Jannssenn has been hit pretty hard this season. I am not against trying him out but I wouldn’t be overly optimistic.

  64. Maple-boner!!!


  66. Hard to believe he has all those saves in his career after watching the past month

  67. Worst $4 million AA’s ever spent when you had Beck and Carreno in the minors.

  68. YEAH!!


  70. I just ceramed my pants!

  71. UP and UP, and there she…MAPLE BONER!!!!!

  72. Perfect time for Lawrie to homer!

  73. Well, I guess that works, too, Lawrie.

  74. last time lind had a walk off was in high school

  75. He’s a sociopath, but he’s our sociopath.

  76. I would like to personally thank cordero for that blown save so we could enjoy the theatrics in the bottom of the 9th. well played coco…well played.

  77. For a white guy, Lawrie sure got hops. Must be that athleticism and range.

    • I’m surprised Lawrie can get so far off the ground considering he should be anchored by that fat, veiny meat snake of his.

  78. The shot of mojo finally broke that ridiculous W-L pattern bullshit!

  79. I seriously think we should bring the japanese dude up from Vegas to close these games out. he’s been lights out and is apparently throwing high 90′s gas

  80. God help us all if Lawrie ever hits a walkoff to win a playoff game, or a world series game. If he hit a world series winning homerun I would fear for the safety of every person within 1000 miles of that stadium.

  81. and lawrie spanks it too. holy fuck thats the biggest smile on cletus i ever saw. i thought he was going to yank lawries maple boner at home plate

  82. Gotta admit I’ve been getting a little perturbed about the team and especially its offense. This was a very reassuring game. Seeing Bautista crush one was particularly reassuring. Ditto Lawrie. Seeing the team come back was soothing.

    But a DJF poster’s gotta accentuate the negative sometimes. Lind … please AA get something for Lind like you did with Hill-for-KJ. It doesn’t have to be much. And then there’s Darvish. I was among the skeptics about Nipponese pitchers in MLB but he looks real. Truly unfortunate he’s not wearing a Blue Jay uniform.

  83. Phht maple bonkers are for 6th inning jacks, walkoffs result in maple sploosh coating every surface.

    PS: Still. Fuck Coco.

  84. Haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know what was the best thing about that walkoff by Lattimer!!?

    It was the fact that NO-ONE wanted to fuck around with celebrating with the muthafukah because he would have broke their ribs with a “Night At The Roxbury” chestslam.

    And, that was the fastest transition from hitting a walkoff to doing an interview in the history of Major League Baseball.

  85. Only part I don’t like about this is Cordero getting the vulture win. Fuck you, Coco.

  86. Say what you want about Lawrie’s all out, balls to the wall, theatrics (me, I fucking love it), but when he does something like this it is so exciting. And its pretty obvious the whole team feeds off that energy.

  87. Free Igarashi!

  88. What a great ball game! Great to watch Texas laugh it up and smiling all game before shitting the bed in the last third of the game.

  89. Cordero owes Lawrie a big, sloppy blowjob.

  90. Is Mathis going to be the new starting catcher? Just saying.

    • Just saying..

      Let’s give him some more games than he’s been getting. If he keeps playing the same way, then …

    • Mathis has been extremely impressive. No one in baseball (apart from AA) gave him any chance to shine. AA has found another 2%. They all add up.

  91. Jays tied for the lead in blown saves. Alex must be losing his mind over this bullpen. “Fuck, I get rid of Gregg and bring in Rauch and 2Frank. Fuck, I bring in Santos and Cordero. Fuck offffffffffffffffffffff, relievers.

  92. Fairlygoodservice. Were messin with Texas Y’all. 161-1

  93. fuck I hate wilner

  94. The real loser here is Omar Vizquel. He got sent off so he wasn’t able to join in the Brett Lawrie celebration at home plate.

  95. what the fuck does wilner talking about twitter jail

  96. It’s nice they broke the streak and all. Would have been nice to have this kind of win on ESPN yesterday.

  97. Oh, and fuck off Cordero. Seriously. You’re done. Retire.

  98. Maybe the send Crawford back down because they’ve got Oliver and Perez and bring up Beck as an 8th/9th inning guy or Carreno who was great out of the pen last year. Just know that Coco time = shit your pants time for Jays fans.

  99. Brett, you’ve got it going on…


  100. Man, scanning from the top here, I don’t know how you guys keep that shit up all night. No offense but, holy fuck, a lot of you guys are whiney little pussies! Unfuckingbelievable.

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