Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack…

How does Stoeten do this every day? Link dumps are the bane of my existence. Speaking of Bane

First and foremost, I want to expand on Parkes’ praise of John Lott yesterday on the DFJ podcast. The National Post really has the most daring/interesting sports section in the city. Today we have Guy Spurrier getting his Baseball Reference on with regards to Henderson Alvarez and Brooks Baseballin’ hard on Kyle Drabek.

Your boy the Blue Jay Hunter with an in-depth look at the struggles of Jose Bautista. It ain’t pretty, nor is it for the faint of heart.

Fangraphs is quick to remind us that while Matt Kemp’s hot start is great, Jose Bautista’s was even better just a year ago.

Eric Karabell of ESPN squeaks out a fantasy post on the new One Man Gang – Edwin Encarnacion. ($)

Steve Buffery of the Sun touches on the struggles of hitters currently installed in key lineup spots for the Jays.

Brett Lawrie. I’m beginning to think he can’t help it.

Fangraphs does a thing on “change of scenery” hitters for whom very little changed (aka they still suck.) Weird they didn’t include former local whipping boy Aaron Hill. Must be his .266/.363/.481 slash line with four home runs.

Kevin Goldstein leaves a few Blue Jays nuggets in his Minor League Update on Baseball Prospectus.

One more thing I forgot: Jason Frasor likes the new CBA and (probably) thinks it will allow him to make more money. Which would be why he likes it. Also: Jason Frasor is not a Dominican teenager.

Here is today’s Getting Blanked show, with some talk about last night’s Darvish/Drabek duel.

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  1. I love BJ’s!

  2. Fuck Eric Karabell. He spews continuous nonsense. To those of you who play fantasy baseball, avoid, avoid, avoid.

  3. One thing I’ve noticed in Bautista’s swing? When the pitcher is gearing up to throw a pitch, Bautista is already standing on one leg. If you watch some of his home runs from the last couple years, he was lifting his front leg just when the pitcher was delivering.

    Watch the first home run and his timing. Then watch his current shitiness and I’m sure you’ll see the difference.

    There’s many things that look really odd with Bautista, but that one stuck out to me almost immediately.

  4. Last years Home Run Derby killed Bautista just like it did with Alex Rios…shoulda never participated

    • Sounds fucked but the derby can really fuck with guys fundamentals. He lost his swing level and his timing is shit right now. Prolly isn’t eating enough, need more meats and pussy in his diet!

    • Yeah I hate to say it but you’re right. And he stunk in that derby as well. I think that’s when his mechanics started to change. He got a home run last night but big deal. He’s really underneath pitches right now, he’s not hitting them on the line. It’s like he’s completely lost his eye for the ball. I think he can get it back but it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of humility on his part to do it.

  5. “How does Stoeten do this every day? Link dumps are the bane of my existence”

    Good thing you don’t get paid to write or blog.

    Having those blisters on your fingers.Having to read and then think about what you read then link that in a blog post.
    Sounds horrible.

    I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

    Oh,you do get paid to write and blog about baseball?

    Nevermind.My mistake.

    • You are the absolute worst.

      • Nice to be #1.

        Reread what you wrote.
        If you’re looking for sympathy because link dumps are beneath you or it’s too much to appease the supporters of DJF by posting it,then you’ve got the wrong job.

        Sorry, but don’t complain about having what many here would consider a dream job.

        • I wasn’t complaining about my job. I don’t like link dumps (personally) and think I could better use my time on something else. But here we are

          • Sorry Drew but I’m guessing you job entails providing content for the readership of GB AND DJF.Without something to read or comment on, The Score’s pageviews decrease thus they don’t need as many bloggers.
            Appreciate those views because they might not be there forever.It’s Posts that keep DJF alive.
            We’d all like to be doing something else rather than something we have to do at our jobs.
            Perhaps you could change Seattle to Texas in the game threat?

        • Radar’s right, how dare there be levity of any kind. Blogging is serious business, yo.

        • Can we stop with this “writing about baseball is a dream job” narrative?

          I’d rather have a good job outside of baseball and write about baseball without being financially dependent on my observations. And so would all of DJF/GB.

    • I have to second the “You are the worst” remark. You also appear to be sinking to new lows with each comment based on my limited observations (small sample size).

  6. At least there was no talk of the duller-than-dishwater San Francisco Giants in the last show or podcast.
    Linear progress.

  7. I like Scott Lewis, he is welcome anytime; at least in my books. Great show tonight

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