Since I already gave you all the links to where else to find our shit in the previous post, I’ll spare you all that and simply present to you the latest and greatest edition of Getting Blanked. My triumphant-ish return!

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  1. I keep seeing this Getting Blanked shit, I have no interest in it. I come here to read this blog and thats it.
    There used to be one blog post per day tops…and not even, now there is 4 posts a day with one hockiing this Getting Blanked shit……..if we wanted to watch getting blanked we would go watch it, stop making us read about getting fucking blanked.

    • Please feel free to take into consideration that we don’t give a shit what you think, and that you can’t possibly be as annoyed as you pretend by having to skim past a post you don’t have interest in four times a week. WAHHHHHH.

  2. I think the lack of comments on this post back up my thoughts on it. I.E most people feel the way I do about it but wont say…..if it was popular people would post. People dont like it so they ignore it.
    Stop posting this Getting Blanked shit, no one likes it. WAHHHHH yaaaaaaaaaa

    • Actually, most people who don’t like it just skip past it and aren’t warped enough to actually believe they can divine the rest of the world’s interest, or that we might possibly give a shit what they think. OR that it’s ever going to stop. It’s not. Sorry? Your delicate little sensibilities are going to have to learn to deal with it.

  3. The Getting Blanked episodes are great. Kind of insightful, always good for a laugh. People don’t comment on it because what else is there to say?

    • I know Stoeten you will do whatever u want (Except if the Score tells you different)…..

      • I think it’s funny how people will complain so readily about free content.

        • See, what you are forgetting is that they are the most important people in the universe, and it is a great sin to displease or inconvenience them in any way!

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