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Send in the clowns! With lefty on the mound and Yunel Escobar still struggling to get on base, manager John Farrell gets wacky with the lineup, sitting down Colby Rasmus and Adam Lind against tough Rangers lefty Matt Harrison. So rejoice, those who wanted to see Edwin Encarnacion hit cleanup! Today is your day!


The dome is open! Which is hilarious. Enjoy being cold, hippies. Put this under the “be careful what you wish for” category.

Fox Sports troll Jon Morosi wandered by the dome last night and wrote about how, if everything goes right and Jose Bautista resumes being one of the three best hitters in baseball, the Jays might be not bad! That’s a relief. I was worried they might be doomed.

Nice look at the Lansing Lugnuts from Gerry at the Batters Box. He is impressed by Aaron Sanchez, just like everyone else.

Travis Snider is on the DL in Vegas. Which is bad but the AAA DL can only be 7 days so all is not lost…

That’s about it. Early game means everybody is at the ballpark, preparing their precious game stories.

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays Texas Rangers
1. Kelly Johnson (L) 2B
2. Yunel Escobar (R) SS
3. Jose Bautista (R) RF
4. Edwin Encarnacion (R) 1B
5. Ben Francisco (R) DH
6. Brett Lawrie (R) 3B
7. Eric Thames (L) LF
8. J.P. Arencibia (R) C
9. Rajai Davis (R) CF

Ricky Romero, P

1. Ian Kinsler (R) 2B
2. Elvis Andrus (R) DH
3. Michael Young (R) 3B
4. Mike Napoli (R) 1B
5. Nelson Cruz (R) RF
6. Yorvit Torrealba (R) C
7. Alberto Gonzalez (R) SS
8. Brandon Snyder (R) LF
9. Craig Gentry (R) CF

Matt Harrison, P

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  1. Looking at that Rangers lineup, the first thing that came to mind is: “Ah the perks of playing on artificial grass!”

  2. Zaun got his wish – he wants Davis in the lineup every day. When Campbell asked Zaun “where would you play him”, Zaun answered “I don’t know”.

    Gotta figure of Cito was managing a vet like Davis woud be getting a ton of playing time in RF/CF.

  3. Holy right-handers, Texas.
    I like the assumed Rangers’ record, too.

    • I haven’t bothered to look at the splits, but I think Romero has had more trouble with left-handed batters than right-handers so far this season..

      • The Danks Theory aka the Rays doing work.

        • It was suggested somewhere, can’t recall by who, that his change-up isn’t as effective against lefties. (Might have been Pat and Buck on TV?) I’m not sure if there’s anything to that theory, though…

          • Pitchers typically do not throw changeups to arm-sided hitters. The Rays feel it nullifies his best weapon.

          • Makes sense, thanks Drew. I wonder if the Rangers prefer the right vs. left strategy, or if it is just coincidence that they don’t have any left-handed batters available? Hamilton’s back still isn’t 100%, Moreland isn’t hitting very well… Do they have any other left-handed bats?

          • Ah, there’s also Murphy… Well, the guy who took his spot in the OF today just homered, so that works too.

        • I sense a Parkes post about Washington being a tard if the Jays win and the Rangers not using any lefties.

      • Splits in 2012 so far:

        vs RH: .145/.244/.232, .170 BABIP
        vs LH: .260/.327/.440, .275 BABIP

        I must be missing something.

  4. RonWash obviously doesn’t agree with Maddon regarding RickRo and left handed bats

  5. What stadium is the picture of?

    • Exhibition Stadium, my friend. What a shit hole.

      • I sat in the orange section for my only trip to Exhibition Stadium. It was bat day. We actually got full size bats (it was a full size for kids). I used that bat for years and years.

      • Ahhh the memories. I remember baking on those aluminum benches in 1980 as a kid watching the Jays lose to the Yankees and being in the same section a few years later for the game that was called due to fog.

      • All those people who want the dome open if there’s the slightest bit of sunshine and it’s not snowing should have to go back in time and see a game at the Mistake by the Lake.

  6. Got it, clicked the picture…

  7. Escobar shouldn’t be batting 2nd when he’s hitting groundballs at as alarming a rate as he is. Lawrie should bat 2nd…he can at least beat out many of the potential double plays on groundballs.

  8. Is Igarashi any good? His stats look really solid in AAA.

  9. Well there goes the no-hitter.

  10. That Andrus/Arencibia rundown was hilarious.

  11. Whoa, had no idea that there was an early game today. Thanks for posting this, Drew.

  12. why Joel is he warming up? I’m watching it at work.



  14. Ben Fransisco is batting fifth, for reasons not immediately understood when this post went to press.

  15. Haha they listened to what I said last night and sent down Crawford and brought up Carreno.

  16. Question: Would you be satisfied taking 1 of 3 from “the best team in the majors”? Or were you expecting more? To be swept?

    • I can live with taking 1 of 3, though I wouldn’t necessarily be satisfied with it. But I was kinda expecting the Rangers to come into town and blow the Jays out of the water, so losing 2 of 3 (as long as they’re fairly close games) is still pretty respectable when you consider how good they are.

      • With Ricky on the mound, we have a great chance of winning the series, which would be great considering they lost game 1 and were down by 5 last night.

      • I was expecting a complete blowout of a series as well, especially since the offense has been mostly anemic. Last night’s win was magnificent, and if today’s a close, well-pitched loss I’ll take it. It would be pretty satisfying to hand the Rangers their second series win in a row, though.

    • Answer: Not satisfied, but I’d understand.

    • NEW QUESTION: How do you feel about taking 2/3 from “the best team in the majors?”

  17. It looks like the Rangers’ season is over…

  18. after todays game the Rangers have just played 4 games in the last 68 hours.

    just say’n

  19. I’d rather Rasmus play instead of Thames… if you’re interested in sitting left handed sticks. At least the D is there.

    Also, I just don’t like Thames…

  20. jp almost went michael barrett on his own ass

  21. Awesome AB by Aaron Cibia

  22. Great AB by JP there.

    AB’s like that swing games (pitch counts etc)

  23. kj is the new gboat

  24. Kellly Johnson!

  25. Kelly Johnson is awesome. Extend him, please.

    • with the phillips extension, cano looking to hit 9 figures, i would definitely give kj a lind-like deal

  26. KJ and been taking beast lessons from EE!

  27. I just knew that one of Escobar’s grounders was going to break out of the infield sooner or later.

  28. “michael young is having some problems over there at third base…”

  29. And the Jays mystifying pattern of having decent-good third baseman commit copious amounts of errors continues.

  30. Does anyone throw more bats then EE? lol

  31. Man do I miss Aaron Hill – NOT!

    • Hill has his OPS up around .812 right now, he just needed a change of scenery. Kelly Johnson came into today at .817 (higher now with the HR), but was at .699 last year for Arizona.

      So the could just as easily be saying, “Man I miss Kelly Johnson -NOT!”, on an Arizona blog.

  32. Has it been mentioned that that Rangers record posted would make them the worse team EVER.

  33. Wow, Exhibition Stadium.

    The only thing that Exhibition Stadium exhibited was its uncanny ability to freeze your ass, numb your ass, and provide a giant Shithawk Shitshow.

    Bubbles would have melted down there. But then again there was The Mistake AtThe Lake, CandleShit Park, The Tombstone, Olympic Shittiness, and still around are The Alemeda in da Hood, Crock-Acana Field.

    And the old Yankee Stadium smell like piss and diapers. Okay I’m done.

  34. 8 pitch inning, including strike-out. That’s pretty good.

  35. Gameday is a horrible piece of shit and I can’t get any good feeds at work. Can we make a habit of posting the score every half inning/ inning or so… just for me?

  36. J fucking P

  37. Nice bit of hitting from JPA there.

  38. It’s been a while since the Jays have put together a string of hits like this, hasn’t it? Since the series in KC? Don’t stop now!

  39. Come on let’s put this fucker out of the game.

  40. I have Journey stuck in my head….

  41. YEAH!

  42. Holy Fuck. Is this the Blue Jays?

  43. How long does Washington let this go on?

  44. Make it not stop please.

  45. Yunel Escobar, ladies and gentleman, has announced that he’s done with groundouts!

  46. Take a seat fat chump, back you go to Texass.

  47. John Farrell looks like a genius now. now meaning for today.

  48. Apparently the Jays had a big inning there because they had “momentum”.

  49. Rasmus in already? Because of pitching change… or because Davis is hurt or something?

    • Davis looked a bit uncomfortable at one point. Can’t recall if it was his first or second at bat, but the camera cut to him after he got to 1st base and he looked like he might have hurt something. (But he might have just looked winded from burning down the 1st base line; it wasn’t definitive…)

  50. This really isn’t that surprising, we have played well against this team for the last few years.

  51. Rasmus in for Rajai?

    Injury? why not just give Rasmus the whole game if the plan was to rest him?

  52. Get yer shit together Ricky. Bottom of the inning put him to sleep

  53. Oh no … back-to-back walks to start the inning? This is not a good way to hang on to a lead.

  54. Three’s the charm they say.

  55. Time for the hook.

  56. Hey Ricky… whatcha doin’?

  57. Seriously Ricky.

  58. Who walks three guys in a row with a seven-run lead?

  59. Fucking brutal

  60. P R O S P E R I T Y ricky! Can you dig it? Don’t throw it away now, you hear?

  61. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh

  62. Ricky just wanted to get the game closer so that the BP only has to cough up a 3 run lead instead of being embarrassed by blowing a 7 run lead in the 9th.

  63. Christ Romero, got no use for an easy W?

  64. Ricky’s just trying to give Cordero a shot at redemption.

  65. This year I’ve noticed it seems every start Romero will be cruising along, and then just completely loses the strike zone for a few hitters. Like reel off 11 balls in 12 pitches or something.

    • Yeah, it’s very strange. He has one seriously bad inning every game, I think, but bears down for all the rest. Hopefully that was the last of the damage.

  66. Ricky was sharper last year. I hope he gets his shit together.

  67. Ricky doesn’t back down…until he backs down.

  68. Romero just need one of my hearty coshur salt beef steaks to get back on track.

  69. Those guys should use the ‘R’ in Ricky’s name to indicate how many runs he’s given up. RRRRRICKY.

  70. Hope we don’t have to see “Coco Beware” today

  71. Yunel needs a home run next time up.

  72. Defuckingstroyed E5


  74. Anyone who calls him E5 get a punch in the dick.

    • Agreed.

    • You would actually punch someone in the dick? How does one become learned in the ways of cock punching?

      • years and years of practise. training the eye to recognize where the lizard is leaning left or right and 1 year of striking technique to the kneck or shaft

    • I cheered him as E5 when he clanged the homer in the first game of this series, and will continue to do so. He is what he is in the field, but now it’s a term of endearment. Until he puts on a glove, of course.

  75. Edwin doing his best to get Escobar another at bat

  76. Wtf, Lawrie looks like the Crow. What’s all over is face?

  77. Nice to see Yahoo finally updated the player photos with the right hats.

  78. En En En Carna-shown

  79. I like when Buck takes the “En” out of Edwins last name and calls him “Carnacion”

  80. Can’t wait to see Lind back in the clean-up spot tomorrow.

    • Tabby definitely just said ‘Edwin chubbs all over it’ on that homerun

    • Fuck Lind and the righty/lefty split.

      EE is making them pitch to Bautista.

      Fuck Lind, period.

      • I was trying to think of where I’d prefer Lind batted in the order rather than cleanup, and I realized I didn’t want him batting anywhere. At all.

        I think I’d rather have the pitcher bat. At least then it’s entertaining.

    • If Lind was playing today, it would be like 16-5 Jays right now!

  81. How’s Edwin looking at 1B?

  82. Why does the bobble head look like herbal magic Wilner? Not a very accurate representation of him at all.

  83. I like this lineup. Johnson leading off seems like a great idea, Eddie’s hitting cleanup, everything’s going smoothly.

  84. I think EE and Bautista underwent the ‘Faceoff’ surgery this off-season. The shared language conceals the deed.

  85. OK I think it’s more appropriate now. Bautista is a pumpkin so far this year.

  86. Wow Encarnacion is doing well! I will stop calling him E5.

  87. What’s Romero’s pitch count at? My internet is refusing to let me load things.

  88. Ricky pitched like a man today.

  89. Time for a Yunel tater. Fingers crossed.

  90. Oh look, it’s Mr. Koji “I’d Rather Play For Baltimore Or Texas Than Toronto” Uehara.

    Not too cold today, is it?

  91. i definitely thought best outcome is 1 -2 with the offence problem against texas.what a fun 2 days. thx jays for makin me smile again. absolutely beautiful to see the bats rip and 2 wins.cheering still

  92. A 1-2-3 ninth! How novel.

  93. Ladeez and gennulmen … your new CLOOOOOSER
    Give it up for Mister Joel CarrrEEEno

  94. Great series for the Jays. Let’s keep it rolling and kick those angels while they’re down.

  95. Hey Edwin, thanks for being basically the only positive aspect of our offense this year and one of the best hitters in all of baseball. Tomorrow we’re gonna throw ya back down to the bottom half of the lineup again, if only you were left handed.

    • You realize that for all the shitiness of Bautista and a couple of others, that going into the game we were 4th in runs scored right? As of today’s game, depending on what the Yankees do, we could be 3rd.

      Pretty surprising considering they seem a lot worse than what they actually are. After today’s game we are currently 2nd in the AL in run differential and 3rd overall in MLB.

      • That was an exaggeration obviously. I know the offense hasn’t been abysmal, but its just damn frustrating to see Lind hit cleanup every day while the best hitter on the team since the all star break last year has been buried in the bottom half the lineup all year.

        • I totally agree he should be hitting 6th or 7th until (if ever) he gets his mojo back. He seemed to take off in May last year before he got injured so hopefully he turns things around.

          • If. IF. If the Jays bullpen resembled anything like it should have in April, their record would probably resemble something similar to Texas’. Maybe a little worse.

            I’d assume the bullpen has cost the Jays 3 wins so far.

  96. P.S. shut up Gregg Zaun, stop making sense, and go back to talking about saves and when to steal bases.

  97. My buddy was the concierge at EE’s condo last year and he said they smoked weed once, now that he’s fired EE hits dingers.

    Where’s that sabermetric?

    • stop squealing like a stuck pig on EE. whatever it was he smoked is his business. losers talk too much about hanging out with celebrities ar athletes. i punched clint eastwood in the dick in 1980 when he was with the ape clyde. i punched the ape in the pecker too but he hit back. i woke up in1981 and punched clints girlfriend in the dick too. ooooh was she holmely. last year i punched jamie campbell in the groin and went a full fist in the gina

  98. Jenny Dell is tweeting pics of Red Sox throw backs circa 1936. I’d rather she tweet her panties circa last night.

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