If the playoffs started today…YOUR Toronto Blue Jays would travel to Baltimore to do battle in the Wild Card Play-instravaganza, with the winner jetting to Texas for a meeting with the mighty Rangers. An extra AL East team in the playoffs, just like Bud Selig drew it up.

Anything stand out to you? If you answered “the Yankees miss the playoffs!” you’re wrong. It is the second-division also ran Cleveland Indians making the playoffs ahead of those Yankees, with the negative run differential and weak strength-of-schedule making the BALANCED SCHEDULE NOW arguement loud and clear.

Sack tap to Deere5800 in the comment section for the inspiration.

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  1. Did not realize Tigers weren’t 10 games ahead in the central.

  2. Shouldn’t only 5 teams make the playoffs?

    • Correct. Follow along the article where they state #6 NY is not in a playoff position at the moment.

      “What’s that? Ah – playoffs? Don’t talk about — playoffs?! You kidding me?! Playoffs?! I just hope we can win another game! Another game!!” Jim E. Mora

  3. I wish I could get a sack tap.

  4. Shouldn’t it be the three division leaders at the top?

  5. A post-season with no NY and no Boston? Impossible. But nice while it lasts.

  6. Sample size is small. Am I trolling? That’s not nice.

  7. With the Angels and Red Sox looking vulnerable, The Jays do have a legit shot to at least get to the wildcard play-in. Orioles have been great, but don’t think it’s sustainable…

  8. If memory serves, the O’s got off to a great start 2 or 3 years ago I think, and ended up with 90+ losses. They’ll OriLOLe it up sooner or later.

    By the way, where’s Stoeten? My guess is Mexican jail.

  9. It would be Texas, Tampa, Cleveland, With Baltimore and Toronto battling it out for the wild card spot.

  10. Don’t balance the schedule. Nix interleague, play more games versus the non-divisional teams within one’s league and just base playoff qualification on weighted winning percentage versus each division.

    For example, if the Jays win 60% of games vs the ALC (27/45), 60% vs the ALW (27/45)and 50% vs the ALE (36/72) they end up with 90 wins.

    If the Tigers win 60% of games vs the ALC (43/72), 60% vs the ALW (27/45) and 47% vs the ALE (21/45) they end up with 91 wins.

    In the traditional model, the Tigers finish ahead of the Blue Jays. In the weighted model, a better measure of true talent, the Blue Jays make the playoffs.

    Bud Selig: This is too complicated. Why don’t we just balance the schedule?

    Toronto Blue Jays fans: No f***ing s**t!!!

    • you are on to something there. Good analysis.
      I am watching the Jays cumulative record vs NYY/BOS/TB this year. I agree that if they can play them .500 this season they will be playing for the WC down the stretch. In 2011 they were 12 games under .500 to those 3. That’s an 87 win season if they managed it. In 2010 they were 20 games under.
      So to me the key measure this season is their cumulative record vs those 3. (now if they can just show up against the Os…..)

    • I dont understand why 91 wins should not always win over 90?

      • The problem with balancing the schedule is logistical. It would involve Toronto flying out West about 9 times a year, which most would consider to be too much.

        Competitively, balancing the schedule makes a lot of sense. But there’s always more factors than simply competitive.

        • The “strength of schedule” idea is great. Currently, I believe the NFL is the only league that utilizes it for anything, but only as the third or fourth tie-breaker. At least it’s SOMETHING though; sports leagues need to understand that not all divisions are created equal, and were randomly assembled for the most part. The division of divisions makes no sense, so why treat them all the same in terms of rankings?

  11. Given how Toronto has played Baltimore this season – I don’t like our chances in that play-in-stravaDanza.

  12. We will beat the Orioles. Ill just go smoke with them before each game and they will be nice and relaxed during the game (not to mention hungry)

    • Is he really a pot head? Once a poster on St Louis Today said it after he was traded. He said that the management spotted him smoking joint and that’s why they shipped him out of town.

  13. Im not a pothead I just enjoy good smoke after a hard earned win

  14. Colby!!!

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