Welp. It had to happen some time. Hat tip to commenter TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsKellyGrubersBastardSon for sending along this clip from YouTube sensation-ish, Batting Stance Guy, who gives us his take on the Jays’… um… intense young third baseman.

Bonus after the jump…

As promised, here’s a little bit of magic featuring young Brett and the mighty Philosoraptor, by way of Brett Lawrie Facts– which has lots more where this came from…

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  2. Only thing missing was the bench pad Bautista now uses to high-five Lawrie. And all the Red Bulls and smelling salts.

  3. Pensive Lawrie sitting in the corner is what really sells it.

  4. Having watched the buffoon Parkes make an ass of himself with his OriLOLes posts during a sweep by Baltimore, the buffoon Stoeten couldn’t resist the chance to show that he too is a total ass during the LAA series. I think the Jays have lost all but one game that the Buffoon Brothers have made their school girlish LOL joke. Keep it up girls. Looks good on you.

    • How have we made asses of ourselves, except perhaps in the mind of drooling fucking humourless morons?

      The Orioles are fucking terrible. The Angels were playing sloppily. We laughed at them. What the honest-to-goodness-fuck is wrong with you?

      Are you upset that our magical powers of being able to curse teams by LOLing at their opponents are being used to hurt the Jays chances? Because that kinda sounds like what it is, and I can’t possibly think of anything in the world that might be dumber.

      • DE-FENCE!!!


      • Hey. Best Jays blog going on , period.

        Oakville69: Don’t be a hater, be a congratulator.

        Thanks for the comment Stoeten, Bat stance Guy is a beauty!

        • You must be the same kind of douche (oakville69) who believes if a commentator says the word “no hitter” that he is actually will change the outcome!

  5. This is Brett Lawrie to a T.


  6. Regarding the dinosaur’s line drive query, I also ask the question: Brett Lawrie versus a hurricane named Brett Lawrie, who wins?

  7. ITT: Stoeten verbal beats a misinformed fan into submission

  8. sir
    I been watching brett batting since he got back and he is standing way to far in the box when he started with the majors he attacked the plate now he is shying away(why)the batting coach should correct this asap
    he is an excellent ballplayer but has bad ball playing habits
    thlouisere is an old saying in sports do not change ypur ways thats why he got where he is today

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