So… this is a thing. A real live promo thing. A real live promo thing thing that, as Scott explains at Getting Blanked, “is completely original and not borrowed in any way, shape, or form from a popular sitcom of the 1980s.”


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  1. Sha la la la! Stoeten is mrs Keaton?! Alex Keaton was the man too btw Sha la la la!

  2. Parkes’ acting experience came in handy for this promo, I’m sure.

  3. You shouldn’t have told us where the inspiration came from just to see if the same people who complained about how similar the new DJF was to KFC made similar complaints about how the ad is similar to the Family Ties thing…

  4. This whole thing is just a rip off of Family Ties. Tha fuck! Broke-ass idea-less motherfuckers.

  5. Sooooooo, there’s that.

  6. I think the best part of all is Parkes’ hand on Scott’s shoulder. Makes a great family photo!

  7. Still think that the finished painting makes Stoeten look like some Jihadist and Fairservice like a Russian gangster.

  8. I keep seeing this Getting Blanked shit, I have no interest in it. I come here to read this blog and thats it.
    There used to be one blog post per day tops…and not even, now there is 4 posts a day with one hockiing this Getting Blanked shit……..if we wanted to watch getting blanked we would go watch it, stop making us read about getting fucking blanked.

    • Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

      Someone forgot how to scroll down and just not read something he wasn’t interested in. Or was DJF created solely for you?

      • I am just saying what alot of people on here think. If we wanted to hear about and watch Gettting Blanked we would go watch it. We enjoy coming here to read DJF, we dont like having Getting Blanked pushed on us.
        Ya i Know i can fuck off and go somewhere else, but like i said I like DJF, just dont like them hocking this Getting Blanked bullshit.

  9. you’re a twat, Shitdick Holmes

  10. I was kinda waiting for Ashton Kutchner to pop out and say that we have been punked.

    Pretty fuckin stellar shit. Just too bad it was missing a cameo from Can Stewart acting as Rodney Dangerfield.

  11. Well, I screwed up Your accnuot has been disabled . I guess they didn’t like my ads. Maybe I should’ve read the dozens of pages of their Advertising Guidelines first (although most don’t apply to the flyers).Oh well time to use my wife’s accnuot ;)

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