The Blue Jays have something of a tradition during their annual trip to Southern California to play the Anaheim Angels. East LA native and anchor of the pitching staff Ricky Romero hosts a feast at his off-season home, providing authentic home-cooked Mexican meals for teammates, many of whom are eager for a taste of home.

After yesterday’s getaway day victory over the Texas Ranges, the Jays flew into LAX and promptly assembled a deep crew for the run to Romero’s place. Not long into the regal feast, Ricky posted this picture to this twitterfeed. The image is full of happy teammates and a very proud host. So busy is this photo that you just might have missed some key components. Which is where I come in…

1. The only obvious alcoholic beverage in the shot, a Tecate in front of good Texan Kyle Drabek. I like the cut of your jib, Kyle. But we already knew this, didn’t we?

2. An extremely dour Adam Lind. Either Adam Lind isn’t one for spicy food or Adam Lind went on the internet for the first time this season during his cross-continental flight. This is the face of a man who could use a Tecate.


[Drew Hutchison] Ricky, I just want to say thanks for inviting me into your home to be a part of this great team tradition. It means so much that, even though I’ve only been up with the club for a few weeks, you let me partake in this incredible meal. Seriously, Ricky, I’m truly grateful.


4. Without knowing the identity of this lady (Ricky’s sister?), I will say it is something less than surprising to see the youngest woman in the room standing mere inches from J.P. Arencibia. Just a hunch: this happens a lot.

5. In a similar vein: Brett Lawrie has a very large bottle of sugary & heavily caffeinated soda at his fingertips. Again: me thinks this isn’t rare.

6. The smart money says this is a Ricky Romero shirsey. I think LAWRIE 13 is a good value play, however. Additional bonus: I bet Lawrie spent all night chatting her up, flirting and complimenting the food. Call me crazy.

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  1. This reminds me of when I was like 10 years old, and we’d have a birthday party at a bowling alley or someplace and there was lots of chips and pop. Nothing says class like paper plates and Coke in paper cups.

  2. Seems like the dress code was a formal affair. All wearing dress shirts with what looks like 2 of them sporting ties.

  3. Ooh ooh now let’s guess what Rasmus was up to.

    • Maybe that’s why Lind is so upset, Rasmus stepped outside and didn’t invite him.

      Is that Cordero in the background or would inviting him to a meal be a bad idea?

    • Ricky: “Hey Colby, we’re having a big dinner at my house as soon as we get off the plane. We’ll stay up late and get to know each other a little better. Would you like to come?”

      Colby: “Yeah, that’s exactly what I want to do. I want to sit on this plane for the next 8 hours and then when I get off I want to eat and stay up instead of just smoking a blunt and falling asleep.” /ROLLS EYES

  4. Travis Snider would’ve crushed this meal. #FeastmodeCallUp

  5. Luis Perez is havin’ a time.

  6. What will really impress me Drew is if you are able to name every Blue Jay in this picture…

    Also, is Thames not there? I don’t think I see him. Do the guys have some sort of beef with Thames that we don’t know about? Maybe because they are so tight with Snider? He seems like such a good guy…maybe the heavy metal clashes with Lawries house music or Romero’s hip hop…I didn’t notice this until your last DJF podcast by the way. So thanks for that…my Jays obsession has now extended to which guys are friends off the diamond…Jays TMZ.

  7. Whose between Hutch and Drabek? Is that Luis Perez?

    And I always wonder who the hell Rasmus hangs out with on the team, apparently not any of these guys.

    Players missing from picture:

    wonder why they didn’t get invited.

    • Mathis – Is waiting for JP to embarrass himself enough at dinner to get invited next time.

      Bautista – Never eats or sleeps.

      Rasmus – Rolled his eyes and declined invite.

      Johnson – Has no idea who most of these people are

      Frasor – Got invited but took forever to get there.

      Janssen – Golfing

      Morrow – Has his own custom diet.

      Carreno – Busy handling everyone’s bags.

      Vizquel – Already in bed.

      Encarnacion – Terrifies everyone in this picture.

      Davis – Has his own friends in California


    • Encarnacion is sitting between Ricky and Yunel

    • Isn’t that Encarnacion in the pink shirt right next to Escobar?

      From left to right I see Hutchison, Arencibia, Romero, L.Perez behind Romero, Encarnacion, Escobar, Alvarez, Lawrie, Drabek, Lind.

      Of note – Morrow wouldn’t be there no matter the personal matters because he is the starting pitcher tonight and would be getting his rest.

    • Ricky’s younger bro?

  8. Those are pretty big accusations to be making, even if we all think Lind is a shitbag of a baseball player.

    • I took that comment down. Libel, y’all!

      • That’s fair. I obviously can’t provide any proof; was told this info from a cop friend (who isn’t really a baseball fan, so I have no reason to believe he’d make this up in an attempt to slander Lind or something). I wouldn’t expect to hear about it in the media or anything, though. These things happen far more often than people realize, and most of the time it’s kept quiet. But, I understand that posting that sort of thing without definitive proof isn’t exactly fair, either.

  9. A quick google search revealed it was an unfortunately named boyfriend on ‘Teen Mom’ that got arrested for a DUI. Which is kind of hilarious. Unless someone wants to start rumours that Lind is knocking up teenagers now.

  10. i can’t believe this is a recent photo! Hutchinson looks circa 1995. i thought it as a joke

  11. very cool stuff…still i don’t see any fried chicken there…

  12. Not to nitpick annotations:

    But Coco is absolutely nailing the “Look at this great food!” pose at the back.

    And my guess for Adam Lind’s sourness is being sat between Brett Lawrie and Kyle Drabek. I really feel like that would be an insufferable pair to sit between. Would you be able to get a word in edgewise? They’re both such golden boys, it would be hard for someone with Lind’s down to earth Indianattiude to relate, I feel.

    • Which one is Cordero?

      I thought the back was Francisco, Oliver, Villanueva, Escobar and Alvarez.

      • ORLY

        I meant whomever is standing and nailing that pose. I was guessing at Cordero because I think it was mentioned in an above comment.

        Whoever it is, this isn’t his first picture at a meal.

    • Coco isnt in this pic. you’re either talkin about luis perez or edwin

  13. Agreed Hutch looks like he should be pitching for the Jays in the 90′s. And Drabek looks like a College Professor with a serious and not well hidden drinking problem.

  14. I can be your proof. Got the tiremarks on my back and everything.

  15. I was otherwise occupied and couldn’t be bothered to show up. I’m only hungry after stepping outside for a bit. I was invited however

  16. who’s to Hutchinson’s right? Is that Dustin?

  17. Ah for fuck sake, take a comment down? jesus, we want to know how lind was being slandered.
    I guess on this big corporate website we need to be more careful…..

  18. Did Ricky’s mom make a mole sauce or something? Cause Lind looks like someone just told him that the delicious meat sauce he consumed contained spicy chocolate. Probably fucked up his midwestern sensibilities.

    As for Colby, he probably went mud-riding. Which is like totally cool.

  19. For anyone still confused

    back row left to right: Perez, Villueneva, Alvarez

    clockwise: Ricky, EE, Yunel, Lawrie, Lind, Drabek, Ricky`s brother (definitely not anyone on the team), Hutch, JP

  20. I understand how Lind can stink it up and still bat clean-up. He sure as hell LOOKS terrifying.

  21. Best thing about this picture is that they’re eating on the kitchen island counter which even has a sink next to Hutchison. I wonder if they made Hutchison wash the pots and pans after.

  22. Ricky’s brother and sister look nothing like LL Cool J. That trait stopped with Ricky I guess.

  23. I like how they took down whatever Lind comment was made but are leaving up the horrible comment made by TAFKAKGBS ^^^^^

  24. Ricky’s siblings could have made a fortune last night inviting classmates over for dinner with a $50 cover charge.

  25. ” Without knowing the identity of this lady (Ricky’s sister?), I will say it is something less than surprising to see the youngest woman in the room standing mere inches from J.P. Arencibia. Just a hunch: this happens a lot.”

    By this do you mean:

    1) JP is a player

    2) JP is into fat chicks

    3) JP is a good looking guy

    4) JP likes banging his teammates sisters

  26. Alright, I apologize. Sorry, bad taste.

    Back to watching Archie Bunker.

  27. When I saw the arrow pointing to the 2L pop bottle next to Lawrie, I thought there was going to be a mention of it not being duct-taped to his hand.

  28. Funny stuff, Drew. Laughed several times.

  29. Villanueva kind of looks like Renly Baratheon from GoT there. I have that awesome show on my mind, I guess.

  30. Who cares about dinner. Dont you all want to know where I was during this

  31. This is the best post in a long time.

  32. maybe this was mentioned already, but last night Morrow tweeted:

    “Not happy about missing carne asada at casa de @RickyRo24 but I have beautiful @LilyMorrow21 to take me out instead”

  33. Interesting that all the black and Latino players are either at the back of the table or don’t get a seat.

  34. Hell, with posts like these, who needs Stoeten!

  35. So when does Adam Lind’s introspective country music album come out?

  36. “Anchor of the pitching staff”

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