Following the Toronto Blue Jays is nothing if not exciting this year. Never a dull moment, as they say. The rollercoaster of emotions never seems to stop. Beat up on a bad team, lose to a decent team (or Baltimore.) Then the Best Team in Baseball rolls in, tired and a little battered but always willing to go, and the Jays take two out of three games from them.

Ricky Romero “gutted” one out today, if I might borrow form the cliche jar. He walked three and gave up the first big league home run of Brandon Snyder’s career in eight somewhat laborious innings. The Rangers started their B-lineup again but they all count, right?

Romero’s numbers for the season are a little puzzling. His strikeouts are down and his walks up. Thanks to the strong BLue Jays infield defense (and a whole truckload of double plays) his BABIP is lower than ever at .215. Something has to give, I fear. The matter of when remains unclear.

The offense responded nicely to John Farrell’s tinkering, with Kelly Johnson and Yunel Escobar going bucknuts at the top of the lineup. They reached base five times between them, with Johnson’s home run serving at the game’s biggest play, WPAishly.

Edwin Encarnacion hit another home run because that is precisely what Edwin Encarnacion does. And does with panache, might I add.

Joel Carreno made his return to the big leagues, mopping up the nineth inning in convincing fashion. As convincing a fashion as one can pitch the last inning of a getaway day blowout. Carreno remains very interesting to me. I sort of love him as a bullpen option and while my worldview forbids me from voluntarily moving a starter to the bullpen until they prove they simply cannot start, I’d be willing to listen on Carreno.

Other than that, the Jays have the best defense in baseball, according to defensive runs saved. Omar Vizquel will play forever if you let him.

Here is today’s Getting Blanked show, which you are all well served to watch. Crafted with care and all that.

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  1. Texas without Beltre and Hamilton isn’t the best team in baseball – BUT the Jays bats did finally wake up for more than one game!

    • Finally the turf is an advantage. Hopefully other teams will rest their day to day players for fear of exacerbating an injury on the mighty Rogers corporate turf!

  2. Boston on the ropes and getting desperate: The signed Mark Prior!!!

  3. I had no idea our defense saved that many runs. How much stock can we put in those numbers?

  4. I learned a lot about Texas fans reading LoneStarBall thread – fucking idiocy about Canada never gets old with soooooooo many

    but, I did come away with this gem:

  5. With all the options the Jays have for their rotation, while it may only be average at this present moment, I think Carreno should stay in the pen. At least for this year, anyway. It may be a sample size, but while talking about Carreno’s big league career, he’s been lights out in the bullpen.

    He’s only pitched 16+ innings out of the pen, but with a 2.83 FIP as a reliever before tonight, why move him from a position he’s clearly excelled at, and where the team as a whole has experienced a glaring weakness?

    The rotation will only get better with experience, and especially if Morrow can string together some starts like his last one.

  6. Edwin is hot, in a non-sexual way

  7. Matt Gamel got hurt, Milwaukee needs a 1b, trade Lind fast! gogogogog

  8. re: getting blanked discussion – maybe the mlb’s concern with added travel has less to do with player fatigue and more to do with actual important issues.. ie, I dunno, global warming? that might not be the precise reason but somehow you guys don’t even consider it for a second as a crucial reason to not increase travel. Ugh.

  9. I was upset that I was on the bench with Lind. I shouldnt be in the same group as him ever

  10. i can’t wait to flip cordero to a team in need of a ‘proven closer’

  11. I still can’t understand why MLB at this point has two leagues that overlap America. It makes no sense. So much travel could be saved by having the northeast, California, mid-west teams each in their own divisions.

  12. plain_g, I think this Jays team could still be in the race by the trade deadline. Finishing 3rd in the AL East could be good enough and the Jays are plenty good at finishing 3rd and 4th in this division ;)

    • hope so, still prefer to see coco flipped for talent rather than pitching for the jays in sept, race or no race.

  13. The Rangers are no doubt an amazing team. But did they lose all their series against AL EAST teams? It’s a nice feeling winning against a sick team. Even w/o Hamilton n Beltre

  14. Anybody heard from Stoeten? Should we be worried that some good ol’ boy shot him after the Lawrie homerun Tues night

    • Stoeten is quickly losing his reliable moniker. Seriously, he’s vacationing in Texas. God help him.

  15. Took my girlfriend to the game for her birthday. Was great fun. Other then waiting in line for 30 minutes for nachos. Stupid school day with so many damn kids. Not cool. Also of note I got a neck tan from the Dome being open. Summer is basically upon us.

    • They’re so slow its pathetic. They act like they dont even give a shit how slow they are. Someone needs to tell the employees at the food stops that we all want to get our food as fast as we can and get back to our seats ASAP.

  16. In other news…

    Yankees and Sox are losing.

    Roy Halladay got lit up for 8 earned runs in the fifth and sixth innings against Atlanta.

    • My new favourite hobby is lurking SOSH during Red Sox losses.

      • I don’t hate the SOSH guys. I went there expecting it, but they’re just incredibly sad people. Every loss just reconfirms their belief that the world is out to get them.

      • I love it too. Especially when the Sox get out to an early lead.

        The gloating and self congratulation is off the charts. Then when they lose the pendulum swings to rage, petulance and calls for at least three people’s jobs. They are just an epic group of assheads.

        The other thing I hate about them. They talk as if they the fans are actually a big part of the teams success. They refer to the Sox as “we” all the time.

        At least here, that’s very rare.

  17. Actually, EDH should be shopped at the deadline if the Jays are out of it. A guy on a nice hot streak to start the season is a prime move candidate.

  18. v-dub in the 2-spot tonight, because you always want a guy with a 250 obp as high in the order as you can get him.

  19. Weaver perfect game thru 5 so far tonight – on watch. Wonder if the Jays are watching this game??

    • Really enjoyed the MLB network interview with him, even though they did push the Canadian aspect a bit. Cool to see the American guys getting horny over our guys.

  20. I knew the expanded playoffs was just to get two AL East teams into it. Toronto and Baltimore are in the play-in positions right now. Long way to go, and I know it won’t happen, but I’d kinda love it to see it end that way.

  21. It’s ridiculously early and means nothing, but I keep looking at the standings right now. I love the bottom of the AL East.

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