For us adult-types, late night baseball is one hell of a beautiful thing– especially when the Jays are coughing up leads in Oakland or getting tominated by the likes of Ervin Santana, and especially when Brandon Morrow gets all Halladayesque in efficiently mowing down the Angels in 103 pitches, giving up just three hits, raising his K/BB over the last three starts to a ridiculous 20/1. It was one king hell of an outing, and built on the success he’d had in his previous two, as he continues to refine the hybrid he seems to have created between his flyball/strikeout self, and the less efficient and more groundball-prone pitcher we’d seen in the early goings of 2012.

A Morrow who gets groundball-ish when he needs to and otherwise filthily embarrasses batters like his old self? Yes, please. But let’s not act like he’s anywhere close to having turned a corner. It’s been a great run, and he’s got two sheds worth of talent, but it’s not like he hasn’t pitched great games before and then fallen back into old troubles. I refuse to be fooled into thinking that this is it, this is who he can be on a consistent basis, but that said, there was absolutely nothing remotely discouraging about it, so that’s good.

On the late night JaysTalk a caller asked whether, at this point, Morrow might even look better going forward that his fellow 2006 draftee, Tim Lincecum. Now… Timmy looks like he may have turned the corner in his last couple of starts– i.e., in the words of Richard Griffin, or some such other fictional historical construct, the rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated– but if I were a betting man (read: shitty at gambling)– and I am– I might think long and hard about taking Morrow.

Of course, apparently I’m also hopelessly biased.

Entirely unrelated to that note, I should point out that, while I expected a typically crazy west coast game version of the JaysTalk, most of Mike Wilner’s show was devoted to fluffing Morrow’s balls– for damn good reason. In fact, the craziest thing to come out of it was probably when Wilner himself told a caller that Adam Lind is being hated on like Encarnacion before him, and Overbay before that, and on down the line, and that he wonders who is going to be hated on next, when Lind heats up– as though it’s some kind of a foregone conclusion that Adam Lind is going to magically stop being terrible. Sure, it could happen, and it would be great, but every miserable day it gets less and less likely. And every day it seems more and more likely that the Jays might actually fucking believe the horseshit narrative notion about treating players right, which we’re supposed to believe narrowly applies to shitty players getting the benefit of the doubt from the club, yet doesn’t apply to the idea of doing right by everybody else by not saddling the club with guys who keep demonstrating they can’t hack it, or wasting resources unnecessarily.

It makes for a nice talking point, but I don’t quite buy what they’re selling. For all the faith they have in Lind, they need equal parts willingness to rob the rest of the club of opportunities to succeed. If the idea that it reflects well on the organization in the eyes of the players to keep trotting Lind out there was true, it would take a lot of denial on the part of a lot of people as to just how bad Lind has been over the last two years, and now again the first month of this one. He might heat up, or the club may do something about the situation in a week or two, rendering my points moot, but for now… it’s ugly. It can’t possibly last much longer, given the track record.

For that same reason, the struggling Bautista– who I jokingly tweeted last night appears to be turding back into a slumpkin– still has something like three quarters of a Parkes’s dream-length of rope to go. His last strikeout yesterday was fuggin’ fuckly, but it’s still early for him. Lind is in act three of a two-year long contretemps, and the patience of the audience is wearing far more thin.


Jack Moore of FanGraphs is with us when it comes to loving the hybrid Brandon Morrow who dominated the Angels last night. While Tom Dakers of Bluebird Banter is on the same page when it comes to wondering what the fuck to do with Adam Lind.

More Scuttlebutt as we get closer to first pitch… y’know, if anything’s worth mentioning.

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NOTE: Obviously, at the time I’m writing this the lineups have yet to be posted. So, I’ll give ya the pitchers and fill the rest in later. Or… maybe I won’t. There’s a surprise in every post here at DJF!

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H. Alvarez RHP


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E. Santana RHP

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  1. Did anyone see Alomar play? Is KJ. as good as him? Also, I saw someone refer to Greg Nettles. Who did he play for? Was he a Blue Jay?

  2. Yeah the pitchers are doing really well and the hitting’s beginning to come around. Lind still batting clean-up? Has he got the good on Farrell or what? I understand all the right/left/right theory but in practice it just isn’t working very well and hasn’t for a couple of years. It’s having Lind behind him that’s gotten into Bautista’s head I think. The poor guy hasn’t been given anything to hit since spring training. I mean, why pitch to Bautista when you’ve got Lind right behind him.

    (Of course I bitched freely and long about Encarnacion, and he came around. But as of right now I don’t see Lind doing much else except clog up the batting order.)

    • Bautista has seen lots of pitches to hit and simply hasn’t got to them like he did in the past. In last night’s game they even had a chance to walk him with 2 outs and first base open and still chose to pitch to him, even with the anemic Lind batting behind him.

      You can blame Lind for a lot of things, but Jose’s struggles, so far anyway, are his own.

      • I agree with you. He’s been terrible so far this season. But the last half of last season he had a tendency to chase out of the zone and got himself out a bunch of times. They weren’t pitching to him then. He wasn’t seeing anything over the plate unless it was a mistake. And that was Lind in my opinion.

  3. Red Sox lose again.

  4. My god the angels have a pathetic approach at the plate.

  5. So, uh.

    Lind batting 5th against an elite LHP. Discuss.

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