Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack…

Oh they went there. Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star reports that Alex Anthopoulos says the injury to Yankees closer Mariano Rivera will not change anything about the Jays’ plans for 2012. Nor should it.

A pair of gems over at Getting Blanked, with the latest edition of the GIFs of the Week, and the premier edition of Ryan Oakley’s KAPOWER rankings. You may remember Ryan from his hilariously awesome guide to having A Better Understanding of Baseball Teams for 2012.

In a notebook post for, Gregor Chisholm tells us that Rajai Davis is day-to-day with a hip flexor injury, and that Sergio Santos will resume throwing Tuesday, and is hopeful to be back in about two weeks. Great news! (Well, the Santos bit, at least.)

Not to pick on him, because what else was he going to write about, but Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun takes a drive straight down the middle of Obvious Road, telling us that Brandon Morrow was pretty terrific last night, and that right now Edwin Encarnacion and Kelly Johnson are really carrying the Jays.

At FanGraphs, Matt Swartz ruminates on how clubs can turn farm system rankings into wins, while Carson Cistuli reminds you that you only have until noon Sunday to vote in their latest crowdsourcing project, on clubs’ radio broadcast teams.

Baseball Reference has overhauled their WAR calculations. Interesting stuff.

At the Blue Jay Hunter, Ian catches up with Angelina M., formerly Jays lady-mascot Diamond. Or, at least, one of them. I worked with another eons ago!

Lastly, not a whole lot of Jays-related tidbits in Keith Law’s latest chat at He did, however, crack wise on a small sample size non-believer who is worried about Jose Bautista:

Neil (Toronto)
SSS aside, have you noticed anything in Bautista’s approach this year to lead you to believe he is no longer a dominant slugger?
He misses the man in white, obviously.

He also provided an excuse to listen to this…

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  1. Nice song. One the best intros in all of thrash metal. #fuckMetallica

  2. My nostalgia for Megadeth kinda stopped being fun when this happened. Apparently he’s a big Santorum supporter, too.


  3. That’s still not a good enough excuse to listen to Megadeath.

  4. I wonder if AA is bluffing about Rivera’s injury. If the Yankees & Red Sox stay weak, & the Jays are compettive at the trade deadlie, how can AA not justify trying to acquire another bat or pitcher for a potential pennant race?

    What will be the excuse this time?

    • You’re talking about two different things: acquiring another piece later in the season if it looks like a playoff spot is there for the taking, and changing plans mid-course because of one injury.

      The latter AA says he won’t do, but there’s no reason to think the former won’t be in play.

    • Of course he’ll want to acquire another bat or pitcher for a potential pennant race. But that has nothing to do with Rivera’s injury.

  5. Bautista’s undoing is that he is a cheapskate.

    It’s quite obvious that EEE outbid him for the man in white’s services.

  6. Here is a list of things I am thinking. Lets discuss: 1) What is the deal with people wanting to install Bautista at first? Seems dumb to me. 2) What first basemen are potentially available, should we wish to turn Lind into what he should be – an excellent bat off the bench vs right handers? 3) Outside of Davis, I think ( that means im not sure) that Rasmus is the fastest guy on the team, why not hit him leadoff? 4) Why not bat Laurie after Bautista, he might give him some protection, but will definatley see lots of sweet pitches, and this way, both Rasmus and Laurie would get at least one extra ab per game 5) How long until JP A. is gone? I am pretty sure I could get on base more. 6) Why does Frasor come out of the pen before Janson, am I missing something? 7) DO you think , potentially, that Snider, Rasmus, Bautista could be the best outfield in MLB?

    • 1) Because he is not very fast and his range sucks. Which is more important, catching the ball (getting an out) or being able to hold the guy to a single?

      2) No 1st baseman are openly availlable since it’s May 4th. EXCELLENT bat off the bench? Have you seen how his bat works while actually playing?

      3) Speed is only an asset if you actually are able to get to first safely. OBP is more important than speed a leadoff or any position in the lineup frankly.

      4) Or put EE at cleanup since he’s the best hitter right now and from the allstar break from last year. I’d like Lawrie either leading off or 2nd right now.

      5) Gone? Where is he going? I’m pretty sure you would suck at Baseball.

      6) Possibly the gopher balls Jansen has been throwing this year.

      7) Offensively, possible, but that would involve Snider turning into the can’t miss bat he was supposed to be, Rasmus putting up #’s close to his career year and Bautista turning back into the last 2 1/2 years Bautista. Defensively, not a chance.

      • U actually put the best hitter in the 3rd slot.

        by your logic u would move EE after Johnson and followed by Bautista…which isn’t a bad idea to see what it does.

    • Uhh, alright.

      1) People are dumb.

      2) Like, right at this moment? In terms of free agents? Garbage heap. In terms of players that teams are willing to trade for – who knows, that’s for the GM to figure out. In terms of free agents available in 2013, lotsa guys (list: but most of them veer towards the “old-ass shitbags who’ll be paid way too much money this summer” camp.’

      3) You don’t just put a guy in leadoff because he runs fasted. This isn’t a track&field meet. He has to be able to, y’know, hit baseballs and stuff first. If he starts getting on base well better than his current .280 clip maybe we’ll talk about promoting him in the lineup. (Also, Lawrie’s surprisingly fast for the big sack of potatoes that he is, but I dunno who’d win a dead sprint either)

      4) PROTECTION IS A MYTH but yeah, Lind batting cleanup is fucked, we all agree.

      5) He’s hitting a lot better recently after a slow start, he’s good defensively, he’s young and inexpensive, his 3-run bomb won the game yesterday… he’s an all-around good, but not great, catcher. It’s not like we have any other options, until D’arnaud’s ready. What would you prefer? Jeff Mathis?

      6) Huh? Not sure what you mean by “before”. The bullpen gets managed to put the best reliever available in to suit the situation. If they figure Frasor’s a better fit for the situation than Casey, they play Frasor.

      7) Anyone can *potentially* be anything. I mean, there are a lot of good outfields in baseball that have the *potential* to be amazing if everything fits together perfectly. (Royals, DBacks are two examples). But I think you’re getting ahead of yourself by making bold, near-term projections based on 2 guys who are currently struggling at the dish and 1 who isn’t even in the major leagues.

  7. Baseball reference’s new WAR (DRS for defence) loves the Jays infield defence.

    AL Leaders in Defence WAR
    1) Lawrie (TOR) 1.4
    2) Rodriguez (TBR) 1.0
    3) Escobar (TOR) 0.8
    Johnson (TOR) 0.8

    Because of these defensive calculations Lawrie and Johnson are #2 and #3 respectively in overall AL WAR on Bref.

    Rasmus also rates highly in AL Def. WAR at #7 overall with 0.6.

    • Nice stuff, but defensive statistics are noisy and usually require at least a full season’s worth of data (actually, I think it’s generally 3 seasons’ worth) in order to mean anything. Those numbers don’t really mean anything at this point.

    • That said, those guys have all been playing some pretty awesome defence.

  8. Before checking, I’m going to guess this means BRef now hates Ricky Romero…

    Yep, he’s at 1 run above replacement.

  9. Hey thanks for the discussion. I still disagree that Bautista should be at first, but I guess those are good points about leadoff, still, I think that people tend to overrate OBP and underrate traditional ideas like protection, speed at the top of the order etc. Not that Sabremetrics is wrong – its clearly not – its just that people seem to latch on to it and ignore 100 years of tradition. I think a blend of both makes sense. I could be wrong though, I am obviously not an expert.,

    • It doesn’t help that for 100 years, people didn’t know how to evaluate the true value of a baseball player. Sabermetrics, while not perfect, does a much better job of it.

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