Got something else on the way but, yup. Brett Lawrie. The mayor of Toronto had a pretty good day yesterday, don’t you think?

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  1. #MapleBoner

  2. I just dread seeing anyone do that leap into the mass of humanity around home plate for a walk-off now, after the Kendrys Morales thing.

  3. I do like the new uniforms, still think the Jays are a 500 ball team still need a couple of better pitchers and one more big bat to take Lind’s spot, keep Ramus as he saves too many runs, and dear God get our closer back

  4. I don’t think we’re giving Cordero enough credit for his well earned Win….

  5. Wins are the most important stat. Cordero won that game last night.

    • I agree, that’s how you measure the effectiveness of a pitcher, almost as important as the RBI for a hitter.

      • Absolutely. Wins and RBIs are where it’s at, don’t listen to these stathead moneyballers. Consistency is important too.

  6. “Before, it was a two-team race. Now it’s three with the Rays. Hopefully, starting this year, it’s four with us. I’m not really too worried about the Orioles. Whatever happens to them, happens to them.” – JoeyBats

  7. Also amazing:

    @JoeyBats19: “I wonder how many of the same people who are bashing me now will be my #TwitterBuddies later? #MuchoLove Thanks real fans for the support.”

  8. Jays do need a high end starter and there is a hole at 1st. I’m not sure we would have liked the outcome last night if Beltre and Hamilton were in the whole game but a win is a win.

    I think we can stay ahead of Tampa if Longoria stays out the full 6 weeks and we get Santos back closing sooner than later.

  9. He’s still a douche.

  10. Richard Griffin can’t match quality blogging like this.

  11. I know this has been said many times already, but why in the holy blue fuck is Farrell against changing this lineup around? Everyone with an open mouth will (deservedly) berate the bejesus out of Lind and his all around suckiness, but am I missing something with Escobar? I know it had to happen at some point, but can anyone remember him doing anything other than grounding out? This is really our best option to lead things off?

    • It’s been a month. He has a career .370 OBP. I’m fairly certain he didn’t just randomly forgot how to play baseball.

      I wouldn’t be opposed to moving him down in the lineup, but it’s not like he’s Adam Lind coming off two shit-tacular years or something. It’s one bad month, give him a break.

      • The way he’s playing combined with the overall spotiness of the Jays ability to score runs justify the shakeup seen today. He’s not nearly in the same category of horribleness that Lind exists in, but still we’re not talking about last year, we’re talking about now. And now he isn’t helping out a ton in the leadoff spot and after a month of games, the small sample size argument holds less water.

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