You can hardly say that having belted a key home run in last night’s game shows that Jose Bautista is emerging from his basement bedroom of a weed smoking college student living at home-like funk, but… it doesn’t suggest that he’s not coming out of it. The same can’t be said of this series’ other superstar, Albert Pujols, who will follow up last night’s 0-for-4 with a comfy spot not far from Mike Scioscia’s grimace on the Angels’ bench.

I’m not sure if this helps the Jays or hurts them, but seeing as Alberto Callaspo gets the assignment at third tonight– with Mark Trumbo moving to first– and Pujols is only mid-way through a no-doubter of a Hall of Fame career, I’m gonna go ahead and say it probably helps, recent struggles or no.


Henderson Alvarez was pretty fantastic last night, but Travis Reitsma of Getting Blanked cautions anyone getting sloppy with the notion that the guy could be a potential ace. Kevin Goldstein got a little exasperated with all the fans flooding his Twitter, aiming to climax the moment he agreed that their favourite young Jays pitcher is destined for 100% guaranteed greatness.

The Toronto Sun tells us about the new, compact swing of Edwin Encarnacion, which seems to be paying dividends.

Gregor Chisholm of gives us an injury update on the likes of Dustin McGowan (hopes to be throwing by May 17), Travis Snider (very close to returning), and others. Gregor’s colleague, Chris Toman, writes about tonight’s starter, Kyle Drabek, while Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail tells us about Aaron Cibia’s unconventional decision to throw from his knees.

Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports thinks that the Jays might actually be ready to make some noise this year, contention-wise.

And lastly… um… holy shit, Crawfish Boxes would like to point out that the Houston Astros featured situational run expectancy numbers on their effing scoreboard this week. Amazing.

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
A. Lind 1B
B. Lawrie 3B
R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
J. Arencibia C

K. Drabek RHP

LOLs Angeles AngLOLes of Anahem CaLOLfornia

M. Trout CF
A. Callaspo 3B
T. Hunter RF
K. Morales DH
H. Kendrick 2B
M. Trumbo 1B
V. Wells LF
E. Aybar SS
B. Wilson C

C. Wilson LHP

Image by Stephen Dunn/Getty

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  1. I’ve seen everything now…

  2. Well that does it. Good night. To be honest, it should have been done ages ago. If the Angels had any kind of competent hitters we would have been down by a truckload.

    GG (not).

  3. so many fans forget the texas come back less than a week ago.

    Oh wait, they turned off the TV after the 3rd inning.

  4. If Farrell had a WAR it would be -7. When you’re working with an off chance for a wild card spot you need value from your manager, not this shit. While no one thought Drabek should come back out, that’s one mistake. No big deal. It’s the continued compounding of the Lind mistake that’s now beyond redemption. Just play the numbers/percentages. Any grade 5 math student can do it. This ‘feel’ BS is awful. You ask your players to do it. Do the same Farrell you piece of…….

  5. I hate so many people on this forum.

    I now know how Wilner feels.

  6. oh wait….nope…..
    Drabek comig out in the 6th was fucked.

    • so he gave up 2 runs and why would you take him out? OHHH because of hindsight, how could I be so stupid!

      • Um no, he was strugglig all night, got very lucky he didnt give up more…was lucky to get out of the 5th, control was gettig worse and worse….u could tell he was out of gas ad done for the night….but Farrell brings him back out…its not hindsight, its common sense. could see that coming from a mile away…

      • R u kidding me. He’d been fighting through it all night. His pitch count was resonably high and our bullpen hasn’t seen any action in days. A good time to get them some work. Drabek gave you five hard earned innings. Hindsight….have a little foresight.

  7. Adam Lind!!! Lmao!!

  8. Lind hits a HR!?!!?!

    Now, I’ve seen everything! :D

  9. Farrell is a genius!!!

  10. He’s still a shitbag. Doesn’t matter

  11. Didn’t see that coming.

  12. Fucking Lind hits when it doesnt matter anymore, What a tard……

  13. I love you Adam Lind

  14. lol fuck yeah Lind

  15. *falls off chair*
    Lind HR.

  16. Bout time that piece of shit produced something.

  17. Are they going to hit for the cycle against Wilson this inning?

  18. Linds pants are really tight

  19. Lawrie you tool. You could have scored from the bag if that dropped.

  20. Bad play by Lawrie. He would have scored easily if it went over his head.

  21. Oakland scores in the top of the 12th! Now let’s keep TB from scoring…

  22. Just stepped outside to look – moon not that super tonight – I’ve seen better

  23. The problem with people that apparently “know” baseball is they are willig to give away wins, shrug them off, as learning experiences or whatever and not go for every win.
    The game was salvagable until the 6th.
    I would think most people could see that coming in the 6th when Drabek came back out. I was just hoping he would make it out of the 5th….was lucky to get through 5, to go out in 6th, i dont understand.

    • Smartest thing you said all day… “i dont understand.”

      • I guess I dont understand…if you could explain it i am interested.

      • Seriously mcclimax, with the bullpen fully rested and Drabeks effectivness diminishing, why would Farrell bring him back out in the 6th, when he was lucky just to get out of the 5th?

      • MC ‘I’m 34 and still live with my mom’, who are you? Where do you come up with this outstanding baseball knowledge? I’ll go back to your ‘Farrell saved us with his Hit & Run’ last night. I actually like the H&R but it’s a luck play. The stats show it works to your advantage much less than 50% of the time (see earlier this game). You may want to read a book or two before suggesting that you’re the only one with baseball knowledge on this site.

    • I was thinking the same thing. It’s pretty frustrating when you see it coming.

    • Dude we are 3 runs behind, should have been 2 if Lawrie ran the bases properly.

      If EE got a couple more feet on that hit we would be tied.

      The fact that you said the game was done by the 6th tells me you know nothing about baseball.

      The bunt by Wilson should have been fielded by Lawrie for 1 out instead of no outs and bases loaded. Would have changed the whole inning. But because of a couple bad breaks the score looks worse than it actually was.

      I hope you get it now.

  24. Sox, Yanks and Rays all lose. Only the unstoppable Orioles win lol


  26. Is it just me or was that a decent throw from Davis? At least, better then normal.

  27. Three mental errors by Lawrie tonight by my count.

  28. 3rd mistake by Lawrie this game. If you “fans” want to blame anyone it’s on Lawrie tonight.

  29. John Holmes, you are the worst

  30. Ok… what the hell is happening.

  31. OK so when do our pitchers learn how to throw to second?

  32. Gentlemen, the best defense in baseball, on fire tonight.

  33. Omar says “fuck this throwing to second shit”

  34. All these arguments on who knows baseball and who doesnt. How bout something we can all agree on.

    The jays defense has been absolutely woeful this entire game. the angels should really only have scored three runs.

    Drabek fell back into the issues he had last year…pulling off to the left and dragging pitches away.

    what will be more interesting to me is how he reacts next game. is this just a little bump in the road or is this the beginning of a trend…he started off well last year too.

    • No doubt the defense let us down tonight. But so have the bats. Particularly EE and Bautista. It’s been a tough series for EE, hope he picks it up for Oakland.

      I honestly hope Drabek stays who he was the last 6 games but he was overperforming his peripherals so it was unsustainable anyways.

      • ha..noone overperforms their peripherals more then Henderson alvarez…he is a regression to the mean waiting to happen

        • True but (warning: stat heads won’t like this) I feel Alvarez has a better mentality to work through the bad. I think there might be some intangibles when it comes to pitching, like calmness under pressure, that Alvarez has and Drabek doesn’t.

          • I agree. Henderson also has extreme groundball tendencies working to his advantage as well as not nearly pitching from behind in the count as much as drabek.

    • Indeed seemed like they collectively mailed this one in which is unfortunate especially when you got a team that’s down. Still poor record or not, the Angels are a damn good team and with the starters they have your hitters are going to have a game or three like this.

      As for Drabek I think it’s going to be a on-going process this year. Hopefully he’ll be more consistent next time out.

  35. How did they pick this guy up from the padres for nothing?

  36. According to fangraphs, Linds home run made the Jays chances of winning go from 4.2% to 8.2% chance. Thats the reason i said the homerun didnt mean anything .and in the end it didnt really mean anything did it? other than make it look like Lind is contributing.

    • Agreed. Helps Lind’s numbers but added very little to the team. Hard to see a Jay’s home run as a negative, but if this keeps Lind in the 4 hole for one day longer (climax, I’m aware he hit 5th tonight), at the very least it wasn’t a good thing.

    • After Lawries double they had a 16% chance I thought. (don’t have the page open anymore). That’s hardly insurmountable odds. And the only get there because of that homer.

  37. how is he just blowing 94 mph fastballs right by these guys?

  38. I guess bannerman picked the right guy to link savings with homerun production. I really thought rasmus was coming around….but not hitting into bad luck has changed into just sucking shit

  39. Jays fans! We are on the same team! There should be a level of camraderie among fans that other teams have.

    Go read lonestarball, fans tend to give their team the benefit of the doubt and other fans as well.

    Maybe it is because there team is perennailly competitive but we are almost there. Let’s elevate the level of baseball discourse, from bashing the manager and Lind or the broadcasters to real baseball talk.

    • Mcclimax, I’m all for camraderie, but how does that square with you calling one poster a “dumb fan,” another “a fool,” and then following those gems with “I hate so many people on this forum.” While you are trying to “elevate the level of baseball discourse,” try elevating the level of decorum and civility as well.

    • Sounds like a plan. I await to be educated on baseball tomorrow afternoon by you.
      See you then.

    • Are you serous? Are you asking Canadians to be something more than smarmy, whiney bitches? This is how they show to each other how ‘clever’ they are. Most of them have never even played baseball.

      • It looks like the fake oakville69 is back. I don’t see why you think its funny to impersonate other people on this forum.

    • Where the fuck did you come from? Got to love a guy who discovers a site many of us have been coming to for years, then hops on here telling everyone they know nothing about baseball. LOL. Seriously, it is a comment section. People will have different opinions, agree or disagree but fuck off with this “I know everything you guys don’t know shit” garbage. You’re 21? You know fuck all about anything really. Your have made valid points, but like almost all baseball discussion, most of theme are disagreeable. Come back tomorrow afternoon, speak to people with decency, and we will be happy to keep you around. Thanks. – Guy who used to act like you currently do.

  40. GO TO BED!

  41. Frank the cat where you at?

  42. I see that the Sanchezolino monster is at it again.

    Six more combined shut out innings from Sanchez and Nicolino in Lansing.

    so for the year here are their numbers:

    Sanchez 19 IP 6 H 0 ER 10 24 K

    Nicolino: 19 IP 13 H 0 ER 3 BB 20 K

    so lets add it up….

    38 IP 19 H 0 ER 13 BB 44 K.

    This is rather filthy. They are not long for lansing although i hope they stop treating them like pussies and stop this piggy backing crap. If you want pitchers to go deep into games when they get to the bigs, you have to start the program in the low minors…like texas does

    • Butch gORING’s helmet is now claiming to be an expert in player development. Amazing what you learn with a couple of years at the car wash after Grade 12?

    • The Rangers pitching regimen is somewhat of a myth propagated by Nolan Ryan fans. Plenty of other teams are babying their top pitching prospects.

      The Lansing trio of Syndergaard, Nicolino and Sanchez are going to be pitching deeper into games once May closes and one might even get promoted to high-A ball before all is said and done.

      Great potential with all three but Sanchez is the one to watch according to guys like Goldstein. Projected plus fastball and projected plus changeup. Goldstein further says that Nicolino needs to tick up his fastball before he reaches the big leagues. And if Syndergaard harnesses some form of an off-speed pitch, then he too projects to be a good middle of the order rotation guy with a projectable plus 4-seam and 2-seam fastball. Curveball currently sits at around 72 mph but it needs to get up towards 80 mph and his change up needs a lot of work.

      • Syndergaard might be one of those prospects that is an SP in the minors then gets to the majors and moves to the bullpen due to the lack of secondary pitches. That might not be the worst thing. The jays have tons of starting pitching depth in the minors. Maybe syndergaard is our closer of the future.

    • @ Butch

      I posted this earlier.

      RADAR says: 05.03.12 @ 4:10 PM EDT
      Reply The Lansing pitchers are operating under the schedule 3 innings for the first 8 starts,4 innings for the next 8 starts, then 5 innings the rest of the way. The reason is that they had to be shut down last year before the playoffs,this year the organization wants them to get playoff experience and be available.

      RADAR says: 05.03.12 @ 4:14 PM EDT
      Reply BTW forgot to add.
      If they only need 30 pitches to get through 3 innings ( like nicolino did) they continue to throw the balance to a total of 50 pitches, on the side

  43. runs expected with adam lind at the plate and bases loaded…0.0001

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