For us adult-types, late night baseball is one hell of a beautiful thing– especially when the Jays are coughing up leads in Oakland or getting tominated by the likes of Ervin Santana, and especially when Brandon Morrow gets all Halladayesque in efficiently mowing down the Angels in 103 pitches, giving up just three hits, raising his K/BB over the last three starts to a ridiculous 20/1. It was one king hell of an outing, and built on the success he’d had in his previous two, as he continues to refine the hybrid he seems to have created between his flyball/strikeout self, and the less efficient and more groundball-prone pitcher we’d seen in the early goings of 2012.

A Morrow who gets groundball-ish when he needs to and otherwise filthily embarrasses batters like his old self? Yes, please. But let’s not act like he’s anywhere close to having turned a corner. It’s been a great run, and he’s got two sheds worth of talent, but it’s not like he hasn’t pitched great games before and then fallen back into old troubles. I refuse to be fooled into thinking that this is it, this is who he can be on a consistent basis, but that said, there was absolutely nothing remotely discouraging about it, so that’s good.

On the late night JaysTalk a caller asked whether, at this point, Morrow might even look better going forward that his fellow 2006 draftee, Tim Lincecum. Now… Timmy looks like he may have turned the corner in his last couple of starts– i.e., in the words of Richard Griffin, or some such other fictional historical construct, the rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated– but if I were a betting man (read: shitty at gambling)– and I am– I might think long and hard about taking Morrow.

Of course, apparently I’m also hopelessly biased.

Entirely unrelated to that note, I should point out that, while I expected a typically crazy west coast game version of the JaysTalk, most of Mike Wilner’s show was devoted to fluffing Morrow’s balls– for damn good reason. In fact, the craziest thing to come out of it was probably when Wilner himself told a caller that Adam Lind is being hated on like Encarnacion before him, and Overbay before that, and on down the line, and that he wonders who is going to be hated on next, when Lind heats up– as though it’s some kind of a foregone conclusion that Adam Lind is going to magically stop being terrible. Sure, it could happen, and it would be great, but every miserable day it gets less and less likely. And every day it seems more and more likely that the Jays might actually fucking believe the horseshit narrative notion about treating players right, which we’re supposed to believe narrowly applies to shitty players getting the benefit of the doubt from the club, yet doesn’t apply to the idea of doing right by everybody else by not saddling the club with guys who keep demonstrating they can’t hack it, or wasting resources unnecessarily.

It makes for a nice talking point, but I don’t quite buy what they’re selling. For all the faith they have in Lind, they need equal parts willingness to rob the rest of the club of opportunities to succeed. If the idea that it reflects well on the organization in the eyes of the players to keep trotting Lind out there was true, it would take a lot of denial on the part of a lot of people as to just how bad Lind has been over the last two years, and now again the first month of this one. He might heat up, or the club may do something about the situation in a week or two, rendering my points moot, but for now… it’s ugly. It can’t possibly last much longer, given the track record.

For that same reason, the struggling Bautista– who I jokingly tweeted last night appears to be turding back into a slumpkin– still has something like three quarters of a Parkes’s dream-length of rope to go. His last strikeout yesterday was fuggin’ fuckly, but it’s still early for him. Lind is in act three of a two-year long contretemps, and the patience of the audience is wearing far more thin.


Jack Moore of FanGraphs is with us when it comes to loving the hybrid Brandon Morrow who dominated the Angels last night. While Tom Dakers of Bluebird Banter is on the same page when it comes to wondering what the fuck to do with Adam Lind.

More Scuttlebutt as we get closer to first pitch… y’know, if anything’s worth mentioning.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

NOTE: Obviously, at the time I’m writing this the lineups have yet to be posted. So, I’ll give ya the pitchers and fill the rest in later. Or… maybe I won’t. There’s a surprise in every post here at DJF!

Toronto Blue Jays

H. Alvarez RHP


LOLs Angeles AngLOLes of Anahem CaLOLfornia

E. Santana RHP

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  1. Nice slide by Morales. He didn’t even reach second.

  2. Alvarez, 4 innings, 42 pitches

  3. and of those 42, 32 were strikes

  4. Why is Zauner channelling Don Cherry?



    • oh man Shi looked like he was about to buckle under the pressure there

      • I like him. But it looks like they are trying to get him to copy Rosenthals shtick

        • GG! How are those radio streams treating you? Stratford’s is of interest, as well.

          And by Rosenthal’s schtick, you mean Sam Cosentino’s schtick, yes?


  5. Buck: “Pujols doing a good job of making it LOOK like Johnson was out”

    Nice. I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought that throw was both late and pulled him off the bag.

  6. That was a tad difficult to watch Shi.

  7. Oh that hockey game ended. The rest of the country can join us.

  8. I really like Rasmus’ signalling of the number of outs in the inning – cool, understated but stylish

  9. Nice hockey update to rile the masses.

  10. The ballwashing of Alvarez’s fielding reminds me of how we always had to hear about Marcum being a former SS

  11. Tabler: “he’s got quick hands” … as the replay shows the ball hitting him on the leg.

  12. and an 8 pitch 5th inning – even 50

  13. Alvarez averaging 10 pitches per inning this game so far. You cant be much more efficient than that

  14. Fuck, finally a feed at the end of the 5th!

  15. Quest for the Golden Sombrero continues next inning.

  16. Buck sez: “Escobar has a hit and an RBI, Bautista has a 2-run home run and… Adam Lind.”

  17. So does Lind suck large?

    • Even Buck sounded disgusted with Lind’s performance.

      • “Yunel Escobar, who singled and scored, Jose Bautista, who homered, and Adam Lind, who hasn’t been an effective offensive option since the Bush administration.”

  18. Betcha he k’s his next AB.

  19. Bautista’s timing looks much better. He spends nearly no time on his back leg now.

  20. Just a matter of how many pitches for the K

  21. 0-19

  22. That’s like getting a hit, lol.

  23. Lind hit the ball!!!

  24. Well, it wasn’t a swinging strikeout…


  25. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the Jays will go 7-3 on this road trip. 9-1 is doable, but I’d be disappointed if they lost more than 3.

  26. Two days off ass-kicking pitching. If the Jays had a clean-up hitter, we could be on to something

    • EE will move up soon.

      • you youngins and your crazy ideas. they make my head hurt. lind is our heart and soul.

      • Hey Farrell, EE is putting up bad stats in the 5 hole tonight, it must mean he can’t hit there anymore, move him to the 4th spot immediately.

        The best part about Farrell’s comment is that if that’s logic he’s using to justify EE at 5 spot, then why the fuck is Lind in 4 spot (obvious I know, but bears mentioning) I think Farrell just says shit to the media now for the sake of making a sound byte, probably doesnt think about half the stuff he says before or after he says them

  27. Gettin some K’s here.

  28. Pooholes do stink

  29. Hey stat guys, whens the last time Jay pitchers threw back to back complete games?

  30. Big inning coming up here

  31. Well hitting has gone to sleep again.

  32. Other than JPA’s HR, Bautista’s bomb and Escobar’s quality 2-out single, Haren and Santana pitched very well. (I am not counting Trumbo’s gift runs).

  33. So they’ve got a crew monitoring how quickly guys get to 1st base, but they can’t handle giving me the velocity of any pitches.

  34. Lol. Gotta love those double plays

  35. Not complaining, but these double plays are getting ridiculous right now. We have to be on pace for some sort of a record for forcing GIDPs.

  36. Alvarez – Machine: 10 pitch 6th inning and 8 pitch 7th inning – 68 pitches thru 7, only 16 strikeless

  37. Lets get some more runs to stay out of a save situation.

  38. O’s take the lead in the 13th against Boston.

  39. No way Jose gets anything close to the plate here

    • Fuuuuuck……that was an awful Stike Two call. Fing brutal.

    • I think the best we can hope from this manager is that Bobby V gets canned, so Sux Nation can see how limited this guy is strategically (in comparison). Farrell is a nice guy but I think we’ve seen enough.

  40. I hope Lind doesn’t come up this inning

  41. hes reminding him Lind is on deck

  42. he had every right to complain about that one, that was an embarrassingly bad strike call

    • Also, I’d like to see Farrell come out and show a little anger over these calls sometimes, maybe that comment from Griff’s Mail Bag yesterday about umps starting to take it out on Jose is coming true

    • Agreed. I hate watching him whine, but that was awful.

  43. wow, I am surprised Jose is still in this game. That ump is very forgiving.

  44. WTF is Zaun wearing?

  45. Till Bautista gets some protection he’ll be batting 200

    • Explain 2010 and 2011 then.

      • Wells had a decent year in 2010 for the Jays. Bautista had some protection.

        • And Lind had a good first half last year. Except April, where Bautista put up unreal numbers. Hmm.

          • I suppose they’re both true. I’m just a non-believer in protection though. The only thing protection does is prevent IBB’s, IMO.

            Bautista is batting .200 because his timing mechanism is brutal right now (though considerably better tonight after the 1st AB).

    • 200 if he’s lucky if Lind keeps batting behind him.

  46. Man these Angels games zip by….this will be the 2nd game of this series to (likely) last just over 2 hours.

    • They are not a patient club. Though Morrow and Alvarez have been throwing so many strikes, they aren’t giving them any choice.

  47. Red Sox lose.

  48. What say ye, Adam Lind?

  49. 1-20

  50. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol

  51. He’s back!

  52. A HIT!

  53. A hit!!!……

  54. If you give up a hit to Lind, you should retire in shame.

  55. What!!! Did Lind just just make contact??

  56. Internet hasn’t been generous enough to watch and keep up with the thread here, but goddamn our starting rotation has been RIDICULOUS recently.

  57. Lind with a base hit.

    /Removes the numbers and hangs the zero back onto the “# of days Lind has gone without a base hit” sign.

  58. Alvarez on Twitter now too


  59. That’s looks like the slowest developing hit-and-run and a flub in the outfield.

  60. Insurance run! Woo! Insurance against a Save situation and letting Alvarez finish the ninth.

  61. A successful hit and run, the 1 out of 100 times it actually accomplishes what its intended to, i.e. pull the second baseman or shortstop towards the bag so the ball gets through, nothing is more beautiful to behold.

  62. Walking Rasmus to get to Mathis? I sense something big coming

  63. oooooh, make Scoscia pay Mathis!!

  64. I’d laugh if Mathis gets a hit here.

  65. Intentional walk for Rasmus to get to Mathis? Mike Scioscia really wants to tempt fate doesn’t he?

  66. Good job getting that extra run. Will probably deflate any hope the Angels had left. Super impressed with the Jays play of late. So many positives, though you’d never know it by reading this thread.

  67. Okaaaayyyyyy

  68. Kinda funny that Scioscia intentionally walked Rasmus to get to Mathis there.

  69. Isringhausen almost made Scioscia pay.

  70. Steal HOME!!!!!!!

  71. Hopefully Alvares arm doesn’t get cold during all this.

  72. What is it about toronto that makes backup catchers have career years?

  73. I don’t know that you need to run Alvarez out there to finish off this game, save the bullets for another day, but I get the CG want

    • He’s at 84 pitches and it’s not a save situation. I would be shocked f he didn’t come back out.

      • I get that, but he is likely under an innings limit for the season (Verducci Effect, whether you believe in it or not) – rather he be around longer into Sept than this inning tonight but non-plussed either way

    • He’s only thrown 84 pitches, might as well. I think he can get ‘em.

  74. KJ just missed that, it was a very hittable pitch.

  75. That was awful by Thames. Cut that ball off!

  76. They are booing Pujols. This could get ugly for him in LA

  77. Normally I’d say yank Alvarez but if the alternative is Cordero, I say leave Alvarez in until his arm falls off.

  78. Tabler: “They’re not saying POOOOO holes.”

    My immediate thought: Maybe they are?

  79. Even when he’s struggling Pujols refuses to run out a ground ball. Lawrie could have looked off Morales for at least another 10 seconds

  80. “Albert fails again.” – Pat Tabler

    Holy shit this made me laugh a lot for some reason.

  81. Sweet game

  82. Back to back shut outs!

  83. How’s it feel to not play the Twins?

  84. Wow, what an absolute gem of a start that was for Alvarez.

  85. Holy fuck. Zaun looks like he was digging around in Don Cherry’s closet…

  86. That was a monstrous start for Alvarez … 97 pitches through 9? 71 for strikes? Jesus.

  87. would anyone like to join me for a game of checkers on zaun’s jacket?

  88. I wanted to pitch in this game. Wanted to show my shit. Tear some stuff up show what i can do

  89. Buck. Stop saying this was more impressive then Morrows outing. It wasn’t. It was fantastic but not “better” then Morrows.

    • he was already making that statement around the 5th because the pitch count was lower, what an idiot. Both were absolute gems, but I’d say the 3 less hits and 5 more strike outs made his outing slightly better as you say.

  90. GG. Gotta love the pitching. The bats need to explode a bit more.

  91. now that lind got his 1 hit per month, this will justify farrell logic to keep him batting 4th

  92. pujols and omar will both be 55 when his contract ends

  93. the four worst hitting teams by wOBA in the AL are A’s, Mariners, Angels and Twins – Romero and Morrow get the A’s, and in that ballpark (also last in isolated power (ISO) – A’s, Twins, Angels, Mariners.

    Just a thing to remember about the pitching – it has been very good and the rest of this road trip could be good but then “back to reality” [Rays, Stanx, Mets, Rays, Rangers, Orioles, RSux]

    As they say, make hay when the sun shines – get 5 of the next 8 at least.

    • Yes, some of the ERAs are bound to go up if the K/BB don’t improve.


      The defense is FAR better this year compared to last year (other than Thames).


      The effort to go deeper into starts extends beyond Morrow. I think the message from Farrell is to keep the pitch counts low, put the balls in play on the ground and let the infield defense do their thing.

      The Jays front 4 might not win the FIP award…but if they can have a collectively low BABIP like the 2011 Rays I’ll take it. The pitchers might not be this good…but I think a chunk of the run prevention is sustainable, espescially if some of the peripherals improve which is not an unreasonable expectation.

    • The upcoming home stand will be very telling.

  94. Eric Thames has 3 RBI.

    That’s 3 RBI.

    I stand by Lind for a while, at least until June.

    • Furthermore, look at Lind’s production last year. He’s the goat last year? Look at the fucking numbers. Everyone’s sucking EE’s dick because he had a hot April. Fuck him, actually. He hasn’t proven shit. He’s been abysmal in the field, streaky at the plate, and all of a sudden all you dicks that wanted to DFA him are at his pole. He’ll have a hot season, then fuck off somewhere else with a big contract and take a colossal steamer.

      No loyalty. I’ll take 26HR/80 plus RBI/ .250 avg any old day of the week. Go suck an Overbay cock.

      • Sabr-stats aside, if Lind gives us 26HR and 80+ RBI this season, then I will be a very surprised and happy man.

      • Lind was a below average hitter last year. wRC+ of 95. The year before that he was even worse (89wRC+). The year before that he had his one “hot year” and yet you’re backing him 3 seasons removed from that season and shitting on EE for his current supposed “hot year”.

        Fact is Lind has only one season in which his wRC+ was greater than 100 (two if you want to count his 18 game rookie year), while EE has been above 100 for 5 of his 7 seasons, and is well on his way to his 6th.

        So you’re actually wrong, But by all means, keep using RBI and Avg to prove your point. You’re going to get really far around here with them.

    • prince fielder and albert pujols are making 50 mil and have combined for 1 more home run than thames making 500k

  95. Back-to-back complete-game shutouts. Nice. I enjoy the hell out of baseball but easy to extra-love it when the game moves along like the last couple have. Less recovery time; I start looking forward to the next game almost right away.
    Seeing highlights of Weaver’s no-hitter the other night, I thought some of those strikes looked a little pitcher-friendly. Kind of like that inside pitch to Lawrie last night as well as the obviously low strike-two pitch to Bautista. Fucking umps.
    Lawrie’s a whirlwind and a catalyst and force to be reckoned with that the whole league and its fans will all come to appreciate in time … but my personal favorite at this moment is Colby Rasmus. Wasn’t sure about him last year and still wasn’t convinced that he was our center-fielder for the future (at the beginning of this season) but … something about him. He’s not hitting yet quite up to what I think he might, but I really like watching him at the plate, not to mention how smooth he is out there in centerfield. That very-cool bunt he laid down to join Lawrie on the basepaths before Arencibia hit his bomb a couple nights ago showed expertise that was thrilling.
    When EE came to bat the first of these Angels games Thursday, I thought, “uh-oh, he’s believing his own press clippings”. I saw less of that last night but … I think Edwin needs to stay humble to stay effective. Just a hunch.
    Jeff Mathis has a bit of that good-ole-boy high baseball IQ that the team definitely needed, especially with Jose Molina gone. Funny how backup catchers often have some of that in one way or another. At least, ours, lately.
    Gotta feel – just the tiniest little bit – for Pujols. He’s got that stupid monster of a contract hanging around his neck (I know, cry me a river) stretching ahead for ten (TEN!) goddam years at around twenty-five-million dollars per (ffs) … and he’s (obviously) looked less-than-ordinary at the plate. While he’ll probably get his shit straightened out, at least somewhat, in time (not too soon, fingers crossed), the imprint that his first month is having on Angels fans will be tough to shake. Whenever he goes through slumps in the future, assuming he, you know, does get back to what he’s always usually been, these days will be quickly remembered. Now Angles fans know a bit of how we felt with Vernon Wells. Oh, wait … .

    • Not feeling sorry for Pujols. He was offered plenty of money to stay in St. Louis.

      • ya, I’m not losing sleep over it. I remember feeling a bit of the same way for ole Vernon around this time last year. Different w Pujols of course – not an ex-Jay – but with the whole baseball world watching with a bit of gruesome fascination, I am as well.

      • Serves him right for being a dickhead to so many fans over the years. Sure he gives a lot to charity, but have heard stories of him not even looking at fans while at autograph sessions, etc.

      • Agreed. I hate Pujols and I think he’s a gigantic cock. I hope he never breaks out of this and retires in shame. He’s an arrogant prick.

    • in the spirit of fairness (to the umps), after just re-watching last night’s highlights online, Alvarez – who was absolutely fantastic – got one of those low-ball strike calls as well. So … that.

  96. It’s almost like the starters are tired of the BP coughing up leads and have decided to just not give them the ball at the end of the game. I’m glad they figured it out.

    • Agreed. The starters & defense is a big plus this year. It used to be scary watching balls hit to CF last year with Corey & Rajai. Now, it’s fun to see what Colby can catch.

  97. It really scares me that some people will still wash Adam Lind’s balls in the comments section. It’s Brett’s balls you should be washing, people!

  98. It’s hard not to get pretty excited about this pitching staff. Almost all starters are over-performing based on FIP and there’s bound to be some regression, but geez, thinking about Alvarez as number four behind Romero/Morrow/Drabek in some order, provided those last two continue on the track they’re on now, and the Jays have the makings of a monstrous young, cheap rotation with talent to spare coming through the chute in the coming years. Heck yeah!

  99. Jesus fucking christ! What the fuck is happening drunk jays fucks?! I just put a kool 100k down on the Knicks to go 4 straight starting tomorrow aft, better not fuck me over! What’s the O/U on Blue Jays/Angels game tonight? My moneys on Drabek ladies and germs, and a 5-0 4-0 trend that seems to be going on… OK Blue Jays! Let’s Play Ball!

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